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The Brief


The Theme


A Design for life...

03 - 04

The Brand Experience

05 - 07

The Street and Product Zones

08 - 10

Creative Video Production

11 - 13

Audience, Content and MC


The Location / Venue

15 - 16

Off-site Evenings and Entertainment


Event Communication and Project Management


On-site Schedule



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Appendix A - References and CVs Appendix B - Alternative Presenters Appendix C - Alternative Location / Venue




Thematic Considerations

Provide an Integrated Environment for:

- “Not a pure exhibition, conference or event - we will require real creative insight and ideas to bring Sony’s products and brand values to life” - “One Sony: we develop the finest products in tandem with our sister companies” - “Sony 60: the event should look forward, not just back” - “Sony Xmas: Xmas ‘06 marketing should be considered”


- 3 stage invitation (email teaser and mailout, printed invitation, email reminder and mailout) - Event websites - Press pack / delegate pack - Follow up “thank you” pack

Stylistic Considerations - Focus on hero products - Sony will not be “launching” new products, ideas will therefore be required to interest and excite renewed media attention - Not “Death by PowerPoint” - Sophisticated & interesting production - Use creative media to communicate in an entertaining way - Remember Sony Brand Values: Safety, Reliability, Innovation, Desire - Remember Sony Tone of Voice: Playful, Optimistic, Ingenious, Inspiring Media Communications Objectives - Position Sony as an innovator, leader & ultimate voice of authority in digital entertainment - convey the revitalisation of Sony’s electronics business - Excite and evoke interest in a variety of technology and lifestyle titles - Clearly differentiated product and technology messages - Bring to life “like no other” brand positioning - Provide opportunities for media to sample, experience and understand Sony’s pre-Christmas line up - Showcase One Sony family: Electronics, Playstation, Sony BMG, Sony Pictures International Differentiation Between Audiences / Events i) Press Event (650) - Media (400) Consumer Lifestyle Technical - Sony staff (250)

Conference & presentation area for 400 Sony Square/Village (or equivalent); a central, Sony lifestyle forum Sony Media workshops (up to 10) Appropriate Sony “experiences” Media interview rooms for one to one interviews (please refer to page 14)

Provide Focus and Displays for: - Business & Product Groups HAVE: Home Audio & Video Europe DIME: Digital Imaging Europe PAE/Connect: Personal Audio Europe ITE: VAIO computers, displays & peripherals EVE: In-car entertainment TVOE: Television Operations Europe - Hero Products HD World: Bravia LCD, Blu-Ray, Camcorders Esprit Home Interior Products Home Theatre Range (DAV-X1) Walkman/Connect MP3 products Sony Ericsson phone/audio docking for phone & PSP PS3? - One Sony Sony BMG, Sony Pictures International Casino Royale, Sony Christmas Marketing

Press Conference (60 mins), including: Comprehensive technical installation; autocue and simultaneous translation into German, French, Italian and Spanish; on-site rehearsals, speech writer; presentation production (but not “Death by PowerPoint”); intro video; vox-pops; MC. Dealer Conference (90 mins), including: As above, but with appropriate adjustment to content and tone.

ii) Dealer Event (Approx 350) - HEME dealers (200) - Sony staff (150)


BRANDING Not only to the Showcase environment, but also to: - All delegate hotels - Entertainment venues

EVALUATION PROCESS Full recommendations and measures of success (see detailed response in separate document).

PROJECT MANAGEMENT With focus on: - Internal Sony project team, with over 40 internal clients all requiring early “buy-in”, and ongoing information - Media handling, with representatives from lifestyle and technical markets and representing at least 26 countries - Rigorous and on-going reporting and progress reporting against overall project plan & timeline

LOCATION/VENUE RECOMMENDATIONS - Southern Europe; temperate climate - A single venue capable of housing all aspects of the Showcase within a self-contained environment - All delegate accommodation within approx 15 mins of the Showcase venue

THE THEME THE SHOWCASE CREATIVE APPROACH A single statement that embraces: -

Brand Loyalty: Lifestyle: Revitalisation: Consumer Experiences:

- One Sony:

Consumers stay with Sony for life Sony has products for all walks of life Sony has breathed new life into its business Sony products enhance our enjoyment of life through colour and sound like no other Together with its sister companies, Sony brings entertainment into our lives in ways that no other electronics brand can

A statement that sits easily with like no other:


like no other

DRIVING THE THEME ACROSS THE SHOWCASE Product Workshops: Home Theatre Range

Life within four walls


Life on the move

In Car Entertainment

Life in your ride

Digital Video Cameras

Life in motion

Digital Still Cameras

Life in a flash

HD World

Life defined


Life in your eyes


Life in your ears

TV Operations

Life on air

Sony 60th Anniversary

Sony 60 - what a life

life... like no other This theme reflects everything that is great about Sony. Electronic products that heighten our emotional experience of music and images; products that seem to stay with us throughout our lives; technology that adapts to fit into our ever-changing lives: more sophistication, pressure and demands but less time to pause and relax. Sony allows a life like no other: for over 60 years it has led the field with pioneering innovation and design; life for Sony in the future will be different, reinvigorated - the same enduring values but with fresh life breathed into it. A theme that reflects the Sony tone of voice: Inspiring, Optimistic, Playful and Ingenious.


A DESIGN FOR LIFE... LIKE NO OTHER OVERALL FLOOR PLAN DESIGN APPROACH A unique environment that communicates: - The Sony spirit of innovation and creative thinking - The ability to translate creativity to technological advances - The invitation to the Media and Dealers to UNDERSTAND, EXPERIENCE AND SAMPLE - Sony product and design approaches - The fizz and buzz of life, suggested in our theme - The Sony tone of voice: INGENIOUS, INSPIRING, PLAYFUL, OPTIMISTIC

The Street



The Lounge

The Street Live action scenes create lifestyle “hooks” for each Product Zone. Welcome Centre

Off the Street Product Zones (10) Sister Companies (3) Sony Christmas Casino Royale FIFA/UEFA Sponsorship

Registration, Media Centre, Media Interview Rooms, Lunch, “Sony 60 - what a life” celebration 1st Evening Dinner

This message starts in the Welcome Centre where, in addition to registering, delegates will spend time at the “Sony 60 - what a life” Exhibition, which uses graphics and Sony hero products down the decades to show that design and manufacture is embedded in the Sony heritage.

