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Netzaberg: Once a village, now a town

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Netzaberg Housing Area was constructed between 2006 and 2008. Its center is the “Village Center“ with schools and child Photo: Gerald Morgenstern care facilities. The last houses were turned over in September 2008. Story by

Gerald Morgenstern

HISTORY PARK Live and Experience the Middle Ages PAGE 13

netzaberg. when a us brigade was stationed in grafenwoehr and a large housing area had to be build between 2006 and 2008, netzaberg village, where the restaurant “zur schönen aussicht“ (beautiful view) was once located, came back to life.

Netzaberg Village was located on Netzaberg mountain between the cities of Grafenwöhr and Eschenbach. During excavations in 2006, archeologists discovered spectacular findings that can be traced back to Celtic times. Uncovered foundations can be dated back from the Baroque period (1600 A.C.) to modern times. They are predominantly foundations of

Netzaberg Village. When Grafenwoehr Training Area was opened, Franz Fichtl simultaneously built the restaurant “Zur Schönen Aussicht“ east of the village and located on the highest elevation in 1909/1910. From there you could see almost the entire original training area and watch the training of the Bavarian artillery.

training area

From Netzaberg Village to the Town of Netzaberg „grafenwoehr training area, yesterday & today“

Netzaberg Housing Area was constructed between 2006 and 2008. Its center is the “Village Center“ with schools and child care facilities. The last houses were turned over in September 2008. Photos: Gerald Morgenstern (3)

Housing Area for Soldiers and their Families Netzaberg and the restaurant “Zur Schönen Aussicht“

Grafenwoehr. The history of Netzaberg is one chapter of the book „Grafenwoehr Training Area, yesterday & today“. The book introduces on 256 pages with stories, data and facts in German and English and nearly 700 photos from the past and present all facets of Grafenwoehr Training Area.The construction of post around 1910, the large EB-G construction program, the live fire and training of the Royal Bavarian Army and our soldiers today are juxtaposed. 2d Cavalry Regiment in Vilseck and the 172d Infantry Brigade in Grafenwoehr are also featured. The GermanAmerican Volksfest and the festivities of the 100th anniversary of the training area are also part of the book’s content. Fantastic color photos and articles about the unique nature of the “Grafenwoehr natural protection area“ prove that military and nature do not have to contradict each other. Sgt. Major of the Reserves Gerald Morgenstern is the author of the book. It can be purchased for 26,80 Euro in book stores, at sales locations in Grafenwoehr and Vilseck, and in the US Shopping Centers. For more information, go to

Story by

Gerald Morgenstern When a US brigade was stationed in Grafenwoehr and a large housing area had to be built between 2006 and 2008,Netzaberg village,where the restaurant “Zur Schönen Aussicht“ (beautiful view) was once located, came back to life. Netzaberg Village was located on Netzaberg mountain between the cities of Grafenwöhr and Eschenbach. During excavations in 2006, archeologists discovered spectacular findings that can be traced back to Celtic times.Uncovered foundations can be dated back from the Baroque period (1600 A.C.) to modern times. They are predominantly foundations of Netzaberg Village.When Grafen- Netzaberg Elementary and Middle School have room for 1,400 students. The woehr Training Area was opened, northeastern view from Netzaberg reaches from the Steinwald Forest to the Franz Fichtl simultaneously built the Fichtelgebirge mountains.


May/June 2012

training area restaurant “Zur Schönen Aussicht“ east of the village and located on the highest elevation in 1909/1910.From there you could see almost the entire original training area and watch the training of the Bavarian artillery. Linden and chestnut trees were planted in the garden of the restaurant to build a beer garden. Just like the foundations of the restaurant, they can still be found there today. Military and civilian use As part of the Grafenwoehr Training Area, the Netzaberg area was used as an observation point for artillery firing and later as a training ground. With the approval of the commander it was also used for some time as a landing area by the Grafenwöhr Glider Flight Club and as a speedway track by the German-American Auto-Racing Clubs.

A soldier’s romance is depicted on this historic postcard of Netzaberg: A soldiers of the Bavarian Army Corps meets his girlfriend at a fork in the road in front of the “Zur Schönen Aussicht“ restaurant.

plans to build a new housing area on Netzaberg. It is located west of the site of the former village. Zapf Construction Co. from Bayreuth, built the 830 housing units in the record time of only two years and two months.The total cost of this civilian construction project was 200 million Euro. There are twelve housing secNetzaberg Housing Area tions. The houses, duplexes or row In 2001, the US Army announced houses, feature eleven different floor

plans. The housing sections feature lots of green and playgrounds. The housing area belongs to the city of Eschenbach while the houses are assigned to the soldiers by the garrison housing office.

