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An RP Alumni Newsletter Issue 6 Mar 2008

Everything starts from a dream

RP Open House

Our doors are wide open once again! Find out all about it.

Watchout!! Pick up some tips on how to ace that interview. Graduate Spotlight James Wong teaches us a thing or two about leadership. Lifestyle Titbits Get a heads up on how to deal with headaches.

+ An exclusive on the SAS Graduation Tea Party

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Ah, yes! It’s a new year – 2008 is filled with new ideas, hopes and dREams! It’s been a busy quarter for everyone – especially those who had to survive Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year has always been such a bore, with relatives asking the same nosy questions and the debate if one has put on, or lost, a few pounds. But for those who managed to reap big rewards, congratulations! After all, some of us do need some extra dough to battle the dreaded ERP. Well, moving along! This issue brings our graduates loads of updates. We saw lots of graduates returning back to RP to partake in events - such as the Ultimate Team Republic Challenge (Pg2), Republic Polytechnic Open House (Pg 4), and Career Fair (Pg 8). For those graduates who came back to their alma matar, here’s a big THANK YOU and keep it up! There were also events such as Sandbox held at Sentosa, which introduced the new initiative “Friends of Club Republic” where current students can join as member of Club Republic and get a taste of what benefits they’d get even before they graduate from RP. Find out more on page 6. The Year 3s have also completed their studies, and dREam popped in to join the SAS Graduation Tea Party to find out what our budding scientists were up to at their celebrations. The event was covered by SAS’s very own year 3 students and would certainly stir some emotion in those who attended (Pg 12).

All applications, registration & processing fees waived off for RP students.

Your Vision. Your Future As the world and economy is rapidly changing, we too, as inhabitants, have to move on with the times. Which is why at Auston, our students are constantly equipped with the necessary management and technology skills. All our courses are meticulously designed to cater to the demands in various industries so that our proud graduates could go forth and further pursue their aspirations with Recognition, Responsibility & Resourcefulness. Just as how our graduates have achieved recognition and success. You can too!

Monthly Financial Scheme For As Low As


G ra nt rs hi p & B u rs a ry a ol ch S ts en . - Business Administration fo r a ll R P st u d Bachelor of Art (Hons)

- Business & Marketing - Business & Human Resource Management - Business Information Technology - Business Systems - Business Systems with Tourism - Logistics - Resort Management

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- Computers, Networking & Communications - Technology (CNCT) - Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) To receive a brochure or enrol, Call or SMS 90295667


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61 & 63 New Bridge Road Auston Unicampus Singapore 059405. Tel: 65-9029 5667 Fax: 65-6333 5800 • Email: • Mon-Fri 9am-9pm, Sat 10am-4pm

To boost the chances of our RP graduates snagging a job ASAP, we’ve also included a brief guideline for you to learn what to take note of when going for a job interview (pg 9). Ever wondered how important and precious your head really is? Well, resident contributor, Michael Lim, give you a heads up on how to take care of headache woes. Check out his article on page 10. Last but not least, we catch up with James Wong – our graduate who has just won the Golden Bayonet Award from SAF. He’s a very active graduate who came back to attend many events. We hope he can tell us more on how he stays so enthusiastic about life and why he decided on the Army for his career (pg 16). Graduate Services wishes you a blessed quarter, and write to us if you have any queries at Take good care! Graduate Services – Adding mileage to your bright future. Vanessa Choo Editor


Wish you could savour a slice of your childhood? Loved cartoons as much as I did? Well, here’s a list of cartoons I would love to watch right now.

