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No. 2 Issue 09/2011

Training Area Newspaper

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US-Army Garrison opens new lodging

Grafenwoehr, 9/11 New York US Army commemorates victims of 9/11attacks in New York Page 4


The new, U-shaped hotel building has three floors and 136 rooms. Oktoberfest Guide The most traditional Volksfest in Bavaria is in full swing Page 14


Story by

Renate Gradl

GrafenwOEhr. Only the best quality, paired with the best service can be found her. Kathy Aydt, deputy commander, US Army Garrison Grafenwoehr, was referring to the new hotel on Grafenwoehr Training Area that was opened on Sept. 19. This “marks another milestone FOOTBALL: GRAFENWOEHR GRIFFINS in improving the quality of life for Grafenwoehr Griffins win our Soldiers, Civilians and their the championship in the Families as well as our Guest and Aufbauliga 2011 Page 12 Visitors,” said Aydt.

All 136 guest rooms implement the new construction standards for Army Lodging. “There are some great new features like kitchenettes, in-room internet connectivity and enhanced guest room storage for long-term guests. Our Army Families will benefit from a dedicated continental breakfast service area and beautiful outdoor court yard and play ground areas,” said Aydt. Attention was also paid to the needs of the lodging staff. They benefit from a break room, maintenance areas, and an in-house laundry.

Photo: Renate Gradl

Aydt thanked everybody who had a part in making this project become a reality: the IMCOME and garrison staff, including the FMWR project team, the designers, architects, engineers, and other technical experts from the US Army Corps of Engineers – Europe Division, our garrison DPW, the Bavarian State Construction Office in Amberg, and all the local contractors. She extended a special thank you to the Grafenwoehr lodging staff for their tireless efforts opening the new facility.

training area

New US Hotel: Milestone for Soldiers and Families

US Army Garrison Grafenwoehr opens new hotel Story by

Renate Gradl GrafenwOEhr. Only the best quality, paired with the best service can be found here. Kathy Aydt, deputy commander, US Army Garrison Grafenwoehr, was referring to the new hotel on Grafenwoehr Training Area that was opened on Sept. 19. This “marks another milestone in improving the quality of life for our Soldiers, Civilians and their Families as well as our Guest and Visitors,” said Aydt. On behalf of garrison commander Col. Avanulas R. Smiley, Aydt welcomed Col. Bryan L. Rudacille (Commander, JMTC), Dan Gasparino (Chief, FMWR, IMCOMEurope), County Commissioner Simon Wittmann, Mayor Helmuth Wächter and all other guests. “In a time of conflict with intense training and many deployments, quality of life is more important than ever. High-quality Army Lodging and the excellent staff working at our lodging facilities

Col. Bryan L. Rudacille (front right), deputy garrison commander Kathy Aydt, Lt. Col. Michelle Garcia and mayor Helmuth Wächter cut the ribbon, opening the new hotel. Photos: Renate Gradl (2)

are an integral component of Soldier and Family well-being,“ emphasized the deputy garrison commander.

paid to the needs of the lodging staff. They benefit from a break room, maintenance areas, and an in-house laundry.

All 136 guest rooms implement the new construction standards for Army Lodging. “There are some great new features like kitchenettes, in-room internet connectivity and enhanced guest room storage for long-term guests. Our Army Families will benefit from a dedicated continental breakfast service area and beautiful outdoor court yard and play ground areas,” said Aydt. Attention was also

Aydt thanked everybody who had a part in making this project become a reality: the IMCOM-E and garrison staff, including the FMWR project team, the designers, architects, engineers, and other technical experts from the US Army Corps of Engineers – Europe Division, our garrison DPW, the Bavarian State Construction Office in Amberg, and all the local contractors. She extended

Dan Gasparino, acting chief, FMWR, IMCOM-Europe, presents Iris Montemayor with the award for the Army‘s best lodging manager in 2010.

a special thank you to the Grafenwoehr lodging staff for their tireless efforts opening the new facility.

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September/October 2011

Lt. Col. Michelle Garcia (Deputy Commander, US Army Corps of Engineers-Europe Division) presented hotel manager Waltraud Schill-Rückert a symbolic key to the new hotel. Schill-Rueckert welcomed everybody and assured them that Soldiers, civilians and families will receive premier service. Very good service had already been provided in the past. As a result, Dan Gasparino, chief, FMWR, IMCOM-Europe, presented Iris Montemayor with the 2010 award for the best lodging manager. After the joint cutting of the ribbon, children strew rose petals at the hotel entrance, a gesture the guests enjoyed very much.