At the centre of the environment is the Sony Brand Experience where the audience understands the way Sony thinks, and sees how it turns ingenuity into many of the world’s leading electronic entertainment products. Here, the audience is taken on a 360 degree ride through a complete Sony cycle: from idea to reality. As the audience leaves the Brand Experience, they pass through The Street where they see Sony products in lifestyle settings, before arriving in the Product Zones where they can experience and sample them.

Welcome Centre -

life... like no other

Next, a Transition Walkway connects to the Brand Experience. Here images of the consumer are displayed on Sony LCD screens as a reminder that everything Sony thinks and does is for one clear purpose: to enhance our experience of consumer electronics and entertainment.

The Brand Experience converts into an interactive space on Days 2 & 3 of the Media Event (see next page) and on Day 2 of the Dealer Event.


The Street

- A 360 degree experience of the “Brand Values AND Products” within a single space - The seating area gently revolves through 360 degrees while the MC leads the audience through a cycle of Sony products and news - Multimedia video and audio provide backdrop to 4 HD projected screens

The Street

Brand Experience

Registration Media Centre Media One to one Interview Rooms “Sony 60 - what a life” an exhibition and venue for first night Lunch/Food & Beverage


A DESIGN FOR LIFE... LIKE NO OTHER THE LOUNGE Converted from the Brand Experience: This is the equivalent of The Sony Village, but smarter. This area benefits from all the features of the Brand Experience, but has the added cost advantages of being contained within the same environment: -

360 degree product displays 360 video projection Surround sound audio Multi source lighting THE LOUNGE

With added features: - Conference seating removed and replaced by comfy informal low level seating - Two additional product demonstration areas (to augment the 10 Product Zones) - A central coffee/tea bar

This is smarter than The Sony Village. Why? Because it represents a highly cost-effective re-utilisation of the investment in the Brand Experience. With all the same features, but benefiting from a complete transformation to the central seating area to create a high impact interactive place to relax, network, and to find out more about Sony product excellence. (This is a clear improvement on last year, and demonstrates our creative insight into the needs of this event.)


THE BRAND EXPERIENCE WALK IN & OPENER GENERIC FOR MEDIA & DEALERS AUDIENCE ARRIVAL i) Having arrived in the welcome centre delegates will have registered, taken tea/coffee and spent time at the “Sony 60 - what a life” exhibition. ii) Next they pass through a transition walkway where they are surrounded on both sides by numerous Sony LCD screens simply displaying video pictures of single women, men and children of all colour and creeds, slowly rotating. The message is clear: Sony thinks about the individual consumer needs their lives, their desires, their entertainment. AUDIENCE WALK IN On exiting the transition walkway the space opens up dramatically into a 30m wide, multimedia experience with 400 seats set within a circle at the centre. The outer walls, which rise to 6m high, are able to alter in appearance from second to second: i) At one moment they are washed in pure colour with the addition of key words derived from our theme: life... like no other

“Not a pure exhibition, conference or event - we will require real creative insight and ideas to bring Sony’s products and brand values to life”.

This is where we start to explore this exciting phrase from the brief. From the instant the audience arrive in the Brand Experience, they are immersed in Sony’s brand values.

ii) The next moment, the entire space is transformed in a multimedia experience where floor-to-ceiling moving images encircle the audience, creating a visual back drop to 4 HD video screens which, as we’ll see over the following pages, are used to present specially commissioned theme videos and speaker support material

Images of people of all ages and countries seen while passing through the transition walkway; the surprise of arriving inside an imposing 30m wide circular space; the absence of a conventional speaker stage; the effect of surround sound audio. In combination, these impressions will send a clear signal to the audience (Media and Dealers): this event is going to be like no other. In the moments before the opening theme video begins, we present a carefully balanced set of moving and still images chosen to communicate the event theme, life like no other: people from many different walks of life at different stages of life; Sony products whose quality and superiority stays with these people throughout their life. Life, and an experience, like no other.



“We want a sophisticated professional and interesting conference production. We would like to use videos, light and music to get serious messages across in an interesting way.”


Pictured to the left, just one example of our creative interpretation of this phrase from the brief.

MC WELCOME Following the opening video (described in detail later), the MC welcomes the audience (Media and Dealers respectively).

The audience seating area has revolved 45 degrees to face the first of 4 HD projection screens. The MC has literally led the audience through this rotation, walking along the circular walkway that surrounds the seating area. To initiate the sequence, a reconstruction of the opening theme setting video, focusing here on Bravia LCD HD TVs has been shown on the HD screen. On agreed cue, concealed sliding panels have been mechanically lifted upwards to reveal two large product displays, one either side of the screen. At first, lighting effects known as “blinders” silhouette the products. Immediately after, the audience seating area revolves slowly clockwise, to focus attention on the first product reveal and related business discussion.

The reveal complete. Effectively, we have moved the audience into a showroom, complete with 2 product displays and the HD front projection screen.



Digital Imaging


Stills: “life in a flash”

As described on the preceding page, the revolving seating area turns another 90 degrees to each of the product reveal areas displayed opposite.

Video: “life in motion” Large scale photographic backings to product displays.

In each case, the MC “leads the way” around the circular walkway. As the revolve reaches its new position, we run another video product intro to lead into the next product reveal.

Walkman & Connect “life on the move”


THE STREET & PRODUCT ZONES WALKMAN & CONNECT CREATIVE APPROACH We have made a concentrated effort to deliver against the aim, as stated in the brief, to create something more than just a conference or exhibition. To create an experience of the brand as well as products. In this section we look at ways to link the Product Zones with our event theme: life like no other. SOLUTION i) Lifestyle Areas At the entrance to each Product Zone, the delegates will be surprised to find a live action scene taking place. The action is directly related both to the Product inside the Zone, and to the linking ideas we have suggested for each product. Thus: Walkman & Connect = life on the move = skateboard The net effect of this idea, when applied to up to 9 further Product Zones will be to turn the street into a microcosm of Sony consumers of all types.

WALKMAN & CONNECT PRODUCT ZONE - EXTERIOR life on the move‌ What could be more relevant to Sony’s playful & ingenious self image than to find skateboarders performing live at the entrance to the Product Zone dedicated to Sony Personal Audio? The entrance to the Product Zone is to the left of the ramp.

ii) Product Zones The Product Zones will be accessed by walking through the lifestyle areas, deliberately to trigger the appropriate mindset as the delegates move from Zone to Zone, or from Zone to The Lounge.

