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Dear Graduands, Congratulations! Your graduation marks the culmination of all your hard work and the beginning of a new phase in your journey of lifelong learning. You have many things to look forward to – the anticipation of joining the workforce, the excitement of pursuing further education or perhaps the freedom of choosing from countless other future pathways. Whatever your plans, your education at RP puts you in good stead for the challenges that you’ll face in the real world. Regardless of your field of study, you have developed skills that will allow you to adapt to new situations, develop creative solutions to difficult problems and work effectively in teams. All of you have shown commendable determination and perseverance to succeed. In particular, I would like to mention the following: • Jeksen, who is graduating from the School of Engineering with a GPA of 3.98, received the Academic Roll of Honours for every semester throughout his 3 years of study under the Diploma in Industrial and Operations Management. He has won a total of 15 awards, including the Madge Goldman Award for Mathematics and Sciences and the Air Market Express Scholarship. • Oh Zhi Hong, from the School of Hospitality, is graduating with a Diploma with Distinction (Diploma in Integrated Events Management), and has been offered a place at Nanyang Technological University. With a GPA of 3.86, he was awarded the Singapore Tourism Board scholarship. Through Problem-based Learning, we have challenged you to look beyond textbook answers and to analyse problems with a more open-minded approach. In addition, many of you had the opportunity to participate in overseas trips, industrial attachments, sporting events and cultural clubs. Ultimately, all of these learning experiences will help make you more employable in a fast-changing environment. I encourage all of you to continue the process of learning throughout your lives, as it truly is a lifelong endeavour.


Whichever path you eventually choose, I hope you will stay connected with us and contribute to the RP community as a member of our alumni family. I wish you success in all your future endeavours.

Graduates 2010, congratulations on your well-deserved achievement! Your diploma will open doors for you to your future. Most of you will go directly to the workplace or for further studies before launching your career. The younger male Singaporeans will serve the country in the armed forces.

For everyone, it is the beginning of a journey which will last many years until your retirement. The world you will encounter is dramatically different from school/polytechnic. In the past, your teachers or facilitators are constantly available to provide you with guidance. You will be on your own from now onwards and this can be a challenge for many. Having started earlier than you, let me share a little of my journey of 30 over years. I’ve had the fortune of working in several organisations and across different industries like education, healthcare and defence. One principle which helps me can be summarised in one Chinese character “cheng”. In English, it means sincerity and honesty. This is important in my relationship with others, and also when dealing with myself and work. Interestingly, the Chinese character “cheng” is written with 2 radicals - “word” and “complete”. The “complete word” must certainly be “truth”. May I encourage you to also take time to ponder your life approach before you start. One possible consideration is to decide what you want to be remembered at the end of this important journey. Lincoln said: “And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” Or, in another comparison by Gothe, a German philosopher: “A useless life is an early death.” For all my young friends, may I wish you wisdom and a wonderful life ahead.




My heartiest congratulations to RP Graduates 2010! You have spent the last three years preparing for your next stage in life. I trust that it was well-spent and that you have acquired important sets of skills to excel in your future pursuits. RP has invested much in you in every aspect, such as academics, problem-solving skills, student life activities, Service-Learning, outdoor adventure, overseas study trips, industry experience, and much more. To use an analogy, your facilitators have taught you “how to fish” rather than merely giving you “fish”. After three years at RP, you are now skilled “fishermen and fisherwomen”. In other words, you can confidently (yet, humbly) look at any problem or challenge in the face, muster your knowledge and PBL skills, work interdependently with team members, come up with innovative solutions, communicate, and effectively implement them. Yet, we all know that in the real world, it’s not just “one day - one problem”. Many challenges, large or small, complex or straightforward, present themselves daily requiring our time and effort to deal with them. In the same way you deal with one problem, you are just as equipped to handle many as long as you continue to learn, stay focused, relate well with others, remain resilient in mind and spirit. In other words, when the going gets tough, you the RP graduate, gets going! My wish for you, therefore, is that you will continue building your knowledge and developing the right mental attitude. In this way, you will make significant contribution to society and be part of the generation to bring Singapore ever forward. Go, make RP proud of you!! All the Best!!



Dear Graduand of Class 2010, Congratulations, you have completed an important phase of your life, and we at Republic Polytechnic are proud to be part of that journey with you. Three years is not a very long period, nor a short one, but in these three years, you have been transformed from a young school -leaver, to a young adult, equipped with the skills, knowledge and positive attitude to face new challenges ahead in your career development and further education. It doesn’t seem that long ago, that first day when you entered our Woodlands campus carrying your laptop. For those of you who came for the Orientation Programme specially arranged for you before the start of the academic year, you would have already familiarised yourselves and be ready to start the new journey of “learning with a difference”, the PBL way. You would have developed into someone who is always willing to look at an issue or a problem from many different angles, one who constantly looks for a creative way to do things, be it in sports, academics, or the arts, one who is community-driven and entrepreneurial in spirit, and you would also very quickly learned that there is usually more than one way to solve a problem. I am sure that RP has given you all the necessary skills, both in and out of the classroom, to cope with whatever new challenges you may face in the future. This yearbook is specifically compiled for you and your fellow graduands, and is filled with many photographs and write-ups on the wide myriad of activities that you organised, participated in, and enjoyed in your time at RP. A quick flip through its pages presents the viewer with a stunning array of action and energy. Adventures, sporting awards, the creative arts, entrepreneurial ideas - all of these events have made our campus a lively one filled with a vibrant buzz. The dynamism that one feels on campus is definitely because of you. You have made significant strides in personal growth and development. The academic rigours of PBL have trained you well, and your participation in various student activities have made you even more aware of the importance of teamwork, leadership, organisation, and the community. Now that you are finally graduating and stepping out of the campus with diploma in hand, I hope that you will keep in touch with RP through our Graduates Chapter, strengthening the network of skills and ideas within our alumni community. We offer many interesting and relevant seminars, activities, and career talks that will put you in touch with industry professionals and your peers across different fields. Join Club Republic - this is one sure way for you to continue to benefit from being a member of the Republic Polytechnic community, as well as enabling you to contribute to an ever-expanding alumni network. There will always be many programmes available even for our graduates from our Centre for Professional Development for your further development, and to explore new fields. We are always happy to hear from our graduates, and as such, we will maintain your e-mail account for life, through “Live @ Edu”. Some of you will embark immediately on further education, many of you will take on exciting new jobs - so please make sure to share with us your successes and the development of your careers. Education never stops at the classroom, and in RP we firmly believe in equipping our students to continually learn, and strive for success, long after they graduate and exit our classrooms. I have no doubt that your path ahead will be a triumphant and bright one. Congratulations again on your graduation!




The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) has the pleasant task of being the custodians of all the performing arts groups at Republic Polytechnic under the club management of Create.Republic. In total, we have 25 different groups, ranging from dance and music to theatre and cultural groups. TRCC provides these groups with an environment that enables them to pursue their artistic development and creative expression. This journey has also been seen by many as one that has developed character as well as talent. Our task is made especially meaningful because we have on campus, students with amazing talent, passion and the willingness to experiment and engage audiences. And this is the envy of many other institutions, earning Republic Polytechnic the reputation of being one of the most happening and definitely the most artistically vibrant institutes of higher learning in Singapore! Together we put up three Festivals: Momentum Dance Festival, IGNITE! Music Festival and Reflections (RP’s Community Arts Festival). In addition to these festivals, our weekly Arts Platter series have presented around 150 arts events. Collectively these efforts have touched an amazing 95,000 people! Many of you graduating today have played an important role in achieving this success. Republic Polytechnic owes a debt of gratitude to all of you, who has been performers, technical crew, front of house crew or producers. Your leadership and passion have inspired many of us, and with your continued support, I am sure the current students and the new students will continue this fine tradition of giving one’s best to entertain, engage and educate the community around us with artistic talent and generosity of time and heart. On behalf of RP and TRCC, I wish all the graduating students the very best for your future pursuits and invite all of you to always be a part of our family.



Dear Graduand, Your big day has finally arrived - you are graduating! This is the culmination of three years’ worth of team discussions, presentations, and plenty of hard work. Of course, you have not only worked hard, you have played hard, too, and forged many valuable friendships and made lots of good memories along the way. At the same time, you have contributed to the vibrancy of RP in so many ways - through the performing arts, adventure groups, social work, exciting sporting events, innovative research, and so much more. A holistic education is important especially for students of today, because the issues facing society are so complex and require new and fresh approaches. This is why at RP, we always take your ideas and interests seriously. The opportunity to lead, motivate and organise your interest groups has allowed you to push yourself on to greater heights. The skills you utilise in the classroom - teamwork, presentation skills, self-directed learning - are all equally valuable outside the classroom, and in your participation in student activities, you have been able to stretch your learning and in the process, discover important things about yourself. For example, we have been emphasising the importance of Service-Learning, which is so much more than community or social work. It is a great opportunity for students to apply knowledge they have gained from within the classroom while contributing and learning from their service to others. Through this, students learn about empathy, politics, and other communities and societies. Participation in International Service-Learning Projects in neighbouring countries in the region like Cambodia and Thailand give students the chance to push their understanding of intercultural relations further, and to bridge gaps across communities. The Tan Ean Kiam Service-Learning Resource Centre has also provided an invaluable space for staff and students alike to share resources, as well as to plan and organise International Service-Learning Projects. Being a part of the RP community also means being a part of our greater society, and I hope that you have had the chance, in your three years here, to forge strong friendships and learn important life lessons that will stand you in good stead for the future. On behalf of the Office of Student and Graduate Affairs, I am very happy and honoured to have been part of your experience here at RP, and I wish you all the best for the future.




Congratulations to all in achieving your first diploma – a qualification that will put you in good stead

for your future endeavours. I trust that you have benefitted from the various business and entrepreneurship modules that were provided by the Centre for Innovation and Enterprise (CIE), and you now have skill sets and also an innovative and entrepreneur mindset to succeed in your further studies and career.

Year 2009 was an eventful year for those of you who have participated in the various business and entrepreneurial learning activities from the various interest groups of our Young Aspirers Club. Through your dedicated work with the facilitators, RP has managed to secure the Spirit of SIFE award during this year’s National Students in Free Enterprise Competition, beating some universities’ teams. It also saw the crowning of our first Champion team for the Entrepreneurship Development Program@RP funded by SPRING Singapore. CIE will continue to work with you, our recent proud graduating students, on your dreams in starting your own business through the YES! Startup funding scheme. The overseas procurement study and procurement trip by SUI! (our very own retail shop) also helped to expose all of you to a real-life retail business. Your race has just begun on the day that you graduate from Republic Polytechnic. Run the race as if you were to win a prize. Your personal achievement through participating in the various learning programs in RP is already part of your prized possessions. Do continue to work towards building up this pool of resources in your life. Again, on behalf of all my staff in CIE, we wish you the very best for the future!



Wake Up!! I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said this me. In my younger years, it seemed like I could sleep or daydream anywhere and anytime, and all too often during my classes. Whether it was my mother trying to get me out of bed for my early morning chores or a teacher wanting me to pay attention in class or my sports coach asking me to focus more closely on the application of a skill, the call to “Wake Up” was intended to get me to “seize the moment”. Seizing the moment is the essence of education. Learning comes about when we think and are able to integrate ideas that we have not previously connected. We can, sometimes, become preoccupied with dreaming about tomorrow and missing out on focussing on the here and now and the opportunity to see possible connections. While it is good to have a dream and plan of what we would like to achieve in the future, this should not distract us from being focussed on achieving in the present. I am sure many of you have found the PBL process at RP challenging; it is a process that is designed to stretch you. RP’s PBL is another “Wake Up” call aimed at getting you to seize the moment and maximise your education by paying attention to learning on a daily basis. Your learning at RP is dependant upon your daily engagement with problems. Your feedback suggests that many of you value working on problems and working with your facilitators and team mates who constantly require you to seize the moment. I hope you have found PBL both enriching and invigorating. RP’s educational process continues to attract a lot of positive attention both nationally and internationally. Some of you assisted us this year in the hosting of the 2nd International PBL Symposium where 500 teachers and academics from Singapore and around the world came to learn more about RP’s PBL process. This interest in our education extends to invitations to speak in international conferences, and our research in PBL being accepted and published in world-class international journals. To those of you graduating, I wish you the best as you take your accumulated wisdom that comes from seizing the moment on a daily basis, to the industry or further studies. To those coming back next year, enjoy your rest and we will see you in April where we will remind you to Wake Up!




Dear Graduand, Congratulations on your graduation! This is a defining moment in your life - to receive your diploma and venture out into the big, bright world. The past three years at RP have really flown by, and I am sure that they have been filled with fresh ideas, new knowledge, and of course, lots of good friendships and happy memories. At RP we believe that learning can take place anywhere - in the classroom, outside of it, and of course, in cyberspace as well. Ideas are generated not just in solitude, but in discussion with your peers, and in your daily interactions with classmates and facilitators, you have also worked on crafting a good argument, sharpening your presentation skills, and reflecting on your learning journey. I hope that these valuable skills will be useful even after you have left our campus. Of course, the diverse range of extracurricular and cultural activities that RP always has on offer have also been enriching. There is always something new to learn about the world. For example, it may seem at first that music might not have anything to do with mathematics, upon closer consideration, the two fields actually have a lot in common, and exciting new ideas can be generated through a synergy of the two. We always encourage students to think outside the box at RP and to look at problems and solutions in new ways. This approach to thinking and learning will always help you cope with new challenges that lie ahead. Many of you will enter important and innovative new industries after graduation - biomedical research, engineering, information and communications technology, sports, creative technology, the arts, and hospitality. No matter which field you enter, keep in mind that being open to new experiences and fresh ideas will keep you ahead of the learning curve and on the path to success. Broaden your horizons; this is only one of many exciting new steps to come. As you graduate, you are not ending a journey, but continuing onward, to an exciting and bright future. All the best!



SCHOOL’S SPLASH! School of Applied Science School of Engineering School of Hospitality School of Information and Communications Technology School of Sports, Health and Leisure School of Technology for the Arts Centre for Culture and Communication

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To the School of Applied Science graduating class of 2010: Congratulations! Graduating with a diploma is a significant milestone any way you see it. Well done. This year, the Diploma in Environment Science has its first graduating cohort. With this Diploma and the Diplomas in Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology, Materials and Pharmaceutical Sciences, the School of Applied Science celebrates its fifth graduation with a little more than 600 students graduating. You are leaving Republic Polytechnic in a time when Singapore and the world are recovering from an economic crisis, one that could have been worst. The opportunities are now for the taking and perhaps a key word to consider in this time is “resilience”. Look it up in a dictionary and it says it is the “ability to recover readily from illness, depression, adversity, or the like”. As you engage this dynamic world, take this “right back up” attitude with you. Face the challenges that come every day with confidence. You have worked your way through three years of “problems” at RP. Consider putting a twist to this. Don’t wait for problems to come to you, look for the challenges and conquer them! Take untraveled paths, revel in new things and enjoy the experiences that will come your way. Learn hungrily, continue to grow and remember your friends and family who are supporting you. As you venture forth and continue on your journey, may I wish you all the best , and I am sure I speak for all your facilitators when I say that you are in our thoughts. Farewell.



My name is Lee Cheng Wei, a student from School of Applied Science. Throughout my three years stay in RP, I have achieved outstanding academic results. At the same time, with the help and support of my friend (also a RP graduate), I have set up and ran my own venture – a magic school that trains working professionals to become magical entertainers. Being a part of RP I feel that it has truly been an inspiring and lifechanging experience. I have met a lot of friends whom I will cherish for the rest of my life. I have also gained invaluable knowledge attained in the PBL process. Specifically, I’ve become more of a self-directed learner, ever ready to take on challenges and persevere to do my best. This is the true Republic Polytechnic’s spirit of learning with a difference.

Cheng Wei Diploma in Materials Science



Being able to enrol into Republic Polytechnic is my honour. After going through three years of education in RP, I have become a more confident and vocal person. RP has equipped me with public speaking skills, presentation skills and also socialising skills which will all help me in my future endeavours. While in RP, I won the Bayer Young Environmental Envoy 2008 award and went to Germany for a week-long study trip with other fellow delegates from participating countries. I also received the HSBC/NYAA Youth Environmental Award 2009 which recognises my contribution to and passion for the environment. During the three-year stay in RP, I have made a lot of good friends and my social circle has widened a lot. RP has offered me a very conducive learning environment where staff and facilitators are all very friendly. Everything that has happened, be it good or bad, minor or major, will always be in my mind for the rest of my life. RP has set a very strong foundation for a working adult, and I’m ready to venture towards my future endeavours.

Zhi Hao Diploma in Environmental Science










SAS HIGHLIGHTS Research Project With Republic Polytechnic (RP) and Tote funding, Dr. Kam Boon Horng acquired a micro computed tomography (microXCT) for her research in biomaterials. She also articulated part of the research with simulated biomaterials as final year projects (FYP) to many DMTS students. Under her guidance, selected FYP students (Benazir Parween D/O Mohd Hajj, Kho Geok Hui, Nur ‘Ain Bte Ali, Tan Sin Yee) and TDA (Ong Weifen) from the Diploma in Material Science, SAS submitted a project for the Basic Science Category in the National Healthcare Group: 8th Annual Scientific Congress 2009. The project was accepted under the Best Poster category. Korea IAEP Trip A group of students and staff from the Diploma of Materials Science (DMTS) embarked on a nine-day International Academic Exposure Program (IAEP) to Korea from 13 to 21 September 2009. The program gave students an opportunity to travel to a foreign country and obtain relevant industrial exposure, academic exchange, and cultural immersion experience. The students visited several universities, research institutions and companies such as GM Daewoo and 3M. Another highlight of the trip was that they were treated to BBQ duck and filmed on Korean Broadcast Station (KBS) news while visiting Jeonju Institutes of Machine and Carbon Composite. The group also attended cultural lesson at a village house where they learnt how to cook Bimbibap and about the Korean culture by wearing hanbok, the traditional costume. All in all, the united and high-spirited Koreans who take pride in everything they do left the greatest impression on the students and staff! HSBC/NYAA Youth Environmental Award The HSBC/NYAA Youth Environmental Award was established to recognise outstanding youths between the ages of 14 and 25 years for their commitment and contributions to environmental protection and nature conservation in Singapore. The Award is a collaboration between the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) and HSBC to motivate and empower our youths to take interest and ownership in caring for our environment and our community. In 2009, six young environmentalists were recognised for their outstanding contribution towards environmental protection and nature conservation at this event. One of the students was from Republic Polytechnic’s Conservation Interest Group (IG), Soh Zhi Hao Jasper (DENV). He was awarded the HSBC/ NYAA Youth Environmental (Merit) Award 2009. Prior to his win, Jasper, as well as Tay Jit Ling Jackeline (DMTS), were selected to participate in Bayer’s environmental envoy programme and Bayer Eco-minds forum held respectively in Germany and New Zealand in 2008.


SAS STAFF WELL-WISHES RP also stands for ‘Real People’: young hearts that pulsate the mind as they transform themselves over the years. The best gift an educator can receive is to discover that students have beaten their own path. Farewell my friends but do come home for a visit. Dr Wong Luh Cherng Assistant Director (Capability Development) Congrats on your graduation. It is the culmination of your hard work over the past three years. Treasure the bonds that you have established with friends and staff here at RP. Forget not the lessons learnt, that teamwork can surmount just about every challenge. Ashley Chua Programme Chair for Diploma in Biotechnology Time just goes by so fast that three years feels like a year. I am glad to have known you all and look forward to knowing you guys as friends than students. As you go out to work or further your studies, do not lose sight of life and fun in the roles you take. When all colours combine, we have a rainbow, similarly with all your talents, you have made RP such a happening place. Best wishes to all DBMS graduates! Always turn back once in awhile to say hi to RP peeps. Dr Girija Programme Chair for Diploma in Biomedical Sciences

Warmest congratulations and best wishes to all DMTS graduates! Always strive for excellence in all you do. Even if some tasks along the way appear ordinary, the extra commitment that you put into them will make a huge difference. Be strong, stand upright, never stop learning! You are always welcome in RP – keep in touch! Dr Elaine Yew Programme Chair for Diploma in Material Science Your education and experience here will provide opportunities for you to grow further in knowledge and wisdom, whether you pursue an exciting and rewarding career, or embark on further studies and continue the journey you began here at RP. And as you seek to make your difference in life, I send you my very best wishes for your future endeavours. Congratulations! Dr Michelle Siow Programme Chair for Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences Dear DENV students, as the pioneer batch of DENV students in RP, you guys are a really special group! I really hope that the good memories of the experience, facilitators and friends you have in RP will always be a part of you even as you move on. May you continue to bring the “green” with you, wherever you go! Farewell! Dr Chua Hwee Chuan Programme Chair for Diploma in Environmental Science Congratulations to the graduating batch of students! All the hard work and sacrifice that you have put in over the years have finally paid off. To all my students, I hope that you have had as much fun in RP as I have had while interacting with all of you. Best of luck in your future endeavours! Junainah Badron Academic Manager (Biomedical Sciences) Recipient of 2009 Best Facilitator Award

SAS STUDENT MESSAGES “Mr Andy Kok (CCC), you have given me so much freedom to unleash my potential as Manager of Events (2008) and President (2009). Thank you for trusting me in so many events, despite the few hiccups, and we definitely have achieved much to foster inter-IGs relationship for Helicon Club. You are the best advisor I have had for my stay in RP.” “Mr Jeremy Wu, you are like a father the students can look up to. You provide the extra touch that no others have. You have been a great facilitator, and without your guidance in Proteomics and Structural Biology, I wouldn’t be able to score so well. I will work hard, Jeremy.” “Thank you facilitators, you have imparted tremendous knowledge to me and made me grow. Without you, there won’t be me standing on the stage receiving the certificate. Thank you so much.” Teo Xian Yi Melvin, DBMS I would like to take this opportunity to thank the facilitators who have helped me throughout my third year. Many thanks to Dr Willy, my advisor for FYP. Without his help, I would not be able to understand what the FYP was all about. Also, thanks to Dr Valavan, Song Sin Nee and Jim Tan who tolerated my many questions in Patient Care. Also thanks to Andy Sim and Dr Kam. Not forgetting Ben who taught me lab management. And to my peers: my classmate Hayuni, FYP team mates Adeline, Wei Ling and Cyndy, thank you guys. ‘Adilah Mohd Nasir, DMTS RP SAS has been a great school and has taught me much beyond the study of science. PBL is uniquely different and is an eye-opener. I’m going to miss my dear friends, facilitators and those who know me! Wishing you all the best in your future endeavours. Muneera Bte Mohamed Mohtar, DPHM

To: FYP mates - Marie, Rebecca, Fang Ying and Farah; Faci: Eunice I had the most amazing year with you girls; rearing prawns in the aquaculture lab and cleaning the protein skimmer. I guess all of us won’t forget the experiences we went through; and are all grateful for the grades we were given. Guided by the lamest faci on earth; I think no one else in SAS enjoyed FYP like us! All the best to your future! Klara Chua Mei Chin, DBIO I would like to thank Grace Tan, Amy Choong, Pricilla To, Eunice Tan Won Choong Yun, for their utmost guidance in setting up the IG. You guys have inspired me to work hard and play hard, and enjoy the fruits of labour. Thanks for being so supportive in all aspects! Also not forgetting Conservation IG members, you guys have given me colour to my life. I would also like to thank Jeremy Wu for his guidance throughout the toughest times in the third year, and my RP family namely: Juliee, Luan Luan da jie, Fyan, and Melvin. Sabrina Choo Li Qi, DBIO Dr. Ho Phui San, we would like to thank you for everything you have done for us for the past three semesters. There were difficult times during our Final Year Projects, but you took time to guide us patiently and meticulously so that we could master the materials. Having you as our FYP supervisor really made a difference in our learning. We have had many teachers in our learning journey, and we can honestly say none has inspired us as much as you have. You really go the extra mile for your students, and we didn’t want you to think your dedication goes unnoticed. Chen Huixin, Lim Mei Zhee, Lim Wee Jun Leonard, Wong Kai Zhi, DBMS


SAS STUDENT MESSAGES I would love to thank everyone around me that have contributed to the fun environment I had enjoyed in these past three years in Republic Polytechnic. A big shout out to the kind friends I have befriended and those who have become my good friends. To the hardworking facilitators that have taught me and never failed to brighten up a gloomy day and to everyone and anyone that have helped me along the paths of my education here, I give my love to all of you and you have been engraved in my heart. Nurul Suhana Bte Ali Ahamed, DBMS I am here to express my gratitude to everyone in RP. In RP, I came across great facilitators from SAS who gave me love, care, laughter, and knowledge. They are Vicky Wu, Sally Ang, Goh Chee Keong, Willy Tan, Dawn Ong, Andy Sim, Rudi Irawan, TIna Boby, Erhan Simsek, Helen Lim, Genevieve Lin, Eunice Tan, Yang Hong, Shalini Sharma, Muru Sethu and Khaleda Ali Mita and everyone in SAS especially DMTS. Also a “Thank You� to facilitators from other schools - Noormala Atan, Juliet Chow, Jeanette Chew, Tan Peng Peng, Shereen Ng, Chung Wee Seng, Vivian Tan, Tan Lian Hui, Aw Cheong Chin and Daisy Teh, Chermaign A Boo and Joyce Lim. I would like to also thank all my friends who gave me laughter and joy! Overall, I would like to thank RP who gave me this memorable memory. It has been my pleasure knowing all of you. Lastly, I am proud to be RP student because I am proud to have all of you standing by my side! April Kam Yu Lin, DMTS

SCHOOL OF APPLIED SCIENCE Diploma in Biomedical Sciences Abdulhamid Mohd Hassan Adeline Loh Rixin Ahmad Adha B Sahari Ahmad Sadruddin B Sujak Aishah Bte Al-Rashid Amanda Elizabeth Francesca D S Ang Ai Ling Ang Boon Chong Ang Hui Shan Ang Yi Ting Esther Arfayunmy B Abu Bakar Arnold Lee Wat Son Arvin Kaur D/O Sokdeav Singh Asvin Kaur Azura Bte Ramlan B Kathiravan Chan Hui Ling Daniellia Chan Wei Liang Enoch Chang Zhen Yu Chen Huixin Chen Tong Cheong Wai Keong Chia Sin Hui Louise Chia Zong Da Choo Zining Choong Shue Wei Chua Jing Yang Chua Wei Ling Melissa Devan Panicker S/O Ganesan Dian Astriyani Bte Mohamad Dian Irnani Bte Mohamed Daud Dianna Sri Dewi E Kayyathiri Fong Weng Kit Alvin Fong Xi Wen Foo Chuan Jian Fun Ruiting Priscilla Gabriel Foo Wei Quan Gan Chu Ying Gan Hiong Hiong Gautham S/O Premanathan

Goh Feng Guang Hanisah Bte Hassan Harsono Wongso Hemalatha D/O Umapathy Heng Zhi Han Ho Jia Xian Chermin Ho Mun Teng Ho Tianhui Anna Huang Limin Huang Yuhan Ili Raiesa Bte Samsul Bahrom ‘Isa B Johari Izzat B Zulkiflie Jayabal Priyadharsini Jayashree D/O Vijayan Jenaguru S/O Kalimuthu Jeremy Phua Joon How Joachim Ng Jia Ming Jonathan Soh Shi Hao Joyce Chan Wei Ling Joycelyn Lim Yee Ling Justin Ng Wei Xiong Karthikgayan S/O Devaindran Kavitha Balakrishnan Kenneth Chia Cheow Kim Khairiah Bte Sariff Khoo Ai Yee Khor Yuanshan Koh Lip Seng Kong Zi Hing Kwek Qi Wei Jason Leaw Yee Kiat Johannesen Leonard Li Yuan Jiun Leong En-Hui Li Yong Ning Garrick Lim Boon May Stephanie Lim Cheng Chiap Lim Jia Ying Lim Jun Hong Lim Mei Zhee Lim Pei Rong Lim Shi Yun Stacy

Lim Wee Jun Leonard Liu Wenshan Logendra Chandra Sehkar Loh Wei Lin Loke Si Hui, Theresa Loshini D/O A Kumaraison Low Jian Hui Low Wee Liang Vincent Mahendran Karnagaran Mak Song Wen Mark Liong Zhi Wei Maya Sofhiana Bte Zaini Mazlina Binte Md Mazlan Meharoon Nisha Begum D/O Shaik Michelle Foo Hiao Hui Mohamad Yazid B Anuar Mohammad Haidir Bin Suwaimi Mohammed Zufarhan B Bohari Muhammad Aidil B Othman Muhammad Fareezal B Mohamed I Muhammad Faris B Yusup Muhammad Firdaus B Johari Muhammad Hafiz B Jamal Muhammad Nur Ariff B Ab Rahim Muhammad Ridhaus Sholihin B H Muhammad Sadikin Nurfaqih B A Muhammed Aamir B Abdul Samad Musta’inah Bte Suratman N Sarkrawairthee Nazirah Begum Bte M I S Ng Hui Ying Ng Meng Xi Kenneth Ng Thiam Leng Nithya Levi Vasanthan Nur A’in Bte Mohamed Salleh Nur Azieani Bte Arifin Nur Fadhilah Bte Mohamad Nur Hazirah Bte Abdul Halim Nur Insyirah Bte Abdul Kadir Nur Rafida Bte Tahir Nur Rasyidah Bte Azman Nur Syahidah Binte Amran

Nur Zahiah Bte Osman Nurhayati Bte Ramli Nurhisyam B Norhalim Nurul Aini Bte Jamal Nurul Fathiah Bte Mohamed A Nurul Iryani Bte Senin Nurul Suhana Bte Ali Ahamed Nurul Syaza Bte Razali Nurulain Bte Suwaimi Ong Li Ming Sheena Ong May Lwin Ooi Jun Long Danson Pagen Lee Peigen Pan Yi Ming Pereira Emmanuel Canisius Phang Ching Hsiao Pow Cheng Loong Quah Hui Sian Sharon Rachael Cheong Kar Min Rachel Charles Raihanah Bte Abdul Hamid Ranjan Sekeran Salina Binte Abdul Jalil Sangeetha D/O Adiyapatham Sarimah Bte Abd Rahim Satish Kumar S/O Murugesen Sharmili D/O Balachandaran Sharon Cheong Xuan’er Sim Shu Yi Lyndia Sin Pei Yi Siti Hairin Bte Mohd Rahman Siti Zuliana Bte Zulkifly Sng Chiu Gek Saretta (Sun Qiuyu) Soh Mun Yee Sophia Song Yi Xian Su Yun Long Suhairi B Roslan Surein Sandrasageran Syahirah Bte Hussain Syazrul Afiq B Zainuddin Syed Muhammad Faisal B S A A A Syidda Bte Amron

Tan Ci Hui Tan Hon Chiu Terence Tan Jiexin Felicia Tan Kian Siong Tan Pui Ling Eliza Tan Sin Yee Cindy Tan Sue Yee Tan Wei Kiam Tan Ying Jie Vivian Tan Yuqing Alicia Tee Wei Kiat Mervin Teng Pei Chee Teo Wei Li Teo Xian Yi Melvin Toh Chin Seng Toh Han Ling Linda Toh Hong Yew Velraj S/O Sivalingam Wang Wei Willie Chong Wei Yi Willie Lim Khai Boon Wong Kai Zhi Wong Li Jun Wong Pok Hong Wong Wai Chun Woon Ngin Ying Yong Su Mei Kylie Yong Yingying, Lucinda Yuana Ross Bte Rahim Zhao Yan Diploma in Biotechnology Abdul Hadi B Abdul Kapri Abdur Rauf B Abdul Ghani Al Falah B Abdul Shani Amutha D/O Karuppiah Ang Kheng Soon Thavit Bavani D/O Gunasegaran Chew Ziwei, Bernard Chia Jin Yu, Ian Chin Wei Zhong Chong Sitt Hui


SCHOOL OF APPLIED SCIENCE Chua Jing Wei Chua Tze Kwang Dawn Seet Si Yun Dexter Goh Qian Jun Dhiaarrahman B Abdul Rahman Eunice Teo Evelyn See Fu Lin Farzana Farveen Nasar Fathiah Bte Mohamad Felicia Peh Shi Hui Foo Bee Hwa, Candy Goh Yubin Alvin Guo Xinli Guo Yan Hana Bte Kamsani Haw Yi Jie Ho Kit Yee Laureen Ho Wee Chong Hu Shi Huang Shuxin Janice Lim Chii Wei Jess Choo Pei Xuan Kaithri D/O Ravendran Kasminah Bte Kamsin Kioh Yan Qin Dorinda Klara Chua Mei Chin Koh Jia Hao Kenneth Koh Jiajin Koh Seo Kuan Kow Yu Jie Lai Pengshi Lee Cai Yu Lee Ming Horng Kelvin Lee Pei Tsung Lee Shu Yun Sherylyn Lee Wei Wen Edwin Lek Boon Sian Lian Yihe Lim Fang Ying Lim Geng Hong Lim Ke Yin Rebecca Lim Luan Luan