elementary and middle school for 1,400 students, a child development center, a youth services center and a gas station with a shoppette.The construction of a community center with a large church,whose tower will be 58 meters high,is planned for this year.A Village Center road along the sandstone quarries and The housing area provides room for Thumbach valley connects Netzaberg 4,000 inhabitants. Its center is the with Grafenwoehr Training Area. Netzaberg Village Center with an

May/June 2012


training area

Veterans of Foreign Wars District #3 Post Commanders Council Meeting at Tower Post 10692 Story by

gether with local institutions like German soldiers’ associations to help local orphanages and hosGRAFENWOEHR. In April, pitals. They collect toys for needy the VFW post commanders of children and extend a helping hand District #3 met for a convention to everybody in need. at the VFW home in Grafenwoehr. The post commanders Holliman’s schedule will be very and their representatives reported tight over the next few months: On about recent activities of theirs May 19, he will attend the District posts, upcoming events and pro- #3 convention in Illesheim to be jects.They talked about how they nominated for district commander. could support each other, or what On May 19 and 20, Holliman and VFW Post 10692 Commander James Holliman (center) enjoying the great BBQ with they needed in order to realize his VFW members will be at the fellow VFW members. Photo: Susanne Williams their projects Grafenwoehr PX and Shoppette for the Buddy Poppy Drive. TheLocal VFW post commander re will also be a large Memorial James Holliman thanked all his Day ceremony at the Grafenwoehr members who volunteered and cemetery and in Flossenbürg on thereby helped making Grafen- May 28 with the JROTC color woehr the post it is. “There is not guard. From June 15-20, Holliman a single person who runs the post, will attend the the Department of it is a big group of people working Europe Convention in Lampentogether,” Holliman said. And the- heim and July 20-26, he will be re are many members at the VFW at the VFW National ConventiTower Post 10692 who volunteer on in Reno, Nevada. August 3-5, and make this post so special.They the VFW post participates in the put out information, spread the German-American Volksfest in Buddy Poppies, and recruit new Grafenwoehr where they will hand Neue Amberger Str. 99, Grafenwöhr members. They work together as out Buddy Poppies to everyone and a strong community. Their door is recruit new members. The only real Italian at Grafenwöhr always open for those who need help or advice no matter if they are VFW members or not. Holliman also was happy to announce that the District #3 “Teacher of the Year Award” will go to Grafenwoehr Elementary School teacher Pearl Clark. Gr




Pr afen E es w S sa öh E th r, R an , Es Net V d m ch za I e or nb berg CE e ac , h

Susanne Williams

After the convention everybody gathered in the back yard of the building to enjoy a delicious BBQ with hamburgers, hot dogs, baked potatoes and fresh pasta salad.The atmosphere was relaxed and cozy after the formal convention. People talked and laughed and you could tell that they are not just VFW post commanders who met for a convention but close friends who stick together and love what they are doing. For them, the VFW is a way of life. They help soldiers and their families and work to-


May/June 2012


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training area

Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9334 honors supporters in Vilseck Story by

Susanne Williams On May 1, James Dicks, VFW Community Activity Chairman Harold Hedges, VFW h hosted a luncheon for the supporters of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 9334 in Vilseck.“It is a nonverbal thank you for those who have done great things to support the local VFW and their projects,” said Dicks.The VFW simply wanted to show its great appreciation. The guests of the luncheon received awards for their help such as organizing the German-American Kinderfest in Sorghof every year, assisting in collecting and wrapping toys for the orphanage and the baby clinic in Most, Czech Republic, helping with Memorial Day, Christmas, Easter, and Veterans’ Day events and members

and family BBQs, donating flowers and bouquets for those who passed away, assisting soldiers, providing media coverage, and leading the Wounded Warrior Program together with the ACS.

Dicks honored and thanked Larry Olson from the Vilseck Auto Crafts Shop, Maria Nummerador, Brigitte McGuire, Petra Runyun, Grafenwoehr Community Bank president Judith Brown, journalist Susanne Williams, Harald Thieme. from the Maintenance Division Vilseck, and Scott G. Harmon, and Richard Britton from the Vilseck Commissary. “It is all about giving back. Everyone has done a perfect job,” said Dicks. Following the awards ceremony, the guests VFW Community Activity Chairman James Dicks thanked all the supporters of the enjoyed good conversations and a VFW Post 9334 for their help. Photo: Susanne Williams delicious luncheon.

Stamps R. Wolf

Coins and Stamps

estd. 1966 german-american Kinderfest sorghof Story by

Susanne Williams The 25th German-American Kinderfest in Sorghof takes place on July 7 and starts at 1:30 p.m. Activities include MiniOlympics for


the kids who can eat and drink for free. Food is prepared by the VFW. All sales proceeds will be used for other children programs such as orphan assistance activities with local organizations.