INTERIOR Talking Point has recent experience of the requirements and demands of Sony product experts. We know that each Zone will be different from the other: some will be more display oriented while others will feature short, rehearsed demonstrations followed by discussion. Whatever the case, the interiors of our Zone will be themed to match the bold external scenes (shown above) and geared to the needs of each Sony Product Expert.


THE STREET & PRODUCT ZONES BRAVIA LCD HD TV RANGE CREATIVE APPROACH Here we continue our use of simple, surprising live scenes with a hint of humour.

BRAVIA LCD HD TV RANGE - EXTERIOR life in your eyes… A domestic living room, of course, sets the scene. Mother-in-law is there, and she’s willing to make a nice cup of tea, but only for the more polite delegates. There’s a basket of fluffy golden Labrador puppies, being watched over by Sony’s Aibo.



THE STREET & PRODUCT ZONES DIGITAL IMAGING CREATIVE APPROACH The last example of our proposal to bring lifestyle and reality to the Product Zones and The Street. This idea would be applied to further Product Zones, as required.

Digital Imaging Life in a flash (stills) Life in motion (video) A fashion photography studio with a live shoot happening. A photographer capturing images of a model, which are instantly transferred and displayed on appropriate Sony screens. And for entertainment, the photographer invites delegates to pose with his model. Later in the day, prints of these moments are displayed in the studio!


CREATIVE VIDEO PRODUCTION CREATIVE DIRECTOR: JAMES SINCLAIR Author of ‘Double Life’, multi-award winning worldwide launch commercial for PS2. DIRECTOR: DAVID WARD Specialist Sony HD director. Recently completed a 90 minute costume drama shot entirely on Sony HD. (Full CVs contained in Appendix A.) CONCEPT Drive the conference theme, “life like no other”, through a conference opener, multiple product intros and a closer. Link together with a lifestyle-based story that echoes the Sony tone of voice: Playful, Optimistic, Ingenious, Inspiring. Working Title: “Leap for life” Conference Opener

Cut to a Security Guard in a CCTV control room, full of Sony monitors. He is reading a newspaper and does not notice that the boys have been picked up by the cameras.

At the same moment, the lift arrives and the guard exits the lift, shouting:

Cut back to the boys who are preparing their skateboards, adjusting their Walkman MP3 players.

Our youths look to each other.

“Oi! You two.”

(Their action now becomes extreme slow motion) As the boys head off, the doorman gives chase. As the chase progresses we are treated to an impromptu tour of the rooms that line the corridor as residents or staff open the doors to investigate the commotion or merely in the natural course of their movements around the hotel.

We open on a fire exit in a hotel corridor. The fire door opens and a couple of wild looking youngsters (one mid-teen, one late-teen) enter from the escape stairwell (i.e. they’re sneaking in the wrong way). They are carrying skateboards.

Cut back to the guard who suddenly notices them. He races to the lift and presses the button for level 10. The boys are now setting off along the corridor towards an open fire exit door at the far end.

We hear clipped whispers sniggering. They are adjusting their Sony MP3 players.

- We might see a chambermaid entering a room to clean up.


- The male half of a honeymoon couple picking up his morning paper from the corridor. - A fat cat’s wife - all diamonds and lap dogs - Some slick high roller types finishing up after an all-night poker game (KEY: In each room there is a different Sony product in use)

... they dodge into one of the rooms, through a connecting door, leap some kids playing Playstation (they don’t react to the intrusion) and back into the corridor. The guard and the three residents with their products have now closed on the boys as they arrive at the open fire escape door. They look again at each other, then leap out of the open door and fall out of view towards the ground. We don’t see what happens after they jumped.

Seeing what is happening, some of the residents grab their Sony products to capture the event as it happens: - A video camera - A stills camera - A Sony Ericcson phone

The residents have their cameras and phones to their eyes, but they don’t have much time to use them; we see their reactions to the boys’ fall from the escape door.

Someone further down the hall tries to grab the boys...


We see their reactions: surprise, disbelief, amazement. End titles: life like no other WE FADE TO BLACK.

Product Intro Videos (We see how the residents have used Sony products to capture the action. These form short videos to introduce each product range during the conference(s). The shots and stills that we see are as the residents might have shot them, amateur as opposed to professional. This adds reality and credibility.)

- Stills displayed on a BRAVIA HD LCD TV - Phone being used to email picture to newspaper - Boys using the Playstation, still not that bothered, busy playing Tony Hawks’ skateboarding game (with a similar stunt) - Security guard’s video tapes now being shown on Network News - seen on BRAVIA TV on hotel room (Any Sony product could be included in this sequence.)

The immediate aftermath of the boys’ “leap for life”.

Each separate video ends with the title: life like no other.

Back in the hotel, we see the residents reacting to what they’ve seen. (Much animated conversation, surprise and disbelief).

Conference Closer Five years later We see the entire escapade again, this time shot & edited to commercial standards, seen at first in full frame: the chase through the hotel, the residents reactions, the leap into mid air... But now we see what happened next! They don’t fall to earth. They jump across a gap to the sloping roof of a building opposite, down the roof, off the bottom edge, down a long handrail, and onto the pavement.

They are in the same rooms we saw in the Opener, but some have grouped together to link up their Sony Products.

As they reach the ground there’s an old VW convertible waiting with two cheering young girls in the front. The boys jump into the back and we close with the view of car heading away.

- Captured video footage displayed on a Sony VAIO Laptop Computer


We zoom out and see we are in a house; the video is playing on a Sony Home Theatre System. Watching the video are the two boys and their girlfriends from the car - reliving their stunt! End Caption: life like no other


Questions & Answers


Let’s return to the search for a “scoop” and consider the traditional Question & Answer session in the conference. A smart journalist will have a killer question up his or her sleeve: one that will prompt just the sort of statement that uncovers the angle needed. But will they ask it in an open session, and allow the other 399 journalists to hear the answer?