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US Army commemorates victims of 9/11 attacks in New York Story by

Gerald Morgenstern GrafenwOEhr. On Grafenwoehr Training Area, the weekend of Sept. 11, 2011 was dominated by ceremonies commemorating the terror attacks in the United States on Sept. 11, 2001. On Friday, the US Army Garrison Grafenwoehr and the Joint Multinational Training Command remembered the victims with a ceremony in Grafenwöhr and on Sunday, an original steel beam from the World Trade Center was presented by soldiers of the 2d Stryker Cavalry Regiment to their comrades from the German Army’s Panzergrenadierbataillon 122 from the town of Oberviechtach. The steel beam will become part of a 9/11 memorial in Oberviechtach thanks to the initiative and the partnership of the club “German-American Firefighters and Friends” with a fire station in New York City. ”It shows that what was meant to tear the world apart has brought us even closer together,” said JMTC Commander Col. Bryan L. Rudacille the during the ceremony in Grafenwoehr. The mayors of the surrounding communities, representatives of the German Army, the garrison and JMTC participated in the ceremony on the parade field in front of the Water Tower. Chaplain Tracy Copeland said the commemorative prayer, the German national anthem was played and Capt. Gwynn Miller from the 709th MP Battalion sang the American anthem. “We


The Water Tower was covered in smoke after the salute from the cannon – an imagery reminiscent of the towers of New Photo: Gerald Morgenstern York’s World Trade Center.

are here today to commemorate the training of the US and multithose who were killed during the national soldiers. “Our world has surprise attacks on our nation. We changed and with it our military. Toare also commemorating the soldiers gether, we are deployed to Afghaniswho have tan and Iraq. Currently, died since 9/11 while „It shows that what was meant to tear the 1,000 solfighting for world apart has brought us even closer to- diers of all – Oberst Bryan L. Rudacille – nations are freedom, ” gether“ said Rudacilusing our le about the training fareason for cilities,” said the ceremony. “During the attacks Rudacille. He asked that we think in New York, on the Pentagon and about those soldiers who are still in Pennsylvania, US citizens died deployed on dangerous missions in but we should not forget that people Afghanistan and Iraq, “let us pray for from dozens of other nations were their safe return.” “JMTC and the also among the victims. The events military community are building on that disastrous day emphasize alliances daily and by doing so, touch the importance of what we do every the lives of our friends, partners and day,” added Rudacille with regard to neighbors and help that our world

September/October 2011

will be a better and a safer one,” said the colonel at the end of his speech. Together with Garrison Commander Col. Avanulas Smiley, Garrison Command Sergeant Major William Berrios, JMTC Command Sergeant Major Dennis C. Zavodsky and a delegation from the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Rudacille laid the wreaths to commemorate the victims. US soldiers and German soldiers from the Office of the German Military Representative, from Panzer Brigade 12 in Amberg and reservists from Freihung, Kohlberg and Hartmannshof took down the Star-Spangled Banner and the German flag during the retreat ceremony that followed.

Training area

Multi-talented musician regrets having to leave choir German-American choir “The Encores” must bid farewell to Jessi Mann Dye Story by

Renate Gradl GrafenwOEhr. “Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound ...” This text of the solo part has always been sung with fervor by Jessi Mann Dye of the GermanAmerican choir “The Encores.” Breath-taking silence and fascination spread until the other choir members began singing. Unfortunately, this will soon be a scene of the past because Jessi has to leave Grafenwoehr in September because her husband, Sgt. Matt Dye, is taking a new assignment at Ft. Stewart, Ga., USA. “I actually do not want to leave,” says Jessi during the summer party of the Encores in August. One of the reasons is the choir, of course, of which she has been a member

Fascinated visitors listened to Jessi’s solo during “Amazing Grace“ at the concert celebrating the 650th anniversary of Grafenwoehr at Mariä-Himmelfahrt-Church. Photo: Renate Gradl

for more than three years. During her seven-year stay in Germany, she has found many friends. “At first, we lived for three years in Gießen and then four years on Netzaberg,” says the twenty-seven-year old singer. Her daughters Kairi (6) and Briana (4) were born during those years. The choir members well remember those first years when Jessi came to