May/June 2012

Stamps R. Wolf Unterer Markt 17 92637 Weiden Phone 0961/42423

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9 am till 1 pm and 2 pm till 6 pm 9 am till 1 pm 9 am till 1 pm and 2 pm till 6 pm 9 am till noon



training area

Town Hall Celebrates its 550th Anniversary

Grafenwoehr Town Hall was prison, bread store and school Story by

Renate Gradl If those walls could talk, they would have a lot to tell. No wonder since the history-laden house is already 550 years old. The building in question is the Grafenwoehr town hall which will soon celebrate its 550th anniversary.

The town hall dates back to the 15th century, namely to 1462 and was built in the style of the late Gothic period. During its early years, prison cells were located in the basement. On the first floor was the town’s bread store, the apartment of the town servant, later also the apartment of the night watchman and various vaults used to store the town’s inventory. The large city council’s office and the city register were located on the second floor and a large dance floor on the third floor. Over time, those rooms were changed in many different ways , mainly because of the move of the school’s classrooms to the town hall in 1859. That was necessary because the establishment of the training area led to a significant increase in inhabitants and students. To be able to provide the

Grafenwoehr’s Town Hall celebrates its 550th anniversary this year.

Photo: Renate Gradl

necessary room for the students, of the Stadtapotheke). Detailed to an end. Afterwards, the town the town hall was remodeled and plans were made but not realized hall was renovated and remodeled. because of the outbreak of World Nearly 60 years later, in 1982/83, three classrooms were built. War I. Finally, in 1935 ground the town hall was completely reSince there was no more room left was broken for the new school novated and got his current look. at the town hall, the construction south of the cemetery. On Sep- Since then, the mayor’s office and of a separate school building had tember 26, 1936, in time for the a part of the city administration been considered since 1911. The new school year, was opened and are located there. necessary financing had been se- 25 years of space shortage came cured but there was a controversial discussion about the location. The old town and the new suburbs Prof. Dr. med.Theodor Klotz, MPH competed for the new school. Tricare Klinik für Urologie, Andrologie und Kinderurologie In 1913, it was decided that the Provider Kliniken Nordoberpfalz AG school would be built near the city Söllnerstr. 16 · 92637 Weiden public works (today the location Tel. 0961-303-3302 · Fax 0961-303-4405

citizens‘ fest and open house at the town hall Story by

Renate Gradl Grafenwoehr.The city will host an open house at the town hall on June 9 from 3-9 p.m. to celebrate the building’s anniversary. Fantastic prizes can be won at the raffle. The newly remodeled WolfDietrich-Mayr-Straße will be opened at 2 p.m. The citizens‘


fest will be celebrated on the Marienplatz.The opening ceremony is at 3 p.m.. Various music groups will provide great entertainment. The Pressath Band will start playing at 7 p.m. and the belly dance group from Schlammersdorf will perform at 9.30 p.m. Grafenwoehr’s clubs and restaurant owners will provide food and beverages for the guests.

May/June 2012

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Opening Hours Monday – Thursday: 8 am to 4 pm

Friday: 8 am to 2.30 pm

Open Air yMuseum Story by

Blanka Matter-Maier

Schwin..g mal ruber! Regensburg mal anders - das Kletterabenteuer für alle großen u. kleinen Wipfelstürmer!

hr! Jede Menge Events im Kletterjamit n Afterwork-Klettern, Vollmondkletter ertag, ... Lagerfeuer, Robin-Wood-Abenteu

NEUSATH-PERSCHEN.Garden enthusiasts and their families will be delighted: At the Freilandmuseum Neusath-Perschen near Nabburg (the open-air museum of the Upper Palatinate Administrative District) this year’s motto is “gardens.” Every third Sunday of the month, a county and the local organizations for agriculture will present themselves. Special events on gardening will both inform and entertain visitors. And while the adults enjoy the exhibitions,children can play in the great outdoors, build a tepee, take part in artwork projects,or learn about herbs (they make brilliant candies!).

Early summer events start on June 3 n with a kids’day which is always fasci.nating.Activities like bow and arrow ,shooting, playing ancient games, or bowling like in our forefathers’times .are only a few activities to mention. d On June 10,visitors can watch sheepn shearing combined with a special fashion show sporting highly individual felt creations.A highlight will be a royal visit on June 17.The Elder Queen will pay a visit to the museum, and in her honor treats made of elder will enchant the foodies. Old traditions will be featured on July 1,when groups of children in traditional folk costumes will perform folk dances.


in Aktion! Saison 2012 - voll

A hearty walk through the grounds will make you hungry and thirsty,but local delicacies at the museum pub should do the trick. And if you are a fan of German bread, you should visit on Sundays when fresh bread comes out of the oven. It simply has a mouthwatering smell and has received several awards too. To check the museum’s program for 2012,visit The Open Air Museum at NeusathPerschen is open Tuesday to Sunday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is closed on Mondays (except holidays).

