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An RP Alumni Newsletter Issue 5 Dec 2007

Everything starts from a dream

Hey, Gorgeous!

Channel U comes to RP to look for gorgeous students

What’s H@ppening The re:vantage card emerges with a new benefits programme Graduate Spotlight Find out what it’s like to have a career thousands of miles in the air Lifestyle Titbits Coffee, tea, or…? Find out which is the better beverage!

+ What you need to know about Bioengineering

Season’s Greetings! Oh yes, it’s that time of the year again! Got that fuzzy feeling yet? I had visited Orchard Road just last week and found that the Christmas lights were already in place. It was only then when I realized – one year has passed me by again. I was pleasantly surprised.

PUBLISHER Office of Student and Graduate Affairs 9, Woodlands Avenue 9, Singapore 738964

As 2007 draws to the end, I hope all our readers can reflect on the things which have touched them or affected them throughout the year. I hope everyone has achieved what they set out to achieve the past year, and that time has been fruitful spent. Most of all, I certainly hope that all dREam readers can spend a lovely Christmas with their family.

EDITORIAL Editor Art work Advertising

Well, to spice things up this holiday season, we’ve covered several exciting events. Wanna find out what happened during the filming of Hey!Gorgeous in the Republic Polytechnic campus? Just flip to page 4 to find out all about it. Curious to know how RP has been fairing in the recent IVP POL-ITE games? Well, dREam has invited two of our very own graduate to analyse Team Republic’s performance and share with us how they feel RP’s performed. Their contribution is on page3. There has been an exciting addition to RP’s welfare programme – the new and improved RP Revantage card! To celebrate this exciting event, a carnival-style party was thrown in the heart of Orchard Road – Youth Park. If you’ve missed out on this action, not to worry. We’ve made sure you can find out all about it in this issue of dREam (page 6 & 7). Tired of the debate to whether coffee or tea is the better drink? Our lifestyle tidbits regular, Michael Lim, has done some research into these two popular beverages and is ready to recommend his pick! You’ll find his contribution on page 12. Lastly, I have decided to include a list of Murphy’s Law for Travel for those of you who are thinking to get out of the country this holiday season. I hope none of those things happen to you, but do read it as I found it lots of fun (and true in some instances)! From all of us in Graduate Services: Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year. Graduate Services – Adding mileage to your bright future. Vanessa Choo Editor

Murphy Law Fo ’s Travelr

1. No flight ever leaves on time unless you are running late and need the delay to make the flight. 2. If you are running late for a flight, it will depart from the farthest gate within the terminal. 3. If you arrive very early for a flight, it inevitably will be delayed. 4. Flights never leave from Gate #1 at any terminal in the world. 5. If you must work on your flight, you will experience turbulence as soon as you touch pen to paper. 6. If you are assigned a middle seat, you can determine who has the seats on the aisle and the window while you are still in the boarding area. Just look for the two largest passengers. 7. Only passengers seated in window seats ever have to get up to go to the lavatory. 8. The crying baby on board your flight is always seated next to you. 9. The best-looking woman on your flight is never seated next to you. 10. The less carry-on luggage space available on an aircraft, the more carry-on luggage passengers will bring aboard.

Vanessa Choo Tay Ling Vanessa Choo

Contributors Tiffany Chan Sean Lin Michael Lim Nurediana Lim Yanzi Office of Industry and Career Services The Republic Cultural Centre General Enquiries URL dREam. An RP Alumni Newsletter. Everything starts from a dream. dREam is a quarterly newsletter which will keep Graduates informed about the tools available for then, continual education, information, networking sessions and more, to achieve their aspirations. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any means without the written permission of the publisher. The views and opinions expressed or implied in dREam are those os the authors or contributors and do no necessarily reflect those of the publisher.

Adventure Learning Centre Welcome to a

NEWLevel of Learning!