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Top Ten Cartoons from my childhood I wish T.V. would air again: 10. AstroBoy 9. My Little Pony 8. Sailormoon 7. Strawberry Shortcake 6. Rainbow Brite 5. Captain Planet 4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3. Transformers 2. Carebears 1. Smurfs

ARE YOU G A M E ? by Fazilah Abdul Latif

“Ultimate” was the name of the game, but for all participants and spectators involved, it was mostly explosive fun they were after - and they all got more than what they bargained for at the Ultimate Team Republic Challenge 2007 (UTRC), held on 30th November at Republic Polytechnic’s (RP) Sports Complex. Conceptualized as a race against time, teams had two full hours to engage in a manic rush around the sports complex to notch as many points as possible from various challenge stations. These challenge stations were all masterminded by Team Republic’s very own Challenge Masters from the Sports IGs, Adventure IGs and Adventure Learning Centre. The Challenge was on at the South Agora from 6pm, as the teams of Contenders dashed towards the swimming complex in order to obtain their Challenge Card to begin the race. Almost every sport from Team Republic was represented in this event, from the water sports of Wakeboarding, Kayaking, Diving and Life Saving, to indoor sports such as Floorball, Badminton, Foosball, Judo and Aikido. Additionally, the brawns of Dragonboating were well matched with the brains element of Trekking and Intellectual Games. There was certainly much action and excitement for all Contenders. Having made its debut in 2006, the success of the inaugural event saw RP graduates returning to re-visit fond memories of their student life in RP. James Wong, who was recently honored with the Golden Bayonet Award in National Service, forged a partnership with fellow RP alumni Li Yijun, and the Office of Student and Graduate Affairs’ (OSG) officers Janelle Koh and Benjamin Seow as Team RP Pioneros. For James, the motivation to join UTRC was really to re-live his days as an RP student. He enjoyed the adrenaline rush of dashing from one station to another. Amidst all the thrill of conquering the respective Challenge stations, James noted how RP is producing more talent in sports now – a testimony of our strategic planning in the pursuit of sports excellence. Yijun concurred with James’ observation and went on to share, “The RP that I see now is really different compared to my time in the Tanglin campus. There is greater cohesion here and we can see there is a lot of teamwork and team spirit.” James and Yijun were not the only ones who had a great time at UTRC. Wu Yan Zi teamed up with fellow graduates Nurediana Bte Kamsani, Norhayati Abdul Rahman and Sherilyn Ghui to form Team Old Skool. Proud to be a Republican, Yan Zi, who is currently working at RP as a Customer Support Officer, enthused how teams are more bonded than before. Sharing the UTRC experience, Yan Zi added “I really enjoyed the atmosphere, and had fun with all the other Contenders. But most of all, it was great to meet old friends. My favourite was the Kayaking station.” Certainly, every Contender had their personal highlights during the challenge and UTRC was made more exciting with the presence of RP’s alumni. The Ultimate Team Republic Challenge 2007 successfully showcased a vibrant sports community in RP, with IGs, staff, students and of course, our very own graduates coming together to enjoy an ultimate evening of fun and excitement, while they forged moments of togetherness as one Team Republic.

by Felicia Ong, 3rd year SIT student & Willie Tan, 3rd year SEG student

Reflections Reflections 20072007- Republic Republic Polytechnic’ Polytechnic’ss Community Community Arts Arts Festival Festival Republic Polytechnic’s inaugural arts festival, Reflections 2007, made its debut on 15th As members of the Create.Republic Management Committee, we were involved in the November 2007 and lasted a month. The festival was part of the school’s mission to preparations of the festival from beginning to end. From ticketing to stage management, transform the campus into a vibrant and colourful cultural hub for the community. from publicity to front of house management, we dabbled in virtually all the processes involved in putting together a festival. The festival was definitely an eye-opener to us! Over the month long festival, a series of exciting programs were put together to mirror Tiring, demanding but yet fruitful and meaningful! the artistic vibrancy of the youth and community as well as to showcases the rich cultural heritage of our community. Having the chance to witness and work with so many talented arts groups, we have gained more knowledge about managing an arts event. There was so much that goes into Reflections 2007 featured arts groups from RP’s Interest Groups under Create.Republic. each production than the techniques that artists present on stage. This included Modern Dance, Malay Cultural Group, Beats Encore, Indian Cultural Group just to name a few. It also featured prestigious groups like the Argentine Indigenous In essence, being part of the festival provided us with life-long experiences and learning Orchestra, T’ang Quartet, young & W!LD, a division of W!LD RICE and Gamelan exponents; that lessons in the classrooms cannot replicate. We are glad that we had the opportunity Gamelan Asmaradana. The calendar was a smorgasbord of artistic performances that to be part of this artistic platform and share the euphoria from the success of this festival. range from dance, music, theater, visual arts and creative workshops. Three cheers to the success of Reflections 2007; and for many more to come... “ 03