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Modern Veterinarian We are in Döllnitz near Pressath, only 5 miles from Grafenwöhr. Parking spots are plenty, big and small exotic patients are in good hands.

nglish eak E we sp

lnitz in Döl

We speak english fluently and we will answer all your questions sammelte Praktika. etwaWe in einer Spe- tig und around yourSopet. are pleased to see you Erfahrungen in our vet für clinic zialpraxis für Vögel und Reptilien ihre eigene Praxis. Seit Ende Juni in Hamburg, einer Klinik für Em-

hat die in der Nähe von Hannover

• spay, neuteringinand other surgeries • skin diagnosis Veterinärin nun bryotransfer Australien und ei- aufgewachsene Tierarztpraxis in Döllner (mobile privatenX-Ray) Pferdeklinik in Ken- ihre eigene • X-Ray • monitored anesthesia nitz und wohnt mit ihrem Partner tucky. • Health Check • Passport issue andauf imeigenen Tieren In den vergangenen beiden Jah- und mehreren Not only the clinic was renovated to meet • treatment patients tä- dem Anwesen in Döllnitz. ren war of sie“difficult” als Assistenzärztin planting transponders • emergency treatment • parasitological diagnosis the most modern and highest standards, Nina Fachvortrag zum Thema and treatment but also a new lab, a mobile X-Ray-UnitWittenberg and • taking blood samples „Mit Hund und Katze auf • eye Reisen“ exams (working with Idexx Laboratories) eröffnete • own Lab an Ultrasound are in our clinic to help us to ihre eigene • Ultrasound examinations am Samstag, 24. Juli 2010, um 14.00 • holisticUhr treatment Tierarztpraxis take care of your pet. The young and friendPassend zur Urlaubszeit informiert die Fachfrau in der Praxis • Laser acupuncture in Döllnitz. • nutritional counseling zum Thema „Mit Hund und Katze auf Reisen“. ly english spoken DVM and technicianBild: arexs • dental treatment and rehabilitation Alles rund um die Reise – Schutz vor Krankheiten,

pleased to support yourrätes pet atebenfalls all times. No möglich. Von Samstag bietet die appointment is needed,Montag if youbisstep by, duTiermedizinerin feste Sprechring regular opening hours. stunden für Kleintiere an. Außer-

Pressath. Tierärztin Nina Wittenberg hat sich ihre Tierarztpraxis auf einem umgebauten Bauernhof eingerichtet. Bei der Veterinärin sind sowohl kleine als auch große Tiere in besten Händen. Wittenberg wuchs mit vielen Tieren auf und ist vom Landleben restlos begeistert. Ihre funktionell eingerichtete Praxis auf dem Bauernhof in Döllnitz und das angegliederte Labor entsprechen den modernsten Anforderungen. Wittenberg bietet für ihre Patienten auch Laser-Akupunktur an. Röntgenaufnahmen bei den „tierischen Patienten“ zu Hause sind dank eines mobilen Röntgenge-

Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 to 6 pm Tuesday, Thursday 11 to 12 am Saturday 9 to 10 am

dem ist sie rund um die Uhr an sieben Tagen der Woche erreichbar. Großtiere werden außerhalb der Sprechstunde nach Vereinbarung behandelt. Auch die vierbeinigen Lieblinge amerikanischer Mitbürger sind willkommen: Die Veterinärin und ihre Helferin sprechen fließend Englisch. Wittenberg verbrachte nach dem Abitur ein Jahr in Australien, danach studierte sie in München Tiermedizin. Es folgten ein Studienjahr in Budapest und mehrere

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local news

Artist Höller: Touching the soul with glass art Wolfgang Höller is a composer, pianist and painter. He prefers working with glass Story by

Renate Gradl ESCHENBACH. It’s in his genes. He inherited the skill of glass art making from his father and his interest in music from his godfather. Wolfgang Höller was born in Eschenbach where he grew up surrounded by art. The 55-year-old choose Southern France as the location for his art studies where he also went on tour as the composer and pianist for a rock band. But the Eschenbach native also won several prizes at art exhibitions in Paris and Southern France. But after 20 years, the globetrotter returned to Bavaria with his wife and two sons, where he started focusing on glass art. However, he also enjoys painting pictures. A splendid example of Höller‘s glass art can be seen at the cemetery chapel in Grafenwoehr. Other examples of his work are the outdoor area of the Eschenbach senior citizens‘ home, several chapels such as the “Brigittenpark“ in Pegnitz,“ the kindergarten in Warmensteinach and the mosaic at the Marienplatz in Eschenbach. Together with Professor Wolfgang Mahlke he decorated several churches and kindergartens in Nürnberg and Würzburg with art. Currently, his paintings can be seen in an exhibition at a moated castle near Cham. “The Old Man’s Dream“ or the “Village of the Lost Souls“ are titles of