The Adventure Learning Centre (ALC) is the newest addition to RP’s awesome Woodlands campus. Dominating the Northern sector of the campus, the facility boasts an impressive 21 meter tower and grid of posts and cables, all providing an unprecedented level of experiential learning. This awe-inspiring facility was completed recently and personally commissioned by our Principal / CEO Prof Low Teck Seng on 28th September 2007. Catch the exciting abseiling commissioning exercise on the ALC website ( Prof Low’s daring feat is certainly reflective of RP’s strong commitment to providing both state-of-the-art educational facilities and a complete education experience to all students. While this type of adventure learning facility is not the first of its kind in Singapore or among the local polytechnics, it is certainly the newest and most sophisticated system in existence. Physically, the ALC houses over 20 different types of challenge elements, ranging from high elements at 10 meters to low elements up to 3 meters. Specially designed by Belgian experts Exponent Challenge Technology, these challenge elements employ an innovative personal belay system that provides near unlimited opportunities for individuals, small groups and teams to be engaged. Above that, the facility is poised to offer all patrons unprecedented and unparalleled chances to challenge themselves. Supported directly by a dedicated team of OSG trainers ALC is able to provide tailored programmes for individual and team development needs based on several core programme design strategies. The ALC and its staff have undergone professional preparations and will be on the leading edge to offer a range of development programmes, from foundation exposure programmes for year 1 students to specialized and outreach programmes for year 2 and 3 students. Also in the pipeline are plans to develop and involve RP graduates through a graduates structure and programme. Welcome to a new level of learning, with the Adventure Learning Centre at RP. OSG Graduates Services will be teaming up with the ALC to offer you opportunities to challenge yourself through development programmes. We’re looking forward to your participation.

by Michael Lim

A TOUCH OF DIFFERENCE! by Nurediana Kamsani

The year 2007 marked the highlight performance of the touch rugby girls by far. Republic Polytechnic’s team had a draw with Temasek Polytechnic, and won all games against other tertiary institutions. Although there were glorious results from our team, RP managed to clinch 2nd place due to a point difference.

Into sport and wondering how RP’s been fairing in the recent IVP POL-ITE games? Two of our graduates have been following the sporting scene in RP and volunteered their reports. Check out what Yanzi and Nure have to say about Team Republic’s performance so far! by Yan Zi

We all felt the heat and adrenaline rush as Team Republic fought their way through the POL-ITE Games 2007. RP’s athletes were out to break limits and achieve victory, which was proven by the number of awards won this season. Team Republic scored a total of three Gold, four Silver and three Bronze medals in the recent games.

The recently concluded POL-ITE Female Soccer game saw the RP Soccer girls showing strong determination and willpower as they battled strong contenders. This was particularly demonstrated when the girls played against SP. Spectators saw a fantastic game, where RP dominated right from the start. The game concluded with a score of 4:1, placing RP fourth in the tournament.

The girls’ tough rugby team consistently exceeded my expectations for them, throughout the course of the competition. The team outdid themselves, showing composure, a strong sense of discipline and great perseverance. The girls demonstrated great skills which they have picked up over time and maintained positive communication on the field. The team has come a long way but will continue to excel and improve in future competitions. This RP touch rugby team would be one to look out for. POL-ITE GAMES 2007-08 TOUCH OVERALL RESULTS Position


















Their achievement is a commendable effort, certainly for a newly formed team, with less than a year of competitive experience. This tea will definitely go far with more training and experience. I personally feel that this has been a great season for our sports team. In retrospect, I realized Team Republic has really grown by leaps and bounds - from an amateur team to a strong contender. I can safely say that in terms of skills and unity, Team Republic is certainly capable of posing threats to all the other institutions. I am very proud of the current and upcoming batch of RP’s athletes. Team Republic would continue to grow and achieve great things. Together as one, we’ll win. 03