“Learning with A Difference” is exactly the message that was being promoted at the Republic Polytechnic Open House from 15 to 17 December 2007. Prospective students were invited to experience the unique campus life atmosphere and engage in the interactive showcase of activities created by the five schools and four centres that currently make up the academic body in Republic Polytechnic. Some of the activities that attracted the crowd was the Wii experience at the School of Engineering booth, Formula One racing at the Centre for Innovation and Enterprise booth, and the low-element Mohawk walk at the School of Sports, Health and Leisure booth, just to name a few. In fact, the open house showcased the buzzing campus life with its colourful booths attended by facilitators as well as student representatives. As visitors rove through the booths in Agora, they were entertained with music and dance performances by Create.Republic.

The prospective students were also challenged to other exciting activities such as: The Adventure Learning Centre An outdoor facility with its impressive 21-metre tower grid of posts and cables that hosts more than 20 different types of challenge elements, ranging from high elements at 10 metres to low elements up to three metres. This centre certainly caters to individuals, small groups and team-based engagement. Designed by Belgian challenge course experts, Exponent Challenge Technology, the centre also employs a personal continuous belay system and it is one of the most operationally efficient facilities in Singapore.

Sudoku Challenge A giant board of Sudoku placed at the Centre for Science and Mathematics booth. Probably the largest man-made Sudoku in Singapore, this Sudoku is a test of one’s logic skills in numbered puzzles.

Bossaball For the first time in Asia, this new sporting phenomenon combines the best of beach volleyball, soccer and acrobatics. Played on a specially designed giant inflatable court that consists of round trampolines and inflatable cushions on each side of an adjustable volleyball style net, Bossaball can be played both indoors and outdoors. The game is well-received in countries such as Spain, Belgium and Brazil. This event also saw the introduction of four new courses such as Hotel and Hospitality, Civil Aviation, Digital Entertainment Electronics and Game Design. Staff members from the different schools and centres were present to provide course counselling to the students interested in their academic programmes. These counselling sessions were excellent opportunities to introduce the problem-based learning pedagogy engaged in Republic Polytechnic and address questions related to our objective and our position on conventional approaches to education.

The Office of Student and Graduate Affairs took an active role in this event by engaging the prospective students in a showcase of exhibits and fun games that allow visitors to experience the vibrant student activities and student life in Republic Polytechnic. Visitors were introduced to the three facet of learning as a student – Adventure Learning, Service Learning and Sports Development. As part of student’s welfare, visitors were also introduced to the mentoring and counselling support provided by Student Wellness. Even as student graduates, the polytechnic continues to connect students through the activities organised by Graduate Services through their alumni club – Club Republic. Being the newest polytechnic in Singapore, Republic Polytechnic certainly does not fall short of taking a holistic approach to student activities and student life. Though all activities were centred at the Agora during the Open House, visitors will able to enjoy and experience student life as it can only happen in Republic Polytechnic.

A thank you


aduates who r g ll a o t u o ky te A BIG than the Gradua t a t u o s u help was greatly e took time to c n e s e r p r u th. Yo Services boo ! appreciated

by Andrew Chong

With dark clouds looming in the sky, a ray of sunshine was all it took to turn grey skies’ blue. On the 12th January 2008, Republic Polytechnic’s first ever beach fiesta was held at Sentosa. Sentosa means peace and tranquility in Malay. Although it was nothing like that as Republic Polytechnic took over one of its beaches.