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the choir’s rehearsals with her two toddlers because no babysitters had been available. “I’ve always loved to sing,” adds Jessi. But not only that. She is a true musical multi-talent playing many instruments such as the piano, the piccolo flute, the saxophone, the tuba, the euphonium, the trombone and the percussion. Jessi always enthusiastically proven her singing talent on Wednesdays and Thursdays during the karaoke events at Ed‘s Bar performing under her nick name “Show tunes.” She also enjoyed playing in the theater group on post where she was also able to present her acting and singing talent. And what

did she like most about her stay in Grafenwoehr? – That’s an easy answer for Jessi: “The GermanAmerican Volksfest in Grafenwoehr,” she answers promptly. “I am happy that I got to experience it again this year and was able to buy this year’s beer mug.” Soon, she will leave for the United States with her two kids and her husband Matt, who was deployed twice during their time in Germany, one year in Iraq and one in Afghanistan. Much to the dismay of the choir’s female members and Chaplain Stanley Copeland, currently the only male choir member. “But maybe my husband will get stationed in Germany again ...,” hopes Jessi.

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September/October 2011


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Gr M Pr afen E es w S sa öh E th r, R an , Es Net V d m ch za I or enb berg CE e ac , h

estd. 1966


Local News

Veterans and ACS host “Adopt-A-Warrior“ Luncheon Story by

Susanne Williams VILSECK. On September 19, the “Adopt-A-Warrior Luncheon” was organized for wounded soldiers at the ACS, the Army Community Service, Soldier and Family Assistance Center in Building 165 in Vilseck. SgtFirst Class Maynard introduced the Warrior Transition Unit as the unit where wounded soldiers come to heal and when they are not on special duty. Maynard said that the goal of the luncheon was to partner up with the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) since it could be very beneficial if a veteran “adopted” a soldier. The VFW was represented by Sgt. First Class (ret.) Jim Dicks, the community activity chairman. He explained that the soldiers who come home from war today suffer from the same illnesses that, for example, Vietnam veterans suffered from. Nowadays, the illnesses just have different names such as the combat stress reaction that used to be called the shell shock and now is named Post-Traumatic Stress

Sgt. First Class Maynard welcomed the audience at the luncheon he had organized with Marie McElligott from ACS. Photos: Susanne Williams (2)

Disorder (PTSD). Jim Dicks introduced the VFW to the audience and told them about all the great things the VFW organizes such as regular meetings at the VFW home on post, BBQs, or help programs for orphans. He said that there is a hang out spot at the VFW home (Building 133) next to the German Kantine on post where everybody is

welcome to join. Helping is “not a membership thing,” in Dick’s opinion. He says that everyone can just come by, bring their spouses and kids, if they want, and have a good time with the veterans. They can just enjoy themselves, or talk about problems and learn how to deal with them, or where to find help.

Jim Dicks introduced the VFW and the idea behind the “Adopt a Warrior“-project to the soldiers at the luncheon.

True life in God Story by

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September/October 2011

Sunday, October 23: Vassula Rydén will be speaking about „TRUE LIFE IN GOD“ – the inspirations she`s been receiving from God since 1985 – in BERLIN – Palais am Funkturm – 2:00 p.m. Bus trip to Berlin will cost 25 € per person – admission free! Departure: Vilseck – Marktplatz at 6:00 a.m. Information and registration: 09662-1692 or 09662-7136 Please register soon!

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Local News

Benediction of new cross on Grafenwoehr Training Area Story by

Gerald Morgenstern GrafenwOEhr/Speinshart. Hills are favorite locations for crosses, said Prior Benedikt Schuster during the benediction of the new cross on Kumpfberg Hill. The padres, soldiers, forest rangers and guests had gathered on this hill in the training area to newly seal the old connection between Speinshart Monastery and the former village of Zissenhof. The sign beneath the cross reads in German and English that the pilgrimage chapel Holy Ghost was dedicated in Zissenhof and given to the monastery in 1465. During a training area tour with the padres, forest ranger Heiko Weiß and Gerald Morgenstern reminded the padres of the old connection. On the hill at Range 305, Gerald Morgenstern welcomed Garrison Commander Col. Avanulas Smiley, Command Sergeant Major William Berrios and Lt. Col. Scott Moore and Fred Valliere from JMTC, workers from range 305/307 and US spokesperson Susanne Bartsch. Lt. Cols. Dieter Kargl and Anton Kussinger represented the German Army, and Forest Director Ulrich