by Vanessa


The Channel U crew for Hey!Gorgeous visited the Republic Polytechnic campus in search of good looking students. These shortlisted goodlookers would have to fight it out with each other in a talent showcase to emerge as male and female finalists. The finalists from Republic Polytechnic would then have to compete with contenders from other tertiary institutions for the title of Mr. or Ms. Hey!Gorgeous. As RP was left for the last installment of the series, many students had already familiarized themselves with the programme. Students soon crowded around the stage set up in the south Agora awating the arrival of the cast and crew. The campus was filled with excitement as celebrity hosts Ben Yeo, Fiona Xie and Dasmond Koh dealt out crowd warmers and introduced the guests for the day, Mi Lu Ping (Super Band winners). And so began the day of furious searching. The celebrity hosts and their guests visited many corners of the campus in hopes of spotting someone, well, gorgeous! I had the privilege of following Fiona Xie and Ben Yeo in their lively search. We beat the midday sun, exploring corners – from the sports complex, to the canteens, and even to classrooms. To my amazement, the celebrity hosts I was following seemed so cool and relaxed in the hot weather, while I was drenched in sweat! After several hours, our hosts were satisfied with their selections and the competition began. Three male and three female student contestants lined the stage in the south Agora. There were several talents on display that afternoon. We saw street dancing, salsa, beat boxing, playing of the Chinese Yang Qin, and sexy catwalks. The crowd was filled with squeals and cheers as the competition reached the final round. The audience was invited to vote for their favourite contestant. The results were certainly very telling as to who was most popular among voters. Soon, the results were determined and announced by our hosts. The winners were Gusti Yudhi Ong Sky Naga and Ong Wei Ting Tricia! The audience burst into supportive cheers for our RP finalists as they posed in front for the camera with their winning smiles. Gusti and Tricia will be representing RP in the Hey!Gorgeous finals. From the looks of it, I’m confident RP will do well in this competition. All the best, Republicans! Good luck!

The Republic Cultural Centre

Designed by Maki & Associates (Japan), The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) exudes an elegant simplicity and balance of aesthetics and functionality that reflects Republic Polytechnic’s approach to nurturing an appreciation for the arts and culture. Under its fan-shaped roof, TRCC has three main performing arts venues: a 1,000-seat Theatre, a 400seat Studio and a 120-seat Lab. On top of these performing spaces, TRCC also has a complement of rooms and studios for practice, rehearsal and recordings. As the cultural landmark of the North, The Republic Cultural Centre (TRCC) presents a myriad of programs to our diverse audience. Officially opening its door to the public on 31 July 2007, TRCC is the focal point for the artistic development of our students, and also a cultural space that facilitates the integration of the community through the common appreciation of the arts. TRCC seeks to be the venue of choice for entertainment, exploration and enrichment of the arts. TRCC’s venues provide aspiring artists platforms to realize their passion, and to share that with a wider audience. With its perennial weekly community arts series and the annual Community Arts Festival entitled Reflections, TRCC hopes to raise cultural awareness and appreciation for our colorful heritage. Home to 26 student arts groups, members of these groups got a safe haven to explore and evolve their arts forms. Having them under the same roof implies interaction, collaborations and synergy abound. This healthy atmosphere helps the group grow artistically as well as broadens their appreciation for what other groups are doing. This year, TRCC is also proud to be official venue for RP’s inaugural arts festival, Reflections, that runs from 15 November to 15 December. Boasting some fifty performances and workshops across music, dance, theatre and visual arts, the festival will be a showcase of talents from the community, promising something for everyone.

Reflections 2007 - Republic polytechnic’s community ARts festivAl venue / Date tRcc theatre

15 nov, thurs

16 nov, fri Greeley and The Colour Code by

17 nov, sat

18 nov, sun

20 nov, tue

21 nov, Wed

22 nov, thu

Sekaran - Gamelan festival co-presented by the Republic cultural centre and Gamelan Asmaradana