Everyone was filled with excitement with the knowledge that it was going to a funfilled afternoon with lots of exciting activities in store. The atmosphere was warm and comfortable, with plenty of banter going around – in true Team Republic spirit. With so many different activities, the students were really spoilt for choice.

The event, also known as Sandbox, was organized by a group of RP students for the students, staff and graduates of RP, in an effort to bring the past and present together for a time of fun and relaxation. Not only so, this event marked the launch of a new initiative from the alumni club, called Friends of Club Republic. Friends of Club Republic is targeted at current students, where they can enjoy the benefits of the alumni club, Club Republic, even before they graduate.

RP’s very own Sports Club organized three different beach games for participants, namely beach volleyball, soccer and captain’s ball. The competition for being the best on the beach was as hot as the sun itself. Team “Like a Lous” stole the show with a dazzling display of athletic ability. Not to be outdone, our very own interest groups and bands such as, EMP, Hip Hop Dance, Replug, Percussion Ensemble and Novelties took to the stage. With the beautiful

backdrop of the sand and the sea, students were treated to mind blowing performances which left them wanting for more. One of the main highlights of the event was Bossaball. Originating for Belgium, it is similar to volleyball, but also includes elements of soccer, gymnastics and capoeira. Each side of the court has a number of inflatable barriers and an integrated trampoline, allowing players to bounce high enough to spike the ball. Students and staff were definitely awestruck by the performance that the Bossaball players put on. Some brave souls even decided to have a go at it! The following part of the day left most of us pleasantly surprised. To our amazement, Channel U’s film crew actually dropped by our event by accident. The film crew had planned on going around the Sentosa to look for beach babes and beach hunks to

feature on their show. Once informed of the nature of the event, the film crew headed for our very own RP students, picking out two lovely ladies and a dashing young man to be featured on their show. As the day drew to a close, some graduates arrived for the sumptuous buffet that was catered to everyone. Even though only a small handful of seniors joined in the fun, it was nice to see them coming back to join in an RP activity. The night drew to a close with EMP spinning on the decks, and people grooving to the beats - what better way to cap it all off then a fabulous dance party. It certainly was an awesome event which allowed students and graduates to come out of their shells to just relax and have fun.

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Mastering the


by Office of Industrial and Career Services Republic Polytechnic’s Career Fair 2008 was held on the 24th Jan 2008 (Thursday) at RP’s Woodlands Campus. The event was graced by Mr. Eden Liew, Deputy Principal of Corporate Affairs. On the back of a buoyant economy, the industry’s response to the career fair was overwhelming. The career fair attracted 45 employers consisting of established companies such as Fuji Xerox Singapore, FxMedia Singapore, IM Flash Singapore, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, National Healthcare Group, Raffles Hotel (1886), and many others. This good response is clearly a strong testimony from the industry for RP’s unique adaption of Problem Based Learning to our education system. “It is heartening to see such a strong endorsement from the industry for our career fair. This shows strong industry demand for our RP graduates who are exposed to our distinctive approach to education, which is focused on Problem Based Learning” said Deputy Principal of Corporate Affairs, Republic Polytechnic, Mr Eden Liew. Participating companies had their fair share of praise for the Career Fair 2008: “RP graduates are indeed fortunate to have such a wide variety of jobs to choose from during their very own career fair” noted Human Resource Manager, Fuji Xerox Singapore, Mr Lee Poh Leng. “ Jason Electronics appreciate RP’s targeted approach to connect the many companies during this career fair with the relevant graduates” remarked Human Resource Executive, Jason Electronics, Mr Ooi Chee Kong.