This event has to be relevant to two very different audiences, both with their specific requirements. Although the environment and creative video we have proposed are suitable for both audiences, there are clear distinctions to be made. Using our extensive experience of handling European Media Events (please see Appendix A for details) we can highlight the specific needs of the media and dealers in terms of tone of voice; content; questions & answers; speaker support & Vox Pops; entertainment; MC & Facilitator. THE MEDIA In general, this audience will be between 20-35, self-employed and motivated to uncover a “scoop” story. We are advised that there will not necessarily be a major product launch at the event and so we must assume that the “scoop” they are looking for will come from Sony’s plans for the future, and a good example of this is the new CELL chip. Tone of Voice It is vital that Sony prepares for the Press Conference with a “single voice”. When the questions start coming at you from the Media, answers must be consistent regardless of their nature. The stance must of course be confident - OK there might not be a new hero product to save the day, but there is a uniquely strong story about brand revitalisation. Our proposed theme: life like no other, provides an ideal umbrella for this story. Sony must be prepared, therefore, to talk about thought leadership, integration and the future and its role in driving new technologies, not just new products. This is a challenge. One that will require input from across the board from the most senior levels, from Sony Technologists & Marketeers and Futurists. Sony’s position will be strengthened by involving Third Party opinion, hence we advise the inclusion of Strategic Partners in key areas: IBM and Toshiba from the CELL space being great examples.

We therefore propose, and have included in our environment, PRIVATE ONE TO ONE INTERVIEW ROOMS, bookable in advance or during the event, to allow in-depth and confidential discussion. This is what the Media will expect. Speaker Support & Vox Pops The Media are trained listeners and if messages are clear and well articulated, there is little or no need for endless text slides. Over-use of PowerPoint has no place here. Instead, speaker support should be used sparingly: images and creative graphics should be used to add a dimension to the spoken word. Where text is essential it should be animated on and off screen. For this reason we propose the use of Macromedia Flash as the programme for all speaker support. The most compelling way to win the attention of the Media is Third Party opinion and comment, as mentioned above. We have extensive experience in making Vox Pops to support conference messages: from thought leaders to security guards, we can always find a relevant angle. Returning the suggestion to include a segment on CELL, it’s worth considering turning this into a short Vox Pops style video, including comments from the Sony Cell Development team, and IBM & Toshiba partners in the project. Entertainment Covered in detail on Page 16, equally important is to plan entertainment that matches the profile of this group. They will always prefer “free-style” to formal. They will sit where they want to, probably with their fellow countrymen. They will eat when they choose and drink when and what they want. They will talk all the way through a show, so keep entertainment in the background. Formal Gala Dinners are not the right approach.

Tone of voice should be inclusive: “Sony and its dealer network”, “us”, “we’, “together”. Optimism, excitement, and passion: these emotions should be worked throughout the conference. Privilege Dealers expect to be treated as honoured guests. They enjoy any real effort to make them feel special. We propose, possibly for the first time in the history of this event, a unique event on the morning of departure: Breakfast with Sir Howard Stringer (or an industry thought leader) Held within the Brand Experience / Lounge, Dealers are treated to an exclusive “audience with” a figure of real influence. Ideally Sir Howard but if not possible then an industry thought leader who will provide insight into the future. Entertainment A gala dinner is absolutely correct for this audience. Please refer to page 16 for full details. MC & FACILITATOR Our first choice is René Carayol MBE. René has a unique background. Having been a board Director of IPC Magazines, Pepsi UK, Marks and Spencer, Dixons and the Inland Revenue he has a profound grasp of what it takes to succeed in business. He has extensive broadcast experience, having been given privileged access to the Metropolitan Police for Channel 4, to report on the challenges facing Sir John Stevens. He is a regular contributor to SKY NEWS. He is the author of a revolutionary look at business: Corporate Voodoo. He has chaired and addressed conferences around the world in technology, retail, financial, energy and government. He also conducted the first onstage interview with Sven Goran Ericksson.


René recently gave a masterclass on the Internet and e-commerce with Nicholas Negroponte to an audience of FTSE 250 CEOs.

The Media respond well to this approach, appreciate the inclusion of a voice other than the host’s, and will benefit from the wider perspective when preparing their reports.

With a narrowing of product focus to Sony Home Entertainment Category (TV & Audio) a number of differences should be anticipated to tone of voice and content.

For IPC magazines, he personally planned and facilitated over 40 Press Conferences to Financial Analysts during the management buy-out.


Tone of Voice & Content

Content must be prepared with a single point of focus “What’s in it for the Media?” We recommend that an external advisor be included in the Sony planning team to assist in this process. His name is René Carayol. He has planned and delivered over 40 press conferences. He is also our first choice MC for both events. His details are opposite.

This audience is motivated quite differently from the Media: they are partners in business and have shared business goals; they will want to hear about and be impressed by anything new that will substantially improve their sales, leading up to Christmas 06 and into the next trading year.

Above all, René has a unique ability to lead compelling Q&A sessions, and that’s why he’s our first choice for the Media and the Dealers. When required, he asks awkward and uncomfortable questions: “How do you challenge old-fashioned, risk averse processes that are ill-suited to global markets? When is your heritage not automatically your destiny?”

New marketing initiatives, promotions and finance offers should be emphasised not only new products and technology developments.


We have worked with René and we can testify to his electrifying effect on audiences. His is uniquely suited to both events. (Alternative MC/Facilitators are contained in Appendix B.)

THE LOCATION / VENUE REQUIREMENTS - Southern Europe, temperate climate - A single venue capable of housing all aspects of the Showcase within a self-contained environment - Innovative, youthful, vibrant venue - All delegate accommodation (either on-site or) within 15 mins of the venue - Consideration of flight access and visa issues

Pavilion 3

APPROACH - Not a traditional hotel / convention centre - A blank canvas - Open space for creative interpretation and to create a bespoke, like no other environment - An unusual conference destination

RECOMMENDATION - Seville, Southern Spain - Recommended ‘show dates’: Monday 18 - Friday 22 September 2006, plus set-up as per provisional schedule (detailed on page 17) - Temperature in September: ranges from 18 C - 32 C. Average mid 20’s - Flight time approx 2hr 40min from London - Visas required for Russia and Turkey FIBES - A central modern building with striking architecture and 3 extensive exhibition pavilions - Event takes place in Pavilion 3 - Pavilion dimensions = 7.200sq metres / 12m high / 60m wide / 120m long - Air conditioning - Service boxes every 8m (electricity, water, telephone lines, network lines etc) - Wi-fi to be installed January 2006; hardwired connections available - 15 minutes from Seville centre - 4km from San Pablo International airport - Hire cost for Pavilion 3 - €9.900 + 16% tax per day - Tenancy recommended for proposed concept: 06 - 27 September 2006