Lim Pei Si Lim Wei Siong Holden Lim Xue Fang Liyana Bte Abd Karem Logannathan Nithiananthan Lua Jian Ming Marcus Tan Han Liang Mathan S/O Rajagopal Meryl Lee Shi Ling Mishalani D/O Gnanasegaran Mohamed Amir S/O Mohamed Yusof Mohamed Shajidillah B M S Mohammad Syahrein B Ritzwan Muhammad Faris B Mohamed Muhammad Hafiz Bin Yusoff Muhammad Izaan B Istijab Muhammad Izzwan Bin Yusop Muhammad Rafiq Bin Ramlan Muhammad Ryzzal B Ali Muhammad Shamir B Zainal Nazurah Bte Rahmat Ng Gui Feng Margaret Ng Hui Llai Ng Riu Wen Ng Teng Kiat Ng Wan Ling Norhafidah Bte Kayat Norin Binte Arsad Nur Faraheen Yau Bte Shah R Y Nur Jannah Bte Firdaus Nursurian Bte Sazali Oh Shi Hui Victoria Ong Jun Liang Ong Zhengkai Ow Junhao Phang Xin Yi Esther Phuah Lik Chiew, Lewis Poh Wei Ming Ian Prasanth S/O Suresh Priscilla Yam Pei Yu Pritheeba Ragevan Nair Quah Baoling

Ramkumar S O Thuvaragan Ramu S/O Manickam Rashidah Binte Othman Sabrina Choo Li Qi Saifulsufyan B Rosmen See Simin Christine Sek Wai Yan Whellan Shahryanty Binti Zam Zam Shalene Ooi Shawn Wu Jun Sheng Siti Khadijah Bte Mohamed Supi Siti Nurdiyanah Bte Boontat Siti Nurhirda Bte S Tahir Ambar Soh Si Yuan Daniel Sumita A/P Elendran Tan Choon Seng Tan Jie Ming Jason Tan Lay Yan Tan Meng Qin Vincent Tan Ruoyun Marie Tan Si Min Tan Yi Ren Kollin Tan Zhen Han Andy Teng Wei Jia Henry Teo Guan Sin Teo Shu Lin Juliana Teo Wei Lynn Rachel Teo Xue Ling Angelina Ting Hui Ming Sophia Toe Hengli Toh Wei Wen Vivian Li Meiping Vivian Lim Hui Juan Vonny Wijaya Wee Teck Wei Wilson Lim Wei Sheng Wong Jin Wei Gary Wong Mun How Wong Qin Yi, Loretta Wong Ye Sheng Jason Wong Yu Hui Eunice Yang Jian Liang Alvis

Yang Jinxuan Yao Qianrong Delise Yap Hui Ern Grace Yee Zhong Han Edwin Yong Zi Hui Rochelle Yow Mei Hong Samantha Zarrina Begam D/O Seeni Mohamed Zhang Jinhua Zhang Lixia Zheng Shufang Zheng Weisong Andy Diploma in Environmental Science Chan Ci En Chan Yan Ming Chang Hui En Seraphine Cheng Hwee Miang Chia Wee Kiak Chia Yu Jin Choong Han Sheng Christabel Heng Cheng Ing Gan Zi Chao Gregory Huang Shiyan Theresa Lau Jun Xian Darren Lee Jun Xiang Lee Pei Lim Fong Yee Lim Guo Quan Kennedy Lu Simei Ellen Magesvaran S/O Valusamy Mohammad Faiz B Mohammad Isa Mohammad Hamdi B Sutiman Muhammad Afiq B Moksin Muhammad Tarmidzi B Roslan Nazhuratul Asywaq Bte Khairul Ng Shi Yun Angie Ng Yam Hui Terence Oi Hui Fang Ong Hui Ling Ong Shi Hui Pangilinan Kay Vergara Phua Jia Li

S Sharman Pandian Shamsul B Ibrahim Sim Si Yin Sharene (Shen Shiying) Soh Zhi Hao Tan You Fa Anthony Toh Wei Hong Wilson Goh Keng Hian Wong Pei Pei Yeo Tze Kee Zulfadhli Bin Rahman Diploma in Materials Science 窶連dilah Mohd Nasir Ahmad Safiy Bin Buhari Amareet Kaur Ammala D/O Rajamani Ang Ding Neng Ang Kong Ming Ang Shi Kang Ang Su Fang April Kam Yu Lin (Gan Yuning) Baey Shi Hui Benazir Parween D/O Mohd Hajjali Cai Xiumei Amelia Cecilia Neo Wei Ling Chai Gim Yen Chen Zhenjie Cheong Hui Ling Cheung Mei Ling Prislin Chew Soh Yin Chiang Yong Quan Daniel Chin Xin Yi Chua Changyi Chua Pei Lin Chua Pei Qi Peggy Cindy Chen Xing Ni Darryl Chan Wei Chong Dickson Yeo Chao Wei Ding Haosu Dong Chao Farhan Bin Hamzah Fitrianna Binte Mansore

SCHOOL OF APPLIED SCIENCE Gowri D/O Devakaran Grace Goh Si Yi Guhen S/O Markandran Han Meiting Ho Ee Wen Ho Jun Xian Izzad Nazry M Heallmy Joanna Marilyn Tan Wei Li Jonathan Goh Choon Loong Jonathan Tan Shen Wu Kho Geok Hui Khong Wei Nian Samuel Khoo Chuan Chuen Khoo Xiu Mei Lakshmi D/O Kumaravelu Law Ching Ru Lea Jun Hong Bryaan Isaac Lee Ai Wei Lee Cheng Wei Lee Guo Wei Lee Hui Ping Lee Jing Yee Lee Luanyun Eunice Leon Tan Liang Lerh Xindi Li Yan Li Yanmei Lim Chong Han Melvyn Lim Gui Ling Sherina Lim Hui Ting Jessica Lim Jing Jie Lim Kar How Lim Peiyi Lock Shan Shan Lye Yi Hong Mehzabeen Banu D/O Mohamed S Melissa Sarah Chang Rui Ling Mir Iszuan Bin Sukadi Mogana Sunthari D/O Sivagnanam Mohamad Sidek Bin Salleh Muhammad Diniy Bin Abdul Mutalib Muhammad Fadhirul Bin Mohd Hairi

Muhammad Faiz Bin Azman Muhammad Haiqal B Rosly Muhammad Rasyidin B Daris Muhammad Razaly B Sabari Muhammad Suhaimi Bin Baharum Nashitah Bte Md Eusuff Ng Ai Chin Ng Hui Xin Ng Qianyu Phyllis Ng San San Ng Wan Xin (Huang Wanxin) Nicholas Ngian Chun Yam Norlizawati Bte Sulaiman Nur 窶連in Bte Ali Nur Aqilah Bte Omar Nur Basyirah Bte Hassan Nur Farhanah Binte Raman Nur Fatimah Binte Malik Nur Hayuni Bte Hamdan Nur Labibah Binte Lan Nur Raihan Binte Sumali Nuraniza Anis Bte Aziz Nurul Amalina Bte Mohd Ali Nurul Shaheda Bte Ishack Ong Jun Yang Ong Yu Shu Oon Delwyn Nicholas Pang Jia Heng Pang Lusha Pong Jia Qing Raudhah Bte Mansor Renee Kuah Yeng Ching Rismalisa Binte Osman Rohinee D/O Vasudeven Saira Banu Bte Mohamed Ibrahim Sam Kai Ern Lynette Sarina D/O Mohamed Yassin See Wen Qian Pearly Seow Yi Hao Sharifah Shazanah Binte Muhd Saleh Sharonjeet Kaur Sim Jie Ying Jesslyn

Siti Mardhiyyah Bte Md Hashim Siti Munirah Bte Bahalan Siti Zahara Bte Abdul Rahim Sng Chait Hwee, Benjamin Sng Xiufeng Eloise Soh Hui Xin Soo Jian Han Sri Cempaka Bte Abdul Gaffaur Sufiya Bte Salim Suhailah Bte Abu Bakar Sunitha D/O Gunasekaran Syahida Bte Salim Tan Cheng Boon Tan Guo Hao Jeremy Tan Hui Hui Tan Hui Yan Tan Si Ling Tan Sin Yee Tan Wei Jie Tan Wei Ling Tan Yan Soon Tan Yi Peng Tan Ying Xiang Tan Zi Hui Tay Jit Ling Jackeline Teo Kian Yong Dickson Teo Yee Ling Elaine Teo Yuan Szen Eugene Tsang Yin Kwan Wendy Tio Li Lin Wong Kah Kian Wong Kian Fei Wu Cuifen Wu Song Yao Yang Yeo Shu Wen Serene Yeong May Ying Desiree Yuvarani D/O Dashinamoorthi Zhang Pei Yun Zhang Peng Fei Zheng Weiqi Joel

Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences Amelia Bte Noh Aminah Bte Abdul Rashid Andy Thng Wen Rong Ang Li Wen Ang Ming Li Anushiya D/O Mohan Azhar B Yahya Benazir Rahmad Sahat Cecila Chan Peiwen Chan Ming Yee Chan Wai Yin Christina Chew Jia Ji Candice Chew Wee Long, Gavin Chia Yi Qian Chong Jieqin Chong Junwei Eugene Chua Jane Kimberly Chung Peiling (Zhuang Peiling) Debra Cheah Xin Yi Dimitri Hartanty Eileen Ng Hui Ying Faliq Farhann B Ismail Farzaana Binte Zulkarnain Fatin Atikah Bte Sani Fatin Bte Iesa Fong Qiu Yan Rachel Gan Siew Yen Goh Li Ting Harveer Kaur Hee Yingxuan Heng Zi Hao Reuel Hilyah Bte Mohd Bakhit Hoo Har Ling Hua Zhenyu Martin Inul Jaria D/O Mohamed Haja N Jasmine Soh Jieying Jefferey Loh Bin Ridwan Loh Jelina Ong Lin Min Jenniffer Tay Khai Lin Jonathan Ong Qi Ming Josephine Lum Mei Yoke

Karswaran S/O Ganesh Kartini D/O Subramaniam Koh Wei Loong Shawn Lai Sue Yee Lam Mun Hui Allison Lavanyah D/O Periathamby Lee Chia Yee Lee Chiann Wen Gweneal Lee De Xian Benjamin Lee Eng Kim Muhamad Hakim Liang Huishan Liang Zhi Ming Kenneth Lim Ching Shang Eleanore Lim Guan Chwee Lim Hock Keong Lim Hui Jun Lim Jun Hui Lim Ming Jie Lim Shihui Liu Heng Yi Loh Mei Jin Loke Phui Shan Michelle Looi Hui Qi Loy Yong Zhen Mahathir B Mohd Isa Mariem Bte Anwar Michelle Ng Pei Ling Mohamad Irwan B Mohamad Mazlan Muhammad Hanafi B Mohd Ali Muhammad Hilmi B Zakariyah Muhammad Isa B Mohamad Sarif Muneera Bte Mohamed Mohtar Nadia Bte Mohd Ali Nadia Bte Zainal Najiha Bte Norazad Nasyitah Binte Sazali Natasya Bte Jamaludin Neo Hui Na Nishanti D/O Manimaran Nur Adillah Muhammad Imran Teo Nur 窶連ini Bte Kamal Nur Haidah Bte Abdul Talib 027

SCHOOL OF APPLIED SCIENCE Nur Hanisah Bte Nordin Nur Liyana Bte Zailani Nur Nadia Bte Mohamed Effendi Nur Raihan Bte Mohd Yasin Nur Raudah Bte Azman Nurjalilah Bte Lokman Nurshila Bte Mohamed Kamil Nurul 窶連dilah Bte Mohammad S Nurul Atikah Bte Sari Nurul Huda Bte Mohammad A R Nurul Safwanah Bte Tupari Nurulain Bte Mohamed Rafie Nurulhuda Khairunnisa Bte M R Ong Hui Zhen Ong Wee Ting Paula Elizabeth Yip Kah Ling Pay Hong Sheng Poh Wei Si Rawaidah Bte Siwi Rosmariani Bte Rusli Sakinah Beevi D/O Majid Sathyabama D/O Veerau Ser Hui Ling Seraphina Low Setyono Serene Ng Hui Hui Shaheed Farhan Shahida Bte Abdullah Shahidah Bte Hamid Sham Shuk Tin Shamalandeswari D/O N Rahzoo Sharifah Bte Mohamed Hassan Sheereen Osman Shirin Bte Yusof Sim Chi Yong Eugene Siti Aisyah Bte Baharudin Siti Mariam Bte Osman Siti Rahil Bte Mohd Yussof Sonia Thivya D/O Govindaiyan Sonika Pal Kaur Dhot Syamimi Mariyani Bte Rozani Tan Hui Xian Tan Jie Ying

Tan Jun Rong Tan Kok Beng Tan Rou Wen Tan Shi Hua Tan Ting Hui Tan Tong Lin Tan Wei Ting Tan Wen Jie Dickson Tan Yee Kit Tan Yee Thong Emily Tang Woan Jiun Annette Teo Lee Teng Teow Kang David (Zhang Jiang) Thia Jia Lan Thian Xuefang Joanna Thong Kai Ling Cherine Tng Sze Min Usharani D/O Sadasivom Vidya D/O Ramdas Wang Ruixia Caroline Wee Yung Woei Woo Chin Xin Yap Ting Yu Karenn Yogeswari D/O Dayalan Zhang Yinfang


Congratulations to all engineering graduates, especially our pioneering Diploma in Micro and Nanotechnology batch, on completing this portion of your learning journey. The time spent over the past three years in Republic Polytechnic’s School of Engineering has prepared you to be responsible, rational and resourceful individuals who can contribute to the engineering field and society. Your cohort has done Republic Polytechnic proud with one gold and two bronze awards in the inaugural Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition 2009. In Robotics, your cohort has done amazingly well by winning the top three prizes in the Autonomous Underwater Robot Competition, gold and bronze medals in the Remote Controlled Underwater Robot Competition and bronze medal in Intelligent Robot Contest in Singapore Robotics Games 2010. These milestones would not have been attained without your passion, determination and hard work. I give you all the credit for bringing the School of Engineering to greater heights! After graduation, do continue to have faith in your capabilities and be an enthusiastic learner in the pursuit of your goals. Please remember to participate in our alumni activities and share your learning experience with your juniors. Success is a journey, not a destination. This marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life. Always have the “CAN Spirit – Confident, Adaptable and Never give up spirit!” and success will accompany you on your life’s journey.


I am honoured to have received numerous awards during my studies here in RP. I was listed in the Academic Rolls of Honour for my first five semesters and was also presented diploma-based awards, module-based awards and scholarships. Outside the classroom, I also had the opportunity to take part in various student life activities - being the secretary of the International Student Club, an event organizer and an emcee for various events, one of which is for “Engineering Week 2008 Opening Ceremony�. My experience in RP is enriching because not only I have been equipped with course-related knowledge and achievements, I also had the opportunity to improve my soft skills, such as logical thinking, communication and problem-solving skills on various platforms. I also had the opportunity to experiment in new areas like music production. The camaraderie that I have had with RP staff and students is also another memorable part of RP which I will miss. I look forward to furthering my studies in university.

JEKSEN Diploma in Industrial and Operations Management




I still remember vividly my very first day at RP - the excitement, anxiety and the tears that were threatening to fall in face of the many new changes I had to adapt to. It’s amazing how a single goal, entwined with determination, hard work and consistency, has brought me to where I am now. Even before reaching this goal, I was already rewarded when I became one of the pioneers to be awarded the STEP Sunburst Scholarship given by Singapore Technologies. This gave me a bigger reason to believe in myself and to do my best to succeed every single day! At RP, I have become an independent learner responsible for my own learning. Today, as I leave RP, this is the most important lesson I am taking away with me. I am forever thankful to RP for the most successful three years of my life where I have achieved the potential in me that I never knew existed.

Makevitage Diploma in Communications and automation electronics










SEG HIGHLIGHTS FYP 1 – Semi-autonomous UAV for Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition A team of five SEG students, known as Black Aces, took part in the inaugural Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition in March, 2009. They were required to design and build their own flying platform, and use it to perform a few missions such as flying through obstacles, identifying objects and dropping of payload. To make it more challenging, they were only allowed to fly the platform using only video images transmitted from the platform. Despite stiff competition from the universities and other polytechnics, Team Black Aces did RP proud and clinched three awards, including the Gold medal for the Most Creative Award. Team Black Aces developed an ingenious quad-rotor craft (see photo) for the competition. FYP 2 – Using DOE to Reduce Supply Chain Cost of Wheatgrass This FYP focuses on using the technique of Design of Experiment (DOE) to reduce supply chain cost and optimizing the distribution of wheatgrass for Kin Yan Agrotech Pte Ltd. The core objective is to reduce the quantity of a particularly costly fertilizer used, coco-pit in order to reduce total supply chain costs while maintaining the wheatgrass taste and quality to ensure customer satisfaction.

FYP 3 – Childcare project With the development of Proximity Monitoring Devices for children, lost kids might be a thing of the past. This project managed to develop an intelligent wireless network that is capable of binding a single teacher to 24 children together either for an indoor or outdoor activity.

SEG HIGHLIGHTS FYP 4 A brain controlled robot control system with ease of use and low setup cost is developed. Instead of using keyboard, mouse or joystick to control the robot, this system just requires a user to “think” to steer moving direction freely. The system can be extended for assistive and rehabilitation applications.

FYP 5 – Quality Improvement Initiatives for Manufacturing The team of five was tasked to help Rockwell Automation, a global provider of industrial automation, power, control and information solutions, to improve their product quality through process improvement. Investigation on the consistency of the acceptance criterion for different product groups and a methodology to collect in situ product performance data was developed and proven to be effective.

FYP 6 - Fabrication and characterization of passive nanophotonic devices Four students from DMNT were involved in a project with the Institute of Microelectronics (IME). The objective of the project is to fabricate a complex nanophotonic waveguide utilising the properties of light and stringent fabrication methods. The performance of the waveguide was studied as a function of various fabrication processing conditions.


SEG STAFF WELL-WISHES Graduation is the time for you to celebrate what you have accomplished during your time in RP. As you start a new chapter in your life, I would like to share with you a quote that you may find useful. “Always remember that your true potential is unlimited. Whatever you have accomplished in life up to now has only been preparation for the amazing things you can accomplish in the future�. Best wishes. Hisham Moosa Assistant Director (Academic) Programme Chair for Diploma in Biomedical Electronics Dear Graduating Cohort, Very soon, you will be leaving Republic Polytechnic, after three years of hard work, bringing with you new knowledge, skill and memories of acquaintances. I must commend you for your strength and determination to meet all the academic requirements for your diploma. My praise also goes to your parents who share your dream with their support for you during your studies at Republic Polytechnic. Keep your association with the School of Engineering and those friendships which you made here alive. Congratulations to all of you. May you have a successful career ahead. Dr Ranjit Singh Programme Chair for Diploma in Aerospace Avionics

Congratulations! You have completed the most dynamic and challenging three years of studies in RP. Through the joys and sorrows, you have remained strong and all your hard work has finally paid off. Being the last batch of DCAE students, all of you have done very well. May you continue to achieve success and have an bright future. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Dr Simon Chang Programme Chair for Diploma in Communications and Automation Electronics

SEG STAFF WELL-WISHES Dear Graduating Cohort, Congratulations! Time flies… you are now entering into another chapter of your life, where the true strength of character, skills as well as knowledge will be put to the test. Hope that the chapter you have spent here with us at Republic Polytechnic is challenging, fruitful, memorable and exciting! As every departure is an entrance somewhere, accept life’s challenges boldly and strive to be the best. So congratulations, once again, graduates! My heartfelt well wishes to ALL! Here’s a piece of poem just for you: On Wings of Knowledge There you are in your cap and tassel Ready to make the world your castle. It seems just yesterday you were a kid, Watching everything we did. Now we’re watching you graduate-The grown young man/woman we helped create! On wings of knowledge you will fly; Following your vision and rising high. We couldn’t be prouder, DIOM graduates, of you; We wish you success in all you do. Remember one thing we want you to know: Our love is with you wherever you go. - By Joanna Fuchs Rowena Koh Programme Chair for Diploma in Industrial and Operations Management

Dear Graduating Cohort, Congratulations! You have finally come to the end of your long and rigorous education in Republic Polytechnic. This also means that you are now ready to embark on a new chapter of your life. To some it may mean that you enter the workforce directly and to others enter the army to serve your National Service. Whatever the future holds for you, always remember to view every challenge as an opportunity. Be resilient to achieve success, and to be the best that you can be, in all areas of your life. Always have in mind this mindset - Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall. All the best! Soh Lai Seng Programme Chair for Diploma in Supply Chain Management

Wishing you joy and success in your future endeavours! Philip Sng Assistant Director (Administration) Programme Chair for Common Engineering Programme


SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Diploma in Aerospace Avionics Abdul Hanan B Afandi Abhisek Rai S/O Chan Dar B R Ahmad Afzal B Mohd Kassim Ahmad Dzahir B Abdul Rahim Ahmad Firdaus B Abdul Wahab Ahmad Shahid Bin Jamari Aishah Bte Ramli Asher Dinesh S/O Selvamani Benjamin King Bernard Koh Jian Gang Chair Chee Hoe Chan Chung Cheng Chan Fan Yoong Chan Hong Guan Eric Chan Jun Siong Nicholas Chen Shiping Cheng Ze Wei (Zheng Zewei) Chiang Chang Rui Chng Shen Jie Chong Jin Hua Chua Jia Wei Chua Li Sheng Dickson Cugan S/O S Pushpanathan David Ian Rajoo Dinah Nur Anati Bte Mohyiddin Divakar Umesh Ee Zhi Rong Jeremiah Eng Rui Yun Ew32`11 Foo Han Rong Sherman Foo Qiwang Ronald Gan Seng Huat Ganesh S/O Kunasehkaran Ganeshkumar S/O Rajoo Giam Shi Xiong Derek Goh Jun Kai Goh Yao Xing Govin Raj S/O Sivapragasam Ho Wei Hao Nelson Ho Wei Thjong Norman Huang Minchang

Hwang Pey Chern Jiang Jin Hua Jordan Joshua Joshua Yip Jian En Kalenjit Singh Tara Kang Rong Sen Khairul’ain B Kamarozaman Khaleellolah B Kamal Luddin Khalid Kang B Muhammad K K Khor Guo Xiong Koh Chee Hwee Jeffery Koh Zhi Xiang Lam Jing Hong Lau Johnny Lau Ter Shen Jan Lee Jian Hui Lee Sheen Han Kevin Lee Wee Lee Willis Lee Wei Hao Colin Leong Mun Fei Kenneth Li Meng Chia Liew Chin Fong Ronnie Lim Chew Wah Lim Hong Yuan Lim Jia Jun Lim Wee Tiong Lim Yixiang Dickson Lim Yixuan Lin Huiyi Ruth Lin Jiahui Liong Yan Sin Liyakath Ali Mohd Faizel Loh Yew Khoon Samuel Louis Chen Jian Hui Low Weijuan Luah Shi Yang Luqman B As’ad Michelle Seow Mohamad Hazri B Hassan Mohamad Tarmimie B Adam Mohamed Raffi S/O Mohamed M Mohamed Rusydi B Shamon

Mohammad Fazli B Mohd Salim Mohammad Firdaus B Bakeri Mohammad Isa B Mohammad Ismail Mohammad Taufiq B Kasbolan Moo Manwen Ian Muhamad Safari B Masnor Muhammad ‘Ali B Abdul Ghani Muhammad Asraf B Amir Muhammad Azmi B Mohd Jafri Muhammad Azri B Mohd Som Muhammad Faiz B Ahmad Suhri Muhammad Faizal B Mustaffa Muhammad Farhan B Ibrahim Muhammad Faris Ijnas B F M F Muhammad Firdaus B Ishak Muhammad Firdaus B Mohamed Y Muhammad Hamdan B Mat Daud K Muhammad Iswan B Mohd Ismail Muhammad Kamil B Md Salleh Muhammad Khairudin B Baharudin Muhammad Khalid Raj S/O R Muhammad Muzammil B Mohd K Muhammad Nuh B Suhaimi Muhammad Ramdan B Ismail Muhammad Rasyidin B M M Muhammad Ridhwan B Jumat Muhammad Riduan B Sam Saimon Muhammad Sairi B Johari Muhammad Sufiyan Nurrashid Bin Abdul Mutallib Muhammad Syukri B Jumari Muhammad Taufiq B Abu Mansor Muhammad Yusuf Sahib S/O M K A Muhammad Zacky Bin Razali Muhammad Zahid Bin Haji Abdul Muhammad Zulhelmi B Hamzah Muhammad Zulhilmi Bin Wahid Neo Guan Wee Neo Jun Wei Ng Guang Feng Lionel Ng Qiong Hui Ngiam Hai Boon

Ngim Guo Xiong Nigel Ng Eng Yeow Noor Mohamad Azhar B Mohamad S Nur Azlifa Bte Mohd Yatim Nur Hidayat B Sairon Nur Kamellia Bte Othman Ong Di Ying Pt Sanjay Rashidee B Abdul Kadir Rayar Tony Victor Ryan Christopher Saranraj S/O Gove See Jie Sheng Seow Wei Liang Shahabudeen Shaik Nur Iskandar Shah B S A Shameer S/O Abdul Razak Sherman Oh Eng Siah Sia Chen Han Sim Yu Heng Siti Hawa Bte Sahrom Siti Khadijah Bte Tugiman Siti Nur’ain Bte Mohamed Yahya Sivashankar S/O Manogeran Soffian B Kosman Sri Karnita Bte Mohamed Kassim Sri Wahyuni Bte Khairozi Syazwan Hidayat B Sazali Tan Benson Tan Chun Ann Tan Chun Kiat Tan Chung Wu Tan Guan Hong Cliston Tan Jian Ming Tan Jun Wen Gabriel Tan Kaiqiang Joshua Tan Kian Kai Tan Kian Yap Jonathan Tan Peihao Tan Wei Zhe Bryan Tay Jun Han Sebastian Teng Weifen Jade

Teo Minnie Thibanraaj S/O Tharmalingam Tiffany Alice Ramalingam Toh Zi Jun Jordan Uthaya Shanker S/O Paluannan Vicneswary D/O Sutusamy Vinnodh S/O Ravindran Vishal Vaswani Wang Wei Jie Ian Wong Hui Xian Wu Wen Quan Randall Yap Wei Quan Jonathan Yeo Zhi Ting Yeoh Zhen Wei Jensen Yew Kok Hoe Young Zhi Xiang Malcolm Diploma in Biomedical Electronics Abdul Azahri Bin Sapari Abdul Fattah Bin Kadri Ahmad Ashyraf Bin Abu Hasan Aloysius Yang Yongjing Azhiem S/O Syed Ismail Benjamin Peh Kah Fai Bradley Keith Emuang Cao Xuan Chan Siew Mei Ching Weili Choo Jan Wen Justin Chua Shi Min Chua Yuheng Larry Dalvin Singh Gill Dennis Chee Han Jie Desmond Pang Khye Zhun Dinda Uffiana Bte Samad Dinesh Kumar Eddie Tan Elijah Wong Yi Zhong Eneida Tan Zhen Lin Eugene Low Yi Jun Fakhrur Razi Bin Mohd Isa Farhana Nurhida Binti Riduan

SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Faridah Bte Abdul Aziz Gabriel Tan Hang Lim Gaithiri D/O Chandra Gnin Guo Sheng Johnathan Gu Xubo Hafizah Bte Abdul Aziz Han Xi Ho Hui Keong Henry Ho Jia Jie, Shawn Ho Jiekang Ivan Ho Kai Yan Eslyn Hu Ji Qiang Isaac Jeremy Lim Yuan Feng Izzatul Shifaya Bte Md M Y Jonathan Qiu Yongli Jonathan S/O Kuruwadam K Premanathan Pillai Kalavathy Nadarajah Kausalya D/O Arasu Koh Jun Yi Lang Hu Lee Chee San Lee Huilin Nick Lee Kian Hong Lee Kok Ho (Li Guohao) Lee Wen Kok Lek Chun Liang Leow Sze Min Ler Wen Na Li Dehui Li Shuang Lim Jing Kai Lim Jing Ni Lim Kian Kei Lim Kok Wee Leonard Liu Jingyi Liu Qing Liu Yaorong Jared Lu Shijie Lui Kai Li Lv Ruilong Lv Shengnan

M B Rabiyathul Fajriya Mazuin Naz D/O Imran Shah Md.Iskandar Riduan Bin Hussin Mei Yi Xin Mo Fengling Yvonne Mohamad Sulhede B Samsudin Mohammad Helmi B Mohd Hassan Mohammad Lokman Bin Saibolbahri Mohammad Nursyam Bin Abu Samah Mohammed Farhan Bin Munthaha Muhammad Adam Bin Mohammad Sulaiman Muhammad Asyraf Bin Ab Razak Muhammad Farhan B Kamaruzaman Muhammad Farhan Bin Abu Alias Abdul Majid Muhammad Feroze B Abdul Rahman Muhammad Firdaus B Mohd Yusoff Muhammad Hairul Bin Yahya Muhammad Hanis Bin Kamis Muhammad Hazam B Suhaimi Muhammad Nizar Nasir Muhammad Syafiq Bin Mohammad Muhammad Syazwan Bin Sauwathi N Saranya Evangeline Naveen.T.Pious Ng Boon Wei Ng Han Cong, Sean Ng Jian Ming Ng Zhenhao Derek Ngan Guo Wei Nur Atiqa Bte Abd Kadir Nur Azhar Bin Suleman Nur Eliani Bte Ahmad Rashul Nur Rashiqah Binti Rahmad Nurazilah Bte Jamlan Nurhannis Bte Mahmood Nurin Ferina Binte Sufyan Nurlina Bte Roslan Nurnazreen Bte Abu Bakar Nurshafiyani Binte Mohammad Safiee Nurul Aishah Bte Zulkeffly

Nurulain Bte Hussian Ow Jing Fang Pan Qing Xi Pang Kok Hong Peng Chao Peng Ying Phyllis Mok Hui Ting Qi Bin Rabitah Bte Razali Robby Anthony S T Chandraganth Sanjay Kumar S/O Parem Chand Shankar Ganesh S/O Balakrishna Shanker S/O Ramaiah Mathialagan Sharifah Nur Amalina Bte S M K Shariffah Noor Wahidah Bte S A Sirranjeevi Chandra Siti Nur Aini Binte Norman Siti Nurhikma Binti Mohamed Said Siti Zuraidah Bunte Mohamed Yusoff So Kam Ho So Kin Wei Kenny Soh Guo Wei Sreeraj Malankad Subramaniam S/O Thirunavukarasu Sun Ke Suyani Syed Zahid B Syed Yusof A Syeikh El-Hakiim Tan Bo Shen Tan Jin Rui Eugene Tan Kay Wei Kenneth Tan Mei Ying Vanessa Tan Si Pei Amy Tan Wei Liang Nelson Tan Yiming Tan Zhi Hao Ryan Tay Cheng Hong Tee Jie Yi Vanessa Tham Kin Foong Toh Seng Huat Toh Xun Fu

Toh Yang Qi Tok Jie Ni V Balachandran Saravanan Vaishna Devi Vikramraj S/O Shanmugam Wang Conghao Wang Guohao Elvin Wang Jian Wu Mengjiao Wu Ying Ying Xin Zhu Xu Zaiqiang Yeo Cun Ye Yeo Kuan Heng Yeo Wee Kai Eugene Yeo Wei Song Zakiyah Banu Binte Hajah Mohideen Zhang Xinyue Zhang Xuehan Zhao Ying Zhou Jian Zhou Mi Diploma in Communications and Automation Electronics A H Hazeem Mohammed Abdul Aslam Bin Abdul Latiff Abu Ishak Bin Zainul Abideen Bao Hao Benjamin Joe Francis Chan Guan Xiong Chan Jin Mun, Wilson Marcus Chang Yi Rong Daryl Chee Wei Rong Chen Xinkai Chen Zheng Wei Chia Mien Koon Jerald Chitra D/O Pushpanathan Chooi Kin Fei Chua Ming Cheng Cui Renhu

D.H Dimuthu Darshana Wickramathunge Daluwathumullagamage Dilhan Jayasuriya Darren Lee Da Lun Dong Li Fat Yong Cong Feng Hui Gao Qi Gibson Chairul Gong Ningmei H. Charith Darshana De Silva Han Kaisi Han Xinling Hewa Fonsekage Uditha Ishantha Fonseka Hidayat Bin Mohamed Yasin Hong Yanzhong Hou Jiang Wei Houborui Htoo Aung Thant Huang Baofa Hui Wenxuan Jeremy Ili Mahirah Binte Ishak Jiang Lang Khor Erl Sian Koh Yok How Kok Pei Wen Kuah Huo Qiang Kumara Viknesh S/O Sankunathan Kumaran S O Sandararajan Kyaw Lin Tun Lam Rui Quan Latifah Binte Ja’apar Lee Boon Shin Lee Chen Wei Lee Kai Loong Louis Lee Song Wei Lee Xiao Ping Lee Yeong Siang, Freddy (Li Yongxiang) Lee Ying Ying


SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Leong Yin Jun Winnie Leow Xian Shan Ivan Li Dong Na Li Helei Li Jiyan Li Xiaohan Lim Jian Hong Lim Kaibin Lim Su Mei, Kelly Lim Woon Loong Lim Zi Gui Johnson Liu Han Tao Liu Jie Liu Zhonghan Luo Teng Lydia Bte Abd Karem Maha Sarukkalige Gehan Kaushal Priyadharsana Makevitage Rameesha Surani Perera Mansur B Abdul Raheem Marni Bte Abdullah Mei Han Min Aung Myat Maw Muhamad Shahlihin Bin Said Muhammad Abdillah Bin Haji Salleh Muhammad Ashraf Bin Abdul Aziz Muhammad Khalis Bin Emran Muhammad Nidzam Bin Mohamed Zin Muhammad Nur Iskandar Bin Abdul Rahman Muhammad Shazwan Bin Suhaime Muhammad Syafiq Bin Sharif Myat Sandi Oo Nan Sue Kham Ng Wei Quan Ng Xiu Qi Ng Yong Han, Nevil Nicholas See Yujun Noor Ali Faizal B Mohamed Noor Ridzuan Bin Roslan Nur Farlyana Bte Johari Nur Fazliah Bte Md Ali

Nurain Bte Mohd Rashid Nurul Ashikin Binte Mohamed Noor Nurul Nashreena Binte Zulkiffli Oi Wei Qiang Doel Omar Mukthar Ong Jian Shu Ong Mao Lin Nicholas Ong Xiuyu Tracy Raveenthirakumar Nigilan Sai Pyay Aung Sathiyaraj S/O Dorairajoo Seah Shi Kai, Benjamin See Wei Hao Shao Qi Song Weixiang Su Zijie Sun Qinliang Suriani Alisya Pua Syamil Mirza Bin Zainal Abidin Syed Omar Muhdhar Bin Syed Osman Tan Bee Woon Amy Tan Choon Leng Tan Jia Wei Tan Song Hui Tan Tse Jiat Tan Weihao Marvin Tan Yang Xi Tang Siting Tay Chor Peng (Zheng Chuping) Teh Pei Qin Joanne Teo Weijian Tham Shu Wen Tham Yi Mei Toh Jun Teng Vasenth S/O Shahnti Kumar Visagaperumal Saseeharan Wang Huili Wang Lu Wang Xuan Wee Boon Leng Nicholas Welikannage Vishara Wijesekara Wu Bo

Xu Hao Yak Wen Jie Yang Yuanchen Yap Yee Min Ye Yu Yeo Zheng Guang Yow Jacqueline Yu Luge Zeng Xinglin Zhang Guoxing Zhang Qian Zhang Qiong Zhang Shuang Zhao Guan Chao Zhao Min Long Zhu Can Zulkifli Bin Mohd Senen Diploma in Industrial and Operations Management Allan Tan Jia Wen Alvin Choo Sin Pang Ang Li Loon Benjamin Camilia Toh Jiahui Chang Hui Ling Chen Chen Chen Huanglong Chen Jia Ni Chen Jing Chen Zhu Chia Meifang Chia Zerling Chiu Peidong Chng Kai Wou Chong Liang Zhi Choo Wei Wen Patrick Chua Hui Xian Chua Klice Chua Shan Shan Chua Wanglong Chua Xin Juan Joanne Chye Ying Ching Fiona

Dai Wei Deng Yue Dillon Lim Yi Ren Du Wen Eileen Kay Teng Teng Fang Yuan Feng Wei Fione Chua Xin Ni Grayce Chew Tian Tian Gu Junhao Han Ying Hu Jinjie Hung Hsu-Cheng Ivan Toh Zi Gui Jacky Jeksen Ji Yuli Jiang Cheng Cheng Jiang Yi Jing Ran Kee Teck Wei Koh Chin Boon Cavan Koh Kai Bing Kok Hui Qi Kyaw Zin Htun Lai Qingliang Lee Si Qiang Leong Yoke Yu Leow Wai Kiat Li He Li Lijian Li Qiannan Li Yicheng Li Zhaoying Liau Zhu Bei Liew Yun Jia Lim Ho Ren Lim Jian Zhong Derrick Lin Chen Lin Peina Lin Yanting Liu Dinghao

Liu Hangyu Liu Huan Liu Qian Liu Wei Loh Yong Hock Solomon Ma Lei Ma Xinyi Ma Yuan Mandy Low Ming Li Mery Mohd Dzuleqhmal Muhammad Azim B Missuan Muhammad Danial B Rahmat Muhammad Fadhlin B Osman Muhammad Farhan B Khaeri Muhammad Hafiz Ramlan B Mohd R Narayanasamy Vigneshwari Neo Jun Ting Cerlyn Ng Sok Hwai Nguyen Phuong Dong Nor Amin Bin Abdul Rashid Nur Iman B Salim Nurul Fiqqah Bte Zainal Ong Bee Hong Ong Wei Sheng Christopher Ong Wu Sheng Ong Xin Yi Ong Zi Qi Ouyang Yue Pan Ruihua Pau Yin Wa Peh Jia Yu Pei Wenlong Priscilla Shin Hui Qi Lin Qi Yukai Quak Jun Yi Rubendran Gunasekaran Selin Khoo Xin Hua Shafiqa Bte Safiee Shirley Venessa Sin Ye Woon

SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Siti Hajar Bte Mohddan Soh Fang Yi Soh Kai De Kaiser Song Chunhui Song Dan Mei Sun Feng Swe Zin Moe Syahirah Bte Mohammad Rouse Tan Bingbing Tan Kai Siang Robin Tan Kok Liang Tan Ru Lan Tan Siew Kee Tan Weida Raymond Tan Yang Ting Tee Hui Khim Teo Xin Rou Tian Hao Toh Lay Min Vanessa Toh Li Ting Wang Ji Wang Meng Wang Xiao Li Wei Dujuan Wei Fang Wong Yuan Wen Lindsey Wu Ping Han Wu Yao Xie Xuan Xin Xin Yan Ling Yang Chaojun Yang Shuo Yang Yang Yap Sin Hwee Ye Xiaoxiao Yi Fang Kun Yin Yanwen Yuan Bolong Zeng Lu Zhai Wenting Zhang Bingao

Zhang Jia-Rong Zhang Lu Zhang Qian Zhang Shilin Zhang Tao Zhang Wei Zhang Xiao Zhang Zhixin Zheng Jun Fang Zhou Ji Zhou Yi Zhuang Yuheng Ivan Zhuo Jinxiang Diploma in Micro and Nanotechnology Abdul Hakim B Slamat Adelyn Tan Yan Ru Aizat B Mohamed Sidik Alfonso Tan Hou Zhi Andy Ong Yijie Belinda Chng Peiyun Benedict Mah Chi Lam Benjamin Tay Wee Yang Chan Siang Wee Henry Cheng Mei Ting Chin Shan Loong Chong Ji Shen Chong Tim Siong Chua Timothy David Chye Wei Feng Dominic S/O Sankar Dass Eileen Goh Jin Ying Ganesh S/O Murusamy Heng Sok Teng Heng Wei Xiong Daniel Ho Sheng Xian Nicholas Bryan Hoo Quan Hui Hu Hailing Joshua Chu Zhong Ying Kelvin Wong Ding Jie Kho Li Cheng Koh Teng Sian

Lai Wai Teng Lai Yuan Weng Lee Choon Long Marcus Lee Junlong Lee Wai Leong Samuel Li Siqi Liang Zhenkang Max Lim Bei Yun Patricia Lim Dao Qing Lim Hsien Yew Lee Jee Kiat Lim Kah Yoong Lim Yi Hui Low Zhan Yuan Lum Jun Ming Esmond Mohammad Shahril B Jumaat Muhammad Irsyad B Abdul Kader Muhammad Ozalis B Omar Muhammad Yusof Bin Abu Bakar Ng Jun Heng Ng Wee Kiat Ng Yong Sheng Ng Yu Ning Ngo Hway Hou Nur Atiqah Bte Abdul Rahman Nur Farhana Bte Ishak Queck Siwei Paul Ryan Sim Ser Cher Meng Sim Chin Kiat Frederick Sng Kang Rui Darryl Soh Cong Rong Soh Li Seng Lionel Syed Ibrahim Shah B Jajahan Tai Zheng Wen Tan Guan Ling Gwendolyn Tan Huirong Mabel Tan Joo Ee Tan Si Jie Tan Teck Hock Axel Tan Yi Ning Michelle Tay Ding Long

Tay Han Quan Edmund Teo Chang Kwan Teo Su Ling Tham Chee Hang Colin Wahyudi Yu Kenneth Diploma in Supply Chain Management Alicia Ong Pei Yi Andy Tan Chun Hong Bock Siying Jasmine Cai Wanqing Delia Cha Yen Chin Chan Khum Luen Jerald Chan Li Hui Phoebe Venetia Chan Pei Wen Chen Liqin Kenneth Cheng Ling Qian Chew Ximei Chia Chai Ming Nicholas Chng Lay Meng Chong Li Min Choy Jing Wen Chua Jia Yun Chua Wei Ning Jacqueline Chua Yuh Hang Debby Theresia Tjoandi Eng Cheng Xi Kelvin Er Bing Ling Eugene Koh Aik Yang Eunice Joy Chen Genevieve Tan Cheng Yen (Chen Qingyan) Goh Geok Choo Greg Pan Jiawei Hashimah Bte Hati Hia Shu Ping Hing Yi Qian Hoong Seng Weng Hou Xinyi Jaishree Joleyn D/O Mukundhan Jasmin Tan

Jia Chi Kek Yuan Xiang Ker Jian Min Daniel Kevin Chang Jian Hern Khairul Arifin B Rohaizan Khoo Guan Loong, Kingston Ko Jing Kang Koh Jun Hao Koh Sze Min Jessica Kok Ying Ru Koo Yu Ling Lam Soon Guan Lee Boon Loong Terence Lee Chin Yee Lee Guo Rong Lee Hung Ee Lee Jia Jia Lee Jian Long Lee Mei Jiao Lee Mei Ying Lee Seok Eng Lee Su Ling Lee Ting Hui Lee Wei Jie Lee Yin Yi Lerh Lay Choo Li Huiling Li Yang Lieow Feng Ting Trina Lim Jia Lei Lim Jun Xian Lim Li Na Lim Sin Ying Lim Xi Boon Lim Yan Qing Amanda Lim Yu Xin Lin Zhiying Amileen Lo Boon How Kelvin Loh Zi Ming Lorraine Chew Luo Lin Low Sihua Felicia Lum Peck Yee


SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING Mas Riyanti Bte Mohd Yusof Mohamad Najib B Mohamad Johari Muhammad Fasuni Bin Zainal Muhammad Katsiiran B Mohamad M Muhammad Nur Sadiq Bin Muzakir Muhammad Zulfadhil B Md Noor Munesh S/O Naresh Thadani Namira Bte Dahlan Natalie Lim Jiang Cen Neo Kang Wei Ng Chin Loong, Daniel Malvyn Ng Hwee Sian Michelle Niam Chao Hui Nor Farah Bte Hishamuddin Shah Nur Jazzylla Bte Norazam Nur Rasyidah Sapon Bte Rosli Nurliyana Bte Abdul Latiff Ong Wee Keong Ong Wei Ting Ong Wilson Ong Xue Fang Jeanice Ong Yu Jing Ophelia Lim Geok San Peh Pei Yi Poh Gek Khee Jacintha Regina Chua Shimin Rosmainy Bte Buang Seah Shu Lin Jenny See Ruyu Shi Yanyu Sivanasen S/O Manoharan Soh Mabel Song Jiada Gabriel Stephen Ng Kok Leong Tan Chuan Ming Louis Tan Chuen Siang Desmond Tan Hian Yang Tan Leong Hock Sebastian Tan Mei Fen Dilys Tan Shi Min Tan Si Ling Tan Wenxian Daniel

Tang Eng Sin Tang Yijun Bennett Owen Tay Han Jun Geraldine Teo De Fang Shannon Perry Teo Sok Teng Karen Toh Yan Qin Tsao Wen Liang Nigel Tso Chin Ho Veron Ng Shu Fen Vivian Lwa Wan Zhen Wee Wei Sheng Joseph Wong Yong Yong Xiao Wenna Winna Xie Mingda Ian Xing Chengxian Albert Yap Rongkun Joshua Yap Zi Qi Yeo Hui Ting Serene Yeo Song Ren Yeo Wei Jin Eugene Zhang Xin Zhou Xueying Joen


Dear Graduands, Congratulations to you. My message is short. Find your ambition, start with what you have interest in. The people that matter are those who are seated right next to you. They are your future network, colleagues, friends, potential bosses and benefactors. Wish them Happy Birthday yearly with a card or a call. When you need assistance and you call them, they will remember you. There is no small task whenever you are called upon to do something. Do it like it is the most important job you will undertake. You are constantly being assessed. The world is small, you never know who will be saying good things about you or asking for a reference about you. Be nice, polite, friendly and professional at all times. Your current job is as good as your last or final job. You only have one chance to make a good impression and a difference. You are our ambassador; of Republic Polytechnic and your school. What you say and do reflect on you as a person, us as an organisation and your school as an institution, a nurturing ground. Your future is what you make it out to be. I wish you all the best.



I’ve enjoyed being RP as I have conquered many challenges here. With the change of class in RP, I met a lot of different friends who have helped me along my learning journey and hence widened my social circle. I am glad that I got into DCRSM as the modules have improved my language, presentation and thinking skills. These skills have helped me achieved a Diploma in Merit Award with a Module Award in Market Sensing and Intelligence. I also feel honored to be one of the two representatives for the Year 2008 Beijing Olympics Games. It was a golden opportunity and I thank RP for giving me this chance to gain a valuable overseas experience. I am contented to have studied at RP as it has allowed me to gain knowledge, hone my leadership skills and improve my social skills. With these, I strive to be a valuable asset to the growing service industry after graduation.

Weijie Diploma in CustomER Relationship and Service Management




Problem-based Learning has benefited me greatly and shaped me to become a leader with effective communication and problem-solving skills. I was awarded the Singapore Tourism Board Scholarship. This scholarship served as an encouragement for me to strive on and be a high achiever in life. I was conferred the Diploma award for the Diploma in Integrated Events Management in recognition of my outstanding academic achievement. “Right attitude”, “self-discipline” and most importantly “faithful beliefs” are key elements that motivate me. I am the team captain of Republic Polytechnic’s Badminton IG, and have participated in many different competitions. In Glitz 2008, I achieved the Meritorious Sports Excellence Award. I am also the President of JIVE IG and together with my management committee, we’ve led JIVE in achieving outstanding awards such as the SLA Best Booth 2008 and Champion for Pushcart Challenge 2008. The sense of satisfaction is overwhelming and I have always felt proud to be part of the JIVE family! Throughout my three years in RP, I have met great people. I want to thank them for being great advisors, mentors and friends. Their guidance have definitely benefited me and impacted me very positively.

Zhi Hong Diploma Integrated Events Management






SOH HIGHLIGHTS European Union (EU) Film Festival Eleven School of Hospitality (SOH) students had this rare opportunity to take part in this event that was held on 7 May 2009 at Vivo City and 8 May 2009 at the Asian Civilization Museum (ACM). This collaboration was a spinoff from a Final Year Project (FYP) that was being held in partnership with EU. The objective of the project was to increase the awareness of the European Union to the youths through events and various publicity mechanisms. The students were involved as customer relations officers and were tasked with ushering the European Delegates to their reception area, navigating human traffic and answering queries from the guests that primarily consisted of Ministers, Ambassadors, Diplomats and other foreign dignitaries. It was an amazing eye-opener for the students to be in a venue with the VIP guests. SOH First Overseas Study Trip This was the first inaugural student overseas trip by SOH and students from DIEM were privileged to experience this trailblazing moment. For many of the students, it was chance of a lifetime to travel in an A380 flight to and from Sydney. They visited attractions like Sydney Opera House, Featherdale Wildlife Park, Manly Beach, Bondi Beach, Chinatown, Sydney Aquarium, Sydney Tower and Blue Mountains. Every night, they had to complete the worksheets on the attractions visited and update their travel blogs. As students, being able to go on this study trip has been insightful and beneficial and it has definitely widened and broadened their knowledge of the tourism and hospitality industry. They were able to examine the impact of tourism on Sydney and compare their observations with Singapore’s hospitality and tourism industry. Many of them now appreciate the role of our government in developing and sustaining Singapore’s tourism competitiveness. F1 Focus - Fast Forward with F1 Leveraging on the success of last year’s F1 collaboration between Meritus Mandarin Hotel and Diploma in Customer Relationship and Service Management (DCRSM), both DCRSM and Diploma in Hotel and Hospitality Management (DHHM) teamed up and took on F1 with more vigour this year. This initiative led to joint collaborations between School of Hospitality (SOH) and not just one but four prestigious hotels, namely Meritus Mandarin, Hilton, Ritz Carlton and Fairmont. The event took place between 25 and 27 September 2009. About 180 students from the three SOH diplomas (DCRSM, DHHM and DIEM) were selected to be involved in this year’s F1 event. The rigorous selection process included an interview by SOH staff followed by a final selection by the hotels themselves. All hotels provided the necessary training for the 180 students prior to the F1 event. While most of the students were stationed at the actual F1 venue, others were at the hotels assisting with the Rooms Division and F1-related banquets and functions.

SOH STAFF WELL-WISHES Dear students, I congratulate all of you. You have graduated! The three years as a student of School of Hospitality must have brought you lots of memories - the daily class presentations, SIWW, Clean and Green Singapore event, final year projects and many more. I am sure you have learnt so much more than you have imagined and I encourage you to continue learning as you step out of RP. This is the parting poem written by Joanna Fuchs that I would like to share with you: Always Be A Student Keep on learning, all DIEM graduates of 2010, Though your graduation’s done; Your whole life’s an education That has only just begun. Your diploma is the first big step, For knowledge is the special key To winning what you want in life And being who you want to be. If you’ ll always be a student, You’ ll find the secrets to success And travel on the golden road To peace and happiness. By Joanna Fuchs Well done, my DIEM students! Yuin Ling ONG Covering Programme Chair for Diploma in Integrated Events Management In a blink of the eye, I see you have evolved. In this insurmountable journey, Allowing me to see your achievements through your grit and restlessness, You do appear fine and deeper than I thought Mandy Low Senior Academic Staff

To the graduating batch of 2009: You now step into a world of possibilities Where every decision is based on sense and sensibilities; To be gainfully employed or to further one’s degree One needs to set certain priorities. Behold the person who dares to dream For a silver lining is what it seems; There will be doors waiting to be opened Your keys will unlock the uncertain. At times it may seem a mountain too high Be patient for soon it will be your time; Would it be me? Would it be now? Have you asked the why and the how? The harvest comes in different seasons To each and every one a myriad of reasons; Go now, my children, and awaken the dawn, For when you return, a smile is born. Aaron Tham Academic Staff To the graduating batch, Congratulations, as you are now able to step forward to the next stage of your life. While the memories and friendships fostered stay with you, continue to look towards the bright future waiting for you. Youth is your greatest asset, so do not hesitate to explore the impossible and reach for the unreachable. No matter what you do, do well, but do not lose the passion within you that is gearing you forward. Here’s wishing you happiness always in your future endeavours!! Stacey Lee JIVE IG Advisor


SOH STUDENT MESSAGES For all the times that I have spent in SOH, I have never once regretted my decision to become a part of it. All the GEMs workshops and the F1 attachments as well as the lessons learnt in and out of class will all stay engraved in my memories. To the facilitators, thank you for all the meaningful educational and life lessons. There is nothing more precious you could have imparted us with. To friends and peers I have had the pleasure of being acquainted with, thank you for making the whole experience in RP memorable in every way. To us, may we succeed in whatever endeavours we face, just like true Republicans! Eka Nur Fitri Bte Mohd Isa, DCRSM Three years have passed in a blink of the eye and it is time to bid farewell. Thank you for the memories, be it good or bad. For I know, through every single thing, it allows me to learn something out of it and grow, and it helps me to be prepared for what is ahead for me in the near future. I will always remember the memories and the lessons that I’ve learnt. Tay Mei Ting Elaine, DCRSM I would like to thank SOH for putting in their best effort for me to get a good diploma that will be recognised by society. On top of that I would like to say a BIG thank you to all the facilitators that has come my way. You guys have imparted knowledge into me. I hope the good legacy of SOH will continue and the school will get better each year. Tham Tuck Wah, DCRSM

Upon graduating, there are bound to be mixed feelings in us because we will soon be leaving a place that we have been spent time in for the past three years. Many do not know what awaits us in the future but we know who has been with us through these three years to make us who we are right now. So I will like to take this opportunity to thank all who has been my classmates, my FYP team mates and all the facilitators who have been there for me all along. You guys gave me strength and support to move on to the next phase of my life. I thank you for all the time that you guys have spent to accompany me through this period. All the best to you guys, keep smiling always. :) Koh Wan Ling Eileen, DCRSM My stay in Republic Polytechnic has indeed brought a difference into my life. It is unbelievable how three years just passed by and the time is finally here. I would like to thank each and everyone who have gone through this journey with me and made a great impression in my life. Noor Fazillah Bte Akhbarali, DCRSM

SOH STUDENT MESSAGES Three years in Republic Poly have passed and I can strongly say that I have not regretted coming into this school. The school and facilitators had given me many opportunities to the students to develop ourselves. The F1 race, GEMS, class outdoor learning trips are experiences that I would never forget and the three years in SOH had indeed been very enriching for me. Even after graduating, I would love to be part of the SOH alumni and also to contribute back to the school in other ways. Sia Cindy, DCRSM Now it seems that we are near the end But no... Think again! This end will be a new beginning for everyone. Remembering the laughter that we shared, whether in class or during events It will help us carry on in our journeys ahead. A great pleasure to know you all, you have made my life in RP a great phase to look back on. Each of us is a star Let’s continue to strive forward and shine with brilliance. Liang Sihui, Year 3 DIEM

All the best to the graduating batch of students in whatever endeavours you may undertake in the future. The road may be a long one ahead but if you carry the right mindset and attitude, everything will be fine and more opportunities will be made available. Christopher Ignatious Barley, DIEM Congratulations to all my fellow classmates, DIEM course mates and friends in RP. The past three years may seem short to some or long to others, but it has definitely helped me gain many new skills, knowledge and countless memorable experiences locally and overseas. May this Diploma open up many doors of opportunities and great success for everyone. Treasure every single moment and do not regret any decision made. To a happy ending and a new beginning! Owen Tan Jun Liang, DIEM

Being in Republic Polytechnic, School of Hospitality, is the best thing that could happen to me. This is where I have gained invaluable knowledge on events managing and got the opportunities to organise real life events. I will definitely miss the school, the mentors, the food, friends and all the unforgettable experiences. I would like to wish all the graduates all the best in life. Graduation is not an end, it is the beginning of another chapter of our lives. Oh Zhi Hong, DIEM


SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY Diploma in Customer Relationship and Service Management Aaron Philip Ang Yu Hui Vanessa Arupatha Raju Rachel Karen Azhmeera Shasha Jan Bte Mohd S Bavahni D/O Rajenthiren Beulah Jennifer D/O Silvarajoo Brenda Phang Qiwen Chee Hui Ping Linette Chen Yanxing Mindy Chew Jiao Hui Chia Kim Geok Chng Cui Ling Chng Kai Yan Chong Hui Zhuang Chong Shoufang Christina Tan Si Ting Chu Sin Yi Chua Jia Qiang Clement Edith Tan Yi Hui Eka Nur Fitri Bte Mohd Isa Fairuza Bte Abdul Hamid Gan Siew Zi Goh Pei Xia Valerie Han Xiuni Sheena Hannah Wong Jie Zhen Ho Tina Huang Zhong Yu Irene Loy Li Qing Juliana Chee Siew Ying Kang Seng Wei Raphael (Jiang Shengwei) Ke Yingyin Khairunnisa Rasno Koh Huiling Koh Wan Ling Eileen Kwek Linhui Lee Han Wei Lee Jin Man Lee Mcmillan Lee Mei Ling Shirley

Lee Min Hui Lee Shi Min Sharon Lee Shi Yun (Li Shiyun) Lee Weijie Leong Li Wei Chrystal Lian Shiping Lim Ah Hwee Lim En Hao Leonard Lim Jin Yi Shenny Lim Lee Shi Jessie Lim Meow Leng Lim Seok Hui Lina Khairiana Bte Kamal Lisa Ng Liu Chin Hsin Long Zhelin Jerlyn Low Yi Yin Melissa Lee Jie Wei Monisha Abby Dorai Muhammad Adli Bin Roslan Muhammad Faizal B Mohamed Rashid Muhammad Syafiq B Sapari Ng Hui Shan Ng Ling Hwee Ng Shu Xian Ng Si Wing Claire Ng Wan Leng Ng Xue Ting Corene Noor Aqilah Bte Abdul Malik Noor Fazillah Bte Akhbarali Nor Adilah Bte Jumani Norhamilah Bte Hashim Nur Efydayana Bte Aditijawarman Nur Farahhin Bte Paing Nur Idayu Bte Supdoo Nur Liyana Bte Md Yusoof Nur Shahira Bte Borhan Nur Syazwani Bte Supardi Nur’aininadiah Bte Suhaidi Nurul Aisyah Bte Kushairi Nurul Hasanah Bte Mohd Noh

Nurul Iwani Bte Ismail Nurul Jannah Bte Mohamed Ariff Ong Guoquan Jessearriza Ferreira Ong Yue Ting Pamela Ng Meiqi Peck Sin Lee Poh Peggy Puah Jia Le Geraldine Qu Yuting Ridwan Azmi Chong Bin Alif Chong Rowena Chan S Deviga Sandra Lee Ting Santhiya Ravindran Sarah Chan Shi Min See Jin Ren Kenny See Pui Quan Shalini D/O Vickraman Sia Sin Yee Cindy Siti Nurhidayah Binte Sapri Sitti Hajar Bte Md Zulkiflee A Sybil Choh Sen Yan Tan Chye Huat Tan Joyin Tan Pee Yean Tan Yan Jun Andrea Tang Hui Yi Lorraine Tasneem D/O Imran Tay Chee Heng Tay Jun Ming Tay Mei Ting Elaine Tay Xin Hong Sabrina Tay Yue Rong Jeanice Tay Zhizhong Teo Kwee Ching Allynn Teo Wei Ling Ivy Tham Tuck Wah Toh Wan Ting Cheryl Wong Bing Yang Wong Fangfang Wong Grace Woo Fangwen

Wu Xueli Yap Yan Lin Nelly Zarifah Bte Zulkifli Zarina Bte Abdul Rahman Zhang Kangwei Diploma in Integrated Events Management Aina Filza Bte Abdullah Alanmanda Chen Zhiyu Alifiya Saifudin Zakir Ang Xin Yan Annabelle Lee Hui Bing Bambang Suryadi Bin Mohamed Razib Bryan Quek Yang Xiong Cedric Yap Kun Hao Celine Chua Sue-E Chan Ka Yan Grace Chan Yew Teck Jared Jerome Cheryl Choe Tze Chien Cheryl Lim Jian Feng Choo Xue Li Rina Choy Carrie Christopher Ignatious Barley Chua Pei Jun Chua Yong Ling Stanley Dai Jialiang Dalinah Bte Lattif Esther Tan Mian Hui Eunice Png Jiamin Evelyn Chang Yilian Evelyn Chung Yi Ting Farah Sabrina Binte Jamal Felicia Chia Pei Shan Han Yuhui Ho Chong Poh Hong Qiuyun Huang Junhong Sean Huang Junwen Jonathan Huang Yaping Huang Zihao Ida Lim Shun Xuan

Jasvinder Kaur Johnson Tai Kwong Weng Kee Wan Ting Kew Chin Yong Khairun Nabilah Bte Ahmad Akhia Khoo Khee Ying Sharmaine Khoo Wei Yu Gary Kuah Yun Jun Leisha Kwok Ka Man Laura Ann Netto Lee Guan Cheng Lee Huan Jing Matilda Lee Hui Wen Lee Qi Jun Ronald Lee Wee Cheng Geraldine Lee Yi Han Leok Wei Ting Denise Leonard Ryan Lim Li Yutong Liang Sihui Lim Chun Mei Joanne Lim Eileen Lim Lin Jia Lim Si Hui Lim Toh Hern Jan Lim Wan Ru, Michelle Lim Xue Jun Lim Yi Chai Stacey Lin Jianquan Lin Jiaxin Joyce Lin Siyu Esther Loh Yu Wen Loi Jiun Ming Loi Kean Loon Marcus Looi Moxi Lor Ken Weei Lou Tze Ing Low Hui Ling Rachel Low Shu Mei Queenie Mabel Wang Ziqi Maryam Bte Abdul Khir Melissa Lee Chwee Wei

SCHOOL OF HOSPITALITY Melissa Ong Miao Xian Mohamed Imran Abdul Careem Mohammad Saiful Bin Kassim Muhammad Asrizal B Anuar Muhammad Fazli B Mohamed Kefli Muhammad Najib B Abdul Rahman Muhammad Nuramin B Abdul R Muhammad Tajuddin B Ab Khalim Muhammad Zuhairi B Wahid Ng Bo Xiang Ng Geok Luan Ng Shi Ting Stephanie Ng Wan-I Valerie Norziana Hanim Bte Shaharudin Nur Afifah Bte M Ali Z S Nur Ayn Binte Sazali Nur Liyana Binte Abdul Kadir Nur Syarina Bte Shaari Nur’ain Bte Ahmad Ebrahim Nurhayati Bte Anuar Nurul Hazwani Bte Su’aidi Nurulhuda B Mohamed Hanapiah Oh Zhi Hong Ong See Min Owen Tan Jun Liang Pow Xinya Shilesse Qairil Fahri B Sapari Quek Hui Ying Marilyn Rabiah Bte Ebrahim Angalia Rashidah Begum Bte Mohamed M M Revathi D/O Chandra Mohanan Samuel Chua Kai En Seah Soh Chen Sim Gina Siti Nafisa Bte Mohd Daud Siti Zawiyah Bte Razali Siti Zulaiha Bte Ismail Soo Hwee Pin Tan Jojo Tan Li Zhen Tan Mei Qin Tan Si Ying

Tay Yichun Ten Nian Xiang Majella Teo Hui Ying Cheryl Teo Kia Hao Tho Li Shi Timmers Mitchell Shawn Titima Sanoo Toh Sheng Yong Toh Yu Fen Vivian Vivien Cai Xinni Wan Mei Qi Wang Meiyu Valerie Wee Lan Peng Mishuelle Wong Bingyan Wong Wei Chuen Colin Wong Wei Lin Stefanie Xu Yuen Kee Yang Baolin Yvonne Yeo Keh Han Joel Yeo Wen Jing Andrea Yew Yu Yang Yew Zheng Ying (You Zhengying) Yip Wei Shan Zoey Choo Le Ling



This year marks another milestone for the School of Information and Communications Technology. Our first batch of graduates from the Diploma in Interactive and Digital Media will join the graduating cohorts from the other four diplomas, namely Diploma in Information Technology, Diploma in Business Applications, Diploma in Business Information Systems and Diploma in IT Service Management. Over the past year, the school has been working hard to provide opportunities for students to experience and participate in a wide range of activities. The overseas trips to countries such as India, China and Vietnam, the visits to global IT companies, the industry workshops and events all provide the exposure and opportunities for our students to interact with industry and international communities. Among the graduating cohort, a good number of students had participated in the industry attachment programme. The feedback from both students and our industry partners were very positive with some of the students receiving job offers from the attachment companies even before they completed their studies at RP. The previous 2009 graduating class has done well with more than 10% of the graduating cohort continuing on immediately to further studies at the three local universities as well as overseas universities. Our first two pioneer students on the accelerated Monash Advanced Pathway Programme have just graduated from Monash University, both with extremely good results. This year, the second batch of students on this Advanced Pathway Programme will be leaving for Australia to further their studies at Monash University very shortly after graduation. On behalf of the school, I would like to congratulate the graduating class of 2010 on your achievements. Over the three years, you have persevered in your studies at RP, stood up to challenges posed inside and outside the classroom, overcome personal obstacles and learnt to work independently and as well as in teams. You have made use of the chances to learn and discovered your own strengths and capabilities. As you move on to the next phase of your journey; be it embarking on your career, continuing with further studies or going through National Service, I hope that you will carry on with the same perseverance and will seize the opportunities that come your way. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.



I love IT because it enables people. In RP, I have managed to achieve knowledge, not only just IT knowledge, but the knowledge to learn. The essential skill of learning is something not everyone can teach you. However, RP has taught me how to learn, how to be independent and valuableable skills of critical thinking and managing people. RP has also taught me to approach matters with multiple views and to always question. Questioning is something I have never stopped doing. It has broadened my mind, and has also enabled me to gain vast knowledge of the world. RP was a stepping stone in my adult life and adventure. Let it be yours. Have a fruitful and enriching future.

Luqman Diploma in Information Technology



When I was first introduced to the PBL system, I was sceptical towards this learning methodology. However, after enrolling into RP and experiencing PBL in every single class for three years, my view towards PBL has definitely changed. Unlike the normal school system whereby new knowledge is absorbed during lectures, RP promotes a more flexible learning approach. It allows students to have the freedom to grasp new concepts in a way most suitable and easiest for them to understand. Students can choose to present, draw or even act during the final meeting to illustrate their learning outcome of the day. This makes their learning process more interesting. I feel that PBL meets my study needs well and RP has given me a chance to prove my capabilities academically and get me to where I am today.