Padres, soldiers and civilian guests attended the benediction of the cross on Kumpfberg Hill, from left: Forest Ranger Heiko Weiß, Fred Valliere, Lt. Col. Anton Kussinger, Mayor Albert Nickl, Brother Lukas Prosch, Lt. Col. Dieter Kargl, Master Sgt. Mario Kulms, Susanne Bartsch, Col. Avanulas Smiley, Prior Benedikt Schuster, Forest Director Ulrich Maushake, Cmd. Sgt. Major William Berrios, District Forest Ranger Andreas Irle, Gerald Morgenstern, Cultural Heritage Specialist Leonore Photo: Gerald Morgenstern Böhm and Lt. Col. Scott Moore.

Maushake had come with district forest rangers Andreas Irle and Frank Gerstenmeier, forest ranger Heiko Weiß and local forest personnel. Some Metzenhof residents whose ancestors are from Kumpf und Zissenhof, also came. Other guests included retired Chaplain Karl Wohlgut and District Cultural Heritage Specialist Leonore Böhm. Speinshart mayor Albert Nickl was happy about the revival of the old relationship between

Günther Strobl & Silvia Freddura Plater

the old village and the monastery. Gerald Morgenstern thanked Alfons Waldmann who had prepared the area and built the foundation of the cross with his workers. The garrison painters‘ shop had done the figure of Jesus Christ nad the sign. Michael Speckner built the wooden cross and put it up with Andreas Irle. Tinsmith Karl Harrer from Grafenwoehr put a copper roof on it at no cost. At the foundation of the cross, workers from

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September/October 2011

Andreas Irle’s forest district had stacked up sandstone blocks from the ruins of Pappenberg Church as a reminder of that former place of worship. Ore stones lying next to it are a reminder of the ore mine that the monastery once operated near Zissenhof. During the benediction, Prior Benedikt Schuster talked about the meaning of the cross: “People erected it to worship Christ and as a reminder of what has happened. The basic message of the cross is that Christ is alive.” The cross, that is favorably erected on hills, is also a reminder to pause and pray. Prior Benedikt said the prayers and intercessions together with Brother Lukas Prosch and the guests. Mayor Albert Nickl donated the beer for the secular part of the little ceremony and Heiko und Karl-Phillip Weiß had prepared a tasty snack. The residents from Metzenhof told stories about Kumpf, Zissenhof and the Holy Ghost chapel they had heard from their ancestors. From Kumpfberg Hill you can see the Speinshart Monastery, Barbaraberg and Armesberg Hills and the Fichtelgebirge mountains to the North, and the ruins of Pappenberg Church to the south.

Local News

American Diner opens at the Grafenwoehr Gewerbepark Everything is prepared fresh and very family friendly Story by

Doris Mayer GrafenwOEhr. The original American diner “Roadside Diner” that has opened its gates at the Gewerbepark Grafenwoehr is an absolute enrichment for Grafenwoehr’s gastronomic scene. “We offer real American food that you can’t compare with fast food,” says Fred Ambrosio, In July, the friendly new restaurant, styled like an original American diner, opened its doors in Grafenwoehr. It is located the owner. “All meals are prepa- across from the access road to Gate 6. Photos: Doris Mayer (2) red fresh, just like you know it from a real American Diner.” waffles, French Toast and bagels. “Roadside Diner” is a real family break, dinner, or a good destinaFor those who like it more solid, restaurant that takes the needs tion for a lovely little trip on the The friendly, bright restaurant pre- starters or many different burgers, of the children just as seriously weekend. sents itself with trendy red seating. wraps, Reuben or sandwiches are as those of the adults. And it’s a For those who like fresh air there offered. It is always possible to get great tip for a cozy breakfast, lunch is an wonderful beer garden right the dishes single, or as a meal with next to meadows and fields. The a side order. The deliciously makids can play on the meadows near rinated spare rips and steaks are a the little creek, too, since the di- real treat, too. You can have various ner is located off any large roads. side orders, or a salad from the big The friendly, German and English salad menu to go with them. speaking personnel is gladly going to receive your orders from 7:00 The little ones can already choose a.m. to around 10:30 p.m. You can their breakfast from a lot of diffechoose from various breakfast me- rent kids’ menus. You’ll definitely Donuts made fresh daily, and in a vanus, omelets, American pancakes, find the right one for you. The riety of colorful and delicious flavors.