23 nov, fri Argentine Indigenous Orchestra In

24 nov, sat

25 nov, sun

Drama Fiesta of the North by north Zone primary schools, coordinated

27 nov, tue The Concert Pianist: Victor Khor

29 nov, thu RE{BORN} by the fun stage

A (re)new(ed

How it all started re:vantage (which is short for ‘Republic’s Advantage’) is a perks welfare programme proposed and implemented by the Business Development Unit of the 2nd Republic Polytechnic Students’ Council Executive Committee (SCEXCO) in 2004. The Executive Committee felt that the students’ welfare could be extended beyond the Polytechnic’s boundaries. By presenting the Polytechnic’s student card, students were able enjoy special privileges, generous discounts and an assortment of instant treats at participating outlets island-wide. Gradually, the lack of sufficient publicity and small student population led to inadequate numbers patronising the merchants’ outlets. The programme appeared to lose popularity. In 2007, the SCEXCO became conscious of the faltering status of the programme and upon realising the full potential of the perks welfare programme, the Committee embarked on a journey to rebrand the programme.

the journey chosen The 4th SCEXCO’s links with the People’s Association paved the way for the rebranded re:vantage programme. Seeing how the PAssion card was a popular discount programme with a very large consumer base, the Office of Student and Graduate Affairs (OSG) and the Business Development team of the 5th Students’ Council chose to collaborate with the People’s Association on the new re:vantage card, which is also the very first-co-branded PAssion card.

d) beginning by tiffany chan

On the afternoon of 28th October 2007 at Youth Park, in the heart of Orchard Road, the new re:vantage card was officially launched and the MOU was signed. Media representatives were also at hand to cover the event. The MOU signatories, Mr Eden Liew (Deputy Principal, RP) and Mr Tan Boon Huat (Chief Executive Director, PA) gave a speech respectively. After which, they proceeded to sign the MOU. This was followed by the launch of re:vantage. For the launch, the MOU signatories opened up a giant box which contained a large mock-up of the new re:vantage card, followed by an exhilarating burst of confetti. The student who designed the card, Mohammad Hadif Adzim bin Azmi, was presented a prize of a $100 Borders voucher as well. At the event, various stations were available for students and staff to collect their re:vantage card. In addition, there were popcorn and candy floss machines, a rodeo bull machine, a dunking machine, Captain’s Ball, basketball shootouts and other games. The rest of the afternoon saw an array of exciting performances put up by PA members and RP Interest Groups. From the PA, there was a beat boxer and an impressive group of roller-blader with fantastic skills; from RP, there were performances put up by Malay Cultural Group, Jammerz Arena, Magic IG and Wushu IG, just to name a few. Another highlight of the afternoon was the band made up of staff and students – Michael (OSG) on vocals, Sharime (Jammerz Arena) on bass, Jonathan (Jammerz Arena) on guitar and Tiffany (OSG) on drums. Unfortunately, a heavy mid-afternoon downpour resulted in some Interest Groups not being able to perform. However, the rain did not hold back the programme as the emcees proceeded to entertain the audience with chatter and contests. The carnival ended on a high note as Jammerz Arena brought the event to a close. This is also part of the SCEXCO efforts in reaching out to the student body to play a facilitating role in creating common identity. The Student Council Executive Committee will certainly continue to strive towards improving the welfare of the Student Union. Look out for more RPSCEXCO events and initiatives!

The welding of the two welfare schemes as well as the two organisations results in a new re:vantage which now contains many more perks and merchant listings. This involvement of the People’s Association also gives a great lift to the previous re:vantage scheme, as well as boosts the profile of the SCEXCO, whose raison d’être is, after all, to look after the welfare of the Student Union.