The career fair was bubbling with over 5000 job opportunities targeted at the graduating cohort and its alumni graduates. Available jobs offered include Engineering Assistant (Automation), Engineering Assistant (IT), Equipment Technologist, Medical/Laboratory Technologists, Multimedia Developer, and many more.To better prepare the graduates for the coming career fair, students were given useful tools on how to put together a cover letter/ resume to impress potential recruiters in the form of workshops conducted in the month of January. In addition , to ensure that students were aware of every job opportunity offered on career fair day by participating companies, a “Companies Fact sheet” which consist of information detailing the profile of individual companies and the job opportunities offered by them were all made easily available and accessible to the students a week before the career fair day . This allowed the students to come to the career fair well prepared for the engagement with their potential employers. On the actual day, “Graduate Services “ and “Career Services” booths were ready to facilitate student’s career-related queries with students emcees present to spice up the atmosphere. With 5000 full time job opportunities offered by 45 participating companies, the graduating cohort (about 2400 students from 10 diplomas) were given ample choices of job opportunities to choose from. At last count, over 2500 job applications were received by participating companies from our graduates. This networking event has certainly achieved its objective in enabling employment possibilities among our RP graduates.

by Office of Industrial and Career Services

It has always been surprising how many students go off to an employment interview hoping to get a job offer and yet have done little or nothing to prepare for this important event. We all want to be the best we can but how ready are you for interview? Everyone is capable of developing the skills of interviewing- once you understand what’s involved and what to do when. Here are some useful pointers for you: Prepare for Job Interviews • Getting your paperwork in order Be organized- consider some sort of filing system for your CV and all documents relating to a particular interview. Print out at least 3 copies of CV 3 days before the interview. • Researching on the company Some insights of the company’s history, products, markets, and the like is basic to effective interviewing. Having researched this kind of information in advance suggests your motivation, preparation, initiative, thoroughness to the employers. • Think about the potential questions This will help you to get ready for the interview and also to feel relaxed, confident and capable. • Getting from your front door to the interview Arrive on time, preferably 10-15 minutes before the scheduled interview. Regardless what your reason will be, if you are late for interview, it is almost impossible to recover from getting off to a poor start. • Making a good impression Before you could say anything, others notice how you dress and draw conclusions about your personality and competence. The interviewing Day • Arriving and waiting If you feel nervous while waiting, breathe in, relax and smile. Take this short waiting time as a recollection of your thoughts and go through your CV file. • The greeting Remember, you might be noticed the moment you step into the company thus always look alert, energetic and maintaining good posture will give you more confidence. • Non- verbal communication As you enter into the interviewing room, wait until you are asked to be seated and upon invitation, say ‘Thank you’ with eye contact as this will create good rapport with the interviewers. Also, be mindful of your body language. • Eye contact Good amount of eye contact will show confidence and trust. When it is your turn to speak, move your eyes from interviewer to interviewer after 5-10 seconds of eye contact. • Communicate effectively during the interview Never lie, if you exaggerate or actually lie to the extent that what you are saying can’t be substantiated, you will get yourself in trouble in several ways. • Negotiate Salary Try to discuss salary as late as possible and preferable until the point which you are offered the job. If the salary offered by the employer does not meet your expectations, but you still want the job, you can always supplement this with a request for a particular benefits package. • Close the interview Keep your best behavior until you are out of the room and do not forget to thank the receptionists. • Send Thank You letter It is thoughtfully and courteous to always follow up the interview be sending a thank you letter/card within 24 hours after the interview.


A Body



St ying head by Michael Lim

The human body is a fine specimen of Mother Nature’s engineering – we are a dynamic yet precise, robust yet vulnerable balanced inter-connected system of tissue, organs, water, nutrients and chemical signals. Keeping it all in place to produce a healthy body, mind and soul isn’t rocket science, but it sure isn’t problem-free either. It seems that in Mother Nature’s great scheme of creative engineering , She has equipped our bodies with the innate ability to adapt (and therefore survive), but somehow forgot to include the instruction manual.