Hui Min Diploma in Business Applications










SIT STAFF WELL-WISHES Congratulations to the graduating class of 2010 for achieving this milestone in your lives. It’s been a pleasure accompanying you on this segment of your learning journey and I am hopeful our paths will meet again. With everything you have achieved in your time here, there isn’t anything that you cannot do, and I look forward to reading about your future successes. Rahim Low Academic Staff To my Day 2 and Day 4 students of C327 from Semester 1, 2009 – I was glad to have been given such a noisy, naughty and hardworking group of students (you know who you are!) All of you were an inspiration and motivation to me to make my classes more challenging and enjoyable. Now that you will be leaving us to embark on a more exciting journey, I wish you all the best. I have faith and pride in knowing that our graduating DIT students will do well. All the best! Seeneth Hanifa Manager (Administration) To all of you whom I have facilitated in C365 and C367 – you have been a wonderful bunch of kids. I have enjoyed every single moment with you, and I hope you continue to put in your best when you step out of RP. Never belittle yourself and continue to paint your future with bright and bold colours, we are proud of your achievements. Keep in touch.

Life is like MSN, you will never have enough. Life is like Facebook, you will find many surprises. Life is like Twitter, you will never know who is following you. Life is full of Google, there are so much to learn. Be it MSN, Facebook, Twitter or Google, let’s keep in touch. Lee Yow Jinn Programme Chair for Diploma in Business Information System It is most satisfying to see all of you successfully graduating after years of hard work at RP. This is only the start of a bright beginning for most of you as you venture forth into another aspect of your life. I hope the PBL way and some of the best practices from your facilitators will be useful in your future career. Do stay in touch with RP and contribute back to your alumni whenever possible. Felix Lee Programme Chair for Diploma in Information Technology

Soon Yoong Kit Senior Academic Staff


SIT STUDENT MESSAGES I would like to thank all the facilitators and staff in RP who have helped mould my mind. Without which I would not have been able to succeed in many of the challenges I face in life. But most of all, I would like to thank the school for helping me grow as an individual by providing me with abundant opportunities to test myself and understand where and who I want to be at the end of the day.

A million thanks to all the facilitators and their wise advice given! Hope RP will continue to grow and develop in the education industry. Vicent Chua Koon Siong, DBA

Shakir Hozefa Shabbir, DIT A great thanks to wonderful SIT facilitators who leaves impressive footprints on me: Sharon Tan, Mr Soon, Lu hongwei, Melani Jay, Ngiam Kee Jang, Jolene Chiam. Love to all the friends I have met throughout the three years especially Yan JunJie. Hopefully, we will still be able to sustain all our precious friendship with one another after graduation. To all RP-cian, continue to make your mark with a difference! =) Toh Qin Zhi, DBC RP has done a lot for me during the three years of my life here. I will definitely miss my friends and the environment, but I will never miss the school, because I can come visit anytime I want! Muhammad Hafiz Bin Daroji, DIDM

First of all, I would like to thank Hanafi chuck bass for giving me the support and courage all along.. Thanks for making me believe that nothing is impossible if we believe in ourselves. To my beloved B-face girlfriends and Muhd Welmen: Thanks for making me feel that there are still such good friends like you guys in this world. Thanks for helping me throughout the semesters. Stay bagalapz and dundun always. All the best for the future and may we remain friends forever. To our Mommy, Faci Rebecca Ngee, our business finance Faci: Thanks for all the patience and the Milo tins experience that you gave us. May all of us achieve our goals in the future. Fatheen Nabeela Binte Abu Bakar, DBA Great and fun learning experience throughout my learning journey in RP =) To all Faci... Thanks for all the patience, knowledge and skills that you have delivered to us. To all Frex and Class/IG/RPmates... It was most enjoyable and exciting with all the events and activities that we have gone through together, especially the support and help that I have received from you throughout various projects. Really thank you to you all! =) =) =) Kang Gui Ling, DBC

Hi all people who know me in RP, do take care and all the best to all of you after graduation. Let’s bring RP’s name to a new height after we graduate and stay in contact (add me via facebook)! Cheers! Cai Jianxiong, DBC

SIT STUDENT MESSAGES RP has surely been the right choice of polytechnic for me. The experience and friendships that I have gained is a blessing captured in my heart. Well wishes to RP! Shameer Sahib S/O Amir Sahib, DBA These three years had been an awesome ride for me in RP and I definitely will remember my time in RP! Through all the stressful moments, I know that I can count on the people I got to know in RP. To my classmates whom I have built awesome friendship with, you know who you are. THANK YOU! Especially, to my girls: Nana, Emma, Marsha, Fad. I love you guys very much! THANK YOU FOR ALL THE AWESOME MEMORIES! Please keep in contact! (:

Republic Polytechnic has been the place I went to almost everyday for the past three years and now I will have to stop this daily routine after February 2010. From the introduction to problem-based learning to now a graduating student from this learning approach, I have gained substantially through the quality education provided here. With graduation day just around the corner, I will like to bid farewell to all my friends and facilitators here in RP and I had really enjoyed myself during my three years here with all the friends that I have made. I wish RP success in their future plans and do continue to provide top notch education to my fellow juniors. Goodbye Republic Polytechnic!!! Lim Wen Sheng, DIT

I wish everyone well after graduation. Good Luck.


Ps: Thank you for the memories and friendship all. (:

HI facis of DSM. Thank you alot for the support. IIP was a life changing experience for me and my buddy Gadaffi. WE learnt alot. Stay tune for the IIP presentation for more experiences. Once again, thanks for the opportunity.

Love, Nur Huda (Elmo) Siti Nur Huda Bte Ariss, BDA

Also thanking Rudy Redwin for PHP and Steven Ong for OS and FYP. EDDY, dawis and team not forgetting TAUKIF for the lab support during FYP 1. Muhammed Asaraf Omar, DSM

The three years in RP have been memorable and meaningful. I will not forget my friends, facilitators and study experience in RP. Now let’s celebrate our graduation and look forward to our colourful future! Republic Polytechnic, the best! Peng Yiheng, DIT To all DIDM friends and facilitators, you guys made my life in RP worthwhile. Lots of love!

To all my wonderful facilitors who have taught me: Thanks for the teachings you have given me in these three years. Be it in terms of business, IT or even general modules, you have left an impact on me. Thanks for all your efforts. :) To all my beloved friends: Thanks for all the great experiences we have had together. It’s great knowing you guys and girls. Thanks for all the fun and joy. :)” Chua Hui Shan Jessalyn, DBC

Arini, DIDM


SCHOOL OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY Diploma in Business Applications Akina Shimada Alvin Lam Chien Lip Amos Tang Hao Xiang Ang Xue Fang (Hong Xuefang) Ang Yin Sia Joanna Ang Zi Heng Desmond Atiqah Bte Abdul Rahman Azizah Bte Omar Bay Jie Yim Beh Hark Muar Chai Yuonne Chan Kah Wai Chen Jing Chen Lixia Chen Weixiong Chen Xin Cheng Hock Hee Cheo Eng Kiat Cheryl Tan Jie Xin Chew Siew Chin Chin Yew Kee Chin Zhong Cheng Johnson Chong Jun Ming Chong Kai Ling Chong Siew Huay Chong Yuik Ting Chua Koon Siong Vincent Chua Shi Yun Chua Wee Wah Chua Zhi Wei Jason Cyrene Chong Debra Anne Ng Mei Qi Denver Timothy Prakash Balan Derrick Ong Choon Ping Ee Wei Jie Ee Yew Ming Joel Erma Syafiqah Bte Mohd Yazid Esther Chong Jia Min Faezah Bte Mohamed Nor Farah Diyanah Bte Johari Fatheen Nabeelah Bte Abu Bakar

Foo Mei Kuan Sarah Fu Shiyuan Gerry Goh Meng Ping Goh Bing Mei Jenifer Goh Boon Lim Goh Li Min Jean Goh Wee Teck Bonaventure Guo Cong Han Jing Hao Wen Yan He Cuiyu Heng Chan Lin Alvin Heng Zeng Yuan Ho Jian Yong Clarence Ho Jieying Ivy Ho Kun Zhe Wayne Hoe Yew Yang Huang Jiali Joanne Yaputheri Khairunnisa Bte Ilias Khalidah Bte Khalid Koh Shi Hua Koh Yan Hua Kon Jian Hao Kong Ming Jie Kor Pei Shan Kwa Hui Ru Lai Jin Rong Lai Ying Ying Lau Hui Ying Lean Yuen Mei Lee Huay Yin Lee Siew Keng Lee Suet May Lee Xiu Wei Lee Yi Xuan Lee Ying Hui Lee Ying Ying Kristy Leo Pei Ling Geraldine Leon Lee Jian Wei Leong Lay Leng Cynthia Li Weiming

Li Zhiyan Lim Hui Ming Sophia Lim Ivy Lim Kai Xiang Lim Lay Kun Lim Mei Miao Lim Shuxian Lim Xiang Hao Jeremiah Lim Yong Xiang Lim You Yu Lin Huishan Ling Jia Yi Loh Shi Qi Loh You Li Marilyn Lok Cai Wei Loke Yi Mei Long Lin Low Jia Min Estee Low Si Ting Regine (Luo Siting) Loy Jun Fei Lum Karen Ma Yu Malagoda Gamage Dilan Kanishka Malagoda Maryam Nasihah Bte Ghazali Matthew Leong Ka Wai Melody Loy Mei Shi Michael Gunawan Mohamad Hazwandi B Md Hashim Moo Shi Bei Muhamad Firdauz B Haris Muhammad Iqbal Hayyan B M S Muhd Dinie Faris B Alwie Nachammai D/O Subramaniam Nazerah Bte Tahir Neo Mian Fang Neo Say Soon Daryl Neo Shipei Valerie Neo Si Hong Ng Gek Ting Ng Huici Ng Mei Ying Angela

Ng Wan Qin Irene Ng Wei Ting Ng Yan Ping Ng Zhi Hui Ginny Nguyen Quang Dung Nur Aisyah Bte Mohamed Nur 窶連mirah Bte Zakariah Nur Azirah Bte Aziz Nur Fadilah Bte Jumawal Nur Farhana Binte Jamingun Nur Hamizah Bte Abd Rashid Nur Shahidah Bte Shaifuddin Nur Syamim B Zainudin Nurahzia Bte Abdulrahim Nuranuara Bte Anuar Nurfarhana Bte Yacob Nurfatin Bte Ali Nurul Hafizah Bte Abdul M Oh Jun Jie Ong Hui Li, Wendy Ong Lai Yan Ong Shu Na Reena Ong Yang Kai Ong Yee Suan Jervenne Pang Zheng Yi Jeanne Pang Zi-Ming Poh May Jun Poh Ying Min Pua Ye Jin Cherine Raynell Lee Xin Li Rm Rajesh Rubinee Naidu D/O Ravendra N Sammy Neo Ming Thai Seah Lin Lin Mitchell See Kee Han Leon Shahleeni Devi D/O Elangovan Shameer Sahib S/O Amir Sahib Sharon Ong Mei Jin Shazrina Bte Daud Sim Wei Yi Sim Xin Yi Maisarah Sim Yan Keat

Sin Soo Yun Jessica Siti Badaliah Bte Mohd Zain Siti Hawa Abdul Rahim Siti Nur Huda Bte Ariss Siti Nur Zarifah Bte Azman Siti Nuraishah Bte Samsuri Siti Suriati Bte Abdul Rahman Siti Zubaidah Binte Nawab Selaiman Soewandi Gunawan Soh Ke Xin Soh Lian Kiat Soh Wai Leong Benedict Sri Meenachi D/O Krishnan Sun Xichen Sureena Bte Samsuri Syazwani Bte Ashraff Tan Cui Ting Rosalind Maria Tan Gek Peng Tan Guan Liang Isaac Tan Hai Na Tan Hon Siang Tan Hui Min Tan Hui Si Michelle Tan Mei Jie Seline Tan Pin Wen Nicholas Tan Puay Leng Tan Shi Mei Tan Shu Hua Carol Tan Shu Yi Tan Shwu Jiin Tan Soo Hui Christina Tan Su Yin Tan Wan Qing Tan Wan Ying Euodia Tan Wei Zhong Tan Xiang Su Geraldine Tan Xue Wei Tan Yih Yeu Welmen Tan Yik Mong Ryan Tay Qian Yi Tay Wen Kai Teo Hong Keang Jacqueline

SCHOOL OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY Teo Shi Hui Stephanie Tham Li Yu Theng Mei Yi Tjia Min Li Christine Tng Wei Ling Toh Soo Kai Toh Yvonne Tok Wei Bao Tsan Shu Yun Joann Vern Vu Tien Viet Wai Wai Mar Wang Lu Wang Peiyu Wee Siu-Li Jacintha Willie Lim Zhen Yang Wong Angie Wong Jiayi Vanessa Wong Xin Hui Wong Yah See Wong Yu Lin Woo Wei Shan Xu Fang Xu Yuan Yap Hwee Ling Yeo Yuan Feng Yeo Yuying Pearline Yew Zhi Ying Yong Kwee Zheng Lorenzo (Yang Guizheng) Yong Weiquan Jeremy Yuwanna Bte Saliman Zahra Bte Basri Zhang Xin Zheng Ting Zou Mei Diploma in Business Computing Abdul Kholiq B Sapie Afiqah Binti Yusoff Alicia Ong Yun Zhi Alvin Chua Sheng Lai Ameera Yani Bte Diauddin

Ang Hui Yi Wendy Angela Lim Pei Yi Angeline Ong Au Hui Jing Aung Zwe Htet Kyaw Bobson Quek Lehao Bong Wen Bin Bouw Hui Zhong Cai Jianxiong Cai Meiting Cai Yuxi Chan Li Shan Vanessa Chan Qi Ming Daryll Chan Siew Kuan Eunice Chanel Jones Lyn Jing Xue Chang Hui Yan Chen Min Juan Chen Pei Wen Claris Chen Shiting Freda Chen Ying Ying Eileen Chen Zheng Heng Cheong Yew Mun Cher Lay Theng Zaneta Chew Chuan Chern Chew Hwee Chen Chew Jiamin Xavier Chia Mei Mei Stephanie Chia Terrence Chin Kwee Yong Chong Shi Yun, Joyce Choo Li Ching Choo Siew Hui Chow Chia Hui Geraldine Chua Hui Ru Chua Hui Shan Jessalyn Chua Pei Fang Maggie Chua Yi Wen Chua Yong How Chua Zhi Wei Jerome Dinesh S/O Jayakumaran Elijah S/O Visuvasan Mariadas Eugene Chen Youhong

Faezah Binte Radiman Fang Ting Felicia Lim Hui Ling Fong Hui Zhi Fong Lijie Foo Tiang Sian Gan Chun Kiat Gan Kai Song Lester Gan Wei Ting Gao Shanshan Geraldine Lee Jie Ting Goh Li Ping Goh Mei Lian Goh Zheng Huang Guo Yu Gurpreet Kaur Gill He Ziai Heng Ke Ying Heng Shao Cheng Ho Jian Wei Ho Kok Heng Ho Yijie Hu Jieting Magdalene Huang Guanwen Huang Weijian Ivan Litani Rumatuah Justing Lee Jun Sheng Kang Gui Ling Kelvin Ng Chee Keng Khamsinah Binte Oli Mohamed Ko Pok Li Don Koh Jiaying Koh Kai Qi Koh Wei Ling Venessa Koh Yi Xuan Kwan Wai Hong, Andy Lai Chieh Siang Lam Wei Yu Lee Chea Yik Lee Li Ling Sarah Lee Mi-Sa Lee Thiam Chye

Lee Weiping Lee Yan Shan Leo Hui Han Leo Shi Jie Melissa Leong Li Jing Liang Dong Liew Kai En Lim Hui Ting Eugenia Lim Jia Qi Lim Kar Mun Lim Meng Hwee Raymond Lim Pei Ling Lim Sheng Kai Julien Lim Siew Chen Lim Siew Ling Joanne Lim Wee Huat Lim Yi Hui Grace Lim Yi Xian Lim Ying Lin Sisi Lin Wen Jie Lin Xiaotian Lin Yihan Lin Zi Qun Lister Tan Lin Jing Liu Xiao Dan Loh Junxiang Daryl Low Yew Hong Low Yi Ru Ma Ji Mary Jean Marabot Bautista Melissa Tay Jia Min Melvin Lim Wei Jie Mohamad Farid B Mohamad Amri Mohamed Firdaus Marican B M R Mohammad Rizal B Mohamed I Mohammed Shahril B Mohammed Ismail Muhammad Amsyar B Ishak Muhammad Hakim B Sultan Muhammad Izwan B Johari Muhammad Khairulanwar Bin Marli

Muhammad Yuji B Mohd Noor Neo Ei Ling Eileen Neo Wei Shan Corene Ng Bing Han Derek Ng Chong Xing Ng Ei Eng Ng Geok Hin Ng Hui Ming Doris Ng Jun Shun Ng Kian Weng Ng Pinpin Ng Thee Wee Charlie Ng Yu Xian Ngo Zhou Wei Nicholas Jerome Anthony Norhani Binte Samsuri Norman B Yahya Nur Ain Bte Abdul Ghaffar Nur Amni Abdullah Nur Atiqah Bte Rasul Nur Hanna Jehan Bte Abdul R Nur Iyliani Bte Omar Nur Jannah Bte Jalil Nur Zafirah Bte Abdul Aziz Nurainiza Bte Sainal Ong Chengyong Jonathan Ong Guek Cheng Ong Liyi Jacqueline Ong Qi Hui Jane Ong Zi Yun Ou-Yang Guang Rong Benjamin Pang An Ning Adeline Peng Ning Phang Kok Ann Phang Shan Er Amelia Phua Puay Lynn Andrea Poh Geok Cheng Quach Thanh Tam Ramizah Bte Razli Rashidah Binte Md Harris Raymond Rosebel Neo Jia Min


SCHOOL OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY Rozianna Bte Mahod Ryan Loh Choon Xiong Sali Tay Samantha Sng Hwee Lyn Seah Li Ping Seah Mei Mei Elaine See Kok Wah Alan Seet Xiao Tong Shan Kamal B Ahmad Kamal Sharmila Banu D/O Haja Najee M Shenath Thomas Dias Shi Wei Shuai Lei Si Li Ying Siew Lai Yin Sim Kian Hui Marcus Siti 窶連isyah Bte Mustafa Siti Naqiah Abdullah Siti Nur Atikah Bte Ishak Siti Rohani Bte Rasid Siti Zaaidah Bte Zainal Abidin Siti Zakia Bte Zainol Sng Wei Qiang Daniel Stewart Daryl Jon Syamraj Rajendran Unnithan Tai Yuan Hong Tan Bing Xiu Tan Boon Siang Tan Ee Pin Tan Hwee Hong Tan Mei Jun Joycely Tan Ruo Xin Debbie Tan Shi Hui Tan Shi Ying Tan Suat Ling Tan Yen Sing Tan Yin Wen Tan Ying Xian Tan Yong You Clarence Tay Yong Kiang Tee Xiao Qian Teh Huang Ling Belinda

Teng Jiun Kiat Teo Choun Meng Teo Jia Hao Teo Pei Ling Joanna Teo Peixiang Teo Yousong Muhammad N H B M H Theophilus Ng Kai Ying Toh Li Ling Toh Qin Zhi Toh Yong Jie Alvin Tsu Zhao Long Samson Vivian Loo Hui Wen Wang Junlong Wang Li Wang Lian Yin Wang Zhe William Peterus Willie Loke Wei Li Wong Hui Bin Xiao Huihui Xu Li Wei Yang Caimei Yang Xiuling Yap Cheng Xun Yap Han Yang Yap Ying Jancis Yeo Chuan Zhi Yeo Si Ting Carina Yeo Welna Youngly Guruh Yu Mu Mu Zachary Chan Zheng Fu Zhao Guang Yu Zhou Xiao Xiang Zhu Zi Xuan Diploma in Information Technology Aderlene Foo Jia Ying Akilan Sithamparapillai Almi Roafuziah Bte Mohamed Ammy Lau Whei Ching Andrew Ho Wei Heng

Ang Jia Yu Ang Jun Hong Gordan Ang Ren Jie Bryan Ang Samuel Ang Xiu Zhen Ang Zheng Ye Au Yong Wen Rong Stanford Audiego Adinegoro Paripurnanto S Barakathunisha Boey Coi Seng Carson Boey Jun Yuan Cai Wenqi Celina Neo Hui Ting Chan Hong Xiang Chan Jie Ying Chan Jing-Yu Chan Jun Yao Chan You Qiang Chang Hui Hui Emily Chen Hao Chen Weixian Chen Xiancong Alexander Cheng Zhi Wen Cheong Jin Yao Denson Cheong Wen Tan Chester Cheow Shu Wen Diana Chetan Ratnapuram Chew Jian Ming Chew Wei Liang Vincent Chin Yu Ze Chng Huang Kiat Rendy Choong Wen-Rong, Leon Nicholas Choy Yew Wai Gerald Chua Cheng Hui Chua Jian Ping Chua Sheng Yuan Chua Wei Liang Chua Wei Qiang Johnathon Chua Weiqiang Jonathan Chung Chow Shiung Danial Syaiful B Jasmani Daulathunnisa Bte Mohamed Ibrahim

Dong Xue Ning Dua Wei Yi Edith Sam Minyi Edmond Ong Guan Yuan Fah Jia Jun Fathima Nachia D/O Nijamudeen Fei Fan Foo Yu Ling Yvonne Fung Yu Hin Gan Kwok Chuan Goh Hsien Loong John Goh Si Kai Kenny Goh Zong Wei Brinston Gong Yiou Gu Chao Gusti Yudhi Ongskynaga Heng Meng Yeow Heng Wen Loong Henry Chio Ming Da Herman Tino Herwan Bin Sudin Ho Li Hwa Ho Wai Hon Russell Ho Zi Kang Max Huam Wei Xin Huang Chenqian Iffa Iryani Binte Said Jasvin Kaur Jeraldine Ang Cher-Lyn Jeremy Colin Bruce Jessica Tan En Ling Joni Chandra Joshua Leon S/O Amalton Juliana Heng Gek Ling Julius Choy Zhi Cong Kathy Tsang Kit Yee Kayathree D/O Thanappal Kelvin Lee Meng Chuan Kenneth Ho Weiwen Kher Yi Lin Kho Jinhao Kenneth Khoo Huizhe Edmund

Khoo Ming Kwang Koh Chieng Yin Koh Kai Xiong Andrew Koh Lin Fong Lemuel Koh Qiu Yin Joanne (Gao Qiuyin) Koh Zhi Qi Alvin Lam Gan Yun Winnie Lee Bing Jie Lee Kok Wah Martin Lee Shun Hui Lee Yong Shun Lee Zhon Ern James Leong Hong Wei Leong Jia Min Germaine Leow Wee Sheng Lew Yunan Li Hao Li Tao Liang Jun Lim Chin Hong Lim Chun Leong Lim Gek Teng Lim Hung Kit Lim Jia Yi Lina Lim Wei Xiang Lim Wen Sheng Lim Yuwen Lim Zi Xiong Theron Ling Cheng Long Liow Yihong Liu Lu Fei Liu Xiao Fan Lixiang Loh Wan Ting Loh Yun King Loo Si Da Low Jia Yan Lu Ling Yi Luqman Haqim B Ab Rahman M.Sathiyavathi Miao Zhang Mohamed Khairin Bin Johari

SCHOOL OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY Mohammad Alif Bin Jamal Mohammad Zamree Bin Saini Muhamad Haadi Bin Ismail Muhammad Ashraf B Syed S Muhammad Azree Bin Azlan Muhammad Faizal B Abdul Hai Muhammad Haris B Abdul Jabbar Muhammad Irwan B Supoyo Muhammad Kairul Zaman Muhammad Nur Fazli B Abdul L Muhammad Shah Rizal B Muhrisa Muhammad Syukri B Bahreen Muhd. Fairuz Bin Jufri Mumtaj Begam D/O Mohamed Raffi Muthusamy S/O Gnanasekaren Naresh Kumar S/O Balakrishnan Natasha Bte Juraimi Ng Jun Wei Eugene Ng Kanghao Ng Ming Chong Ng Siew Hui Karin Ng Siok Mei Ng Yong Ann Ngeow Hui Juan Noorilyana Bte Nooresani Norwanie Bte Ismail Nur Fatin Amalia Bte Abdullah Nur Fazilah Bte Mohamed Ali Nur Isnani Binte Mohd Shariff Nur Rahila Binte Redzwan Nur Yazeera Bte Haron Nurdiana Bt Nordin Nurhaziq B Kassim Nurul Huda Bte Yahaya Ong Jin You Ong Qing Yong Ong Zhong Hao Eugene Pan Wen Peng Yiheng Peter Jezreel Phee Chun Siong Melvin Poh Tian De

Quah Qian Qi Quah Si Qi Jeslyn Rajeswaran Muthucanoo S/O S Rajith Lakmal Samarakkody Rashidee Bin Raziman Rozilina Bte Rohaizad Rudy Hakeem Sulaiman See Chai Yen See Swee Sin Shafiq H Sajid Shahul Hameed Haja Mohideen Shakir Hozefa Shabbir Shenal Dilight Murray Sim Kai Ling Siti Nurkhairina Bte Hj Johari Song Chengdong Stella Shalini D/O David John Tan Bao Kuang Tan Boon Kiat Tan Chun How Tan Cong Hui Tan Hui Ling Bernadette Tan Jin Hao Tan Jun Kiat Tan Kai Quan Kelvin Tan Lee Ming Tan Li-An Leon Tan Marcus Sean Tan Ming Hui Tan Pei Huan Jolene Tan Qiu Ping Tan Si Ping Tan Wei Kun Timothy Tan Yida Tan Yong Yuan Tan Zhi Hao Tay Boon Siong Tay Ee Siang Roy Tay Mei Jun Teo Chao Wei Alvin Teo Her Liang Marcus Toh Ghim Hong

Toh Ivan Toh Wei Cherng Toh Wei Jun Tu Tian Ming Tung Yaoxiang Ridhwaan B Adam Vengeswaran S/O Ramanathan Vethavalli D/O Thurerajoo Vinod S/O Narayanasamy Wan Chin Hui Wang Hung Shaun Wang Jing Wang Junxian Wang Zhen Wee Hui Ming Wee Hui Sin Wee Jiahui Wee Jun Yang Sam Wee Yun Xuan Denise Wei Dong William Toh Yong Zhu Wilson Tan Yee Han Wong Jia Hao Wong Wen Jie Woo Ern Lin Woo Wuen Yin Woon Tian You Chance Wu Yao Xiang Qiuyu Xiao Shaoqing Xie Yiling Amily Xu Jiajie Yang Wenqi Yeh Hong Yee Yeo Dun Quan Yeo Ghim Huat Yeo Jin Sheng Anton Yeo Kai Xiang Yeo Lin Xun Yeo Mu Yuan Yeo Xiu Ming Eugene Yong How Ru Terrence Yong Wai Ting

Yu Lu Lu Yu Yan Yuen Peiling Adeline Zafirah Bte Jumaat Zhang Shaobo Zhang Xintao Zhang Yue Zhao Yu Zhou Kan Kan Zhou Yang Zhu Fan Diploma in IT Service Management Bhavani D/O Vegichandran Cheang Qing Yong Cheng Leyi Ci Hui Cui Cui Dong Xiao Yang Gao Shen Yan Ha Xiao Wei Clifton Han Bing Hazrel Shahmy Bin Johanic Hoh Wai Kiat Dickson Jorrie Tan Ying Nee Lam Jian Xiong Dominic Leow Ji Hui Eugene Liang Ruifen Mohammed Aswat Bin Mohd Shariff Mok Peck Har, Melissa Muhammad Ghadaffi B Hamzah Muhammed Asaraf Omar S/O Abbas Nadia Binte Abdul Aziz Ng Jia Hui Vivien Ng Jun Jie Ng Yew Fai Eugene Ong Su Hang Peh Koon Kiat, Alwyn Phuah Chee Chong Seow Siow Yan Sherwin Tan Bang Jun Shiek Abdul Fahmy Bin Hussin

Sim Wei Siang Sebastien Siti Naqiah Bte Hasan Suriyani Bte Saruwan Tan Eileen Tan Qi Yang Tan Sin Yue Yvonne Tan Yi Neng Toh Hui Fen Tsoi Zi Kang Carson Wang Meiyu Wu Qiu Ying Xiong Wen Juan Yee Guo Quan Marcus Diploma in Interactive and Digital Media Abdul Fareez B Abdul Halim Abdul Qayyum Bukharee B Ab R Abu Zarrin B Salim Ang Wei Xiang Benjamin Ang Xue Min Sharmaine Aw Chin Hao Benjamin Azely B Azman Chan Wai Lun Chan Wei Qi Chen Zhili Dominic Chew Puay Yek Chew Wei Joon Chong Yong Yiok Choong Ren Mao Chua Shen Chen Corine Tan Mei Hwa Darren Li Shuoyang Daryl Lee Wenjie Edmund Thng Wei Jie Goh Wei Kiat Goh Wei Liang Gordan Tay Tze Yong Guo Jie’en Isaac Hazwan B Anuwar Herman Fillany B Ismail Ho Kah Mun


SCHOOL OF INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATIONS TECHNOLOGY Huang Baowei Huang Yuhan Lionel Iskandar Izwan B Ismail Jacky Goh Jasreel Tan Xiu Hui Kausalya D/O Meyzhsagan Kheh Yun Weng Koh Kah Wee Koh Ruiqi Koh Yue Sebastian Kua Shu Xian Kwan Jian Wei Kwok Wei Jie Lam Chek Han Lam Perry Lee Hong Qi Lee Marvin Leong Wene Lim Dai Yu Lim Jia Liang Lim Zen Siong Low Wei Ting Loy Teck Wei Keith Lynnda Koh Rui Zhen Mabel Ang Marlene Lim Jia Min Martin Leonard Sansom Mok Juffri B Mohd Isham Muhammad Amali B Abdul Halim Muhammad Ariffin B Sulayman Muhammad Hafiszie B Basir Muhammad Hafiz B Daroji Muhammad Ismadi Bin Jamaluddin Muhammad Noorhalim B Ismail Muhammad Nur Shafiq B Abdul Shukor Muhammad Raimi B Ramli Muhammad Shaffiq B Sowtali Muhammad Shaherman B Ahmad Muhammad Zaki B Jumahat Neo Yong Sheng Linus Ng Lin Qi Joanna

Ng Mabel Noorazeela Bte Ismail Nur Arini Bte Suratman Nur Hanidah Bte Mohd Amin Nur Raudha Bte Ismail Nurul ‘Aisyah Bte Hayatu’llah Nurul Izzah Bte Ismail Ong Boon Sern Clement Priscilla Lee Kai Ning Rushdy Bin Roslee Ryan Boey Jia Jun Ryan Jafarzadeh Khamneh Saiful Aslam B Saleh Shawn Lee Yi Heng Shen Hsuan Sim Fen Ni Siti Nurfaizah Bte Mohd Zubir Siti Nurshakina Bte Saha’at Soh Yu Qiang Alvin Surendran S/O Rachandran Tan Xin Hui Tee Bon San Teo Boxian Teo Kaiwen Thay Hui Wen Berry Thexeira Kenneth Mark Toh Pei Qi Toh Rui Xiang Xerxes Tung Kit Ming Jason Verdell Tan Cailing Weng Xiangrui Wong Annie Wong Bai Shen Wong Zhao Quan Allen Xu Gujia Darren Xu Man Yang Cher Chin Jonathan Ye Linqing Yee Pei En Yip Chern-Yeh Vernon Yong Wee Kian Yu Baoyan


Dear Graduands, Let me congratulate you on this significant achievement that marks another chapter in your life, especially for our pioneering batch of students from the Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning. For you to graduate, you have had to learn to be indefatigable, ethical, responsible, proactive and innovative as you acquired new knowledge and skills, made new friends and grew in competence and confidence. Some of you have surpassed expectations while some others may have rued the day for the wasted opportunities that had come your way. Whatever the outcome has been for you, it is timely to reflect on the universal law of life that you “reap what you sow”. Thus, as you embark on the next phase of your journey in life, do bear this axiom in mind. Nevertheless, I am very elated that most of you are now ready to take on fresh challenges in the industry or in higher education. I am confident that you will conduct yourself professionally and fly the RP flag high. This year marks yet another important milestone in Singapore’s sporting history – the inaugural Youth Olympic Games. You will hear frequent exhortations on the values of “Excellence, Respect and Friendship”. I ask that you seize this opportunity to entrench yourself firmly in the pursuit of excellence in all that you do in life, in big ways and small, in your family and at work. I ask that you deepen your respect for the rule of law, of life, of nature, of the environment, and of all things dear to you that will foster greater understanding, peace, harmony and the sustainability of life. Finally, I ask that you build friendships wherever you may be as the network of friends will help sustain your continued growth in life. I have every confidence that you will be equal to this task. So, on behalf of my colleagues in the School of Sports, Health and Leisure, let me thank you for this opportunity to have been a part your life. Keep well, stay honest, be humble and live life to the fullest. Reap what you sow! Best wishes to you.