The glass art in the Grafenwoehr cemetery chapel was created by Wolfgang Höller from Eschenbach.

some of his paintings. After his long stay in France, the artist had originally intended to only return to his Upper Palatine home for about three years. “Now it’s turned into 19 years,“ says Höller who would like to go to Ireland

Photo: Renate Gradl

and the Brittany region of France he adds: “Like the branches of one of these days. a tree reaching for the sky, with the right to confuse myself and About his work Höller says that others, experiencing light for a „art means touching the soul.“ short time – what else can life For him, it also continues to be give to us?“ an attempt at self-discovery. And


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May/June 2012

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Visit us in the old town of Weiden and let convince you of our diverse opportunities. We have a space up to 100 people for all kind of your special events. Try our famous bavarian and creek food, and also special american food. Feel comfortable in a unique house of Weiden. We look forward to your reservations. Restaurant Altes Eichamt · Cafe Quint · Bar23 · Unterer Markt 23 · 92637 Weiden Tel.: 0961/44242 · Fax.: 0961/44240 · ·


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2nd International AE Tuning Day was great successL Story by

Susanne Williams GRAFENWOEHR. The organizers of the 2nd International American-EuropeanTuning Day event on Mothers’ Day were very happy about the great success of the event. In brilliant sunshine many car lovers from near and far presented their lavishly tuned cars and enjoyed delicious food from the Roadside Diner which was right next to the event in the “Gewerbepark” in Grafenwoehr.

“The event was planned since November,”said AE Motorsports Car Club vice president Ernest Hudson whose own Hummer H2 was a great attraction with its 26 monitors and 16 speakers for surround sound, 4 amps with 1500 W and 2 computer processors. “We have sent out the invitations on facebook and placed them in the MWR facilities on post. Today people can win 70 trophies in 5 motorcycle and 10 car categories,” Hudson added.

AE Motorsports Car Club vice president Ernest Hudson with his Hummer.

USA. If you like tuned cars your next chance to meet members of the AE Motorsports Car Club is July 4 when they will present their beauties at the Independence Day festivities on post. To get more information In 2007, the AE Motorsports Car please check the club’s homepage Club was founded by its president or their Jun Ragay and counts 52 mem- Facebook page. bers so far from Germany and the

Photo: Susanne Williams

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May/June 2012

L Live and Experience the Middle Ages Story by

Renate Gradl


the museum continues to grow, visitors can also watch the construction of additional houses. Visitors can also participate in many activities. Whether it is javelin or bread baking, the construction of clay ovens or the braiding of fences – the everyday activities of the Middle Ages are at your finger tips. At the end of their tour, visitors can relax in the restaurant and try the special museum beer.

The Bärnau-Tachov History Park in Bärnau, Tirschenreuth County, is one of Germany‘s largest outdoor archeological museums and has been under construction since 2010. Following a ten-year planning and a one-year construction phase, the museum opened on July 30, 2011. Visitors are invited to experience a journey through time into everyday life from the 9th to 12,500 visitors used the opportuthe 13th century. nity to visit the 6.5 hectare-large outdoor museum during its first On their tour, visitors can vi- season despite the fact that the sit a Slavic settlement from the museum is still under construc8th/9th century. It is an example tion. The border-crossing EUof the settlements in this region project runs until 2013. 14 addiand Bärnau‘s location in a border tional buildings will be added to region where Germanic and Sla- the eight existing ones. This year, vic tribes have met for centuries. a church and a medieval lodging Shown are residential buildings facility will be built among other such as the ditch house, half-built things. A lot is also being built into the ground, and large, one- outside the museum. Playgrounds story wooden houses but also es- for children, a restaurant which sential utility buildings such as the will be finished in spring and an clay dome oven used for baking exhibition on the first floor of the bread. visitors‘ information center in the winter months. Another key proThe heart and the landmark of the ject is the improvement of the history park is the motte castle Golden Road to Tachov for use by from the 11th century. The de- hikers and tourists. The 4.4 millifense tower with a palisade was built on an artificial mountain and towers over the entire area – a powerful landmark of the new rulers who built these administrative centers in large towns, along roads and border crossings to reorganize their territories. The 13th century Late Middle Ages settlement combines known elements with new developments. The houses are still made of wood but the first buildings with beams, the forerunners of our half-timbered buildings, are built and special utility buildings appear. The art of construction is no longer defined by tribal origin but by the rural or early urban environment.