All hotels approx 15 - 20 mins from both Airport & Fibes Media and Dealers located across 4 / 5 hotels Dedicated crew / Sony crew hotel Rooms being held 17 - 22 September 2006 inclusive for delegates

Sevilla Center Star: No of rooms held: No of rooms: Room rate (Std DBL for SGL use): Style of hotel: Recommended usage:

4 140 233 €114.49 per night Modern, stylish Media / Dealers

HOTELS Alfonso Xlll Star: No of rooms held: No of rooms: Room rate (Std DBL for SGL use): Style of hotel: Recommended usage:

5+ 30 146 €378.78 per night Elegant, classic Senior Sony Staff

Silken Al-Andalus Palace Star: No of rooms held: No of rooms: Room rate (Std DBL for SGL use): Style of hotel: Recommended usage:

4+ 200 628 €103.79 per night Modern, contemporary Media / Dealers

NH Central Convenciones Star: No of rooms held: No of rooms: Room rate (Std DBL for SGL use): Style of hotel: Recommended usage:

4 / 4+ 100 156 superior / 96 standard €128.40 per night Modern, stylish Media / Dealers

AC Ciudad de Sevilla Star: No of rooms held: No of rooms: Room rate (Std DBL for SGL use): Style of hotel: Recommended usage:

4+ 75 94 €127.33 per night Modern, stylish Media / Dealers

Melia Sevilla Star: No of rooms held: No of rooms: Room rate (Std DBL for SGL use): Style of hotel: Recommended usage:

Melia Lebreros Star: No of rooms held: No of rooms: Room rate (Std DBL for SGL use): Style of hotel: Recommended usage:

Sevilla Congresos Star: No of rooms held: No of rooms: Room rate (Std DBL for SGL use): Style of hotel: Recommended usage:

4 150 364 €107.00 per night Modern yet slightly dated Sony staff (not really suitable for Media / Dealers)

4 250 437 €107 per night Modern yet slightly dated Sony staff (not really suitable for Media / Dealers)

4 165* 218 €95.23 per night Modern, contemporary Talking Point Crew / Sony Crew

* Crew hotel on hold from 06 - 27 September 2006


FLIGHT ACCESS - MEDIA EVENT - Arrivals on 18 September landing before 15.00hrs for an assumed 17.00hrs Press Conference is feasible for all attendees except for the Russians and Lithuanians - Russians and Lithuanians would need to arrive the night before - Flight departures on 20 September after 13.00hrs are possible for all attendees

FLIGHT ACCESS - DEALER EVENT - Arrivals on 21 September landing before 12.30hrs for an assumed 14.30hrs Conference is feasible for 12 of the listed countries - Arrival on 20 September is required for all other countries unless a later start time is scheduled as per the previous Press Conference - Flight departures on 22 September after 14.00hrs are possible for 23 countries. Other countries (4) would need to leave earlier



Audience considerations

Fiesta de la Vida (festival of life)

There is a marked difference between the preferences and needs of the Media and Dealers that should to be reflected in the planning for any evening entertainment and catering.

Fiesta is a pure Spanish concept, an ongoing celebration of Alegria de Vivir literally, the “Joy to Live”.

Media By nature, members of the Media are not disposed towards formal evenings. They will want to sit with whomever they chose, in small groups, almost certainly with colleagues from the same country and definitely with their Sony country PR host. They will want to be able to help themselves to drinks, and almost certainly to food as well. In terms of entertainment, they will not want to be required to sit in silence during a live performance (music, theatre, cabaret, comedy etc). They do however enjoy a lively atmosphere. In summary: think “free-style” in terms of an approach.

Fire, rhythm, music, dance, meeting friends, drinking good wine and eating tapas. Media Version

Dealer Version

An interpretation of a true Feria de Seville dinner, 8 marquees set up around a wide central area with typical Andalusia coloured tables and chairs. Each marquee holds a different buffet of food and tapas.

Gala dinner format with pre-dinner drinks & canapés, followed by three course seated dinner. Entertainment as above, but with a 40 minute performance after dinner.



Cortijo Aguila Real This traditional Andalusia hacienda is situated in the countryside, just 10 km from Seville (20 minutes). This "Cortijo" has the feel of an Andalusian aristocratic home. It is surrounded by 20 hectares of wheat and sunflower fields; a home away from home with elegantly decorated rooms.

Dealers By contrast, Dealers want to be pampered. They will respond well to a more structured approach, and we may choose to seat them according to a seating plan.

Casa de Pilatos The House of Pilate is a private palace located in the historic centre of Seville. This palace belongs to the Dukes of Medinacelli, the oldest and most wealthy lineage house of the Spanish aristocracy. The palace is used for private events and consists of two sections. First the cocktail area called “Apeadero”, a wonderful outdoor courtyard surrounded by bougainvillea flower and a capacity for 550 people standing. The main patio is the heart and most valuable piece of the palace, surrounded with arches & columns and a fountain in the centre.

Table service is essential and an open bar after dinner could be provided. In terms of entertainment, the style should not only be more formal but also suited to a more mature audience. Think: “club class” in terms of an approach.

After dark, UV sensitive costumes create colour & movement

Entertainment: In the form of spontaneous performances on the fringes of the seating area as opposed to a fixed time or location.

After Dinner Entertainment: Sony Operatic Artist

G4 Stilt walkers create Dali Figures

Mime artists create The Face




Talking Point would use the ‘life’ theme to apply an identity to the invitation process, beginning with an email teaser and mail-out, which might be entitled an event like no other, or if we wish to launch the event title, a date for life.

Further to receiving feedback on our initial proposals, Talking Point would propose to implement various processes to ensure smooth project management in the development and preparation of the event.

We would then propose to create a themed invitation in the form of a wheel, taking on the shape of our design, providing information in windows which aredisplayed by turning the wheel.

Talking Point would offer a key point of contact who would project manage the Creative and Content production for the event, with the support of an assistant. Their role would essentially be to act as “Coordinator”, liaising between client contacts, with the Creative Producer, as well as coordination with the Logistics Event Manager.

A final email teaser and mail out might be branded book your place for life or don’t let life pass you by.

Sample boxes

A detailed timeline would be produced with deadlines given for all key decisions. This may be combined with an overall logistics timeline.

Press Packs / Delegate Packs Branded bags might be provided on-site for press and dealers, providing key information on the event and on the Sony product range.