I am really glad that I’ve chosen Republic Polytechnic as my first choice. Back then, Republic Polytechnic was the only institute that provides sports science-related course which was my field of interest. Problem-based Learning in RP has trained me to be more independent and to communicate better with my classmates when we work in teams. I have also experienced real-life applications of what I have learnt through practicum. I believe that my interest in what I was studying was the main factor that motivated me to do well in this course. Other than that, without the support of my fellow classmates and facilitators, I would not be who I am now. They are the ones who have added colours to my journey in RP, making it so much more fun and fulfilling. The memorable RP experiences that I have would be playing under the sun with my DSES schoolmates after school and having BBQ sessions with facilitators and forging bond with them that would last even after all of us have graduated from RP.

JIE NING Diploma in Sports and Exercise ScienceS




RP has nurtured me to be an independent learner and an IT-savvy person. Initially, I was unable to effectively use software such as Microsoft Excel and Power Point. The Problem-based Learning approach drives us out of our comfort zone and stretches us to analyse and devise a solution to the problem crafted. Students are not cocooned. Our learning are not limited to the day’s problem as there is a vast ocean of knowledge found in resources such as books, websites and academic journals. Students take ownership of their own learning by sourcing for information, sharing of prior and new found knowledge through team presentations and reflection journals. We were given opportunities to work with people from various walks of life and be chameleons that adapt to the various needs. Throughout the years, I have managed to be consistent in both my studies and Hip-Hop Interest Group (IG). My IG was a platform that allowed me to express myself in an artistic manner. I have gained bountiful experiences in the Singapore hip hop dance scene where I participated in both internal and external productions. There was never a dull or mundane moment in RP due to the friends I’ve acquired, events attended and passionate staff. Overall, it has been a fruitful experience for me in RP.

NURUL AIN Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning






SHL STAFF WELL-WISHES Dear Graduates, It is time to celebrate the completion of this milestone in your life. Graduation also comes with increased responsibilities to ourselves, our families, the society. I firmly believe that you have grown much over the last few years in RP and are now equipped with the skills and knowledge not only to take on new challenges, but also to make meaningful contributions.

Dear students,

I wish you all the very best in your future endeavours. For the DSLM graduates in particular, I look work to meeting you again in the industry and working in partnership to make Singapore a vibrant sporting city.

“…Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything…” Napoleon Hill

Ho Mun Wai Programme Chair for Diploma in Sports and Leisure Management “Whether you are looking forward to leave or really wish to stay longer, we will always remember how you prepare your PPT with ‘ fast’ food, how you walk into class with slippers, how you multi-task on your laptop while listening to 6P, how you write your RJs with half-opened eyes, and lastly, how you ensure that all activities you participated in are ‘CE-pointed’… thinking back, those are experiences that’s uniquely RP! Thanks for being part of the RP memories. Remember us and have a wonderful journey ahead.” Clarice, Module Chair for S226 From me As you embark on a new journey, be it enlisting in the army, pursuing further studies or an exciting new career, remember that whatever you’ve learnt in class is just the beginning. In the classroom of society, learning is a continuous journey. When you stop learning, you stop growing. All the best in your future endeavours! Josephine Tay, Module Chair for S322

Reflect on the words of these great thinkers…

“…People become really quite remarkable when they start thinking that they can do things. When they believe in themselves they have the first secret of success…” Norman Vincent Peale “…You have a very powerful mind that can make anything happen as long as you keep yourself centered…” Dr. Wayne W. Dyer When a ship cuts through the seas, it leaves behind a wake of choppy waters. Experienced sailors can tell by the shape, size and turbulence of the wake, what kind of ship was it that just passed. Was it a slow freighter, a huge tanker, a speed boat or a mighty warship. What kind of wake do you want to leave behind? At the end of your life, when your children, friends or love ones look at your wake, what do you want them to see? What do you want them to remember you for? Decide today the satisfaction you want to experience at your life’s end, and make it your guiding principle. Begin with the End in mind. The end of your chapter at RP, is also the start of another chapter elsewhere. Many people drift through life without a purpose, a goal, a burning desire or a dream that they want to achieve. Do not be a drifter… be an achiever. Set your mind on a goal, make an action plan and aim for it. If you can see it, you can achieve it. “I gave my life to become the person I am right now. Was it worth it?” Richard Bach Allen Goh, Module Chair for S225


SHL STUDENT MESSAGES “I still remember the first day, E54H, if I remember correctly Not quite engaging at first, but things turned out well eventually I just started getting used to you guys but now we are going to receive our certs Out into the outdoors seeking adventure where we would find some work We can say that the sun, the sand and the sea is our bread and butter But there’s one word to say on the last day I personally find it hard to utter It’s not “ hello” or “wasssup”, neither is it “ hi” It’s none other than a simple plain goodbye Goodbyes are not forever, goodbyes are not the end. They simply mean I’ ll miss you, until we meet again! “ Suresh Ravidran, DOAL “Time really flies when you are doing something you are having fun with; and that is what it is like for the time spent in this course. Friends made from this course are definitely friends whom I want to keep forever, and keep in contact with even when we graduate. The caring and fun DOAL staffs are also one major factor why this course is so fun. When we graduate, one thing which would sadden me would be seeing less of our friends and staff. Meet-ups are a must!” Yvonne Goh, DOAL “During the course of three years, I have made many friends in RP. Through DOAL, I have made even closer friends by going through team building activities, high ropes course and kayaking activities with them. I have forged many friendships, which I will carry with me even when I am 70. A big thank you also to the staff of DOAL, the most hardworking and caring bunch of people, who are always keeping a lookout for us. Thanks for making DOAL a close-knitted family and we all will miss one another! Lam Xinni, DOAL

“From the orientation days to the end of year three … From our optimal to minimal performances, from frowning to laughing... I really thank all the facilitators/advisers for everything they did to help and improve the future generation of outdoor leaders. I did not have trouble having fun with wonderful classmates that always make my day. It’s a learning journey I will never forget! If I can turn back time, I will still choose the same path again; a path that brings hope, challenge and fun.” Douglas Ko, DOAL “Have you heard the screams on the ALC, cheers and support that come sincerely from friends? Have you experienced the mentally and physically challenging IIP that brings satisfaction when we are done with one semester? Water and land based activities, dangling in the air, and forging of bonds and friendship. All the best to your future endeavours people! Once a DOALer, always a Doaler!” Lydia Jiang, DOAL

SHL STUDENT MESSAGES “We have a come a long way to be here, to pursue the kind of passion that others may not see as a career. Throughout this course, we have mould into someone who is very keen to change one’s experience in the outdoors. We understand the reason why we are here as outdoor leaders - to change or create new adventure for both ourselves and others. Even though we spent merely three semesters together and one semester on IIP, it has been a great journey for all of us where we get to learn and play at the same time. Nothing else could beat this phase of our lives as we had so much joy in this wonderful course. We are proud to be a DOAL-er and will never forget those who have made this possible for us.” Aslamiah Halim, DOAL Time really flies. Three years have finally passed and we will all be graduating from RP soon! RP has shaped my life, my beliefs and has challenged my thought process. I hope all of you have benefited much from the rigorous PBL lessons and student life activities in the campus. RP students are well-known for their differentiated qualities that set us apart from the rest. Use this to your advantage and be willing to challenge conventions and question assumptions.

“How many people can say that ‘CLASS WAS AWESOME TODAY!’ or spend an entire day at Ubin, hiking, kayaking and jumping off into a quarry as part of their lesson or say that they are THE PIONEER BATCH OF OUTDOOR ADVENTURE LEARNING? Not many, I know! I am definitely going to miss the people who taught me humility, gave me courage, persevered together (through FYP) and all the non-stop chatter. The people who made my learning journey possible (and far more enjoyable); my fellow DOALers and most respected facilitators. Like how Kris Allen sings it, Gotta start looking at the hand of the time we’ve been given here This is all we got and we gotta start picking it every second counts on a clock that’s ticking Gotta live like we’re dying We only got 86 400 seconds in a day to turn it all around or throw it all away We gotta tell ‘em that we love ‘em while we got the chance to say Gotta live like we’re dying.” Atiqah Hariani Azman, DOAL

All the best for your future endeavours! Chong Kam Weng Clement, DSLM Arguments, criticisms, debates – these are all part of the intellectual rigour that RP has provided me through its unique learning environment. Flourishing in such an environment requires a strong backing of people around, and in RP, I have been privileged to work alongside facilitators that have expertise in their field, alongside lifelong friends who I will always treasure. The skills garnered here will put all of us in good stead for the future challenges that await us – and we will tackle them with a difference. Chang Ji Khim, DSLM


SCHOOL OF SPORTS, HEALTH AND LEISURE Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning Adelin Bte Osman Alvin Lim Zong Wei Ang Hui Yun Zoe Aslamiah Bte Abdul Halim Atiqah Hariani Bte Azman B Kausalya Stephanie Caromes Tan Fang Yong Chen Rui Xiang Bernard Cherie Ting An An Chong Han En Cheer Choy Amandis Petronilla Chua En Harng Norman Chung Kwang Nam Deidre Hannah Kwok Pui Lye Farhanah Bte Saleh Iten Felicia Shue Leen Jazlyn Choo Jiang Yunhong Lydia Joshua Koh Yong Sheng Joy Lam Wan Fang Khairunnisa Bte Abu Bakar Khairuzzaman B Baharudin Ko Ming Jun Douglas Lam Qizhong Makoto Lam Xin Ni Lew Shimin Jasmine Lim Soo Chian Lim Wan Cong Loo Chia Woon Nicholas Marhafis B Zainal Melissa Ko Li Shan Muhammad Azim B Osman Muhammad Erwin B Mohd Noor Muhammad Farid Bin Noorfauzi Muhammad Hilmi B Abdul Aziz Neo Qiao Yi Ng Han Yang Russell Ng Si Hui Sandy Ng Suat Ting Ngui Hui Jin, Geraldine Norhakim Bin Dol Karim

Nur Fitrisna Simatupang Nuratiqah Bte Rosli Nurul Ain Bte Hamzah Nurul Haryati Bte Ruslan Ong Hong Peng Ong Sze Hwee Pan Xin’an Sabrina Ng Zhi Xian Sasikumar S/O Danabathy Sim Si Han Siti Kalsom Bt Shafiee Aloweni Sophia Jasni Ismail Sri Nur Dalilah Bte Ahmad Suhannis Bte Supaat Suresh Ravidran Syafiq B Zulkepli Tan Chee Peng Tan Jie Ying Jolene Tan Meow Lin Mavis Tan Yanni Tay Jia Han Tee Chien Wei Toh Hui Yu Tong Zhi Hao Jeremy Victoria Lien Wei Zhen Vinod Suthenthiran Voon Ting Li Audrey Wang Kangwen Wee Shi Quan Woo Xin Yi, Jina Woon Yong Jun Darryl Xu Shihui Jasmine Yang Pei Da Yeo Wei Xiang Alex Yvonne Goh Yi Wen Diploma in Sports and Exercise Sciences Abdul Khabir B Abdul Razak Affendi B Kamaruddin Afiq Shazni B Abdul Talib ‘Ainul Hikmah Bte Borhan N Amal Husnah Jamaludin

Ang Hui Min Denise Ang Wai Hao Leonard Ang Yuan Lin Attar Shaheed B A Sawawi Azhari Bin Rohman Boey Peck Kay Peggy Chan Kai Wen Kevin Chang Wen Xia Chen Qiujun Jennifer Cheng Wei Li Chia Qize Felix Chng Kai Rong Claudia Jeanette Chong Ching Woon Cherie Christina Goh Jia Hui Chua Kian Hao Ferdinand Cyril Khoo Su Ming Farrah Adilah Bte Rohizad Gao Shumin Joanne Goh Meng Hui Samantha Goh Qixiang Harshan Abdul Halim Heng Chuan Sue Vevian Heng Kian Soon David Ho Hui Yuan Sherry How Wei Liang Ian Bin Mohamed Yussuf Izyan Hanani Bte Mohd Yusoff Jeslyn Tay Fong Ying Joel Tan Jun Hao Khoo Guoqiang Daniel Khoo Min Hui Khoo Pei Shan Cheryl Krushnaveeni D/O Sattivel Kwek Lay Yin Geraldine Lam Min Yi Lee En Wei Lee Shu Ching Lee Ting Ting Lee Wan Rong Lee Xin Xuan Lee Zhiwei Leonad Leong Yong Hui Elson

Liao Muquan Lim Guo Hua Alvin Lim Jie Ning Lim Zhi Hao, Nathaniel Lin Peilin Loh Jia Min Karen Loh Jiun Hsiung Low Wei Qiang Luo Yanyan Felicia Melbye Ann Karin Melissa Chua Hui En Mohamad Fadhil B Abdul Rahim Mohamad Syahren Bin Mohamad Osman Mohammad Shafiq B Samat Muhamad Iskandariah Bin Shaharom Muhammad Adam B Johari Muhammad Amran B Addin Muhammad Darwis B Hussen Muhammad Faiz B Matnawi Muhammad Faizal B Mohamed Ali Muhammad Faris Bin Azmi Muhammad Hafis B Haris Muhammad Hafiz B Abdul Mutalib Muhammad Hafizh Bin Mohamad Jamil Muhammad Hazmi Bin Miswan Muhammad Syarqawi B Buhari Muhammad Zuladly B Zulkeplie Muzhafar Bin Maarof Ng Shui Min Niew She En Nikita Sharda Noraini Bte Jasmi Norbashitah Bte Samsudin Nur Adilah Bte Mahmud Nur Farlina Bte Mohd Farhan Nur Fasehah Bte Borhan Nur Rafidah Binte Jasni Nurshahidah Bte Roslie Nurul Hasyimah Bte Hishamuddin Ong Shi Hua

Ong Thiam Chuan Emmerson Ooi Xue Ning Samantha Pang Hui Ya Paula Ho Aizhen Philip Tay Zunyi S Danesh Kumar Samantha Alexis Tay Seck Jun Lie Gabriel Siti Nooraidah Bte Adnan Syed Mohammed Suffri B Sf Tan Chai Luan Tan Cheryl Tan Chiat Yin Tan Jing Wen Tan Kwang Kai Tan Raphael Dominic Tan Shu Xian Mindy Tay Der Ren James Tay E-Lynn Teh Wensen Teo Shu Fang Jasmin Teo Yi Wen Toh Jun Hao Tung Hui Shan Wendy Vanessa Paige Chelvan Vinod S/O Morthy Wang Xi Wong Jian An Wong Liping Wu Xiuzhen Yang Si Pei Zeng Jing Diploma in Sports and Leisure Management Abdul Hadi B Abdul Harris Abdul Qaiyum B Habib Marican Abdul Rahim B Mohammad Abdul Rashid B Tahir Abdul Rashid Bin Abdul Ganni Aiman Amiruddin Bin Sodin Ang Pei Ching Ang Shi Min

SCHOOL OF SPORTS, HEALTH AND LEISURE Ang Shirgin Ang Si Kai Eugene Ashiekha Begum Bte Abdul K M Azy Arziyana Bte Abdul Hamid Beam Chan Ming Beverly Brenda Kim Shu Mei Budi Yose Irawan B Nasyirwan Caemie Teo Cavan Chan Jiazhen Chang Ji Khim Cheong Mei Fen Cheryl Lim Pei Noi (Lin Peina) Chew Zhi Han Darius Chia Jing Yi Chong Kam Weng Clement Choo Kai Wei Sarah Choo Xuan Xin Melissa Christina Lim Hui Fen Christine Tham Hui Wen Chu Chee Wei Chua Mixuan Sabrina Chua Sheng Chen Chua Si Min Stephanie Xanthe Dharsaka Hasanka Tennekoon Durga Devi D/O Narajah Elizabeth Mary Gough Eng Chun Kwee Eunice Chu Jia Hui Fam Han Bin Norman Farah Bte Ahmad Rosman Farhanah Bte Zainuddin Fatin Nur Diyanah Bte Sahar Felicia Choo Hui Jing Fleury Gerard Shane Foo Shi Ting Sara Gan Lin Goh Sze Hui Goh Weixian Han Yifeng Heng Hee Boon Ashley Heng Yan Jun Ho Ren Shi Jessie

Hong Huimin Hu Kai Wei Huang Kunji Warren Hui Yoke Ling Husain Bin Mohamed Arip Ili Nadiah Ilyas Insyirah Bte Ashari Isabelle Quah Soon Ling Isaiah Matthew Vinod S/O Vijaya Kumar Iskandar B Ishak Izwan Nazree B Othman Izza Bte Ishak Juraime B Ja’afar Juriani Binte Saini Kang Suyuan Katrina Adela Anand Koh Shi Min Koh Yan Xiang Kuah Jia Min Jasmine Law Wei Song Lee Chiew Lian Lee Chong Jin Justin Lee Juan Hui Lee Qian Ting Phylis Lee Xiu Min Lee Yaorong Muhd Saifuddin B I Leong Guo Wei Elwin Leong Siew Fong Jeannie Leow Hai Sheng Li Meixuan Li Ning Lim Hui Teng Rachel Lim Jia Ying Lim Jun Hao Ben Lim Kai Zhen Jasmine Lim Wei Chong Lim Zi Xiang Jonathan Lit Jia Jun Loh Shu Zhen Long Jieling Ophira Lu Junxian

Magdalene Joanne Lee Si Hui Marcus Chua Mervyn Ng Qirui Mohamad Firdaus B Samat Mohamed Afiq Rayyan B M F Mohamed Khairi Bin Zainal Mohamed Sharil Bin Satar Mohammed Umar B Mohammed Jamil Muhammad Faaiz B Abdullah Muhammad Faizal Bin Haji Taher Muhammad Farhan B Kamsani Muhammad Fazlan B Mohammad A Muhammad Hafiz B Misngadi Muhammad Hafiz B Mohd Jumari Muhammad Irwan B Abu Bakar Muhammad Shazni Bin Azmi Muhammad Syamim B Emran Muhammad Yusri B Mohamad Tahir Muhd Khairul Adha B Mohd Nasir Nadiah Bte Yahya Nah Shu Lin Teresa Nanthini D/O Balasundaram Nasri B Hashim Neo Shi Qi Ng Hong Yi Ng Jia Hao Ng Kia Hui Dawn Ng Lee Xuan Norhafizah Bte Mohd Sajahan Nur Amanina Bte Osman Nur Haziqa Bte Mohamed Hassan Nur Zahidah Bte Mohamed Ismail Nuraiysah Bte Mohammad Nasir Nurazimah Bte Abdul Rahman Nurfarizan Bte Isahak Nurina Iffah Bte Suhaimi Nurmalyanah Bte Mossadats Nurul Farhah Bte Salleh Nurul Nirza B Jafry Nurulhuda Binte Mohd Zakaria Ong Chin Yee Joyce

Ong Jun Jie Alvin Ong Xin Yi P Kavitha Pang Zheng Rui Phua Yi’en Denise Prabashini D/O Selva Rajah Quek Hui Ping Sabira Bte Mohd Jalal Seh Pui Shan Cheryl Shaikh Muhammad Abdillah B S Shamani Devi D/O Sangaran Shamirjehan Ahmad S/O M A Sharmil Rizza B Shamsul Kamil Shiew Mee Unay Lee Siti Fatimah Zahrah Bte Ismail Siti Maizura Bte Samsudin Siti Shalbiah Bte Mohd Ridduan Sng Wei Jian Alvin Sng Zhen Zhi Alvin Soh Jia Wei Suhaimi B Sukiman Sun Binbin Suriani Bte Salimin Swee Soon Chye Syahirah Binte Zulkepli Syazana Hidayu Bte Sazali Tan Chew Ming Tan Chin Chuan Tan Gong Neng Gary Tan Jun Rong Kenneth Tan Ming Chin Tan Wei Ting Tan Zhu Khing Teo Rong Jie Teo Ting Yang Teo Wei Hao Cody Terence Toh Jiawei Tham Soon Tuck Allan Toh Yee Ling Wan Nur-Hazwan B Wan Ahmad Wang Wenjie Wong Cheng Phang, Jerome

Wong Jing Kai Wong Siew Hui Wong Si-Hui Germaine Wong Won Teng Wong Yee Ling Reena Yan Eunice Yap Xue Ying Yee Anqi Angela Yeo Pei Wen Yeo Xin Yi Lynnette Yu See Na Teresa Yusri Bin Umar Zaviar Tay Jun Jie Zhang Yang Zhao Jieshi Zhuo Honghua



This year marks the graduation of the third cohort of the Diploma in New Media, the second cohort of the Diploma in Sonic Arts and Diploma in Technology and Arts Management, and the pioneer batch of students from the Diploma in Design for Interactivity. Heartiest congratulations to all! As you leave Republic Polytechnic to seek employment in the creative industry, to pursue further studies, or to do National Service, do remember the values that RP and STA have tried to instill in you: Hard work and determination; Teamwork; Resourcefulness; Ethics and Professionalism. These values will serve you in good stead at work, in your studies, and in NS. On behalf of the faculty and staff of the School of Technology for the Arts, I wish you great success in your future. You have done well during your studies at RP. Keep up your “can do” spirit. Remember to keep in touch. Godspeed.




I am affectionately known as Ziqq to my friends and family, and I have always been very self-driven. I believe that if one works hard, it will pay off. I have entered the realm of design at the age of 15, where I have used many different media to express my then quiet self and my passion for design has grown ever since. Design For Interactivity (DDI) has really been a blessing in disguise for me. I have made loads of new friends and great teachers who have made me who I am today. My RP experience has been life changing. I feel that I am now more focused and more confident to speak up and present myself in front of everyone. I hope that I have influenced and changed others around me positively just like how they have changed me. Some of my achievements throughout the 3 years in RP are: · Academic Roll of Honors for AY07/08 Semester II · Best of Show Performance (Advertising Concepts T307 Module) · Outstanding contribution and dedication to Project SL-1 (Service Learning trip, Cambodia ‘09) · Diploma Prize for outstanding academic performance in Diploma in Design For Interactivity ‘09 · Featured in HYPE Magazine Issue 29, Arts Section · Book-cover design for author, Therese WH Shak, officially launched worldwide at the recent World U3A Conference 2010 “Designers are more than just people who make things look pretty. We are thinkers, creators, inventors and we can change and influence other’s behavior and mindset with Design.”

NASRUL Diploma in Design for Interactivity



I was never good at mugging back in my secondary school days. To me, learning is interesting only when I get to experience things firsthand by applying the knowledge I have gained. And this is what the RP experience has been like for me. In year one, the module I enjoyed most was Cognitive Thinking. I felt that the module has helped me gain insights into the way I see the world. Modules aside, the other place in this school that has helped me grow was Club:G. I joined the club that represented STA a year ago. By organising activities, I am proud to have made a difference in the lives of my fellow schoolmates. In that short year, I have worked with my club mates to organise events like the START (School of Technology for the Arts Rookie Training) Camp and the Freshman Orientation programs and it has been a great experience. In my final year, I signed up for a Service-Learning trip to Cambodia, Siem Reap, where we were given the chance to touch the lives of the people in Sangkheum, a children’s home. For me, the RP experience was a fruitful one.

COLIN Diploma in New Media








STA STAFF WELL-WISHES Dear STA Graduates, “They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.” (Andy Warhol, died 1987) The anxiety of a new school, a new learning environment, new schoolmates and the many new areas of study; The frustration of insufficient time to discuss and complete your team presentations; The confusion over various academic procedures and systems; The times when coming to school punctually in the morning seems such a challenge tougher than climbing Mount Everest! All these will be part of your memory as you leave RP. Since your first day in RP, you have evolved and grew both in intellectual capacity as well as maturity. All these happened not because of time, but because you have persevered and chose to change your life when you decided to join STA.

Be aware that there is no perfect teapot; design is an interactive process. There are many junctures like this in life - it’s time to take stock and reassess. Here’s wishing you all the best in the years to come, and hope that you will remain curious.

As my parting gift, I wish to present the following quote from Leonard Bernstein’s musical version of Candide to you: Let dreamers dream what worlds they please; Those Edens can’t be found. The sweetest flowers, the fairest trees Are grown in solid ground. We’re neither pure nor wise nor good; We’ ll do the best we know; We’ ll build our house, and chop our wood And make our garden grow.

Best regards

You will experience the emotional roller coasters again as you leave us, but at least you are now prepared, for once again your life will change. May your garden continue to grow! Best wishes, Anthony Goh Programme Chair for Diploma in Technology and Arts Management

To find out how design impacts on everyday life, and how everyday life influences design. Believe that whatever it is that we are designing, our goal is to create meaningful experiences for ourselves and others. Thank you. Chong Li-Chuan Programme Chair for Diploma in Design for Interactivity The third batch of STA students are graduating. To me this is significant, because the first three batches will always be the pioneers of STA. You guys are special, not only because the last three years have really defined the school, but also because you were the students who taught many of us who are new to teaching, what it means to be a good facilitator. I can safely say that I learnt from you as much as you have learnt from me. I hope you have found the last three years meaningful and that you will be a lifelong learner as you have taught me to be. Good luck in the world out there and remember to come by and visit! Alina Heng Academic Staff

STA STAFF WELL-WISHES What is one advice that I can give you? During the course of your study here, you would have heard the facilitator say these words many times ‘This is what the industry is looking for’. Many of the modules would also have come up with ‘realistic industry scenarios’ in crafting the problem. I urge you now to recall these incidents, how you dealt with them, the learning from those lessons and the wise words of your facilitator as you take the next step into the work force. Veeramani Krishnan Senior Academic Staff A creative career is one of the most difficult in the world. To be successful, you are required to make magic every day – to develop new ideas, new approaches, new ways of doing things – and to do so in a way that helps your clients do better. As a professional, you must also continue to develop your own creative work, such that it inspires and feeds your commercial work. The balance of these is the key to a successful creative career. At STA, you have already learned how to develop in both of these areas, and now you are ready for the real fun – balancing the two in a way that makes you a happy and productive individual. It will be hard work, but, believe me, you will enjoy it. Best of luck in the next stage of your life! Mark D’Oliveira Programme Chair for Diploma in New Media

Dear students, As Program Chair and Facilitator to many of you, I am both sad as well as happy to see you go and I know I am also speaking for all DSA staff. We are sad because we have enjoyed working with you, being energized by your youth while watching you develop your own musical style. Frank Zappa once said, “The more your musical experience, the easier it is to define for yourself, what you like and what you don’t like.” We hope you have found your musical experiences in DSA both exciting and rewarding. We want to thank you for inspiring us - each time you asked critical questions or submitted exceptional work. This leads us to the happy part. We are happy to see that you are ready to embark on your next adventure, be it entering the workforce, furthering your education, or both. We are proud of your achievements and wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Stockhausen once said a sonic artist experiments with sound, and has to choose always the best results. Damien Lock Assistant Director (Capability Development) Covering Programme Chair for Diploma in Sonic Arts

To the graduating students of 2010: “In the rush to create, stop to look and listen to yourself once in a while.” David Liew Module Chair of Sequential Motion and Character Design


STA STUDENT MESSAGES I have really enjoyed my three years in Republic Poly. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the following groups of people: The RP management (for giving me a chance to continue my post secondary education), all the facilitators who have taught me (I have really learnt a lot of valuable life long lessons and skills from you), all my friends and schoolmates (for being there with me and helping me out along the way). Last but not least, I would like to thank STA. Under the leadership of Dr Victor, STA has really grown throughout the years. As I graduate this year, I sincerely wish STA all the best. I am hoping that STA can attract more students to join them, and that it can produce more talented and artistic people who can excel in whatever that they do.   Last but not least, I would like to say that I really treasure my time in STA. Even though I am going to graduate soon, I am proud to tell people that I was a former student of STA, and I would try to contribute back to STA in whatever way that I can. If it is not for all the facilitators and friends, I don’t think I will enjoy my three years here. Once again, thank you Republic Polytechnic and STA. STA Rocks.

It definitely has been a fruitful journey being in RP! STA is such a great school to be in! Knowledge and experience shared have moulded us to be a better person. I would love to express my utmost love and gratitude to the facilitators and friends for the beautiful experience that made learning exhilarating! It was so fun that it felt too soon to be leaving everything behind. But one thing’s for sure, STA’s the best spot to be in where fun and learning comes in a package! LOVE IT! Nur Faizah Bte Ahmad Fauzi, DNM Life is queer with its twists and turns, As every one of us sometimes learns, And many a failure turns about; Don’t give up though the pace seems slow. Success is failure turned inside out. If the future seems overwhelming, remember that it comes one moment at a time. Happy Graduation and best wishes to each and everyone! Nasrin Shah Beevi, DNM

Ng Tse Hon Bryan, DNM THE PLACE I met my friends for a lifetime and for everyone else, till we meet again - in Heaven. Love, Kachang Pestana Natasha Brenda, DTA These three years have been tough on each one of us in its own way. But we pushed through all the barriers to emerge as shining stars. Wishing my fellow crazy MOBstas the best in whatever they do. Hope to see some of your names on the LifeStyle section of ST in the future!!! Haleemathul Fazeela, DNM

To the pioneer batch of DDI students! The period from year 2008 to 2010 was an extremely enjoyable time with you guys around. We are grateful for all those moments that we got to share. Though there were some very embarrassing ones; wearing your underwear outside your pants for wearable class, parading around school in self made costumes and the many laughs we had together. All these can’t be exchanged for anything else in the world. Our facilitators are the best- Chuan, Ling, Chee Chiong, E Shuan, Eric and Jason Yup, thanks so much for your guidance all this while! We love yall! (: Low Gui Shan, Koh Lydia, Ang Hui Xuan, DDI Three words sum it all: Mercy of God. Goh Yong Li Samuel, DNM

STA STUDENT MESSAGES It has been a long road in Republic Polytechnic. I have gained knowledge and experience in this institution. And definitely, wherever I go, I will never forget what Republic Polytechnic has taught me and the facilitators who have believed in me. Thank you all and I hope the times we spent together will be a lifelong memory for all of us.   Ryan Kumaran s/o Rajakirshnan, DNM Being in Republic Polytechnic was never a mistake as much as I have complained about it. I have discovered what I was good at - film editing and I intend to pursue in this after graduation. So for that, I would like to thank our awesome STA facilitators, especially Serene D’cotta, for believing in us, Gerek Productions girls from Vista B3. We will definitely miss your naggings, which motivated us to do our best. To my girls, “Clap your hands and say yeah!” All the best! Nursyazanna Nasyrah, DNM It’s been a wonderful three years here in RP. I have made a whole lot of friends and lost some good ones along the way. Being in RP has taught me that the ones that stick up for you are the ones that will follow you through in whatever journeys you make. The best part of RP definitely got to be those times in the vista, cracking jokes, singing our hearts out and crying because of FYP. Found the best of friends during this process and I hope this is something all of us will look back on one day and smile as we replay these nostalgic moments. I will miss all of you and please don’t forget me. Keep in touch. Lidiyanah Kamaruddin, DNM

Three years! It has been such a great time spent in this school! Thanks to all of you my friends, yes.. all my friends that I have known since Year 1! All of you made wonderful memories for me to keep. I wish that all of us will be able to purse our dream career or study in the university. All the best people! Cheers~ Wang Peiyu, DDI Enrolling into DTA was quite a challenge for me because I did not know what to expect out of it. Nevertheless, my peers that I have met throughout the years have helped me along the way. Not to forget, the facilitators who are very encouraging about what I am going to do after graduating. Now that I have graduated, I will pass this encouragement down to my fellow juniors: Do your best, strive for excellence and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel. Corinne Goh Siu Lin, DTA How time flies! I have spent quite a meaningful time in RP since I came to Singapore three years ago. Admittedly, it is my great honour to study in Singapore, a country with highly-educated people. And I am fortunate to be able to study in RP, especially in STA. These three years have given me a different experience in my life and it has taught me a new way of learning. It is time to say goodbye to RP. It is not going to be the end, but a new start of a new journey! All the best to all of you in STA and RP. Lu Youshui, DNM


SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY FOR THE ARTS Diploma in Design for Interactivity Ang Hui Xuan Chan Zhao Duan Chen Xiaojing Cheok Kai Hong Cheryl Loh Yan Yu Chin Joon Kiat Chua Shimin Chua Zong Hua Bernard Cody Tay Yi Long Durga Devi D/O P Balu Foo Li Onn Gan Hsio Yan Jasmine Goh Wei Feng Jasmine Wah Li Ling Joanne Ang Yee Ning Koh Ee Cheun Joyce Koh Lydia Kok Xiu Xian Lee Chun Hao Lee Zhu Er Joel Leong Mei Teng Liu Weiquan Loh Shun En Darren Low Gui Shan Luqman Nurhaqim B Idham Mohamed Al-Fadil B Mohamed Fuad Muhammad Amin Bin So’aini Muhammad Shahiran B Mohd Sedik Nasrul Haziq B Mohamed Rafit Norsahida Bte Adam Nur Raihanah Bte Sulaiman Phan Yijie Benjamin Rachel Tu Zhiya Saiful Bahri B Selamat Jumadi Sazilah Bte Samsudin Siti Atiqah Bte Buang Siti Nadiah Bte Abdullah Sitti Nordiyanah Bte Nordin Situ Huijie Syahirah Binte Mohd Rashid Tan Ya Wen