If you have experienced repeated distinct moderate to severe local pain that lasts for a few hours to days (sometimes on one side or a limited location in your head), develop some sensitivity towards bright lights and loud noises or even feel nauseas, you are likely to have a migraine. Migraines are triggered by certain types of food, drinks, stress and even dehydration. Mild cases can be treated by over-the-counter mediation with active ingredients like paracetamol or acetaminophen, or in some cases, applying a hot or cold compress to the affected spots.

dREam therefore seeks to produce from this issue onwards, a series of informative articles on the essentials you’ll need, starting with the most important section in this issue: the head.

On the other hand, if you have the feeling of a distinct and constant squeezing sensation on the sides of your head which lasts for between 4 to 6 hours, you are likely to have a tension headache. These headaches are usually brought on by environmental factors, stress, irregular meal times and also a lack of sleep. Mild tension headaches may be easily resolved by over-thecounter pain killers, frequently enhanced with a mild stimulant like caffeine.

Human anatomy studies describe our heads as being in a “rostral” or frontal position. This is a reflection of the significant role it plays in the human body’s make-up and function. Evolution has reinforced the significance our heads by ensuring that its contents are housed in a complex and tough protective bone structure – the skull. In relation to the skull, the spine (or spinal column) is connected its base and acts much like an extended flexible protective bony column. Housed within the skull and the spine is one of the most complex and extensive anatomical constructs – the central nervous system (CNS). It is through the CNS that the body’s functions are directly controlled while it is the skull and spinal column that protect the CNS and therefore ensures the body’s survival. As you can figure, the head is an essential part of the body. So what can we do to keep our crowning glories in good shape? Let’s have a look at some of the common ailments and cures. Headaches It has been estimated that up to 80% of Singaporeans suffer from migraine (also most common), illness-related toxic headaches and tension headaches. However, most headaches cause limited harm and require minimal medical attention. More importantly, headaches can be indicative of a greater or alternate disorder. For example, any infection or inflammation of the vital sensory organs in the head may lead to fever and toxic headaches. The key to stopping headaches therefore lies in accurate diagnosis and timely treatment.

Other Head Injuries Some “headaches” or similar symptoms may also be associated with other head injuries or infections. Head trauma is the leading cause of head injuries, where forceful impact with either sharp or blunt objects causes direct damage to the skull and the vital organs it contains. The effect may be as outwardly obvious as obtaining a skull fracture, an open wound or nasal discharge, or as subtle as concussion, nausea or headaches. In either case, do not ignore the injury thinking that the effects are temporary. Any injuries to the head, especially concussions, warrant immediate and professional medical attention. Concussions usually hide potentially more complicated injury (e.g.: internal bleeding) that may only take effect a short time after the incident. When reporting to the doctor, assist the patient wherever possible to recount the nature of the incident, as they may suffer from temporary memory loss or experience nausea or headaches. Infection of various critical tissues in the head should also be treated with the same urgency. Bacteria that normally live in the mouth and nose may infect existing wounds in the head and facial region; complications may develop when these infections spread towards the brain and threaten its protective membrane. So keep informed about any discomforts to the head and stay “ahead” of things. You’ve only got one head, after all.


Un Nouveau Commencement

The Graduation High Tea 2007 The Graduation High Tea 2007 The Graduation High Tea 2007 The Graduation High Tea 2007 The Graduation High Tea 2007 The Graduation High Tea 2007 The Graduation High Tea 2007 The Graduation High Tea 2007 The Graduation High Tea 2007 The Graduation High Tea 2007 The Graduation High Tea 2007 (A new beginning)

by Jabez Wong, Jasper Soh and S Sharman Pandian

An important event for all graduating students was hosted this year, the annual Graduation High Tea – which is an event that has a lot of meaning for most graduates. The event took place at the Raffles Town Club on 3rd February 2008.

