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Bill Leggett's journey- From a high school dropout to school teacher When the rest of the globe is busy in planning strategies for dropout recovery, here’s someone different. Bill Leggett is a teacher-principal-school board member for the last 17 years.

Being a school dropout didn’t deter him from reaching his goal of reforming the educational system of Pasco. Journey was not an easy for Leggett and everything, including the status and reputation, hadn’t been achieved in a single day effort. It took 30 years of hardship and turmoil to achieve today’s recognition.

His devotion and dedication towards the upliftment of the Pasco schools has become a milestone in the educational system of the lesser known places of the world. When some parts of the world are busy in upgrading their learning system and recovering the school and college dropouts, here’s someone who despite being dropped out from school worked sincerely as a mentor for others.

Further he says he has done what he wanted to do. Long live this great soul! Thank You Bill Leggett.

There are a number of self help organizations with the same vision as Bill Leggett. Graduation Alliance is a network of people (mainly mentors, teachers and tutors) serving the dropouts and helping them to recover.

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Bill leggett’s journey from a high school dropout to school teacher  

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