The Sony event organisation team would be emailed on decision dates to ensure that deadlines are met. Fixed project meetings and conference calls would be built into the project timeline.

Again, this might be themed, information for life, useful tips for life, all you need to know about life.

A weekly report (with a standard template) might be produced every Friday (or on an appropriate day) to provide an update of the week’s process. Once again, this might be combined with a logistics report.

Final ‘thank you packs’ might be branded because life’s too short, keep enjoying life, life just gets better.

A number of gifts could be branded with our theme and identity. An item might be boxed, wrapped and addressed with a tag reading a gift for life.

We are aware that a Sony video conferencing unit would aid the flow of information between Sony’s offices and Talking Point, sharing graphics and design ideas whilst holding ‘face to face’ discussions. We are currently investigating the opportunity of implementing such a system with a view to aiding the creative management process.

Whilst we have considered a number of options, we felt that a silver perpetual calendar, which might also double up as a photo frame, engraved with life like no other. We might include our logo as the default picture.

A secure ftp site would also be made available for the project and authorised Sony staff could be given access to all key documentation, artwork and video material.

Sony BMG artists CDs could also be given away as part of one of the Product Zones.

If appropriate the Talking Point Project Manager for the Creative and Content production might work within the Sony offices for an agreed day each week, or more frequently if required in the lead up to the event.

50 Year calendar



ON-SITE SCHEDULE (This will depend on final product demo areas.) WEDNESDAY 06 - WEDNESDAY 27 SEPTEMBER 2006 Wednesday 06 September Talking Point Technical Production Manager on-site Trucks Arrive - truss, rigging, set Unload trucks Thursday 07 September Unload set trucks Rig / fly truss Rig central revolve Friday 08 September Rig central revolve Unload Brand Experience elements Saturday 09 September Build Brand Experience Sunday 10 September Build Brand Experience Monday 11 September Build Brand Experience Technical PA on-site Tuesday 12 September Build Brand Experience Lighting trucks arrive and unload Wednesday 13 September Build Brand Experience Rig lighting Creative Producer on-site Event Producer on-site Thursday 14 September Production team briefing Build Brand Experience Rig lighting Sound / video trucks arrive and unload Friday 15 September Rig lighting Rig sound Rig audio visual Sony team on-site to set-up Product Zones

Saturday 16 September Final technical checks Technical rehearsals Sony team set-up Product Zones

Thursday 21 September Dealer arrivals until 12.30hrs Off-site tours for any Dealer arrivals (not costed for at this stage) One to One Interviews for Dealers Rehearsals for Dealer Conference

Sunday 17 September Final technical checks Technical rehearsals Sony team set-up Product Zones

Final tidy and crew on standby for conference

Monday 18 September Media arrivals until 15.00hrs Press Conference rehearsals Sony team set-up Product Zones Final tidy and crew on standby for Press Conference 16.30hrs - Media Arrive 17.00hrs - Press Conference 17.30hrs - Press Centre opens 19.00hrs - “Sony 60 - what a life” dinner Tuesday 19 September Press Centre open One to One Interview Rooms available Brand Experience / Lounge open All Product / Lifestyles Zones open One Sony Displays open Evening - Off-site dinner ‘Fiesta de la Vida’

14.30hrs - Conference Commences 16.00hrs - Conference Closes 16.00hrs - 18.00hrs - Product / Lifestyle Zones open One to One Interviews rooms and ‘Press Centre’ open for Dealers Evening - Off-Site Dinner ‘Fiesta de la Vida’ (different location to Media dinner) Friday 22 September Breakfast followed by an Exclusive Meeting with an Industry Thought Leader e.g Sir Howard Stringer, Sony or Gerard Lefebvre, CEO, Cleverdis (not investigated at this stage) Product / Lifestyle Zones open One to One Interviews Rooms and ‘Press Centre’ open for Dealers Brand Experience / Lounge open Off-Site tours for any Dealers (not costed for at this stage) 12.30hrs - All Areas to Close

Wednesday 20 September Press Centre open One to One Interview rooms available Brand Experience / Lounge open All Product / Lifestyles Zones open One Sony Displays open

Dealer Departures Sony team to de-rig Product Zones

12.30hrs - All areas to close for reset for Dealer conference Media Departures Brand Experience reset (Closing off any non-relevant Dealer Product Zones / One Sony Displays) Sony team re-set Product Zones Dealer arrivals - subject to final event agenda

Saturday 23 September Sony team to de-rig Product Zones Sony team to be clear of venue by 17.00hrs Talking Point de-rig Sunday 24 September Talking Point de-rig Monday 25 September Talking Point de-rig Tuesday 26 September Talking Point de-rig Tuesday 27 September Talking Point de-rig






Speaker Support

All project personnel for the development phase of the project to include:

A script writer (allow 8 days) to develop content in conjunction with the presenters plus the development of presentation material for the Brand Experience Press Conference and Dealer Conference. This does not include content creation for the Product Zones of One Sony Displays. All content will be created using Flash. €16,400.00

Creative / Executive Producer Producer / Project Manager Production Assistant Technical Production Manager Creative Designer

Creative Video Production

In addition this area includes lighting and sound pre-production design plus health and safety consultants and risk assessments as required €111,240.00 TECHNICAL SITE INSPECTIONS Initial allowance


EVENT WEBSITE X 2 A different site will be created for each event with similar branding / layout. To include purchase of a website domain name, website design, ESP scripting of site to collect delegate data, copywriting of all text €15,500.00

A video director and assistant to co-ordinate, shoot and edit an opening video, video links for each presentation and an event closing video as per proposed storyboard, adapted for each audience as necessary plus an initial music allowance. A video montage of people as described in the proposal for the transition walkway. €82,000.00 Vox Pops Production An allowance to shoot and edit vox pops sequences for both Media and Dealer events. €8,600.00



Design time for all print work for both events plus production of the following print items:

The Environment / Showcase

3 stage invites for each event Copywriting and production of HTML email invite - 2 x per event Delegate bags (paper) for folders / press pack / info received on-site Lanyards (for badges produced by Logistics Company) Delegate folders for each event General directional signage for hotels and venue Scanachrome banners (allow 10) for the Product Zones / Lifestyle areas Branding (Using Sony’s existing Pull-Up banner systems) for The Street / Sony 60 area Follow-up Thank you Pack (content to be defined with Sony) €47,500.00