The castle on a mountain, also known as motte castle, is a small defense facility. It is a sign of the political changes in Northern and Central Europe. Photo: Renate Gradl

on Euro project is financed with funds from the EU, the Bavarian Cultural Fund, the Government of the Upper Palatinate, Tirschenreuth County and the city of Bärnau. Nevertheless, the museum association “Via Carolina“ must not only invest thousands of hours of volunteer work but also generate half a million Euro in funds to finance its share of the project.

can be developed outside the main tourism regions with the necessary courage and determination. The museum association “Via Carolina,“ led by its chairman Alfred Wolf and the project office are excited about the acknowledgement the project received when receiving the ADAC Tourism Award Bavaria. The award is a motivation and an incentive to continue to support the project All in all, the history park is an and the region in the future. example of how visitor highlights

The history park is an interactive museum that provides the visitor with an authentic, entertaining picture of the Middle Ages. Since

May/June 2012



Grafenwoehr Griffins in the Bavarian State League Story by

Christian Schärtl GRAFENWOEHR.After the first hymns of praise about the successful season had died down after last year’s advancement into the Bavarian State League, the officials of the Griffins as well as the players found themselves in the position of having to answer some serious questions. Will the next season be as successful? Will we always have the necessary number of players? How well will the other teams play? As a result, a lot of diligence was put into the preparation for the new season. The coaches organized three training games against the Nürnberg Rams (2s Federal League), the Bamberg Bears (Bavaria League) and the Bamberg Phantoms (Preparation League). Additionally, a training camp that demanded a lot from the players was conducted over Easter.But the hard work during the pre-season was well worth it for the Griffins. Despite the fact that the first game against the Rosenheim Rebels was lost, it was a very tight result with 31:30. And if you take into consideration that they have not lost a single game so far and are the unchallenged leader of the league,then this is not a bad start for the young Grafenwoehr team.

The Griffins form a team huddle to prepare for their next move. You can watch the next game of the Grafenwoehr Griffins on June 2 at the Grafenwoehr Sportpark. Photo: Johnny Gallardo

who also advanced,were guest in the Upper Palatinate.Last year,only one of two games could be won so it was clear that it would be a close call especially since it is known that the team from Traunreut always studies its opponents and comes to a game well-prepared. But this time, they obviously did not prepare well enough because the Griffins won 18:0.But the result does not reveal that the game was once again a very close one and was not decided

until the end of the third quarter.The defense, however, did a great job, not allowing any scores which might turn out to be an advantage at the end of the season when the final scores are computed. So after two games,the Griffins have places themselves in the midfield of the league. But head coach James Miller has a positive outlook into the future. “The team can achieve a lot.If we win the next games,we may place first in the end.“ In the playoffs,

the Grafenwoehr team could end up having to play against Aschaffenburg or Schweinfurt. Currently, the two Franconian teams dominate the Northern Group of the State League.

If you want to experience the Griffins live and support them during a home game,then come to the Grafenwoehr Sportpark on June 2.Food and beverages are available and the Griffins‘ cheerleaders will make sure you won’t be bored during half-time.

However, the team was determined to do better in the second game.This time, the Munisiers from Traunreut, last year‘s opponents in the final game

In edition 02/2012 the wrong photographer was listed for a photo of the Grafenwoehr Griffins. We would like to correct this mistake. The photographer of the photo shown here is Johnny Gallardo of JG Digital Arts.


May/June 2012


TAVERNE KOSTAS Greec Specialty

Taverne Kostas – Greek specialties directly in the heart of the old town. Spoil yourself with freshly prepared dishes from our abundant menu and from our large variety of Greek wine. Mo.–Su. Tue.

11.00–15.00 17.00–24.00


TAVERNE KOSTAS Owner Konstantin Balis

Pfarrplatz 2 92637 Weiden Telephone: + 49 (0) 961/419138 R

The Home Improvement Emporium

e m o c Wel to

y n a Germ -19%

Saving 19% with Taxform We accept Debitcards Master and Visa

Your Home Improvement Stores in Pressath Weiden Amberg Eschenbacher Straße 7 92690 Pressath phone: 09644 - 68080-0

