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Left for dead 2 : Left for dead 2 is an Action oriented First person shooter and has examples of Asymmetric gameplay in its multiplayer where at team of human players have to face off against player controlled zombies and examples of co-op gameplay in its campaigns where players must work together to survive and traverse the maps. The game also borrows elements from survival horror in its design with intimidating dark map design and overpowering odds if the group draws attention to themselves through car alarms or disturb a witch.

Arma 3: Arma 3 is a first and third person military simulator/expansive emergent gameplay toolkit. The core gameplay elements focus around co-operative and pvp game modes however the game is very friendly to modding and hosts a scene of game modes more popular than the vanilla game itself. Included among these game modes are game modes such as “Altis Life� a Hardcore roleplaying game and various incarnations of the DayZ mod where players are put into a huge zombie and player ridden world and given an expansive toolset to survive. Many of the versions of the DayZ mod do not give any penalty or profitable Solo Kill on sight risk reward so the game tries to incentivise factions and groups to rise that are driven by player’s interactions with each other.

StarCraft 2 : StarCraft 2 is a RTS with a very intense micromanagement oriented metagame. This game has one of the largest e-sports scenes in the world and the game series has shaped the way we think of RTS titles from a design prospective due to its popularity and the attempts of Developers to emulate it.

Diablo 2 : Diablo 2 is a dungeon crawler hack and slash with role-playing elements where players venture through a world taking quests, getting loot and cutting their way through the demons of hell. The game itself has significant history with the hack and slash genre due to it and its predecessor being one of the first semi mainstream games to approach design in this way.

World of Warcraft: World of Warcraft is one of the largest third person MMO RPG’s there is and is the perfect example of levelled gameplay where players must work to get their avatars strong enough to deal with the Trials of the world.

Quake live: Qake live is a free to play rendition of the quake series with deathmatch and CTF(Capture The Flag) oriented gameplay. The Innovations to 3d graphics pioneered in the development of the Qake games by id have shaped the face of modern 3d graphics, for example The latest call of duty game(black ops 3 ) still uses a modified version of the quake engine.

Counterstrike Global Offensive: CS:GO is a Tactical first person shooter oriented around active twitch based gameplay. CS:GO is a sequel to a mod that essentially defined the thematic presence of the modern FPS(first person shooter), CS Source and its various modals was one of the first games to use a real world setting for its combat.

Frozen synapse: Frozen synapse is a Play by email turn based strategy game with tactical scenarios that are solved through the application of real-time strategy tactics. Players are able to plan a turn before committing simultaneously to their opponents, allowing them to simulate assumed moved of their opponent and optimise their turns to be as effective as possible. Once both players have committed their turns the moves given to friendly units are executed and the scenario plays out.

Crypt of the NecroDancer: Crypt of the NecroDancer is a rhythm based Dungeon crawling rouge like, crowd funded on kickstarter this game stylises itself around old-school dungeon crawlers whilst also having a rhythm based combat system to keep things fresh and extend the skill ceiling. Mobs move and attack in predictable rhythmic patterns around the player and the player gets bonuses for keeping a streak of keystrokes in time with the beat.

Amnesia dark decent: Amnesia dark decent is a first person survival horror puzzle game. Amnesia is held up as one of the greatest horror games of all time according to critical acclaim and centres its experience in building an atmosphere of intrigue and helplessness.

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