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September/October 2011


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Discover the secrets of Dr.Hauschka Cosmetics Story by

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September/October 2011

Local News

Amberg’s Michaeli-Dult Fest open through October 3 Colorful, fast and traditional Story by

Kathrin Stich

AMBERG. The doors of the traditional of the traditional Michaeli-Dult in Amberg remain open through October 3 with a beautifully decorated fest tent, a Weiss beer barn, music, culinary specialties and a large variety of rides. Amberg’s Congress Marketing guarantees a perfect combination of a traditional Volksfest atmosphere and colorful, modern entertainment for young and old. The popular fest beer from the Kummert Brewery is available in the large fest tent operated by the Hirsch family from Hohenkemnath and in the Weiss beer

Fun for young and old on the many rides at the Amberg Dult. Bavarian “Gemütlichkeit“ can be enjoyed through October 3.

barn of the Heindl family from Grafenwoehr. The Amberg Dult offers traditional fun. On the fairgrounds, many vendors and ride operators offer a variety of goods and entertainment. Whether it’s a fast ride with the Petersburg roller-

Born in Bavaria – Trained in America

coaster, the wild water ride, or a few rhythmical rounds on the “Star Dancer“ - at the Dult modern rides meet traditional rides. A very special attraction at Amberg’s Michaeli-Dult is the traditional fireworks display that will feature its splendid colors

high above the Dult on Friday, September 30. For more information and the program, go to www.acc-amberg. de! We are looking forward to seeing you!

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freyung 5

Photo: Kathrin Stich

September/October 2011

92660 neustadt



Grafenwoehr Griffins win their first championship in the Aufbau League Bavaria 2011 Story by

Christian Schärtl The League After two teams had dropped out, the Aufbau League Bavaria 2011 consisted of four teams. These were the Grafenwöhr Griffins, the Black Pirates from Oberviechtach, the Munisiers fromTraunreuth and the Dragons from Bayreuth. At the end of the season, the rankings were: 1. Grafenwöhr Griffins 2. Bayreuth Dragons 3.TraunreuthMunisiers 4. Oberviechtach Black Pirates The decisive game When the Grafenwöhr Griffins travelled to Traunreuth in the Chiemgau region to play against the Munisiers on September 11, three teams were tied for first place in the league. Due to the better score difference, the Griffins were ranked number one, the Dragons number two und the Munisiers third. But it was certain that the winner of this game would also win the championship title, so both teams entered the game highly motivated.

The crowd was also aware of the significance of this game, and so the 300 sports fans came to cheer their Munisiers to victory. For Traunreuth the start of the game was a little rough and due to Grafenwöhr’s strong offense, the Griffins were soon in the lead by 14:0. The touchdowns were scored made by running back Patrick Harris und wide receiver Marco Keck. The first points of the second quarter were also made by the Grafenwöhr Griffins. Again it was running back Patrick Harris who carried the ball into the end zone. This early and rather high lead was apparently not good for the Griffins and they seemed to lose some of their concentration, especially in the defense. So the Munisiers scored 16 points straight before the Griffins succeeded in scoring a field goal, ending the first half with a score of 25:16. The coaches of the Griffins tried to get their team back on track sensing that they were losing the grip on the game. At first, this seemed to work but then, in the fourth quarter, they got behind on the score board. About three minutes before the end of the game the title seemed lost as the Griffins missed a field goal and

The Grafenwöhr Griffins passed their test and won the football championship in Photos: Christian Schärtl (2) the Aufbauliga after a successful season.

their chance to make up the one point difference on the score and the Munisiers got the ball back. The game seemed over and lost for the Griffins when Ralph Wenisch managed to get the ball back. This time, they used their chance and Marco Keck scored the field goal, raising the score to 34:32 for Grafenwöhr which they defended during the remaining 28 seconds. The score makers Pat Harris (3 touchdowns), Marco Keck (1 touchdown, 2 field goals), Rey Blanco (2 two-point-conversions)

The Griffins won the championship with their last game against the Traunreuth Munisiers.

Comments about the game Brian Jansma, Defense Coach: “It is incredible to win this title with this awesome team and to see that all the hard work during the season paid off. There was blood, sweat and lots of bruises and nothing was in vain. It is great!” James D. Miller, Head Coach: “With Traunreuth we met a team that was just as motivated to win the title as we were. And that we succeeded to play our own strengths this way in this tough and close game coming out as the winner is just unbelievable.” Christian Schärtl, cornerback, wide receiver: “This team has earned this title. In spite of individual mistakes and a team which was decimated due to injuries and other absences, the team has shown an incredible effort today. We won as a team, just like we would have lost as a team.”