Regensburger Straße 81-91 92637 Weiden phone: 0961 - 391799-0

Barbarastraße 2-6 92224 Amberg phone: 09621 - 76610


-Rosenberg Krötenseestraße 2 92237 Sulzbach-Rosenberg phone: 09661 - 5090

VAT refunds possible on request

May/June 2012


cars & traffic

All-New 2012 Yaris: A Great Blend of Performance With sales up 140 percent in April and 70 percent for the year, the 2012 subcompact Toyota Yaris proves to be an outstanding choice for performance, comfort, fuel efficiency and safety. The all-new Yaris comes in threedoor and five-door liftback models, with available five-speed manual or four-speed electronic automatic transmissions. Powered by an efficient 106-hp four-cylinder engine with Variable Valve Timing with intelligence (VVT-i), it’s EPA-rated to achieve 30 mpg city and 38 mpg highway with the manual and 30 city/35 highway with the automatic. Yaris helps protect its occupants with a reinforced cabin that integrates front and rear crumple zones and energy-absorbing materials in the roof and doors. All-five seating positions are equipped with height-adjustable head rests and three-point seatbelts. Also standard are driver and front passenger advanced dual-stage front airbags, front-seat-mounted side airbags, driver knee airbag, driver- and front-passenger seatcushion airbags and first and second row side-curtain airbags. Toyota’s Star Safety System is standard on all models. It includes Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Traction Control (TRAC), Antilock Brake System (ABS), Electronic Brake-force Distribution (EBD), Brake Assist (BA) and Smart Stop Technology (SST). Toyota is the first full-line manufacturer to make these features standard on all vehicles. The comfortable cabin provides rear seating for three with headrests in all positions. The interior also features easy-to-reach controls, high center-mounted instrument cluster for excellent on-road visibility, and an array of


Toyota Yaris SE

Photo: Toyota USA

storage spaces and cup holders. Standard equipment includes air conditioning, tilt steering wheel, rear-window defogger and intermittent wipers.

cargo capacity from 9.3 cubic feet to 25.7 cubic feet. A 60/40 split rear seatback is standard on LE and SE grades.

hield. To improve aerodynamics and reduce wind noise, outer moldings on the windshield and door glass have been eliminated. In the rear, the tail lamps frame Exterior styling is crisp and con- a wide trunk opening. For an added measure of utili- temporary. The grill is accented ty and luggage space, the rear by sharp character lines that flow For those seeking a sportier look seatback folds down to expand into the sleek hood and winds- and driving experience, Yaris

RSZ Automobile in Weiden

- We sell new and used cars - We offer repair service for most car models - We perform guarantee work for VW, Seat, Skoda, Audi - Accessories, tuning and tire service - Car body work Englisch speaking - Car Insurance staff - TÜV/AU Inspection - Car rental Obere Bauscherstraße 16 92637 Weiden Telefon 0961/4040

May/June 2012

Dr.-Johann-Stark-Str. 8 92637 Weiden Tel.: 0961/67095-0 · Fax 0961/27173

Military Sales Neue

Str a te


Ambe rg

er Stra te


e rg

H All-New U.S. Specification Vehicles H Trade-In Assistance H Immediate Delivery Available H Finance Assistance Available H Europe or Stateside Delivery* H Full Warranty Coverage Overseas




Military Sales

Military Sales

Contact Us:

Tel: 09641 92 61 41 Located outside back Gate 1

Auto Exchange Alte Amberger Str. 52

Alte Amberger Str. 52, Grafenwöhr

er Strate

Martin Luth

Programs and guarantees are subject to terms and conditions. See your Sales Representative for details. *Stateside delivery available on Audi and Volkswagen vehicles only. (AX1201)

Semi-New Cars - Buy NET through your Army VAT Office and save up to over 40% on Germany´s strongest brands More than 300 cars on stock - just ask us 2009 Audi A6 Avant in Black Automatic, Quattro (4-Wheel Drive)

Xenon headlights with LED, 3.0 Liter Diesel 240hp, 58153 km mileage, Black-White individual leather combination, Audi DSP sound system, Navigation system with hard drive and 6 Disc changer, Bluetooth with included telephone

2009 Audi Q7 S-Line Exclusive in Black Automatic, Quattro (4-Wheel Drive)

Xenon headlights, 3.0 Liter Diesel 240hp, 22 568 km mileage, Black-Brown individual leather combination, S-Line exteurier package, Bose sound system, 20“ Audi Exclusive rims, Navigation system, 6 Disc changer, Bluetooth, Audi Side-Assist and Audi Lane-Assist

34.560 Euro (VAT deductable)

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cars & traffic

offers an SE model with five-speed manual transmission or four-speed automatic, 16-inch alloy wheels and tires, sport-tuned suspension, quickerratio steering and integrated fog lamps. All Yaris models come with complimentary Toyota Care, which covers normal factory maintenance for two years or 25,000 miles, whichever comes first. Yaris is available at Toyota dealers nationwide with manufacturer’s suggested retail prices starting at $14,115. (Toyota USA) Toyota Yaris LE

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Photo: Toyota USA

Autohaus Eitel

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Eschenbach Dorfgmünd 99


Hammergmünd Hütten

Kaltenbrunn Dürnast

Special Offer

St 2166 Vilseck Freihung-Thansüß



Underbody Coating 99,00 €

Holiday-Check 19,90 € *authorisised servicepartner

Autohaus EITEL GmbH & Co. KG

Thansüß Bahnhofstraße 1 92271 Freihung-Thansüß Weiden Nikolaus-Otto-Str. 2 92637 Weiden