Tan Yu Jie Tang Shengyang Moses Teo Wan Ting Thashalini D/O Selvarathnam Vinson Goh Wei Xian Vishal Prakash Wang Peiyu Wee Yifu Dickson Yeo Wenzhi Alison Zeng Chunju Zhuo Jiabao Robin Diploma in New Media Abdul Daiyan B Abdul Rahim Abigail Samuel Adam Bin Md Azahar Amir Asyraf B Ridhwan Amirah Bte Abdul Malik Angeline Tay Su Fen Asrenee Bte Mohamed Abu Aznee Bte Oosope Chan Bo Hao Chan Hian Wee Gregory Chan Kheng Swee James Cheryl Ann Theseira Chia Mei Qi Yvonne Chu Fook Chuen Rachael Daniel Sim Yong Sheng En Yi Ihan Eunice Koh Pek Choo Farhanah Bte Abdul Rashid Fizdiawaty Bte Roosli Fok Sze Yan Rebecca Sharon Gary Foo Ming Rui Goh Hui Man Goh Li Ee Goh Yong Li Samuel Gu Yajing Guo Kaiyun Gurpreet Rajni Kaur D/O K S Hafiz Huzaifah Firdaus B R Haleemathul Fazeela Binti Mohamed

Iqbal Ilbert Tng Hong Meng Ivy Ho Yu Ling Jan Rick Camara Mascarina Jermain Saw Zhixian Jessica Ang Qiao Ling Joey Tan Wei Shan Josephine See Hui Xian Joycelyn Seah Hui Yan Kenneth Seow Bowei Kumaran S/O Rajakirshnan Lai Yan Fung Li Wen Xu Lidiyanah Bte Kamaruddin Lim Boon Hwee Jonathan Lim Hong Rui Lester Lim Kiat Yin Lim Pei Hong Serena Lim Wan-Jing Germaine Lim Ying Xiu Cynthia Lin Kian Yong Lin Qingyu Keryn Liu Jingui Loh Jia Wen Emma Lu Youshui Ma Mya Kay Thwe Mohamad Faizal Bin Ithnin Mohamad Fariqqin Bin Anuar Mohamed Juffrie B Mohamed J Muhamad ‘Izuddin Sufian Sujai Muhammad Faizal B Misdi Muhammad Nu’aim B Dahlan Muhammad Zulfadli Bin Md Taib Mynn Naing Soe Nadhir B Mohamed Zainal Narayanee D/O Singaram Nasrin Shah Beevi D/O Meerasa Ng Jian Bang Ng Jing Yi Ng Shi Ying Ng Siew Xian Michelle Ng Soo Wen Justin

Ng Tse Hon Bryan Noorazillah Bte Aziman Nur Fa’izah Bte Ahmad Fauzi Nur Sakinah Bte Surani Nur Shereen Bte Mohamed Shah Nur Yusra Bte Wahinudin Nurashikin Bte Osman Nurfardilah Bte Sidik Nurmarissa Irmaya Januwar Nurshabrina Bte Mohammad R Nursyazanna Nasyrah Bte Md S Nurul Badriah Bte Mohamed Arsad Nurul Shazilah Bte Mashor Nurzaimah Bte Zainuddin Ong Shu Yu Alysia Asha Peh Hui Min Jaselin Priscilla Woo Mei Tin Quek Yun Xiu Yun Rebekah Raphael Anthony Sarah Loke Shuyi See Yi Sheng Seri Atikah Binte Jumahat Shalom Sangeetham D/O Koyil Pillai Sharon How Shu Yin Sim Xue Fang Sing Yong Ling Siti Khadijah Bte Abdullah Siti Masturah Bte Abdul Rahman Siti Nurjannah Bte Daud Souzanne Fouad Nasser Subathiran S/O T Syaheedah Bte Iskandar Syuhada Harra Fairuz Bte Isman Tan Jun Leng Jerrome Tan Kee Kim Tan Pei Xuan Tan Poh Ling Eileen Tan Siew Yan Bettina Tan Teng Hong Colin Tan Yang Yi Caleb Tan Ying Jing Tan Yingting

Tay Li Ting Cassendra Teo Keng Teng Teo Pek Chai Samuel Tey Siang Hoon Thilina Suharsha Gunathillake Vernon Bonifac Fernandez Wang Fei Wimalarathne Kolitha Gihan Wong Chee Hwee Joanne Wong Ting Soen Alvin Wong Wai Teng Yap Wei Ming Edric Yeap Jie Ling Yeow Ang Tint Yong Kaiying @ Hu Yingying Zhang Xin Yu Zulkifli Bin Md Zaid Diploma in Sonic Arts Abu Talib Bin Abdolah Annie Goh Tok Ying Boh Yeh Ying Budiman Bin Rani Cedric Lim Yong Wen Chan Zi Xuan Zachary Cheong Wei Yang Aaron Chong Hui Ning Choo Yulin Eunice Dino Zulkarnain B Zakariyah Elvinardy B Darwin Goh Guo Quan Goh Zhong Guo Grace Koh Xiu Qi Jonathan Yuen Ze Ming Kelvin Wee Toon Loong Lee Ji Yun Lim Chun Kiat Lim Yi Wen Low Xue Li Stephanie Muhammad Ariffin B Kamsuri Muhammad Fadhli Bin Ramli Muhammad Hafiz B Rahmat

SCHOOL OF TECHNOLOGY FOR THE ARTS Muhammad Hidhir B Mohamed Nassir Muhammad Saifuddin Bin Samsuri Muhammad Shahrin B Aripin Muhammad Shairazi Bin Saleh Muhd Shahrul Bin Kasamen Nicholas Toh Jia Jun Nur Izyan Bte Abdul Aziz Nur Wahedah Binte Ahmat Nurdurrani Bte Musa Poh Cairen Shawn Rahmat 窶連dil Bin Taha Shaun Benjamin Stanislaus Shirley Tong Siti Nadiah Bte Ahmad Sng Jui Ming Elliot Syed Ahmad Alwi B Syed Abdulla Tan Chee Wee Tan Shu Jia Lizann Tan Wei Jie Justin Tan Wei Wei Tan Xin Rui Taufiq Muzzammil B Mail Tay Hui Zhi Teo Kit Ying Joyce Tham Shi Yun Lesley Wesley Meow Guang Xiong Wong Wing Hoe Eamon Yeo Su Hui Yong Swee Boon Kenneth Diploma in Technology and Arts Management Abdul Fathani Bin Khairuddin Andhika Shah Bin Shah Raji Bibi Nurshabrina Bte Hamzah Chong Mei Ting Chua Jason Chua Shi Qi Chua Wen Xin Chua Yuqian Debra Corinne Goh Siu Lin

Darshila Binti Mohammad Wijaya Darul Naim Bin Hussain Emily Chia Yu Ping Goh Khee Kiang Marcus Haiyul Rizatul Ain Bte M R Joel Hah Jun Yuan Kheng Wenming Benjamin Lee Kong-Shen Lin Hung Ju Loh Kai Lin Pearlyn Lok Xin Yi Masturah Binte Nordin Mohamed Asykal B Mohamed R Muhammad Hisyam Bin Mohamed Yusoff Muhammad Putra Nursallihin Bin Abdul Rahim Nadiyah Bte Abdul Rahim Najihah Binti Md Eizak Ng Hui Yi Glenda Nor Liyana Binte Mohammed Zakii Nur Ain Binte Shariffudin Nur Aisyah Bte Rayhan Nur Fadzila Bte Abdul Rahman Nur Farah Atiqah Bte Ismail Nurulhuda Binti Zaibarudin Pestana Natasha Brenda Phan Yiting Amanda Raimi Bte Ramdan Salome Robert Parimanam Sandhya Suresh Seah Jo Lyn Siti Hanim Bte Shafiee Siti Noraishah Bte Ahmad Z S Soh Yi En Sophie Ngin Gollifer Tan Jun Yan Tan Kai Min Charlene Tan Yi Wen Teo Kai Hui Teoh Ying Ying Wilson Tan Wei Shan

Wong Yi Wen, Vivian



The poet Kahlil Gibran wrote: “The teacher who is indeed wise does

We have tried to help you see that there is much more to being educated than simply being literate and numerate. For the many of you who have learned to look at the bigger picture and to think outside the box, I say “Well done!” Your next challenge is to teach others how to do the same. Don’t leave them in the box; bring them out with you.

not bid you to enter the house of his wisdom but rather leads you to the threshold of your mind.” The last three years you have spent in Republic Polytechnic have indeed led you to new thresholds of your minds. With guidance and prodding from your facilitators and, even, your classmates, your minds have certainly been stretched by new concepts and principles, new insights, new awareness and understanding, and I leave you with Bessie Anderson Stanley’s definition of success. I hope new possibilities. it will inspire you as much as it has been an inspiration to me. And, especially, may it be for you a reminder of the true gifts of education: You are the proverbial horses that have been led to water and it is quite clear most of you have indeed been drinking! He has achieved success who has lived well, laughed often, and loved much; Who has enjoyed the trust of pure women, the respect of intelligent men and We’ve journeyed far together these last three years. It is now your duty to the love of little children; apply what we have learned to make our homes, communities, countries, Who has filled his niche and accomplished his task; regions – our world – a better place and I issue you this challenge: I ask Who has never lacked appreciation of Earth’s beauty or failed to express it; you to use your voices to speak up for those whose voices are not being Who has left the world better than he found it, heard, use your eyes to seek new paths for those who are lost, use your Whether an improved poppy, a perfect poem, or a rescued soul; minds to conjure new possibilities for those who are unable to imagine Who has always looked for the best in others and given them the best he had; the hope of tomorrow, and use your hands to mould and make real the Whose life was an inspiration; world that you want to leave for generations to come. Whose memory a benediction

Dare to dream and to see success where others may not. Do not be Congratulations to you for earning your diploma. May you find success afraid to broaden the definition of success, do not be afraid to stand up in life as Bessie Anderson Stanley has defined it, and, may you know the for what you believe. Consider this analogy: for six months you push joys of having helped someone find that success too. against a three-hundred kilogram rock, it doesn’t move and you think “I’ve failed to move this rock.” True. But, step back and look at what you’ve accomplished from a different perspective. From all that pushing, your arm, leg, and back muscles are now stronger; you’ve discovered the most efficient and comfortable position for pushing against the rock. And, if you look carefully at the rock, you just might find those slight indentations that your palms have left.



Republic Polytechnic has put in place a system that has allowed me to “learn by doing”. Being a student who learns more effectively through a practical and hands-on approach, I have had a very fulfilling learning experience in this school. RP has brought the values of the world into our classrooms. I pursued a diploma in Communication and Information Design and my facilitators have made sure that everyone of us graduate as confident media professionals. They worked incredibly hard to ensure that we left school with questions answered – questions about work, career and our lives. It was in RP that I have discovered my strengths as well as my weaknesses. I was fortunate to be given the opportunity to develop my strengths and overcome my weaknesses with the continuous support RP has offered me. Today I am a confident and driven individual who knows what I want in life – thanks to Republic Polytechnic.

VINEETHA Diploma in Communication and Information Design


My time at Republic Polytechnic is hard to define with words as with any other experience that is both spectacular and fulfilling. However, let us not restrict ourselves. Experiences need not necessarily be encapsulated by clichés and euphemisms. These are extremely overused these days and it’s a definite tell-tale sign for sloth and a mind devoid of creativity. Let me take you on a stimulating journey of my time at Republic Polytechnic. I am to mention my achievements, so pardon the occasional flashes of self-pride. On my first day, I stepped foot in the school with a single, siege-minded intention - to excel at any cost. The PBL system suited me perfectly; it was like “Starsky and Hutch”. It was a clear road and I had the right map. There was no looking back from then onwards. I’ve accumulated a notable number of awards, recognitions and certifications. I’ve also taken on a very much relished role as the vice-president of the Student Ambassadors. I’ve had some terrific moments there but it is not just a matter of awards and accolades - it’s the experience, and my experience at Republic Polytechnic has taught me an incredible number of things in the most engaging manner. These lessons will always be ingrained in my mind and heart and that’s all that is important in life, really. These things stay with you till death and maybe, even beyond, and these are the things I’ve learnt right here at Republic Polytechnic.

KARTHIK Diploma in Communication and Information Design





CENTRE FOR CULTURE AND COMMUNICATION Diploma in Communication and Information Design Ahmad Zaki B Mohamed Khalid Amirah Binte Mohamad Sani Basnayake Marissa Jane Chen Yunhao Cheng Jee Yan Chia Jia Min Esther Chia Shunxian Calvin Chow Wai Peng Eunice Chua York Fang Yvette Dawn Bernadette Theseira Deborah Tan Xuele Dewi Suryaningsih Binte Supiyanurrashid Erika Luisa M Peralta Farhana Bte Hamdan Farhanah Bte Ismail Fiona Kok Li Ling Fiona Ong Chai Joo Fong Yen Ling Angeline Foo Shuling Kristin Germain Lee Ci En Goh Pei Zhu Gillian Gurprit Kaur D/O Paramjee S Heah Chieh Huey Jolin Lee Karthik Mohan Kristine Kamini Veerasanan Lai Chongmin Lai Pui Sun Denise Marilyn Lee Ling Yun Cheryl Lee Pei Qi Samantha Lim Jia Bao Lester Lim Shi Pheng Vanessa Lim Ya Li Samantha Loke Yeen Cheng Josephine Maghfurah Bte Salimen Mathana D/O Subhas Balan Michelle Tay Mohamed Idrus B Mohamed Jamah Muhammad Firdaus Khan B I K Muhammad Haiqal B Mohd Sidek

Muhammad Najib B Abdul Rahman Muhammad Nur Ikhlas B M S Nadia Bte Salleh Nor Azleen Binte Suhardjono Nur Afeeqah Bte Ramlee Nur Afifah Bte Rakif Nur Aisyah Bte Mohammed Zakii Nur Aziemah Bte Aziz Nur Nabila Bte Ahmad Salehin Nur Nadia Bte Hussain Nur Shaheila Bte Ali Ong Qi Wei Phua Zhi Ying Jessica Priya D/O Dayala’in Seah Yao Hong Dominic (She Yaohong) See Toh Sunshine Shahida Bte Mohd Taha Shankar Ravindran Sheena Kaur Jaswal Sim Weijie Sit Wei Ling Clio Siti Mahmudah Bte Abdul M Siti Maisarah Bte Mohamad A Siti Nursyazwani Bte Suhaimi Soh En Hui Melody Stephen Carlo Vergara Syarafina Bte Hasan Tan Jun Hao Tan Renyi, Bartholomew Tay Joo Wee Godfrey Teo Cai Li Teo Shu Fen Evangeline Teo Wei Han Isaac Teo Wei Jia Cheryl Teo Yue’er Luvina Teow Min Xia Rebecca Tow Junmei Nicole Tricia Tan Li Lin Vineetha Gunasekaran Wan Nur Fadhillah Bte Wan B Wee Ai Ping Sheryl

Wong Kin Wai Yvonne Ng Zaty Safwaty Bte Ramlee Zoe Sim Shi Tian


CCC EVENTS AND ACHIEVEMENTS An AsiaOne collaboration: G302 Final Year Project A first-time collaboration with AsiaOne, five of our Diploma in Communication and Information Design students worked with the AsiaOne team to develop Explore! – a travel photography guide for aspiring photographers. This project was showcased on Relax website at, which is an online destination for all things travel, a one-stop website for all globetrotters.

Centre for Culture and Communication (CCC) shares hope and love with “Stories On The Flyer” A group of RP students made up of SPEAK Interest Group, PHOTO Interest Group and students from various diplomas, penned stories about the lives of a selected group of underprivileged children (from Northwest CDC/Sunlove Marsiling Neighbourhood Link), and told the stories to the same group of underprivileged children aboard the Singapore Flyer on 21 February 2009. Through the stories of hope and love, ‘Stories on the Project’ sought to inculcate in the young children the value of self-belief, and encourage them to dare to dream big. We all start with dreams – but ways to getting there, for some of us, we have had the privilege of family members and friends nudging us along the way. This project thus constitutes a simple way for us to ‘educate’ the less privileged children in our midst, to empower them with a sense of selfbelief; a simple way for the youths to nudge their younger peers along the journey of life.


Hi, graduating batch of RP students! You have now finished the phase of facing PBL every single week. From now, you will be young working adults and on your way to create your successful career. Last year sure passed fast - where you studied like mad, did your Final Year Projects and ran from place to place. I trust RP has changed us all in one way or another as RP is the only polytechnic that focuses on Problem Based Learning tactics where we learn to be on the ball, analytical, vocal and the importance of interpersonal skills and teamwork. These skills would help us greatly in our working life. RP enables us to network with people of different cultures and beliefs by changing groups throughout a semester, allowing us to broaden our friendships with classmates and knowing them more as a friend and not just a person who works with you on a daily problem. These are the times where you would laugh, argue, discuss and share with your classmates - be it your daily life or simply PBL. The facilitators would also help us when we have difficulties in understanding the daily problems. They would explain in detail and make sure we understand before moving on to the next topic. As you all move on as Graduates of RP, please do come back to RP to visit us and your fellow mates still mugging in RP. Even a better thing to do is to join the Alumni Club, Club Republic. Club Republic would organise gatherings where graduates can take a day to come together and reminisce the good old times! Farewell for now Graduates of RP, hope to see you all soon!




The Student Hub at W1 consists of the Wellness 360 centre, the Student Services Centre, the Student Lounge and the Club rooms. The Student Hub is officially launched by our Principal on 30 July 2009.


This year’s Halloween Party, held on 30 October 2009 is proudly organised by the Student Council, Club:G, Cypher Club, Cyriva Club and Helicon Club. This is the first collaborative event by five student clubs. Participants dressed up in their spookiest Mafia gear and had a night filled with creepy fun!

The launch also marks the inauguration of the 7th Student Council Executive Committee.


Finalists from each school competed for the titles of “Mr RP” and “Ms RP”, held for the first time in the Agora Hall on 16 January 2009 and supported by TRCC. We had the honour of having our Principal, Mr Yeo Li Pheow, gracing the event as Guest-of-Honour. To entertain the crowd were performances from Replug IG, Hip Hop IG, Capoeira IG and a special fashion show by STA students. A total of about 300 students cheered for their favourite contestants. Bryant Phan, from SIT and Jill Molina from STA were crowned “Mr RP” and “Ms RP” respectively. 103

CHIRON The School of Applied Science(SAS) is proud to present our very own School Club - Chiron Club. It has been a fruitful journey for the Club since its establishment in 2004. Exciting events that Chiron Club has organised for the students at Republic Polytechnic in 2009 include: 1) Freshmen Orientation Program 2009 – Unleash Our Potential 2) Ultimate Race II 3) Crime Scene Investigation (C.S.I.) 2009 4) Perfume Making Workshop 5) Science Carnival 2009 and several other team-building activities for our club members. The five Interest Groups under Chiron Club (Conservation IG, Pharmaceutica IG, Eureka IG, Maven IG and Culinary IG) have also organised many interesting activities for the students at RP. With Chiron Club and our IGs, we strive to promote interest in the many aspects of Science for RP students through our various events and activities. Thank you for making a difference by having science as part of your student life at Republic Polytechnic!


Freshmen Orientation Program – Unleash Our Potential

This year’s Orientation Programme was held over three days from 15 17 April 2009. Chiron Club engaged over 600 Year One SAS students (out of the 4000 plus Year One students), as they welcomed the SAS freshmen into the SAS student family. Over the course of the three-day orientation, teams were encouraged to chalk up points for their schools and centres in the respective segments: 40 Games Stations, Tug-of-War, Photo Blog contest, Domino Ripple, Mascot Presentation and Team Republic Echo to win the coveted Principal’s Cup. Under proactive leadership and engagement by the Chiron Club student leaders, SAS freshmen blended into the culture with ease. Together, they worked through all the challenges, united as a School, and in the process, won valuable points for every segment. High-spirited SAS cheers were heard numerous times during the process. When it was announced that our SAS freshmen has won the Principal’s Cup for 2009, resounding cheers of celebration, joy and happiness erupted instantaneously. The euphoria lasted throughout the evening, culminating with a trophy presentation during the Jam n Hop session. Well done SAS!


Science Carnival

Perfume Making Workshop

In line with the effort of SAS to promote eco-green awareness, only public transport was allowed for commuting purposes. Participant teams were required to complete various forms of challenges at game stations located at key places of interest in the country, namely, the Singapore Botanical Gardens, East Coast Park, Marina Barrage, Singapore Flyer, and Admiralty Park/Republic Polytechnic.

All the IGs and Chiron Club showcased the main expertise of their own IG as well as past events that the IGs and Club have organised. In conjunction with the Science Carnival, Chiron Club also hosted our own Science Challenge for SAS students. During the challenge, student teams were involved in challenging one another as they attempted written questions relating to the various disciplines of science, as well as utilised proper laboratory techniques in growing quality crystals.

Spanning over three days, student participants were introduced to the history, components and techniques of perfumes synthesis.

“Think you’re bright, fast and tough enough to make your way around Singapore?” Tagged with this title, the Ultimate Race II attracted over 10 teams of student participants on Saturday, 24 October 2009.

Winners were chosen not only by their speed in completing all the stations in the race, but also by the amount of points accumulated in the process. So can you recognise the places below?

This large-scale event synergised the collaborative efforts of Chiron Club and her various Interest Groups such as Conservation IG, Culinary IG, Eureka IG, Maven IG and Pharmaceutica IG.

Teams who qualified for the final round challenged one another on stage, as they attempted to justify and explain various scientific phenomenon and answer questions posed on the spot. Easy it may seem, but it was actually a great challenge for many of our SAS students who have gained many valuable experiences in the process.

Crime Scene Investigation

Fingerprint, ink, hair and cloth samples – these were evidences collected from mock-up crime scenes for this event. And how would one find out who is the real culprit? Over 10 teams of students (each team with three to five students) took on the role of detectives for two days from 2 - 29 October 2009, where they had hands-on experience in collecting fingerprint samples, ink samples, hair samples and cloth samples.

This workshop attracted a good number of SAS students, eager to make their own brand of perfumes and gain valuable laboratory experience in the process. To add an enterprise component to this activity, student teams were required to market and present their finished products to win over other participating teams and judges with the quality of their perfume.

Through interactive laboratory sessions, the students were introduced to simple techniques for analysing the forensic samples collected. To wrap things up, the teams were required to provide a detailed outline of how they interpreted their analysis results to solve the respective crimes and reveal the real culprits. 105

The Conservation IG is committed to promoting awareness of environmental issues both on- and off-campus. Some of the activities organised by our IG include: Conservation Month 2008, Eco Flea Market 2008, International Coastal Cleanup 2008 and Eco Picnic 2007.



A memorable event which got us a spot in the Singapore Book of Records was the Republic Polytechnic’s 100,000 Plastic Bottles Challenge 2009. Some 4,000 secondary school students and staff, together with our IG members, collected and constructed the giant mosaic light bulb using 106,060 plastic bottles, spanning an area of 5.5 badminton courts. We wish our graduating students all the best in their future endeavours and may the conservation flame in them continue to burn brightly!


1: Eco Picnic 2007 2: Eco Flea Market 2008 3: Plastic mosaic light bulb for Republic Polytechnic’s 100,000 Plastic Bottles Challenge 2009 4: International Coastal Cleanup 2008 5: President Nathan’s visit to Conservation IG booth in 2008


Passion for food is what gels together a team of cooking enthusiasts from Culinary IG to brainstorm, create and innovate recipes to produce novel food items. In 2009, our foodies have cooked up a storm in the food laboratory. Not only have they conducted regular cooking sessions to hone their culinary skills, they have also been sent for an attachment at Swissotel The Stamford Hotel for five days to learn pastry making and cold desserts preparation. It was a very enriching experience and has fuelled their interest in food preparation further.

Culinary IG has also taken part in many events such as creating a lunch menu from scratch for the Principal’s Lunch Session, treating new members to a sushi-making session, smoothie-making workshop during the Culinary IG Welcome Tea and creating healthy meals during CAM Tech Day. In addition, they have also participated in many meaningful service learning events, one of which is the RP’s inaugural Dining in the Dark event. This event seeks to increase students’ empathy towards the visually impaired, and the Culinary IG planned the menu for blindfolded students who ate in the dark. 107

CHIRON-EUREKA From events planning to developing students’ interest in Science, Eureka IG has now taken on a more focused role. After many experiences, our students have learned along the way that preparing for events is not easy. It takes team work, communication and effective problem solving skills to ensure things are on the right track. An collaboration with other IGs has brought success to a local service learning project for the visually impaired - RP’s Dining in the Dark (DITD) event. The Eureka IG advisors and students were also actively involved in the execution of workshops and events such as the Eureka Logo & Poster Competition, SAS Science Carnival and Science Congress 2010. The Eureka IG also represented RP at the Woodlands Community Club for the launch of its Science Club and the launch of Science Month 09 at Marina Square. Students gained a lot of experience in organising events, time management and leadership skills. Besides being exposed to the discovery of science, students were also trained on how to manage exhibits and booth displays. 1: Students voting for their favourite Eureka Logo and Poster during SLA Fiesta (April 2009) 2: Eureka IG advisors and students at booths for SAS Science Carnival (December 2009) 3: Eureka IG student leaders for Science Congress for SAS, in conjunction with RP Open House (January 2010) 4: Eureka IG students talking to Ms Ellen Lee, MP for Sembawang GRC at launch of Science Club at Woodlands Community Club, Singapore (May 2009) 5: Eureka IG representing RP at the launch of Science Month 09. Exhibits and booth display at Marina Square, Singapore (August 2009) 6: Eureka IG’s booth at the launch of Science Month 09, Marina Square, Singapore (August 2009)

A maven is a trusted expert in a particular field who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. The Maven IG intends to provide an holistic experience for its members in developing social and technical skills in Biomedical Science. Above and beyond these, the IG also develops leadership and management skills amongst members. Maven IG works closely with various Biomedical Science industries. It also works with Youth Advocates for Health (YAH), launched by the Health Promotion Board (HPB), Singapore Heart Foundation and other organisations in collaborative events. These events are campaigns targeting youth and the public or are research-based projects. The IG is also active in supporting local service learning projects. Through the diverse workshops, talks, visits and projects, members are exposed to various academic, career and industries in Biomedical Science. Given the different themes of the activities, members are privileged to be trained in respective technical and research skills, in planning outreach events and in developing and managing campaigns. Maven IG is also proud to be the caretakers of the Anatomy Museum at RP. These opportunities and experiences create the Maven identity.

CHIRON-PHARMACEUTICA The Pharmaceutica IG is an interest group for students who want to learn more about drugs and pharmacy practice. Students in this IG will learn through hands-on activities about retail operations, merchandising and marketing at a health and beauty store, The Panacea @ Wellness 360째. Throughout the year, students are also involved in health screening activities and conducting workshops on self-medication and dispensing of mock prescriptions. With the knowledge gained, students will be given the opportunity to develop patient counselling skills, recommend over-thecounter health products to staff, students and members of the public. Through this, Pharmaceutica IG students will gain an appreciation of the role of pharmacy technicians and pharmacists in the healthcare sector.

CYRIVA Dear Graduands, Cyriva Club is proud to have been a part of your student life in RP. We thank you for your enthusiastic and unwavering support of our activities. Be it the Freshmen Orientation Camp, Leadership Camps, Amazing Race, Mr & Ms SEG, SEGetogether, Community Work @ MINDS, WebHunt, workshops, and competitions, you have turned out in force to participate and lend your support. We could not have achieved this much without you. We have watched each of you mature and develop both academically and as individuals. You have acquired technical skills and knowledge, and many have found your personal platforms from which you have developed organisational, interpersonal, and, leadership skills. As you embark on the next phase of your lives, continue to climb greater heights with true grit and determination. The world is your oyster. This is not “Good Bye” from Cyriva Club but “Till Next We Meet”. You will always be part of us with our graduates’ activities. Do visit us regularly at where you will find our monthly SEG eNewsletters, Blog and Facebook. “Engineering the future” for the future of all.




Despite the heavy rain, participants showed up at East Coast Park to test their survival skills in March. Most of them managed to survive the evil game master and all the games. The winning team of Survival Quest was able to outwit, out speed and of course outsmart others to emerge as the winner! We will survive! We will survive! We will survive! We will survive! And we did!


This celebration party was held at Holiday Park Inn View ballroom in April for us to gather and enjoy one another’s company one last time as a school. The cocktail reception was filled with smiles and laughter. Graduates were either commenting on one another’s attire or updating one another of their lives during the holiday. All graduates were dressed glamorously and handsomely.


SEG Freshmen Camp was held in April and it was a hit! All the houses conducted ice-breaking sessions and each had their own team bonding games to build up their team spirits. All campers were hungry after playing these games, and during lunch all of them were eating as if they had not eaten for many days.


In August, Cyriva Club held its seventh Amazing Race which brought together teams from the various schools in Republic Polytechnic. The teams challenged one another in teamwork, creativity, critical and analytical skills in a fun and exciting manner. The teams were tasked to find eight different locations spread out across the country. The locations included the Chinese Garden, Bukit Gombak, Admiralty Park, The Cathay, The Esplanade, Pasir Ris Park, East Coast Park and Punggol Beach. 113

CYRIVA EVENTS In September, members of the Cyriva and AIG club visited MINDS at 800 Margaret Drive. It was a fruitful day when we experienced many things showing love, care and concern for one another. Through this event, we all learnt to be more patient with not only with the people at MINDS, but also with everyone around us.

MR and MS SEG 2009

In October, Cyriva Club held the event, “Mr and Ms SEG 2009.� Each year, Cyriva Club would give all SEG students a chance to take part in this competition. This year, the event was held in the student forum at W1. Nominations for Mr and Ms SEG started in early September 2009 and the nominees were year 1 to year 3 engineering students.

CYRIVA EVENTS CAMP ILLUMINA This is the annual SEG Leadership Camp, aptly named Camp Illumina. A group of students was selected to take part in this camp and this marked a whole new experience for them. As the clock struck noon on 16 December 2009, Camp Illumina officially began, bringing bright and cheerful smiles on the participants’ faces.


CYRIVA-AIG Aeromodelling Interest Group (AIG) continues to attract aviation enthusiasts to join its ranks. Throughout the year, AIG has been active in training our new batch of ‘Aviators’ and has been successful in checking out a large number of them in RC plane flying. Besides flying in our usual field near Singapore Sports School, AIG has also started flying in new venues at Admiralty Drive. The highlight of the year was when a team of five AIG students took part in the Inaugural Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition. With their knowledge in RC flying and construction, the participants came up with an ingenious quad-rotor craft which won three awards in the competition – including Most Creative Design. Between simulation and live RC flying, AIG also made time to experience flying a Boeing 737 Simulator and other team-bonding activities. AIG was also involved in conducting workshops on RC plane basics, which have been very useful to students for their final year projects (FYP).

CYRIVA-EHIG The year 2009 has been an exciting one for the Electronics Hobby Interest Group (EHIG). These are some of our key accomplishments for the year. After more than two months of extensive planning and preparations, EHIG organised the Round De Campus Challenge 2009 in conjunction with Aspire & Achieve @ SEG in November 2009. The competition has been a huge success with more than 50 participating SEG students. All participants have undergone intensive training on the Global Position System (GPS) technology as well as hands – on usage of the GPS receivers to perform navigation and tracking around RP campus and Admiralty Park. For the first time, EHIG members were given the opportunity to construct IR pens. An IR camera was subsequently used to track the position of the tip of the IR pen on a projected display of the members’ Windows desktop. After more than two months of sweat and frustrations, EHIG members also managed to develop an interactive bird-shooting gaming system from their experimentations. The gaming system became the star attraction at the EHIG booth for RP Open House 2010, attracting lots of interests and participation from booth visitors. Here, we would like to take this opportunity to bid farewell to all our graduating IG members! We thank you for your contributions over the years. We wish you all the best in your future endeavours!


CYRIVA-IES The Institution of Engineers Singapore-Republic Polytechnic IG’s highlight this year was “Land, Air and Sea – Engineering Conquers All”. Our student members, under the excellent guidance and leadership of our Ex-Co, met on 31 August 2009 at East Coast Park – a venue where land, air and sea converge. Enjoying the sea breeze under the sun, our first-year engineering students were encouraged to think outside the box, to realise for themselves the reach of engineering in their everyday lives. “The Rubber Band Game” and “Making of Water Bombs” were two activities used successfully to illustrate the principles of engineering. Learning through fun was achieved and the day ended with a barbeque under the stars.

CYRIVA-LSCMS The Logistics Supply Chain Management Society (LSCMS) Interest Group was set up for students enrolled in the Diploma in Supply Chain Management and Diploma in Industrial Operations Management courses. The LSCMS provides opportunities for students to participate in events and activities related to supply chain and logistics operations. The key events for LSCMS are: 1) Prestigious speakers from the industry giving students insights and first-hand accounts of the industry and career options. 2) Company visits and seminars. 3) Social networking sessions with industrial partners.


CYRIVA-MEIG ME-IG is an interest group that supports students who want to learn more about medical electronics and are keen to promote their interest and knowledge in medical electronics. At ME-IG, we believe that medical electronics include understanding the technology that works behind our medical equipment and applying all that we’ve learnt into the medical field for the good of others. New Visions and Revolutions in Medical Electronics As an IG, we have been striving to seek avenues where we can make a difference to others. Last year, our IG was re-established with new members and new visions as well as keen ambitions to promote the knowledge of medical electronics amongst our peers, family and friends. While last year was a year of reorganisation and restructuring, we still managed to organise activities such as visits and talks to hospitals. This year, with new additions to our fine hardworking team, we hope to expand our horizons beyond. We hope that you will be a part of this new revolution.