The turnout of the event was unexpected; the moment the doors swung open people started rushing in to get a good seat and to look for their friends. The ushers really had to work double time to get people to their seats. It was also a great honor to have Dr Terrence Chong to grace the event this year. After spending half an hour of getting guests seated the emcees of the event was given the cue to start the program. The program started with a speech by the Assistant Director of the School of Applied Science, Mr Ashley Chua. After the speech the event proceeded on with the program highlight - the Best Dressed Competition. The crowd was ecstatic as the nominees strutted the red carpet. After a brief introduction of the nominees the audience was told to vote for their favorite contestant. Guests were eagerly awaiting the start of the buffet as tummies were rumbling from the whiffs of delicious food in store. The moment the buffet lines were opens, the event hall was immediately filled with graduates mingling with one another, talking about the good times that they had in RP and what plans they had for themselves. To add to the atmosphere, dedications were also being aired during the buffet. The testament to the quality of the food was definitely the empty buffet line – there was almost nothing left when guests were asked to returned to their seats!

Now that everyone had their fill, the program resumed. Votes for the Best Dressed Competition were tallied and the winner emerged. Everyone was anxious to know who won, but to keep everyone in suspense, the first party of the lucky draw was carried out first! Dr Jasmine Heng gave out the prizes to the winners for the first part of the lucky draw followed by Mr. Ashley Chua who gave out the prizes for the next part of the lucky draw. The 7 top prizes were saved for the second session of lucky draw. To add more nostalgia to the event, program chairs and the graduands were invited on stage to share their views and experience in RP. The event now peaked with the announcement of the winners for the Best Dressed Competition. The winners were Ushanthini and Jackson Tai! The crowd went wild with cheering. Finally, it was time to give away the remaining lucky draw prizes. Dr Terrence Chong was called up on stage to give away the prizes. The grand prize winner of the lucky draw took home a PSP slim. To round up the event, a video which was prepared by the organizing committee was shown to the guests. It featured all the lasting memories that the graduates had in school and how they spent the good and bad times together.

Before everyone left, everyone gathered at the grand staircase in the foyer for a final photo session. The event was a huge success and everyone was happy that it went smoothly. We look forward to another similar event next year.


SAS Tea Party Wide smiles all ‘round from SAS graduands

Contestants of the Best Dressed Competition

Ultimate Team Republic Challenge 2007 Attempting floorball was a challenge to some.

Participants were enthralled.

“Watch my nose!!”

Our graduates James Wong and Li Yijun teamed with OSG managers.

Eagerly signing up for CLub Republic Dr Terence Chong giving an animated speech

The winners of the race!

Girl power! RP graduates Yaati, Cheryl, Nure and Yanzi take the camera on!

OSG staff Alex shows off his curves.

Registration at Raffles Town Club

A memoir presented to all guests at the tea party

Teams tried dressing up for the occassion.

Career Fair 2008 Hungry guests devour the buffet!

Let’s Dance - Hip Hop IG got things started for the Career Fair.

DP Eden Liew presenting a token of appreciation to participants.

The agora was brimming of job opportunities!

Security Awareness Week Our graduate Naz returned to RP for Security Awareness Week.

Naz showed us how CPR was done.

Open House 2008

Watching as RP staff practices CPR for the first time.

by Vanessa Choo

Boy to Man James Wong has such abundant energy, he’s tireless, and it’s contagious. Find out how this energizer bunny managed to grow up in the Army and landed up as a leader. Background Information Name: Wong Li Ren James Age: 21 Diploma: Industrial and System Engineering Current Job: Infantry Combat Specialist Background: Head of Logistics for Sports Club (two years); one of the founding members of Bikers@Republic; member of Mountain Biking Team which clinched RP’s first sport trophy.

Mar 01












Alternative rockers, Incubus, perform for the first time in Singapore at Fort Canning Green. Tickets at $125 available from Sistic.

Salute the females! It’s International Women’s Day.





Today marks the anniversary of the first printing of paper money in the USA in 1862. The three original denominations were $5 - featuring Hamilton, $10 - featuring Lincoln and $20 - featuring Liberty.

My Chemical Romance performs at the Max Pavillion@Singapore Expo today. Grab your tickets from $75 at Sistic.













Want a day to celebrate a cause close to your heart? Well, here’s your chance. It’s Create Your Own Holiday Day.