May/June 2012



Join us! www.fa


SAS Schneider: Dependable, personal, fair

SAS – Schneider‘s Auto Service opens new garage – modern technology – Specialist for Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge, Chevrolet and US cars

to provide all repair and maintenance services. Services provided include mechanical work, brake system services, electronic diagnosis, air-conditioning system services, tire services, axe measurement, accident repairs and Chip-Tuning. A spare parts and accessories store as well as a large stock room also belong to the new garage. Currently, the outside of the building is being finished and Story by Schneider has scheduled the ofEditorial Department ficial opening for the end of May. More room, and even more ser- Meanwhile, customers are already vice: SAS – Schneider‘s Auto being served at the new location. Service has a new address. The old garage had become too small Schneider laid the foundation for and therefore, car mechanic Franz its successful business in 1997. He Schneider decided to build a new finished his job training at the one.The new garage is located at auto repair shop Lobenz in Weiden Conrad-Röntgen-Straße 30 and where he was responsible for the equipped with modern technology department servicing Jeep, Chrysler

and Dodge vehicles. He has learned car repair from scratch. He regularly attended further training classes and completed special courses. In 2005, he finished his training as a service technician. Three years later, he successfully finished his master diploma. After supervising the repair shop of PS-Automobile, located at Neustädter Strasse, he bought the company in 2010 and subsequently founded “SAS – Schneider’s Auto Service.“ Schneider’s auto repair shop specializes in Jeep, Chrysler, Dodge and Chevrolet vehicles. following the motto “dependable, personal. fair,“ the SAS team works for its customers who value the dependability, personal service and fair prices. The number of customers grew steadily and laid the founda-

tion for the success of the company. Customers value the top notch car and customer service. “Customers know that their cars are in experiences hands .The master repair shop is the right address for all technical vehicle issues,“ says Schneider.

The company specializes in providing a complete service for US vehicles. For that purpose, the repair shop was equipped with special equipment. The large variety of repairs require highly qualified personnel.Therefore, Schneider attaches great importance to highquality training and continued education of his team. Customer can be sure that competent and qualified specialists provide service at SAS. Meanwhile, SAS employs a staff of twelve persons. hneider s-autoservice .de


starting May you find us





ra St nah -H to Ot ntg en e -Straß

Co nra d-R ö













tra ße

n-Str. 3


Conrad-Röntgen-Str. 30 • 92637 Weiden • fon 0961 482 720 • Monday-Friday 8 am – 6 pm, Saturday 9 am – 12 pm

May/June 2012



Medieval Market in Nabburg on July 14 and 15 Story by

City of Nabburg A traditional festival is the annual event highlight for many towns in Eastern Bavaria. In Nabburg that festival is the medieval market which was established in 1990. Every two years, it attracts thousands of visitors and in 202 it will be celebrated again.

The sound of swords is heard in the Old Town and jugglers and players compete to attract the visitors interest, and the smell of roasted beef fills the streets and alleys of the more than a thousand years old town. The very family friendly entrance fee collected by the organizers is 3 Euro per day. Children ages 12 and below are free.

On July 14 and 15, the Middle Ages will return to town. Five gates will lead you into the past. The market can be reached through the Ober- and Mähn Gate, the Fleischtörl Gate, via the bridge at the Pulver Tower and the Dechant Steps at the Lower Market.

Nabburg’s Old Town with its pictorial backdrop and many historic buildings is the ideal location for The city of Nabburg will host a medieval market in the historic old town on July 14 this “spectaculum“ and contribu- and 15 where you can see fishwives at work. Photo: City of Nabburg tes significantly to the success of the market. That can also be said about the city’s clubs whose members, dressed in historical costumes, participate as actors or visitors and fully identify themA different world is awaits you selves with this event. behind those entry points. Tradesmen, jugglers, falconers, fire- For the program and more ineaters, slipper makers, knife grin- formation, go to www.mittelalders, fishwives and many other or www. historically dressed characters will cross the paths of the visitors.

Neusath-Perschen (close to Nabburg)

Upper Palatinate Open Air Museum Experience everyday history!

Upper Palatinate Open Air Museum Neusath-Perschen Neusath 200 · 92507 Nabburg Phone 0 94 33 / 24 42 - 0 Fax 0 94 33 / 24 42 - 2 22

Motorway Nürnberg – Prag Motorway Regensburg – Weiden exit Nabburg

Opening Times: Tuesday – Sunday: 9.00 am – 6.00 pm 2011 Season: 19 March – 6 November


May/June 2012 // Issue #6 // May June 2012 // English is the regional Newspaper around the U.S. Army Garrison Grafenwoehr Training Area.

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