September/October 2011

Therapiezentrum für Massage- und Krankengymnastik The Physical Therapy and Massage Center of Wolfgang Herrndobler – Vilseck Located: St. Agidius Straße 4, 92249 Vilseck Ph: 09662-9531, Fax: 09627-924889 therapy, ultrasound treatments, lymph system drainage and hot pack treatments. In Europe the wellness centers are very comprehensive, competitive, compassionate and competent. If you are referred into town for therapy, this is a remarkable place to feel welcome and feel better. English is spoken well here and Tricare is fully accepted. Herr Herrndobler is fully licensed in Germany and Europe and approved as a Tricare provider. While the clinic on post offers many services, sometimes personnel, both active duty and family members are referred into town. This is one of those facilities. Herrr Herrndobler has a full service physical therapy and massage clinic. He offers European style post surgery rehabilitation, heat and ice therapies, instructions and training for back usage with injury prevention, full range of massage therapies, electrical (tens) therapy, reflexology (foot) therapies, stretching and strenght training with

Directions: Take the Vilseck exit from post. At the T in town, turn right. Pass through the east gate and take the left just over the river. Drive to the right hand curve then take the first road left. The center is on the right. Open: Mo.–Tu. 9.00–19.30



Call for an appointment or use the Tricare assistance center in the Rose Barracks clinic.

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Oktoberfest Guide 2011: Know the Dos and Don‘ts Story by

Nadine Saalborn Date The Oktoberfest opens on Saturday, September 17 and ends on Monday, October 3. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays are the best days to visit the fest. On those days, the tents are not so crowded and you will have just as much fun as on the weekends. If you decide to go on a weekend, you should be on the fest grounds around 9 a.m. to be sure to get a seat in one of the large beer tents. Opening hours Bavarian food and drinks are served in the beer tents, Monday to Friday from 10 10.30 p.m. On Saturdays and Sundays, visitors can party an hour longer. The Oktoberfest is not a 24-hour-party. At 11.30 p.m. all tents close, except for “Käfers Wiesnschänke” and Rides, candy and white-blue Bavarian sky. the wine tent. Both stay open until 00.30 a.m. and close at 01.00 a.m. During this Oktoberfest season, dress up your outfit: bags in the women wear Dirndl in bright co- form of a gingerbread-heart or jelors. Orange, yellow, purple and welry with pretzel charms. Clothing Avoid T-shirts with imprints like “I other berry colors are trendy this survived Oktoberfest” or hats that year. But classical Dirndls with a Men are best-dressed in brown or look like Bavarian “Seppelmützen” checkered pattern and in a tradi- black leather trousers, a checke(fool hats). The local Bavarians will tional color like red are also ex- red shirt and traditional Bavarian immediately recognize you as a tou- periencing a comeback. It is also “Haferl”-shoes. rist. To enjoy the “Wiesn” like a real fashionable to wear leather trousers Bavarian, you should borrow or buy (Lederhosen) with a blouse. Most Flirting a real traditional Bavarian outfit. important are the accessories that The Oktoberfest is known as a

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paradise for flirting. The relaxed atmosphere makes it easy to get to know a lot of people. Here is a little advice for all the guys who want to avoid unnecessary trouble: stay away from ladies who wear the bow of their dirndl apron on the right side. This signalizes that they are married or in a relationship. Single ladies wear their bow on the left. Beer If you order “a Maß Bier” you´ll get a beer mug containing one liter (.26 gal). The beer is brewed especially for the Oktoberfest and it is stronger than normal beer, containing about 6%.alcohol. This year, a “Maß” will cost from 8,70 € to 9,20 €. Tip Be generous to the waitresses and waiters. If you order a Maß, give at least 10 €. It will pay back during your beer tent visit: you will be served faster and your beer mug will always be full to the top. Dancing As soon as the band starts playing, everybody is singing and dancing at the beer benches. You will soon find out what “Schunkeln” is all about. Do never step on the tables. Security personnel will immediately stop this behavior.


September/October 2011

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September/October 2011


ah.eit Join us! a .f w w w 17 // Issue #2 // Oktober 2011 // English is the regional Newspaper around the U.S. Army Garrison Grafenwoehr Training Area.