CYPHER Cypher Club celebrates yet another year of student life activities. And what a year it has been - from the initial bonding sessions of the Cypher Camp 2009 to the Freshman Orientation Programmes to the razzle dazzle of the crowning of Mr and Ms SIT. The students certainly enjoyed an enriching and fulfilling life at RP.

Starting off the year with a big bang was our annual Cypher Camp where nearly 300 students spent three days and two nights living, sweating and bonding with one another. Immediately after the camp, these brave souls are then joined another 700 students for the Freshmen Orientation Program. In these three days, they bonded and at the same time competed with other schools for the very first Principal’s Cup Challenge. Although SIT did not win, there was strong camaraderie and bonds of friendship forged among the students. Next up was the SLA Fiesta where Cypher Club and Interest Groups showcase the various events and activities run by the club or interest groups. Throngs of freshmen like salmons “swam” through the different IGs before deciding which IGs they want to join for their three years at RP. 121

CYPHER With a new year, new faces, new students, and a new Cypher Club committee, there must be time set aside for a leadership camp. Here, a new vision is cast and commitments are made to ensure that the best is done for Cypher. Cypher leadership camps are not only about planning and strategising, they are also fun and rewarding. This year’s camp is different from previous years - students went to Sentosa during the day and back to school for an all night movie marathon. Just check out these pictures!

Every year, in the calendar of events run by Cypher, the SIT Fiesta is the most glamorous of them all. The Fiesta celebrates creativity and showcases Cypher and IGs talents to all and sundry. For two weeks, in every nook and corner of RP, Cypher ran events to share the joy of IT with the RP community. Talks and hands-on workshops conducted by speakers from industry gave the students a feel of what kind of technical expertise the industry is looking for. Technical sharing sessions organised by RP staff showed the students numerous avenues of making use of the knowledge gained through modules. Students who have gained expertise in a particular field gave talks and shared their knowledge with fellow students. The exciting range of competitions organised in line with the events kept all SIT students tuned in to the SIT Fiesta. The two-week long event came to an end with crowning the Mr and Ms SIT.

SHL The SHL Club is the governing body of the students of the School of Sports, Health and Leisure (SHL) and its mission is to serve the interests of all the School’s students. The club’s objectives are to: – Provide opportunities for students to pursue and further their interests in sports science, exercise science, health promotion, sports business, outdoor and adventure learning, and leisure enterprises. –Provide platforms for students to join in creative engagement programmes and activities as part of their holistic development at the Polytechnic. Create a vibrant and cohesive community for students. Key events organised are • Freshmen Orientation Program • Volunteer recruitment for events (internal and external events) • Leadership day camp • Biathlon



Synergy IG is a platform for Diploma in Outdoor and Adventure Learning (DOAL) students to obtain relevant skill certifications and to participate in expeditions during their studies at RP. In this academic year, students attended courses like Sport Climbing Level 1 and 2, Abseil Level 1, and Kayaking 1 and 2 Star. Other social events such as the Ultimate Frisbee Challenge were organised to allow our members from the three different cohorts to interact. The IG also had its first overseas expedition to climb Mount Kinabalu at Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. During this trip, students had the opportunity to try out the world’s highest Via Ferrata and rafting at Pedas river. On the whole, this has been a very eventful year for the IG. The mountains can be reached in all seasons. They offer a fighting challenge to the heart, soul, and mind, both in summer and in winter. If throughout time the youth of the nation accept the challenge the mountains offer, they will help keep alive in our people the spirit of adventure. That spirit is the measure of vitality of both nations and men. A people who climb the ridges and sleep under the stars in high mountain meadows, who enter the forest and scale peaks, who explore glaciers and walk ridges buried deep in snow - these people will give their country some of the indomitable spirit of the mountains. - WILLIAM O. DOUGLAS

Dear SOH Students, At such a young age, you are now propelled into the dynamic working world. We have done what we can to prepare and assist you for this journey. I hope all the activities that we have arranged for you have been fun and have added value to your learning curve. Be proud of your school and achievements. Stand tall with heads up and make that lasting impression upon all who will cross your path. You are indeed hospitality service champions. Let the industry come to know and be in awe of your performance and where you came from… School of Hospitality. As you transit to be part of the SOH Alumni family, we will walk down a journey where we will keep in touch for many, many years to come. Chris Thomas Chair SOH Alumni, Club SOHphisticate Lead Advisor

Formed in January 2009, Club SOHphisticate is the governing student body of SOH. The club seeks to enrich students’ learning in RP, providing them with the right industry exposure and honing their skills and expertise in hospitality, service and event management. With these experiences, students from SOH will be more proficient in the service skill sets and mindsets required by leading organisations in the hospitality industry.

The objectives of the Club SOHphisticate are: • To train and develop students to meet the demands and challenging expectations of the dynamic hospitality industry • To equip them with hospitality related knowledge and core skills by exposure through events and industry engagements • To provide opportunities for the students to network with students from other diplomas and interest groups There are currently three interest groups (IGs) under Club SOHphisticate. They are JIVE IG, STORM IG and Hotel F.U.Z.E. IG. Each of these IGs promotes the different interests of the diplomas offered by SOH.

Dear graduating students, Congratulations on completing your diploma with SOH! You have put in your due efforts, and have grown in your time at RP. It has truly been a joy and pleasure teaching and working with you all – from the everyday facilitation classes, to FYP, to the many JIVE events. Do remember to always put your best foot forward in all that you do – no matter how big or small. To quote Walt Disney, “All our dreams can come true... if we have the courage to pursue them.” All the very best to you all! Lena Chan Lead Advisor for JIVE IG 125

STORM IG NETWORKING CAPELLA SINGAPORE CAMP PRE-OPENING During the June holidays, STORM IG conducted its inaugural Year 1 Networking camp over a two-day period. It was held with the intention of creating an enjoyable experience for the newbie STORMERS while enabling them to bond not just among themselves but with their seniors from the second and third year. The participants had fun, especially with activities like Water Mummy, Treasure Hunt and the Amazing Race, all held at the Botanical Gardens. Despite the heat, the teams managed to persevere and showed great spirit and camaraderie in finding the stations and overcoming the challenges encountered at each station (eg. dressing up like a baby and putting their hands in mysterious boxes that contained some real life insects in it). The young STORMERS left with new friends and memorable experiences and the organizers were happy that we had managed to meet our objectives while enjoying ourselves. Another proud achievement for the STORMERS!


Over two Sundays on 5 and 12 September 2009, about 100 students from the JIVE interest group participated in the Ramadhan On-Wheels (ROW) programme. ROW is a social and welfare service project organised by the Malay Youth Literary Association (4PM) since the year 2000. In this project, volunteers bring provisions, food hampers and food vouchers to pre-identified low-income families and elderly recipients of all races through different modes of transportation. This programme helps to instill a sense of awareness in our youth

A group of School of Hospitality (SOH) students from the Diploma in Hotel and Hospitality Management (DHHM) took part in Capella Singapore’s Pre-Opening Task Force. Capella Singapore is a new luxury resort hotel situated in Sentosa Island. Students were assigned to the Housekeeping Department and Front Office. Under Housekeeping, the students must learn how to clean rooms, and transport amenities to the hotel rooms. It was a very enriching experience for the students since not everyone can have the chance to work with a hotel during its pre-opening period. A video presentation showcasing the students’ experience in Capella was shown. During the Q&A session at the end, one question asked was ‘What have you gained from this experience?’. It gave the students the opportunity to elaborate on what they have learnt - how they had persevered through difficult tasks like cleaning 45 toilet bowls in a day and travelling under the hot sun with sweat glistering down their cheeks to deliver pillows and various amenities to the outdoor villas. Despite all the blood and sweat, they have overcome these challenges and still had fun.

volunteers on the plight of the less-privileged community, and provides a platform for the youths to contribute significantly to the community and society. Some of our student volunteers were given opportunities to help the beneficiaries by cleaning and painting the beneficiaries’ houses. They helped to facilitate and run the pre-events and the event itself. Students performed many roles including marshalling and preparing for the “Mass Break Fast” accommodating up to over 1000 people.

CLUB:G “Being part of Club:G has been an enriching and fun-filled experience. Through the organizing, planning and producing of different events and programs, members of Club:G has become an essential part of the STA community, contributing to the growth and energy of freshmen to seniors alike. As the advisor, I have been fortunate to work with each member while getting to know the many eclectic and driven interest groups of RP. While many saw the fun and games that these groups represented, little really knew the hard work and tribulations that sometimes pepper the life of an IG member. It wasn’t just their efforts that are worth mentioning. Also noteworthy was how they carried forth with their work without asking for anything in return, other than fulfilling the goal of celebrating and keeping the spirit of RP alive. There is no better place to foster an unbreakable bond in the school community than being part of an IG, as a student or as an advisor. Looking back, I am sure that the graduates would be able to leave RP with fond memories and anecdotes to share about their time with Club:G. In the words of Green Day, I hope you had the time of your life.”



HELICON Year 2009 was an eventful year for Helicon Club, as the year began with victories for REXAZ, RP’s cheerleading IG, at the national Championship – Cheerobics 2009. The cheerleaders bagged three medals in total, bringing much glory to Republic Polytechnic and Helicon Club. Japanese Culture IG (JCIG) came under Helicon Club with effect from 1 April 2009. With more than 100 members, they organised various activities like Japanese Folkdance and Wadaiko-drum clinics, Origami and Sushi-making workshops, and basic conversational Japanese course. These have helped promote better understanding of the Japanese culture among students. JCIG also organised the first ever Gakuensai (School Festival) in RP. There was an exhibition and various performances to help RP students understand the learning culture in Japan. The Student Ambassadors and Speak IG collaborated on hosting several dialogues sessions with senior members of government namely, Dr Balaji Sadasivan (Senior Minister of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs), Dr Amy Khor (Mayor of South-West District and Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of the Environment and Water Resources) and BG Choi Shing Kwok (Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transport). The students benefited much from these dialogue sessions - gaining insights into current affairs, developing their eventorganising and leadership skills and networking with people from different walks of life. All the activities were beautifully captured by the students from PHOTO IG. They provided different perspectives to the many activities and events in RP, and also most of the visuals for the aspiring writers from WRITE IG. WRITE IG concentrated on developing its first online magazine, e-@loud in 2009. Tapping on the advance IT-infrastructure of RP, e-@loud is able to reach out to the tech-savvy RP students with enhanced promptness. Several articles are screened on the plasma TVs located all over RP’s campus, hence, reaching out to the masses even when they are not in the classrooms and offices. Helicon Club also reached out to the community in 2009 as part of its service-learning activities. We had two main projects, namely, Project: Fresh Paint of Hope and Project: Sphere, both reaching out to the needy groups in the community. We also collaborated with the School of Health, Sports and Health in organising a Sports Carnival for various charitable groups serving persons with special needs, e.g. APSN and MINDS. Through all these activities, Helicon Club has groomed its members to be leaders with Competence, Commitment and Compassion.

Helicon Club has given me many opportunities to “Unleash the potential and paint the future” (the slogan that many RP students can identify with). In Helicon, I have worked with many different groups of people - people from the respective IGs under Helicon and those from other student clubs too (e.g., Cyriva, Club G and Cypher Club). I have grown much within a year with Helicon Club. This is the place where I begin to hone my event-organising skills, people –management skills and effective communication skills. This is a place that I would like to call my “second home”.

Helicon Club provides students avenues to explore their creative side and hone their leadership skills. With six Interest groups under Helicon Club, students are given many opportunities to develop beyond their academic competencies, and lead a fulfilling student life in RP. Many members of the various IGs under the Club are members of more than one Interest Group. Students are given the chance to move freely into different fields of interests. I have also benefitted from this very flexible arrangement. I am a member of the Helicon Club and Speak IG. By far, it has been the most meaningful time spent on co-curricular activities, compared to my past experiences in my previous schools. For instance, SPEAK IG members are trained in public speaking and equipped with social skills to network with others. It is certainly most helpful in enhancing our presentation and public speaking competencies, a big plus when it comes to preparation for the working world.

Lim Guan Xian (Jared), IT Manager, Helicon Club; First-year student, Diploma in Biotechnology Helicon has impacted me in many ways. My experience with Helicon was much unexpected. It opened many new doors, taught me many new things and values. It has helped me build my confidence level, which was very low especially in organising and managing events. The warm and motivating Helicon Club Management Committee spurred me to take up challenges that I would normally not do. Challenges like organising the RP-level award ceremony - The Flames Awards, and helping foster collaborations among the six IGs under Helicon. Helicon made me step out of my comfort zone to impact others too, with events such as gate painting for the needy and Project Sphere. And not forgetting the ever exciting Japanese Culture IG. I have forged many strong friendships and accumulated many memorable experiences. The IG provided me insights into event management and managing stress. It also taught me how to balance studies and IG matters well. Most of all, it has enhanced my appreciation of the Japanese Culture and also made me learn the importance of respecting all cultures. In all that I have done and experienced, I feel that it is better to give than to receive. This is why I hope that whatever I have learnt from both Helicon Club and JCIG, I have contributed back. And I hope I have helped and impacted others the same way they have impacted me.


HELICON-TESTIMONIALS Nur Syazwani Bte Azami, Assistant Secretary, Helicon Club & Nur Ashikin Bte Anuar, Training Manager; First-year students, Diploma in Communication and Information Design Helicon Club has groomed us to be responsible team players. After joining Helicon Club, we were given opportunities to organise several events with other Helicon Management Committee members. Through all the events, we have learnt more about effective networking, better time management and event-management skills. Through PHOTO IG, we learnt about the capabilities of the DSLR and we learnt how to use that in different fields of photography, such as sports photography and landscape photography. The PHOTO IG opened our eyes to the colourful world through different perspectives – a world that we have not seen before. Indeed, it has been very fascinating for us and our passion for photography continues to grow through the IG (not to mention how useful this will be for our careers in the media industry.) We have never been emcees before we joined Speak IG. Now, we are confident when faced with a large audience as we had opportunities to polish our emceeing and audience rapport building skills. We are also introduced to Senior Members of Government like, Dr. Amy Khor and Dr Balaji Sadasivan. Those were truly memorable moments for us in Helicon!

Marella Krista Effendi, Marcom Manager, Helicon Club; Second-year student, Diploma in Communication and Information Design Besides having an avenue to upgrade my photography skills, being a member of Photo Interest Group (IG) for the past year has also given me the opportunity to meet the “craziest” bunch of people I’ve ever known. I will always remember the Photo IG meetings that I have attended – we never fail to have a laugh or two during our meetings. The best part, I personally feel, is the sense of belonging that envelopes me whenever I attend any of our meetings. This simply goes to show that words cannot express the members’ warmth and friendliness. I would also like to thank the Photo IG advisors, Ms. Winnie Koh and Ms. Diana Soh, and my IG members for allowing me to represent Photo IG in Helicon Club. Helicon Club has presented me with many more opportunities to groom and showcase my capabilities as a leader. Being part of the many events that Helicon Club has participated in has made my RP life a more meaningful one. My personal favourite is embarking on the different Service Learning Projects that we had. I enjoy interacting with the various members of the six other Interest Groups under Helicon Club as I believe that such activities help foster a strong bond within the club. Overall, I had an AWESOME academic year being part of Helicon. In fact, I believe that it’s an honour to be given the opportunity to be part of this club.

X-SYNTHESIS X-Synthesis Club was started in the Year 2003, along with the inception of RP as the 5th polytechnic of Singapore. This is the student club supported and directed by RP’s Centre for Educational Development (CED). This year marks a new chapter of X-Synthesis Club as we have revised our Management Committee election procedures and started our Student Facilitators training programme. This year also saw the change in Club Advisorship from Mdm Tan Yee Yin to me. I am indeed very privileged to be given a chance to work with our members in the Club. With the new Management Committee elected in August 2009, we are committed to train potential student members into competent student facilitators, empowering them with effective facilitation and leadership skills. In fact, I am very encouraged by the committed team of student leaders within the management committee. Under their leadership, the Club has grown in terms of competency and character. Our student facilitators have co-facilitated several student workshops alongside with CED staff. Through these workshops, I am heartened by the effort put in by our members that has ensured the success of our Easing into PBL workshop series for Year 1 students. Our workshops are truly conducted by students, for students. I am confident that X-Synthesis Club will continue to grow from strength to strength in 2010 and the years beyond. Watch out for us in action!


YOUNG ASPIRERS CLUB We are proud to report that RP students have lived up to our reputation of being the innovative and enterprising polytechnic. A business club of the Centre for Innovation and Enterprise (CIE), the Young Aspirers Club(YA) has reinvented and streamlined itself in 2009 to four specialised Interest Groups(IGs).

On behalf of the Young Aspirers Club, we would like to congratulate all Young Aspirer Interest Group leaders and members for the rich learning journey that they have designed and experienced for themselves in 2009. We look forward to their continuous engagement in the club as alumni members of RP!


Our Vision: Every Young Aspirer would be a leader in his/her chosen field, equipped with Entrepreneurial and Innovative mindset and Business Related Skills.

Our Mission: To hone students’ skills and mindset in business and entrepreneurship via a structured learning roadmap, in collaboration with the industry.


YOUNG ASPIRERS -IFIG 2009 has been an exciting year for Investment and Finance Interest Group (IFIG). We introduced financial planning and the Central Provident Fund (CPF) to all our Year 1 students through creative use of online resources. Students came to understand the various policies of the CPF Board and appreciated the scheme as part of their financial planning for their future.

Key speakers from SMU and the industry were invited during ‘Investment Week’ to share their views. IFIG also organised a poster design competition for the students. The posters designed during the Financial Crisis Poster Competition incorporated their views of the current financial crisis. This activity served to create awareness and understanding of the financial environment. The event ended with much laughter and smiles, as a group of very enthusiastic Year 1 students came forth to request for a photograph with Director, Centre for Innovation and Enterprise, Mr. Tan Huan Peow.

YOUNG ASPIRERS -IVIG InVogue Interest Group (IVIG) kicked off its 2009 programme with a welcome tea-cum-talk for all new and existing IVIG members. The talk was conducted by an RP alumni, Ms Alice Hong who shared on "How to Manage Your Time and Excel in RP". A series of “Finishing School” workshops were organised from May 2009 to prepare students for the working life ahead of them. From “Business Etiquette” to “Business Grooming”, students were taught how they can prepare themselves for the work force. In addition to these workshops, a talk on “Success: The Way You Want It” was organised on 17 June 2009. The speaker, Tony Quek, Managing Director of Q Industries gave the students insights on what potential employers look for during an interview. He also provided the IVIG members with tips on how to get their dream job as well as steps to transform themselves. In conjunction with Organization Development (OD) Week, IVIG co-organised a series of talks in July 2009 with the OD portfolio. This series of talks enabled students to understand the importance of preparation and how to make themselves stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs. Other IVIG activities included a series of hairstyling, grooming and make-up workshops in May 2009 and August 2009 respectively. Participants had an exciting time experimenting with make up shades and colours given different facial shapes.

Team NewClear emerged as the first runner-up under the Polytechnic Category of Singapore HR Challenge organized by Singapore Human Resource Institute (SHRI).

YOUNG ASPIRERS -MIG As part of the students’ training and development, various activities and events were initiated by both the Marketing Interest Group (MIG) management committee and the advisors. Some of the highlights include the Marketing Week, the Mentholathum Blog Competition, K1 Event and Photoshop Workshop. Marketing Week 2009 was launched in August 2009 over a period of 4 days. MIG had the privilege of inviting 4 well-known speakers from various industries to give talks to RP students on the branding concepts and marketing mechanics. The students were treated to insights by high profile speakers which included Mr. Jean Claude Donato from ColourZap, Ms. Kong Chai Raing from Mentholathum Pte Ltd, Mr. Muhammad Mahfuz Bin Mazlan from Teenage Magazine- Key Edition and Mr William Lim from Old Chang Kee. Students who attended the talks were treated to free samples of curry puffs, facial wash and even Coke!

Academic Year (AY) 09/10 has been a year of many firsts for Youth EntrepreneurShip! Interest Group (YES! IG). The Student Urbane Initiative (SUI!) Shop is a student run entrepreneurship platform that seeks to expose students to the full spectrum of establishing, managing and sustaining a retail business in RP. Key highlights of SUI! shop include organizing RP’s first Ultimate Sports Sale event where industry partners such as Converse and Saucony were invited to collaborate with us to open up more learning opportunities for student learning in RP. The National Pushcart Challenge seeks to raise the profile of our entrepreneurship education programme as well as to bring together schools on a common entrepreneurial platform to enhance students’ learning. YES! IG continues to support the running of the National Pushcart Challenge 2009.

The RP SIFE Team from YES! IG won the Spirit of SIFE award at the SIFE National Competition

In this year of many firsts, we would also like to remember and thank all the students for embarking with us on this wonderful Entrepreneurship journey.

National Pushcart Challenge 2009


SPORTS CLUB To all proud members of Team Republic, The Sports Development team sincerely thanks all of you for an unforgettable journey that we have embarked on together for the past three years. Throughout this journey, we have spent countless days and nights sweating it out on the field, the water, the courts, the lanes, the track and the gym all for one common and united purpose; the everlasting chase for perfection in our sports and glory for our beloved Team Republic. We know that your contributions to the vibrant sports community in Republic Polytechnic will never be forgotten and will forever be immortalised in the history of RP. You have made Team Republic to be a force to be reckoned with and one that will demand respect from our peers. We hope that you will continue to carry the good name of RP further and push boundaries in your future endeavours. All of us at RP wish you all the best and with that we would like to leave you with this quote: Champions aren't made in the gyms. Champions are made from something they have deep inside them – a desire, a dream, a vision. - Muhammad Ali

“The Only Easy Day is Yesterday.” – Iceman Kevin

“Anything is possible.”


“If you train hard, you' ll not only be hard, you' ll be hard to beat” – Swimfast Yi Hui

– Ironman Gary

“He who laughs, LASTS.” – All-rounder Alexander “Embrace Sports, Celebrate Humanity.” – Genius Fazilah




SPORTS CLUB IG Sports IG: Bowling

Sports IG: Canoeing

Sports IG: Dragon Boat

Name: Lim Eileen

Name: Muhd Hairul

Name: Christopher Ignatious Barley

Designation: Member What was your most memorable time of sports in RP? It was my FIRST overseas trip with my peers and the purpose of the trip was to participate in a competition. All we had was one another and it was all about selflessness. What was your IG highlight during your time in RP (2007 – 2009)? Attained Women's overall Champion for AY 08/09 and AY 09/10 POLITE games and attained bronze for team event in international UNI games 2009. Nominees of "Team of the Year" in Glitz 2009.

Designation: Captain What was your most memorable time of sports in RP? Circuit training with the squad, nothing comes better to that.

Designation: Vice Captain

Well-wishes to your sports people (for the graduating batch): Being in the team for 3 years, I believe we learnt and been through a lot of competitions. No matter how many times we had lost or win, we are still the champion of all!

What was your IG highlight during your time in RP (2007 – 2009)? Grabbing 4 medals at National Canoeing Championships 2009 Well-wishes to your sports people (for the graduating batch): Do it good, do it well. It’s worth the sweat and tears.

What was your most memorable time of sports in RP? My most memorable moment was when the team accomplished 4 gold medals in the Singapore River Regatta Race in 2008 and the time when my fellow batch of dragon-boaters including myself (2007-2008) went through our hell week whereby we had to do over 1,000 push-ups. What was your IG highlight during your time in RP(2007 – 2009)? Men’s POL-ITE champion 2007/2008, 2008/2009, 2009/2010 Women’s POL-ITE champion 2008/2009, 2009/2010 Singapore River Regatta (Overall Champion) - Men Open Champions - Men Tertiary Champions - Mixed Open Champions - Women Tertiary Champions Singapore Dragon Boat Festival - 1st Placing in POL-ITE (Men) Category - 1st Placing in POL-ITE (Women) Category - 1st placing in POL- ITE (MIXED) Category - 3rd placing in Tertiary (Women) Category Club Crew World Championships - Ranked 14th in the world for 500m - Ranked 22nd in the world for 200m - Ranked 25th in the world for 2000m Well-wishes to your sports people (for the graduating batch): Do continue to let sports to be a major part of your life and let it nurture you as a better individual and remember not to give up even on difficult situations as you have been through tougher situations in ur sports IG. Cheers! 141

Sports IG: Republic Poly Women Soccer Team Name: Farrah Adilah Binte Rohizad Designation: Captain What was your most memorable time of sports in RP? When the final whistle blown and the team run, jump ,hug and dive on top of one another as the victory is ours! The only victory which changed the perspective of others. The feeling that no one will forget What was your IG highlight during your time in RP (2007 – 2009)? Early this year when the team won silver medal in JCPOLY tournament. Well-wishes to your sports people (for the graduating batch): We never work alone. We never cry alone. We never smile alone. When you’re out there never walk alone, never forget the team. All the best for the future.. and don’t end your passion of kicking the balls. In every girls heart, there's always a space for football.

Sports IG: Tennis

Sports IG: Badminton

Name: Ng Hwee Sian Michelle

Name: Yang xiuling

Designation: Female Vice- Captain

Designation: Captain

What was your most memorable time of sports in RP? I guess the most memorable time is the torturous time that I had; physical training is weary. But, I miss those days. What was your IG highlight during your time in RP (2007 – 2009)? Tennis POLITE Well-wishes to your sports people (for the graduating batch): You won’t fight alone like how others does anymore.

What was your most memorable time of sports in RP? During the training time, all teammates were train hard and we have ups and downs together. No matter how hard the training, all of us never give up. In the competition, we give each other full support no matter how strong is the opponent. These are the times which I treasure most with my teammates. What was your IG highlight during your time in RP(2007– 2009)? Overseas trip to Malaysia in 2007 Badminton bonding camp 2007 POLITE 2007, 2008 POLITE 2009 - Silver medal for girls team IVP 2007, 2008, 2009 Sport trip to Malaysia in 2008 Badminton training camp 2008 Badminton bonding and training camp 2009 Cheers post secondary 2009 Well-wishes to your sports people (for the graduating batch): To all the graduated teammates, although we have come to the end of our journey in RP, it does not mean our passion for badminton going to stop here. I hope everyone will still pursue your passion for badminton in your future life. *Please note - only selected Interest Groups are featured in this section.

ADVENTURE LEARNING CLUB The year 2009 marks another year of adventure for the Republic Polytechnic Adventure Learning Club as it storms through the scene with awesome adventures. With a strong 140 memberships from its seven interest groups (IG), all our adventurers have epic stories and adventures to share. From the highest mountain to the depths of the seas, Alpine Leadership Programme (ALPs) scaled mountains like Gunung Kerinchi (3,805m) in Sumatra, Indonesia and Mt Trusmadi, (2,642m) Sabah, East Malaysia whilst the Diving IG dives Redang, Malaysia. We also organised our second Avontuur De Republic – Republic Polytechnic adventure race which garnered 55 teams of three racers with a 25km route filled with technical and mystery challenges. Our climbing IG - Climb. Republic organised two climbing competitions both for our own students and other climbers from other institutions. With all the adventures and events for 2009, Adventure Republic looks ahead to 2010 with more adventures ahead!



ADVENTURE LEARNING -ARIG Our hard work paid off in the Adventure Racing Interest Group (AR IG) with one Gold medal in the Nanyang Polytechnic’s Synergy, and one Bronze medal in our national race Safra AVventura 2010. Awesome Republic Racers have pushed the limits up a notch in the Singapore adventure scene in the third year of our formation. Adventure Racing was formed by a group of adventure enthusiasts who enjoyed thrill, speed and action. During these three years, we learnt a lot of skills from trail biking to running to kayaking and trace organisation. We have also built friendship and teamwork. Every moment and memory that we, as a team, have shared was great and irreplaceable as we have been through tough times, hardships, exhilaration and laughter together. With support from our coach, Wilson and advisors, Stanley and Jean, the Awesome Racing Team will continue to feel the adventure adrenaline rush. To the pioneers of the awesome Adventure Racing Interest Group: This is not the end of your journey, but a new beginning to a bright forever. Never forget the adventure you have been through and you are always welcome back to race with the team.

The academic year 2009/2010 was an exceptionally rewarding year with an organisation of a major tertiary race to podium finishes at national and inter-tertiary adventure races. The Awesome Racers successfully organised an adventure race Avontuur De Republic 2009 held on 23 May 2009 with about 150 participants. Fifty-five teams of 3 racers had an awesome race filled with mystery challenges and exciting checkpoints. Participants had to navigate their ways, get instructions from the volunteer marshals or signage along the route to complete the race. Awesome Avontuur covered a distance of approximately 25km which included exciting elements like urban navigation, trail biking, team biathlon, ascending a rope with technical equipment, abseiling, rock climbing and rafting. The Republic Polytechnic adventure race was concluded with a sharing session of a Gobi desert adventure, sport climbing, Everest base camp trek, K2 mountaineering expeditions from renowned adventurers like Edwin Siew.

ADVENTURE LEARNING -CLIMB.REPUBLIC Climb.Republic was formed three years ago by a group of passionate climbers and is the official sports climbing club of Republic Polytechnic. Climb.Republic is seen as an up and rising force in the local rock climbing scene. The impact they had made was made possible not by pure talent but as a result of the constant trainings, fuelled by the club’s enthusiasm and passion towards the sport. Climb.Republic members put fellow climbers ahead of themselves and stay together in times of thick and thin. Why? Because we are one; We are Climb.Republic!

Climb Max is Climb.Republic annual climbing event. It started out in 2008 as a boulder competition but changed to a difficult competition in 2009 when it received a great number of response from the competitors. Having hosted a successful event in 2009, Climb Max will make an appearance in 2010 again, during the difficult/high wall season. Another memorable event that took place was Rockamania’09. In this difficult competition, our climber, Amirruddin Ibrahim, won 1st placing for the Novice Men category. The last and most memorable event was Climb On’09. In this annual climbing carnival, our climbers managed to bring home the silver medal for the school in the Under-18 category. We wish and hope to bring more medals back next year.

ADVENTURE LEARNING -REPUBLIC ALPS Following the footsteps of extraordinary Singaporeans like Khoo Swee Chiow who has reached the boundaries of exploration, Republic Alps was established to give young adventurers the taste of what adventure and exploration are all about, particularly in the field of mountaineering. Republic Alps is guided by two of our very own adventurers in RP, Jane Lee, who conquered Everest in 2009, and David Lim, who travelled trans-Antarctica in 2000. We aim not only to help students push and explore the frontiers of the world, but also to expand one’s personal boundaries as well. Since its inception two years ago, the Alps team has already conquered three of the toughest mountains in the South East Asian region: • First expedition in 2008: Gunung Tahan (2187m), the tallest and toughest mountain in the Malay Peninsula, Pahang, Malaysia; • In 2009, Mount Kerinchi (3805m), the highest peak in Sumatra Indonesia; and • Most recently, Gunung Trusmadi (2642m), the second tallest peak in Borneo. Republic Alps next frontier is to conquer the mountains of snow and ice and we are looking at the Annapura Range, in Nepal.


TrekEarth has gone through thick and thin together as a team since 2002. Our activities involve jungle trekking in the dense forest of South East Asia to camping on the edge of the waterfalls. TrekEarth enjoys Mother Nature at her very best.


SERVICE-LEARNING CLUB The Service-Learning Club (SLC) is a club within Republic Polytechnic (RP) that wants students to learn through helping others! Interest Groups under Service-Learning Club include the Red Cross IG and the National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) IG.

Two memorable events that Service-Learning Club were involved with in 2009 include the “Lions Befrienders Mid-Autumn Festival” and “Let’s Celebrate Christmas Together”, where students brought joy to the elderly and children during the festive season.

From mentoring youths to embarking on international service-learning projects, from home visits for the disadvantaged to participating in numerous RP events, this club allows students to meet like-minded caring people and to have fun together!

A quote from a Committee Member organising the “Lions Befrienders Mid-Autumn Festival sums up the entire experience; “We’ve come a long way from the day we came up with the idea of Young Changemakers Conference to the day we actually executed the event. Looking back, I feel that there were many learning points. I picked up many skills from the hands-on experiences of running an event. While working with the elderly, I’ve also become more aware of social issues. Now I’m more willing to step forward to assist in projects which are meaningful for the society.”

The organisations that Service-Learning Club have and are planning to work with in the new year include Sunlove-Marsiling Neighbourhood Link, Lions Befrienders Service Association, Association for People with Special Needs (ASPN), Touch Community Services, Beyond Social Services, and Animal Concern Research & Education (ACRES). “We are not doing this for the sake of materialistic needs such as CE or CCA points. We are just students, taking service-learning a step further for the sake of our future.” –Murdifi Muhammad “SLC has the mission to encourage youths to be leaders of change. Hopefully these local projects would serve as a platform to inspire more potential leaders to make a difference to the lives of countless other people.” -Ang Min Yi

SERVICE-LEARNING CLUB Red Cross IG Red Cross IG is active in local and overseas service-learning projects, including Project R.I.C.E 2010 in Singapore and Project Ballangk, “Same Same But Different” in Cambodia. Besides serving the community, Red Cross IG is also active in providing first-aid services for RP-wide events, including Orientation Program as well as external events like F1 Racing. Under Red Cross IG, the team went on an international service learning project to Cambodia. Project Ballangk “Same Same But Different” took place from 16 – 26 December 2009 in the Ballangk Commune, Cambodia. The team had to accomplish four tasks, which were 1. To build a foundation for a medical health post, 2. build a prototype of the future health post, 3. document the basket weaving process and 4. improve on the current basket designs. Apart from doing the stated tasks, the team visited historical sites like the Genocide Centre, Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. The National Youth Achievement Award (NYAA) is a balanced programme of activities designed to equip youth with personal skills and qualities to make a meaningful difference to themselves, the community and their world. The NYAA IG aims to provide that platform for students undergoing NYAA activities to interact, network and support one another in obtaining the awards.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CLUB The International Student Club (ISC) was formed by a group of vibrant international students studying in RP. The mission of the club is to look after the welfare and needs of the international students and help them integrate into Singapore’s community. The management committee comprises a group of dedicated student leaders who are fun-loving and enjoy interacting with club members. The student leaders work closely with their advisors in addressing the concerns and issues related to international students. ISC has organised many big scale events such as the Assimilation Programme, International Star Singing competition as well as the International Student Festival. These events offer opportunities for students to showcase their talents as well as to encourage the integration between the local and international student within RP. Besides planning and organising events, the student leaders also act as the “foreign student ambassadors” in hosting overseas visitors in RP, and as student helpers in overseas education fairs.