Projection / Video: Video data projection equipment for 360 scenic projection plus 4 x 18K ansilumen projectors for main screens with 12K ansilumen projectors for back-up, including all rigging and racking plus hard disk video server for playback, computer graphics systems and cue lights. Comfort monitors to be provided by Sony. Any LCD monitors etc for the Transition Walkway to be provided by Sony. Audio: High Quality (5.1 Dolby Surround Sound) 4 point PA system to main auditorium area / Brand Experience, control system to re-position audio stage with revolving audience movement, PA system to Welcome Centre plus event communication system for crew to cover Welcome Centre and Brand Experience. Lighting: Creative and functional lighting to Welcome Centre, creative lighting to Transition Walkway, stage lighting to Brand Experience including stage areas, set, product displays, house lights and intelligent lighting, plus lighting to The Street. Rigging: To include 3 circular trusses over Brand Experience area, box truss over reception area, truss positions over The Street and Product Zones. Simultaneous translation: 4 language system with booths positioned remotely with camera link for interpreters to view stage. Autocue: Monitor system to 4 speaker positions. TRUCKING Initial allowance

All materials to construct the bespoke Welcome Centre and Brand Experience areas to include all walling for the 10 x proposed Product Zones, 6 x One Sony Display areas and Media One to One Interview Rooms (includes sub walls for the interview rooms). Also includes an allowance for display units for 1 x Product Zone and Lifestyle area and furniture (sofas, coffee tables etc). Internal fixtures and units for other Product Zones and One Sony display areas are not included at this stage as exact requirements are not known. €324,000.00






All on-site project personnel for the event duration, based on the proposed creative and technical solution to include:

Internet Connections (2 x 1Mb lines)

Creative / Executive Producer Producer / Project Manager 2 x Production Assistants Technical Production Manager Creative Designer Show Caller

Wi-fi is being installed at the beginning of next year. Costs can be advised at the end of January 22 laptops to be provided by Sony for this area DINNER - MEDIA EVENT (NOT INCLUDING VENUE HIRE AND F&B COSTS) €48,384.00

ON-SITE TECHNICAL AND CONSTRUCTION CREW All on-site technical support and exhibition construction crew for the duration of the event €244,000.00 TALENT Allowance for René Carayol to host both events plus 2 days pre-production and general travel expenses

Allowance for performers for Lifestyle areas - unit cost per area (2 x artists inc. costumes and props)



Allowance for entertainment ( based on Fiesta de la Vida concept, Feria Sevilla theming, selection of jugglers, fire eaters, gypsy illusionist, acrobat dancers, flamenco dancers, stilt walkers, strolling musicians plus allowance for technical support €21,760.00 EVALUATION Allowance for strategic event management evaluation, based upon: data entry x 240 questionnaires (est. 60% response rate) and dealers x 165 (based upon HEME event, Berlin) plus analysis and expenses €7,350.00


MISCELLANEOUS Allowance for crew accommodation, per diems, crew flights, crew travel plus allowance for project expenses €137,000.00 Allowance for gifts for Media (400) and Dealer (200) events based on the perpetual calendar


VENUE COSTS (NOT INCLUDING VENUE HIRE AND F&B COSTS) Allowance for 3 phase 125 amp connection charge (assume 3), power supply certificate and allowance for electricity consumption based on 12 days usage. Costs for security, cleaning and furniture will apply, subject to final requirements €8,058.90





James Sinclair: Creative Director/Writer, Video


James spent his formative years as a writer at some of London’s most highly regarded agencies, including, BBH, BMP DDB, Lowe, GGT-Simons Palmer, & TBWA\London.

The senior members of our Sony project team have combined experience of over 10 major European events where the Media have been either the sole or a significant proportion of the total audience. Ariba Annual Customer & Press Events: Frankfurt, London, Milan, Paris and Utrecht BA “One world” Press launch: London Compaq Eureka! Pan European Media launch of merger between Digital & Compaq: Paris Hertz Press and Sales event: Monte Carlo Lexus Car launch for Press and Dealers: Geneva Orange Press and Sales event: Budapest & London Pioneer Investments Presentations to Financial Analysts: Rome, Sardinia, Interlaken Range Rover Press and Dealer launch: London, Scotland and Italy Samsung Electronics Pan European Media product launch & brand ID for 21st Century: London Volvo V70, C70, V40 launch and exhibition to Press and Dealers: Gothenburg Volvo Press and Dealer launch: Gent, Belgium Car Press and Dealer launch: France World Lottery Association Conference For 1500 Lottery organisations and Press: Scotland

During this time he made significant increases in the businesses and accolades achieved by the respective agencies and their clients - both nationally and internationally. Noteworthy work:

David has directed several award-winning short films and has most recently shot a Film-Council funded HD period drama, TUG which is currently in post-production. Further Sony credits include: Life in the Ring (2’) Comedy HD commercial about a boxer’s dedication - for Sony PS2 ‘Mountain’ (7’) Short Documentary on the making of a million-dollar commercial - for Sony

Graeme Mackie: Creative and Executive Producer, Live Events

The ‘Double Life’ commercial for Sony Playstation (written between stations on James’s train ride home to Sussex) secured its number one spot in the worldwide console market and set the tone for a complete change in the way gaming manufacturers address their markets. This was the single most awarded ad on the globe for the year 1999/2000; which included 3 D&AD pencils, 2 Clios, a Cannes Lion and the coveted BTAA TV ad of the year award. The ‘Keep Walking’ campaign for Johnnie Walker whiskey won the £50 million account for BBH and went on to increase worldwide sales by 12% in the first 3 months of the campaign breaking. ‘Lost Dog’ for Volkswagen was voted Campaign’s best individual press ad of the year 2001. In light of the ‘Think Bigger’ campaign, TBWA London was made official patron of the Big Issue & Big Issue Foundation. Before joining See: London as Partner and Creative Director, James was Executive Creative Director of the 90m Ford account at Ogilvy & Mather, charged with raising the perception of the Ford brand across 22 European markets. During his tenure he improved agency/client relations and orchestrated a steady rise in the quality of creative output across the region in some cases resulting in a tenfold increase in showroom traffic. Until recently James was one of a select team of global creative directors tasked with raising the quality of the creative output of their international accounts.