The 10-day Singapore Fashion Festival begins today at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza! The nation’s biggest fashion event of the year will be witnessed by world-class designers, international top models and more. Be there or be square!

Visit the Singapore River Market @ The Arts House (from 10a. m. to 10p.m.) and browse stalls featuring unique local and international wares. The market is within walking distance of Raffles Place and Clarke Quay MRT station.

Visit the Singapore River Market @ The Arts House (from 10a.m. to 10p.m.) and browse stalls featuring unique local and international wares. The market is within walking distance of Raffles Place and Clarke Quay MRT station. 23

Tell us more about this Golden Bayonet Award you received recently. It is the award given to the Top Trainee in of the Advance Section Leader Course (ASLC). This course aims to train soldiers to be Section Commanders who are able to lead and instruct their men in small unit tactics and various military skills as well as handle the administration of their individual sections. So it is a leadership course? Yes. I was given various appointments which required me to manage and lead my fellow course mates in daily administration, training and small unit tactics. I started out managing a section of 7 men. However, I was I was appointed Leader Sergeant Major in the middle of the course, which meant I had to manage a whole company of 190 men! Describe the toughest training you’ve received while fighting to get this award. The toughest training is in people management. During the course, I found myself placed in very stressful situations where I had to meet tight datelines. As a result, I had to rally my team to complete the mission in the fastest time possible. This is where I learnt how to deal with different people and how to keep my team motivated during the mission. Does the Army really change boys into men? Yes! It is a journey of self-discovery where we are tested both physically and mentally. The army also allows us to learn the true meaning of teamwork and responsibility. The army promotes conformity, yet RP encourages you to be unconventional. Do you find yourself placed in a difficult position? As the Army is transforming, it is moving away from the “I say, you do, just follow orders” mentality. We are a discipline force but we also explore different means in which we can function better. Our commanders certainly are keen on new ideas. In fact, I’ve encountered some situations which require us to challenge our conventional

thinking. RP has definitely played a huge role in developing my cognitive thinking skills. If you were stranded in a deserted island, what three items would you take with you, and why? I’d take a knife - it can do wonders with some creativity, trekking shoes - to protect my feet while I explore the island, and a camera, to capture the moments during my stay in the island. If I manage to survive to tell my story, I’ll have good memories to share through my photos. If I die there, it’s my way of sharing with others how I live my life on the island.



You seem very athletic and sporty, do you have any other interests that might surprise us? I love to read, so you might spot me in the national library or any book store in town. Oh, I also collect soft toys from different countries. (Okaaay…) What are your future plans? I found my calling in the Army, and have decided to make it my career. I feel happy and proud to be serving my country. Now, the world is my office. My next goal would be to enroll in one of the Army’s toughest training course – the Ranger course. Care to share any fun memories of RP? I miss the days at the Tanglin Campus. We were located near town so it was very convenient. There were also many running routes around the area to discover, which my favourite pastime was after school. Tanglin campus was also very cosy. We were a small community then so almost everyone knew one another. A message you’d like to share with your fellow Republicans: Everyday brings new challenges. Face these challenges with a positive attitude and have fun tackling all problems.














No Housework Day: April 7th has been deemed “No Housework Day”. No laundry. No dishes. No vacuuming and no guilt. Enjoy this holiday while it lasts. 13


It’s the last day to catch We Will Rock You – A musical that will simply blow your mind! Visit Sistic for tickets and details. 20





David Tao is holding a concert at the Singapore Indoor Stadium today. Grab your tickets from Sistic, starting from $78. 23



Stay green as a celebration to Earth Day. 27



Hug your pet - It’s Prevent Cruelty to Animals Day

The World Gourmet Summit comes to Singapore! Want to sample world-class cuisine? Visit for more. 21




Catch Formula Drift! Singapore’s largest professional drifting competition featuring Top American Drivers battling it out with drivers from Singapore and Malaysia. Tickets from $15 at door.

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