In my opinion, the International Student Club (ISC) has done very well over the last one year. We have organised many events which were unprecedented. We have received excellent feedback from RP’s management, staff, students, and even people from other institutions. For instance, the International Student Festival (which comprised cultural exhibitions and performance) held in December 2009 was a new initiative by our club. We managed to bring together other RP’s clubs and Interest groups (IGs) to perform on one stage at The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) and we were able to demonstrate integrations between our local and international students. We were also able to discover many hidden talents from such an activity. I have been advisor for the ISC for the fifth year now and I would say that at no point in time during my stint have I felt that my work in ISC was a chore. I have always mentioned to my friends and colleagues that I am the most fortunate staff in RP because I am the appointed advisor of ISC. With our bunch of committed and dedicated management committees, co-advisors and members, I believe that ISC would be able to achieve greater heights of success.


INTERNATIONAL STUDENT CLUB EVENTS Assimilation Programme Assimilation Program (AP) is an annual international student freshmen orientation program organised by ISC. This is an one-day event which would be held in RP before every Academic Year for approximately 400 IS freshmen.

Secret Pal Secret Pal is an one-week activity catered to ISC members to help them widen their social circles. This event also has social gatherings to facilitate team bonding, cultural exchange and social etiquette experiences.

International Student Festival (ISF) ISF is an ISC event organised to celebrate and promote the rich and diversified culture that international students bring to RP. The objective of ISF is also to promote ties between the local and international students. 151


IStar IStar is an annual ISC Singing competition which is opened to all international students. They can use this opportunity to showcase their talents during the one-month singing competition. It is also a useful event for ISC to discover hidden talents in international students.

Sports Challenges The sports challenge is an initiative by ISC to promote healthy lifestyle among international students. ISC have organised various sports events with the OSG sports development team throughout the year. Also, one of the objectives of this event is to identify international students with sports talents to represent RP in the POL-ITE and Inter-VarsityPolytechnic (IVP) competitions.

CREATE.REPUBLIC Dear Graduates, The past three years have been an exciting and eventful journey for all of us in Create.Republic Club. The Interest Groups (IGs) have made tremendous improvement individually. This was a direct result of your endless efforts to maintain high artistic standards and to raise the profile of RP and the Create IGs. We believe you brought all of us a step closer to realising the Club’s vision of producing students who are culturally grounded, artistically creative, youthfully expressive and socially engaged with the community. Each IG under the 3 clusters – Dance, Music and P.A.C.T – was instrumental in the campus-wide cultural development in the time you were here in RP. They are: Capoeira, Dragon & Lion Cultural Troupe, Hip Hop, Modern Dance, Seni Silat, Social Dance, Tarian, Wushu, A’Capella - Republic Rhapsody, Chinese Orchestra, Dikir Barat, Gamelan Naga Kencana, Guitar Ensemble - GEnRe, Jammerz Arena, Percussion Ensemble Beats Encore, Replug, Wind Symphony, String Ensemble, Campus Arts Productions, Drama, Indian Cultural Group, Magic and Pentas Karyawan. While we strive for artistic excellence and encourage originality in the creation of new works, we have not forgotten our mantra – to bridge communities through the Arts. Create.Republic has always placed importance on serving the community with our talents. You will see in the next few pages, some highlights and milestones of our journey in the last three years. We would like to thank all the staff advisors, instructors, Student Executive Committees and members of the respective IGs under Create.Republic Club. We would also like to thank all of you who have supported the Create IGs and productions in one way or another. We hope Create.Republic leaves you something more to remember your time with RP, and we wish you all the best in your future endeavours. Congratulations!


CREATE.REPUBLIC EVENTS Prestigious Invitations - Serving the Community Each year, we receive countless invitations to perform at events – internal and external, big and small – many of which were prestigious invites to represent the school at national level events. Some of the more memorable events include Singapore River Hongbao 2008, Singapore Tourism Board’s Singapore Education Awards 2008, Tote Board & Singapore Pools’ 20th and 40th Anniversary Celebrations in 2008 and Singapore Heritage Festival 2008. The year 2009 was exceptionally exhilarating for us. Early on in January, the Dragon and Lion Dance Troupe represented RP in Chingay 2009, balancing two 9m-tall Big Flags with the RP logo down at City Hall. They literally flew our flags high at that event! Following that in March, Beats Encore and Capoeira were invited again to perform in the finale item at STB’s Singapore Education Awards 2009 in Raffles Hotel, Jubilee Hall. Our all-girl Dikir Barat team was also invited to put up a 10-minute segment at the Earth Hour concert downtown in Esplanade Park. Organised by World Wildlife Fund, this was the largest of all concerts islandwide that night. Later on in June, we were very proud of our Gamelan Ensemble - Gamelan Naga Kencana for being featured in the Singapore Arts Festival 2009, Arts On The Move (Outreach Programme), where they played to shoppers in Raffles City Shopping Centre. Finally in November 2009, our Wushu team wowed a full-house in Vivo City Amphitheatre when they performed in SPH’s Youth Talent Concert 2009. VIPs for the night included President SR Nathan and Dr Tony Tan. Our Major Festivals - Originality & Excellence To further expand our boundaries and stretch our capabilities, RP students have three big platforms to look forward to each year, allowing them to showcase their best works of creativity. These major festivals are: Momentum – RP’s Dance Festival, IGNITE! Music Festival and Reflections – RP’s Community Arts Festival. Last year, Reflections took on the theme of “InFusion” and we saw the Create IGs put up over 30 productions, which involved more than 1,000 artists and attracted nearly 14,000 people. In a safe sanctuary for ideas to incubate and grow, students are constantly encouraged to push the envelope so as to position RP as a major player in Singapore’s arts scene.

CREATE.REPUBLIC EVENTS Major Competitions - Striving for Excellence Being an artist involves perfecting the craft that one is involved in. In order to gain a larger following, being excellent is something that all Create IGs are very mindful of. Here are some of the awards that the IGs have won in the past three years. Year

Interest Group

Competition Title



A’Capella – Rhapsody Pentas Karyawan Tarian

National A Capella Championships 2007 Pesta Peti Putih (White Box Festival) - Organised by Teater Ekamantra Fiestari 2007 - Organised by Cheng San Community Club 2nd Traditional Wushu Inter-Varsity Championship Organised by Singapore Polytechnic (on rotation, Inter-Varsity level)

1st Runner up Most Outstanding Performer Award

Energizer Hi-Energy Award

Wushu Wushu

Danceworks! ‘08 - Organised by National Council Against Drug Abuse and the Central Narcotics Bureau Inaugural Invitational Silat Championship - Organised by Republic Polytechnic (on rotation, Inter-Varsity level) Singapore International Band Festival 2008 - Organised by World Band Association of Singapore (WBAS) National Wushu Championship 2008 Inter-Varsity-Polytechnic (IVP) Wushu Championship 2008

Dikir Barat

Piala Raja Panggung 2009 - Organised by Kampong Chai Chee CC

Seni Silat Social Dance

Tertiary Silat Competition 2009 - Organised by Nanyang Technological University 10th Stardust Grandprix Competition - Organised by Singapore Ballroom Dance Teacher’s Association and Louis and Catherine Dance Studio


Persada Juara Tari - Organised by Cairnhill CC



Hip Hop Seni Silat Wind Symphony


2nd Runner up 1 Gold, 1 Bronze Medal

5 Gold, 7 Silver, 4 Bronze Medals across categories, Overall 2nd runner up 1st Runner up in Division I 2 Silver, 1 Bronze Medals 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 1 Bronze medal, Overall 2nd runner up Won 3 awards: “Percussionist with Great Potential”, “Awok-Awok with Great Potential” and “Group with Great Potential” 4 Gold, 4 Silver and 4 Bronze Medals, Overall Artistic Champion Title Champion and 2nd Runner up for the “Showdance” category Best choreography and 1st Runner up 155

CREATE.REPUBLIC EVENTS Overseas Trips In 2007, we sent the Wind Symphony to Chiayi, Taiwan to participate in the Chiayi International Band Festival 2007. The Wind Symphony represented Singapore in the established music event attended by music lovers, old and young alike. They played in a couple of countdown events as they spent the new year in Chiayi. It was an exciting first trip for the band where friendships were forged and beautiful memories made. Our Wushu team competed in the Hong Kong Wushu International Festival in 2008 and 2009. They did not disappoint all of us back home as they bagged many medals both times, making RP very proud! Year Competition Title Awards Total of 15 awards: 7 Gold, 4 Silver and 2008 6th Hong Kong Wushu International Festival 4 Bronze Medals 1st Runner up Overall Group Ranking Total of 42 awards: 20 Gold, 12 Silver and 2009 7th Hong Kong Wushu International Festival 10 Bronze Medals Merit Certificate and Cash Prize of $1,000 In 2009, the Wind Symphony had the opportunity to travel again, this time to Hong Kong for a Music Exchange Trip. They got to perform in Hong Kong Disneyland for an international audience, in front of the castle, right in the middle of the theme park. They also had enriching band exchanges with two renowned but very different community bands: Tom Lee Hong Kong Youth NeoWinds Orchestra and Musicphilic Winds. Suffice to say, the musicians benefitted richly from sharing their passion with friends from very different cultural backgrounds.


ORIENTATION 2009 UNLEASH OUR POTENTIAL! Orientation Programme 2009 was held over three days from 15 - 17 April 2009. Four thousand Year One students were initiated into Team Republic and their respective schools’ and centres’ culture by engaging in different organised activities. During the orientation, the students were grouped into their respective colour-coded home bases around the campus. Over the three days, teams were encouraged to chalk up points for their schools and centres in the respective activity segments: 40 games stations, Tug-of-War, Photo Blog contest, Domino Ripple, Mascot Presentation and Team Republic Echo to win the coveted Principal’s Cup. With the concerted effort by SAS, the school emerged victorious for the Principal’s Cup. SHL and SOH trailed closely behind in terms of their total points. OP2009 hit the high notes with the much anticipated ‘Jam and Hop’ after Principal’s Cup. For more than two hours, audiences were treated to live performances by the various student groups. The high energy performances kept everyone on their feet and their adrenalin pumping. The night ended with four thousand new members oriented into the RP family.

PRE-UNIVERSITY SEMINAR 2009 The annual Pre-University Seminar is a prestigious event that creates opportunities for participants to gain new perspectives and knowledge through meaningful exchanges with political, industry and community leaders and amongst participants themselves. It aims to raise their awareness of the concerns and aspirations of the diverse groups of Singaporeans, the challenges and opportunities facing our nation, as well as how our landscape, lifestyles and mindsets are evolving in response. They will also examine and suggest how Singaporeans can effect change and transform their lives and those of fellow citizens. The Pre-University Seminar 2009 was jointly organised by Innova Junior College and the Ministry of Education, and the theme was “From Crisis to Confidence: Lessons and Opportunities.” The seminar consists of a five-day residential programme at the National University of Singapore and includes a keynote address, dialogue session, panel discussions and special activities which challenge participants to exercise teamwork and resourcefulness. In addition, students from the polytechnics are able to engage and network with their peers from the Junior Colleges and Institutions. Students from RP capitalised on their experiences to deliver an impressive presentation of the topic, “Can we bank on the banks?” The Pre-University Seminar is a significant chapter in the academic career of RP student representatives.


MOMENTUM 2009 Republic Polytechnic celebrated a week-long dance festival, Momentum 2009, in the last week of May. Featuring film screenings, photo exhibition and workshops, the highlight was, of course, a two-night concert which showcased the top dance talents from secondary schools and tertiary institutions. Our five dance IGs – Hip Hop IG, Indian Cultural Group, Malay Cultural Group, Modern Dance IG and Social Dance IG did us proud and presented spectacular dances, on par with the more experienced groups such as SMU’s Caderas Latinas, Dance Spectrum International and NUS Dance Ensemble. Other performers from Ngee Ann Poly’s NRA, Evergreen Secondary School, Deyi Secondary School, Bowen Secondary School, St Andrew’s Junior College, ITE College East and Teck Whye Secondary School presented a myriad of dances, ranging from Ballet to Bollywood and Chinese to Contemporary to a packed audience of over 2000. As the curtains fell amidst a standing ovation, our performers knew in their heart that their hard work had certainly paid off and that they had done RP proud. It was definitely a night to remember! Here’s a quote from a member of the audience, “This is my second time watching Momentum and the performers never fail to impress me with their stage presence, techniques, energy and passion. Can’t wait for Momentum 2010!”

SPORTS EXCELLENCE AWARDS GLITZ 2009 The Sports Excellence Awards honour the efforts and commitment of outstanding Republic Polytechnic sportsmen and sportswomen. There are 11 Sports Excellence Award categories. Each category requires a high degree of sporting performance and contribution. The glamour of the Oscars was the theme for Glitz 2009 – Sports Excellence Awards. On 1 June 2009, Team Republic dressed up to celebrate past year’s sports achievements at The Republic Cultural Centre. The highlight of the evening was RP’s male and female Captain of the Year, Sportsman and Sportswoman of the Year as well as the top accolade for Team of the Year. The Captain of the Year Award went to Mr Muhammad Hairul Bin Yahya (SEG), who was instrumental in the success of the RP Canoeing Team and Ms Nurul Hakin Bte Rohaizat (SHL), for her leadership in leading the Dragonboat (Female) team to greater heights.

The Sportsman of the Year Award was given out to Ahmad Afzal B Mohd Kassim (SEG) for representing Singapore at the World Floorball Championship 2008 in Czech Republic. He also played a vital role as captain of the Republic Floorball (Male) team, leading the team to secure the Gold Medal at the POL-ITE and IVP Games. The Sportswoman of the Year Award went to Ms Lim Peck Khee Clara (SIT) for her achievements in RP’s Bowling team. She led the team to win a gold medal in the Women’s Double and Women’s Quartet in the POL-ITE Games. The Team of the Year award went to RP’s Floorball Team. In a year where Team Republic scaled new heights in the tertiary sports scene, all teams from the Sports IGs definitely deserved pats on their backs.

IGNITE! 2009 IGNITE! Music Festival is an annual, student-driven music festival that happens in the month of July. After its inaugural debut last year, The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) is once again pleased to present IGNITE! Music Festival 2009. IGNITE! 2008 was a free-admission event, filled with good original local music in a great setting where the best local bands such as Electrico, Plain Sunset, Caracal, A Vacant Affair and The Great Spy Experiment played to a nightly crowd of 3000 audience. IGNITE! 2009, held at the Lawn, continued this great energy and provided a new dimension – Passion and Compassion. Marrying rock music with Service-Learning, six VWOs, namely, ACRES, Operation Smile, Bone Marrow Donor Programme, SAVH, Touch Community Service and Children Cancer Foundation were invited to set up booths to publicise their activities. In addition, ten Service-Learning booths exhibiting past students’ works were featured in IGNITE! 2009, thus, raising awareness for youth volunteerism, showing what youths are capable of in making this world a better place. Other than TRCC and OSG, other schools and centres in RP have also played significant roles in supporting this event. The School of the Technology of the Arts provided an impressive video support and the School of Hospitality granted us their invaluable event management services. With so many hands contributing, IGNITE! 2009 has truly been a collective effort. 163


On 3 August 2009, 250 students and staff who have been actively contributing to the community for the past year came together to commemorate the good work done with the Service-Learning Awards AY08/09. In AY08/09, local projects include students breaking fast during Ramadan with the elderly staying in one-room flats, health-mapping of the elderly and creating an integrated IT system for a nursing home. There were also nine overseas projects in Cambodia, Thailand and Vietnam, organised in the hope of empowering communities and bettering lives in Asia. Held at the Tan Ean Kiam Service-Learning Resource Centre, the Service-Learning Awards ceremony was graced by Deputy Principal, Mr Eden Liew. Amidst the good food and animated conversations, 38 students were also honored with Service-Learning Awards for outstanding contributions to their project teams. Congratulations to our award recipients: Nur Hidayah Bte Abdul Jalil Lina Khairiana Bte Kamal Muhammad Syafiq B Jumari Afiqah Binti Yusoff Logannathan Nithiananthan Fam Yi Min Fatin Nur Diyanah Bte Sahar Teo Xian Yi Melvin Youngly Guruh Ang Kun Rong Dian Irnani Bte Mohamed Daud Titima Sanoo Khoo Jing Ting Raymond Soh Zhi Hao Md.Iskandar Riduan Bin Hussin Hilyah Bte Mohd Bakhit Chew Ann Hui Nurulain Bte Suwaimi Fatimatuz Zahrak Bte Azman Lim Lan Hua Giovanna

Ng Hui Xin Liwin Chua Muhammad Norhasidie Bin Kasman Teo Pek Chai Samuel Sim Chi Yong Eugene Jasmine Ang Yun Xin Jessica Ang Qiao Ling Chu Chee Wei Razan Binte Rajin Lin Hung Ju Law Wei Song Noor Diyanah Bte Mohd Ishak Nasrul Haziq B Mohamed Rafit Zhou Wei Quan Siti Nurhasani Bte Kamis Lee Shiung Hai Lim Jun Hao Ben Lim Dao Qing

POLYTECHNIC FORUM 2009 The Polytechnic Forum 2009 is an annual event where students from polytechnics in Singapore come together to discuss issues concerning Singapore and the world. This year’s theme was “Embracing Challenges – Youth as Agents of Change” and was held at Pulai Springs resort in Johor, Malaysia on 14 - 17 September 2009. Sixty representatives from Republic Polytechnic took part in this fourday residential programme that includes group bonding games, group discussions and a presentation of participants’ findings. The residential programme ended with a closing ceremony, where the four sub-theme groups presented their findings to guests and students from the five polytechnics. The students also participated in an engaging dialogue session with Guest-of-honour, Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Dr Vivian Balakrishnan.


REFLECTIONS 2009 Republic Polytechnic’s Community Arts Festival, Reflections 2009, adopted the theme of “infusion” to showcase the integration and synergy between the wide array of performance genres of dance, drama, music and visual arts. Through innovation, juxtaposition and coalescence of traditional and contemporary ideas, a total of 25 performances were showcased. Featured acts include great works from Gayatri Sriram and Maud Toledano, renowned choreographers in their own fields of Indian Bharatyanatyam and neo-classical ballet in The Tango Project; Rick Smith and Mandy Gaines in a great night of Jazz, Blues & Funk; Zing-O Festival Drum Group in World Drum Night and Paper Monkey Theatre Ltd in the environment-themed Puppetry production, Hug A Tree. Talents from Create.Republic also put up brilliant performances in concerts such as Symphonie De Republique III by RP Wind Symphony Group; MUSE II by five RP Dance groups and Kirana – The Ray of Lights by the Gamelan IG to name a few. Artistically, the student performers have shown tremendous improvement and it was indeed inspiring to see their passion coming to fruition onstage. In another first, Campus Arts Production played a major role in this festival where they conceptualised, programmed, marketed and produced most of the performances. It was quite a mammoth undertaking, considering the number of concerts presented. The 30odd students showed tremendous independence and resourcefulness in delivering their tasks. This definitely brought our Create groups to another high, and Reflections 2009 has definitely proven to be a festival for the students by the students.

FLAME 2009 Creatures of the Supernatural came alive on 20 November 2009 and The Republic Cultural Centre transformed itself into an abode for lost souls. Themed Angels and Demons, Flame Awards 2009 was definitely one of the highlights in the year’s cultural calendar. Jointly organised by Helicon Club, Club G and Create Club, the event was billed as a night to recognise artistic excellence amongst students in the various interest groups. It was really wonderful to see the staff and students dressed to the occasion. Some came in their most magical and mystical guises and spotted among the crowd were a few incarnations of Satan, holy winged beings and mythical characters that seemed to have come out from the movie set of Pan’s Labyrinth. The opening number by Zingo Festival Drums, was certainly an eye opener. Bare-bodied and smothered in red paint, the drummers captured the spirit of the night, with few of them acquiring demonic-looking eyes and spotting horns-like hair. The atmosphere was electrifying and with Reflections Arts Festival just over, everybody was determined to have a great time. Also entertaining the audience were the performers that presented the multi-disciplinary piece for the launch of Reflections. Kudos to Replug IG, Beats Encore, String Ensemble, Wind Symphony, Wushu IG, Capoeira IG, Silat IG, Social Dance IG, Indian Cultural Group, Malay Cultural Group, Hip Hop IG and Modern Dance IG who dazzled everyone with the encore performance from Reflections. During the award ceremony, 13 students were commended with the highest honours for their contributions to the arts development of RP as well as their academic excellence. They were Debra Chua Yuqian (Campus Arts Production), Francine Nicole Fernandez (Helicon), Karthik Mohan (Helicon), Lee Kong-Shen (CAP IG), Dennis Loi Jiun Ming (Wind Symphony), Benjamin Low Jian Min (Wushu IG), Glenda Ng Hui Yi (Club:G), Nurulain Bte Hussain (Malay Cultural Group), Randall Lim Peng Soon (Chinese Orchestra), Colin Tan Teng Hong (Club:G), Melvin Teo Xian Yi (Helicon), Anton Yeo Jin Sheng (A’Capella Group) and Yeo Song Ren ( Wind Symphony). Congratulations to all of them! These students are testimony to the fact that excellence in the arts can translate to excellence in class. 2009 has definitely been a memorable year for the arts. Great thanks to everybody who have made it possible and we look forward to an even more eventful 2010! Cheers!!! 167

INTERNATIONAL STUDENT’S FESTIVAL The presence of international students studying in Republic Polytechnic is known to all, however little is known about them and their different cultures. The task of the newly initiated International Student Festival (ISF) is to apprise everyone who these students are and where they are from. Students and facilitators of RP were impressed with the conception of the ISF and its efforts to display ten remarkable booths at South Agora on 7 and 8 December 2009. Several of these booths represented countries such as Vietnam, India, Myanmar, Indonesia, China and Japan, the home countries of our international students. Each cultural booth displayed food items and artifacts of its country. Memoirs and pieces of cultural origin were used to give authenticity to the countries. The booths represented the students’ passion and pride for their home countries. This event also aroused nostalgic feelings in our international students. RP’s Hip Hop IG participated in the ISF to entertain participants while they explored the booths. This shows the unity among the local and international students. The IG members and the ISF cultural models worked together to put up a performance for the audience and also highlighted the importance of the festival. The ISF catwalk was the finale of the performance. As the models sashayed on the stage, the crowd gave the participants and the event a heartwarming applause. Testimonial boards were placed near the booths for viewers to note their comments about the exhibitions. The viewers had nothing but flattering compliments for the ISF. Some of the comments were “Best Memory”, “Cool Experience”, “ISF Rocks” and “Once in a lifetime.” The final day, 10 December 2009, of the ISF was a cultural performance by the international students. This ISF concert has to be one of the largest scale event ever in The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC). Two hundred performers, consisting of both international and local students, gathered to give the audience a wonderful evening filled with laughter and entertainment.

Also present was Mr Yeo Li Pheow, Principal of RP. Mr Yeo believed that it is possible for ISF to become an annual event in RP. He said, “What happened in the past two days and what is about to happen tonight are all in the interest of the international students. If they are determined enough, they can definitely make it into an annual event.” The student’ performances were pleasant to the ears and visually entertaining. They thrilled the crowd with the fusion display of proficient Wushu skills and feminine dances. The concert ended with a performance by the international and local students, titled “TOGETHER”, a composition by the students. As the show closed with a standing ovation, Nguyen Mai Huong, organiser of ISF recalled fondly when the thought of ISF first occurred to her. “I came up with the idea of ISF a year ago, built it up during Chinese New Year and presented it in front of the ISC committee members and advisors seven months ago. I realised that unlike NTU, NUS, or other universities, RP has not had any cultural festivals. This inspired me to write a proposal titled ‘International Student Festival’.” ISF came to an end after the honourable visit from Minister of Education, Mr Ng Eng Hen who showed great interest in the exhibition and learning about the efforts that had been put into appreciating our international students. ISF is just the beginning of many cultural events to take place in the future. With the success of the ISF, both local and international students are all united and have learnt how to appreciate one another. Nguyen Mai Huong said that the ISF would not have been a huge success if not for her advisors, Mr Jason Tey and Mr Aaron Chen Angus, and co-organisers, Tiffany Trinh and Harris Kristianto.

OPEN HOUSE 2010 The Republic Polytechnic (RP) Open House 2010 was held from 7 - 9 January 2010. Visitors were greeted by our friendly staff and students at the registration booth. “Paint Your Future” was the theme for this year’s event. Exhibition panels displaying various diploma programmes by the schools and centres, and fringe activities such as RP’s annual Hip Hop Dance Competition, Science Congress and “Meet the Parents” sessions enticed thousands of visitors who thronged into the campus over the three-day event. Collectibles such as school and centre badges were given away as prizes, and these appealed to visitors and secondary school students who came in bus loads. One of the key highlights of the Open House was the launch of the YOG-RP Cultural & Education Programme (CEP) by Senior Parliamentary Secretary of the Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, Mr Teo Ser Luck. A colourful showcase of Student Life Activities in carnival style was organised by the Office of Student and Graduate Affairs (OSG) to feature the vibrant student life in RP. Visitors left their thumbprints on the “Thumbs Up @ RP Open House” board before their departure. A big “Thank you” to all participants from the schools and centres who have contributed their time and energy to make Open House 2010 a resounding success!


Office of Student and Graduate Affairs Congratulations from the Graduate and Career Services Team (Office of Student and Graduate Affairs) to all 2010 graduands of Republic Polytechnic! Graduate and Career Services (GCS) acts as the communication link between Republic Polytechnic and its alumni, the RP community to which you now belong. GCS provides a range of services just for you, on top of organising events and activities to help you reconnect with your alma mater, Republic Polytechnic, as well with your former classmates. You can find up-to-date information about us, Club Republic and major events such as Graduation Ceremony, Reunion Party and campus wide initiatives simply by logging on to our portal, The Graduates’ Portal is designed as a one-stop centre for you to sign up for events and courses, as well as to enjoy the services that we provide. Electronic newsletter, JobsFlash is one of the services worthy of highlight. This weekly publication sent promptly to your mailbox lets you in on the latest job opportunities, keeping you at the forefront of the employment market. As a graduate, you can continue to read about the latest happenings on campus and get updates from fellow graduates through our quarterly in-house publication, dREam. With article contributions from staff and students, you can be sure that you’re getting all the insiders’ news. Not to mention that with every issue of dREam, there are exciting prizes to be won. To get connected with RP and at the same time, enjoy the privileges that have been designed with you in mind, simply update your personal particulars with the Graduates and Career Services Team. Together with Club Republic, we strive to bring meaningful activities to our alumni and members of Club Republic. We believe in the spirit of giving back to alma mater, and always welcome like-minded individuals who would like to contribute back to Republic Polytechnic to contact us. For more information about GCS and Club Republic membership, please visit our website at or email us at

Office of Industry and Collaboration The Office of Industry and Collaboration (OIC) presented Career Fair 2010 on 2 February 2010. The much anticipated annual event was organised in partnership with forty nine companies, which provided a myriad of job opportunities across different sectors for RP students. In addition, employers provided insights on career paths and job scope relating to their fields of work. Republic Polytechnic Career Fair 2010 Participating Companies: ADECCO BIZMANN SYSTEM (S) PTE LTD BRIGHTMINDS JOBSCENTRAL CAMELOT PTE LTD Certis CISCO Security Pte Ltd SMRT CORPORATION LTD CHANGI AIRPORT GROUP DURATION INC FORMFACTOR SINGAPORE PTE LTD THE GMP GROUP HIGH ACHIEVERS J CHAMPS MEDIA JASON ELECTRONICS (PTE) LTD JOBS DB SINGAPORE PTE LTD JOBSTREET.COM KELLY SERVICES McDONALD’S RESTAURANTS MINISTRY OF EDUCATION MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS NATIONAL ENVIRONMENT AGENCY NATIONAL UNIVERSITY HEALTH SYSTEM NONGSA RESORTS RIAU ISLANDS NTUC FAIRPRICE CO-OPERATIVE LTD OUTWARD BOUND SINGAPORE


Office of International Relations Further Education Your Education is worth what You are worth. - Anonymous You have worked hard to obtain your diploma; and you are at the crossroads now – what lies ahead of you? You can further your studies or start your career. For the former, there will be a need to decide where will be the most suitable place to further your education. A number of questions will come to mind: 1. Which field of study to pursue? 2. Which institutes of higher learning (IHLs) would be most suitable for you - local or overseas IHLs?

Further Studies Opportunities The local institutions where RP graduates have continued their studies include the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and the Singapore Management University. For overseas institutions, RP has secured articulation agreements for RP diplomas with more than 80 universities in Australia, United Kingdom (UK) and the United States (US), including top-tier universities like the Group of 8 Universities in Australia and the Russell Group Universities in United Kingdom. The universities include the University of Queensland, Monash University, University of Sydney, University of Western Australia, University of Birmingham, University of Sheffield, University of Leeds, amongst others. RP graduates who meet the required GPA, will enjoy advanced standing of up to 2 years at these universities. For more information on the universities that RP has articulation agreements with, please refer to From 2010, RP graduates who wish to pursue an overseas degree locally can look forward to pursuing degrees with renowned overseas universities, like the Technical University of Munich (TUM), the Number 1 German University for Science and Engineering, DigiPen Institute of Technology which is the top 5 Gaming School in United States, and University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV), one of the highest ranked Hotel and Hospitality management colleges in USA, through the Singapore Institute of Technology. RP graduates get to complete their degrees with these universities between 2 to 2.5 years. For more information on Singapore Institute of Technology, please refer to

Office of International Relations Celebrating Success Graduates from Republic Polytechnic have taken the different cultural expectations and challenges of studying at foreign universities in their stride to achieve exemplary results at renowned universities like Monash University, University of Queensland, amidst others. RP graduates have made it to Dean’s Commendation List, whilst others have received scholarships for excellent academic progress, facilitating their pursuance of post-graduate degrees, like Master and PhD degrees.


Fang Yiwen, one of the students from RP’s pioneering batch graduated in 2006 with a Diploma in Biomedical Sciences from the School of Applied Science and was one of the founding members of the ServiceLearning Club (SLC). After graduation, she worked in a Singapore lab for 14 months before pursuing further education overseas. She enrolled in the Bachelor of Science programme, specialising in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, at The University of Melbourne, which is a member of the “Group of 8” universities. Fang Yiwen graduated with a first class honours degree. She is currently pursuing her PhD at Deakin University where she has been awarded a scholarship.


Mai Qing Hong graduated with a Diploma In Sports and Exercise Sciences from the School of Sports, Health and Leisure; and is currently an undergraduate at the University of Queensland in Australia. He speaks of RP with affection, “RP has provided me with skills that are essential for my learning in the University of Queensland. During my three years of study in RP, I was introduced to Problem-based Learning (PBL). That method of learning has helped me to evaluate and reflect on my work in school. Through independent study and research, I am able to produce many creative solutions to the problems that I encounter in class. RP also equipped me with effective communication and interaction skills. The daily presentations that we did in class had honed my ability to communicate with confidence during tutorials. This ability to work in a team and understanding the importance of team dynamics has proven useful to me, especially in the company of an international group of classmates.


Centre for Professional Development Making Learning Your Lifelong Plan

Nurturing Your Potential. Empowering Your Future. Republic Polytechnic strives to be a learning space not just for our students but also for working adults. Playing support to Republic Polytechnic’s Continuing Education and Training for adult learners is the Centre for Professional Development (CPD), which offers skill and knowledge upgrading courses for those who wish to enhance their career or are keen on personal growth. The courses can be categorised into: • Academic Programmes They are part-time programmes for people who want to switch career, or delve into their area of specialisation. Examples of Academic Programmes are specialist diploma and advanced diploma programmes. • WSQ Developed by WDA, Workforce Skills Qualification (WSQ) is a continuing education and training system that offers certificate to graduate diploma programmes to people who have missed out on formal education. Founded on best international practices and validated by industries, WSQ aims to equip these people with the necessary skills to remain competitive and add value to the organisation. • Executive Programmes Conducted over 1 to 5 days, Executive Programmes are short courses designed to enrich participants’ understanding of a specific area. In addition to these courses, CPD is actively working with corporate clients to help them achieve their business objectives by coming up with generic as well as industry-specific and highly specialised training programmes. At CPD, knowledge knows no limits.


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