Graeme prefers to let his clients speak for him: 8th December 2005 Sony Marketing Europe The Heights Brooklands Weybridge Surrey KT10 OXW Dear Sir Graeme Mackie has worked on my live event projects as Creative Director since 1999. First for Compaq then for HP. Since then he has provided consulting to me over the past three years in my role as HR Director for Activision, Europe. Whatever the brief and budget, he has always delivered a level of imagination beyond my expectation. Audiences have always remembered his events as special. Equally, his ability to translate complex business messages into memorable live communications has added to the success of my overall event objectives - whichever business I have worked for. Finally, he has always delivered his creatives on time and on budget. Graeme is truly my trusted advisor in this space.

David Ward: Video Director Since graduating David has directed numerous, award-winning commercials, documentaries and dramas all over the world. His latest commercials with Raygun Films have recently won two regional Emmy Awards in the U.S.A. His commercial clients include: Pizza Hut, Cadbury, Eurostar, Panadol, Crest (Proctor & Gamble), Interflora, NBC and Sony.


Yours faithfully Orla Byrne Senior Director Human Resources Activision Europe

APPENDIX B ALTERNATIVE MC/PRESENTERS/EXTERNAL SPEAKERS (Not checked for availability or fee expectation)

Marcus Bicknell

Stephen Cole Expert in technology matters, Director of SES Global, the world's premier satellite operator and fluent in French and German.

Fiona Bruce One of the UK's most admired presenters, Fiona has an MA in Modern Languages and is fluent in French & Italian (plus some Spanish).

Marcus Bicknell is a marketing executive in the television, leisure, internet and consumer products fields. His particular skill is in the product positioning and communication needed in their start-up phase of ambitious and complex consumer projects such as satellite television channels and consumer electronics.

Bruno Giussani Chantal Cûer Internationally renowned communications expert fluent in French and English. She lectures, chairs conferences and makes films in the fields of politics, business and academia.

Christine Ockrent

Nicknamed 'The Queen', multilingual Ockrent was the first pan-European television news reporter and first woman to present prime time news in France - a truly excellent conference chair.

Expert on E-Business & Interactive Media Strategy. Internationally acclaimed technology expert and journalist fluent in Italian, French and English. Bruno Giussani is a larger-than-life authority on technology trends including; the Internet, the mobile Internet, e-business, net economy strategy and technolgy’s impact on business and society. He’s one of the 50 people profiled in Europe's A-List: The Movers and Shakers of the European Cyber-Scene, by Liza Roberts (February 2001). He is a European Internet columnist with the New York Times on the Web and Co-Founder and Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors of Tinet, a Swiss Internet services company.


As one of the senior anchors of BBC World Television, Stephen carries international news to a vast audience around the globe. Before joining BBC World, Stephen was anchorman for CNN International. Stephen was also, for five years one of the main faces on Sky TV.


Recommended ‘show dates’: 11 - 15 September plus set-up Temperature in September: ranges from 16 C - 25 C, average 21 C Flight time approx 3hr 40min from London Visas required for Russia and Turkey

Faliro Sports Pavilion -

Built for Tai-Kwon-Do and Handball finals of Olympic Games Located in a suburb of Athens, close to the sea 4km from the city centre Main hall has retractable seats so providing large empty “box” space Dimensions = 3.920sq metres / 20m High / 56m wide / 70m long Air Conditioning 24km Distance from Airporrt

- Hire cost €9.900 + 19% tax per day for set up; €17.000 + 19% tax per day for the main event - Tenancy required for proposed concept: 30 August - 20 September 2006

Production Considerations One of the many strengths of our design proposal for “life like no other” is the ease with which it can be adapted to suit alternative venues. In this case, the Faliro Sports Pavilion offers its own registration and food & beverage area. These are located to the front of the complex. This simply means that we would dispense with the need to build our own Welcome Centre, instead utilising the space offered in these areas to house registration, “Sony 60 - what a life exhibition” and the media centre. Access to the Brand Experience would still be direct from the Welcome Centre, via descending flight of stairs that we would install. The view of the Brand Experience from the Welcome Area would be a feature in itself. Access to the Media One to One Interview Rooms would be from The Street as opposed from the Welcome Centre. Finally, slight alterations to the dimensions of some of the Product Zones could be required, depending on the actual needs of Sony in this respect.



All hotels approx 20 - 30 mins from both Airport & Faliro Sports Pavilion More than 1200 rooms available for the required dates between 5 hotels Dedicated crew / Sony crew hotel Rooms being held 11 - 15 September 2006 inclusive for delegates

Metropolitan (5 mins from venue) Star: No of rooms held: No of rooms: Room rate (Std DBL for SGL use): Style of hotel: Recommended usage:

4+ 200 374 €150.00 per night Contemporary Media / Dealers / Talking Point Crew / Sony Staff / Sony Crew

On hold for crew from 30 August - 20 September HOTELS Astir Palace (1 resort / 3 hotels): - Arion / Nafsika / Aphrodite / Bungalows Star: 4/5 No of rooms held: 360 No of rooms: 526 Room rate (Std DBL for SGL use): €195.00 – €240.00 per night Style of hotel: Contemporary, Boutique, Elegant Recommended usage: Media, Senior Sony Staff

Divani Apollon Palace & Spa Star: No of rooms held: No of rooms: Room rate (Std DBL for SGL use): Style of hotel: Recommended usage:

5 220 286 €210.00 per night Beachfront resort property Media / Dealers, Sony Staff

Divani Caravel Star: No of rooms held: No of rooms: Room rate (Std DBL for SGL use): Style of hotel: Recommended usage:

4+ 350 471 €160.00 per night City Centre, Convention Style Media / Dealers

Athens Ledra Marriott Star: No of rooms held: No of rooms: Room rate (Std DBL for SGL use): Style of hotel: Recommended usage:

4 125 314 €158.00 per night City centre, Convention style Talking Point Crew / Sony Staff / Sony Crew


FLIGHT ACCESS - MEDIA EVENT - Arrivals on 11 September landing before 15.00hrs for an assumed 17.00hrs Press Conference is feasible for all attendees - Flight departures on 13 September after 13.00hrs are possible for all attendees

FLIGHT ACCESS - DEALER EVENT - Arrivals on 14 September landing before 12.30hrs for an assumed 14.30hrs Conference is feasible for majority of countries - Arrival on 13 September is required for 7 countries unless a later start time is scheduled as per the previous Press Conference - Flight departures on 14 September after 14.30hrs are possible for all

Sony Europe  

Comprehensive Proposal for The Creative and Delegate Social Programme for Sony Europe Annual Media Showcase event