This close collaboration eventually led to the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the People’s Association Youth Movement and Republic Polytechnic. With the exclusivity of the existence of the first co-branded PAssion Card, the two organisations then worked towards a carnival-style event to launch the rebranded re:vantage scheme, as well as to formalise the signing of the MOU. 07

Take on a Soaring Career

By deki soh

with Fuji Xerox Singapore At Fuji Xerox Singapore, we are constantly on the go to build an environment for the creation and effective utilization of knowledge. An environment that will rapidly evolve in the new world of our knowledge-based society, and one where world-class products and services will enhance the quality of life worldwide - all by making work, a breeze said Lim Soon Kim, General manager from Fuji Xerox Singapore during a talk organized by Student Career Centre on 19th July. Soon Kim continues, as a people developer award winner, we affirmatively attribute our success to our people. Coupled with the presence of an encouraging work atmosphere and attractive compensation package, our priority is to ensure that talents are advanced and supported. The origin of Fuji Xerox Singapore dates back to 1965 when the company was still part of the Rank Xerox organization, a joint venture between Rank Organization and Xerox Corporation. The Singapore branch was first incorporated as Rank Xerox (Overseas) Pte Ltd and later renamed as Rank Xerox (Singapore) Pte Ltd in 1985. In 1991, Rank Xerox Singapore was sold to Fuji Xerox Company Ltd of Japan, (a 50-50 joint venture company between Fuji Photo Co. Ltd and Xerox Corporation), and was renamed Fuji Xerox Singapore Pte Ltd. In 2001, Xerox sold half of its stakes in Fuji Xerox to Fuji Photo Film Co. Ltd. and retained 25% of ownership interest. Today, Fuji Xerox Singapore Pte Ltd is a wholly owned company of Fuji Xerox Asia-Pacific, together with other operating companies in Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam. So do you appreciate knowledge as a business asset like Fuji Xerox and have passion for innovation and constantly seek exciting challenges? Then, let your talents shine and grow with Fuji Xerox Singapore. It’s where you will carve a successful career in the exciting global document and knowledge management industry! Positions Available in Fuji Xerox Singapore Document Management Services (DMS) Representatives (Temporary) Document Management Services (DMS) Representatives (Contract) Customer Service Engineers Finance Operations Officer (Account Management) High Volume Sales Executives Office Solutions Specialist (Color Products) Colour Consultant Solution Sales Consultant Solutions Architect For more information, you can visit Fuji Xerox Singapore at 09




Participants were enthralled.

Instructor, George, was very animated.

Learning the ropes to wine appreciation.

POL-ITE GAMES 2007/2008

Our girls in action! (So fast, the camera can’t catch them!)

SDSA, Mr. Ang Keng Loo, gave away the awards.

A happy soccer team.


Prof Low gives us a smile just before abseiling.

While staff were happy just to attempt the low elements!

Dr. Michael Koh takes his turn.

We’ve got inked!

Prof Low stops mid-journey to commission the ALC

Helpers double check safety precautions.

Students demonstrate the high elements

re:Vantage Card Launch

The revantage card – made official!

Michael (OSG) takes on the electronic bull.

Everybody, let’s kungfu fighting!

An animated netball game thrilled the crowds.

To dunk, or not to dunk?

No event is complete without some hip hop.

Students and staff dropped by Youth Park to pick up their cards

Dr. Loke Han Ying’s magic kept us in loops and chains!

Hey Gorgeous Ben’s a very busy artiste

Our three gorgeous hosts!

Guests Mi Lu Bing (second and third from left) grace the event

The voting session for the female contestants

Our nervous male contestants awaiting the results

She achieved her dream job when she joined Singapore Airlines as a cabin crew. Now she’s able to see the world and experience different cultures while working. Find out more as RP graduate, Cheryl Ong, shares her experience working miles above ground. by Vanessa Choo What made you want to become a cabin crew? I love seeing the world and meeting different people from different works of life. Besides, I have always preferred the service line as I find this type of job suits me best. Working as a cabin crew is my dream job, and I could not ask for more! What is the most challenging part of your job? The most challenging part of my job will be assisting in medical help while on flight - it deals with life and death! What countries have you visited? Parts of China, Australia, Korea, London, the United States, New Zealand… There’s too many to list! However, I have yet to visit Paris, France. This would be a lovely destination to visit with a special someone. Share with us a memorable encounter which touched you. I was on board a flight from Singapore to London and saw a lovely old lady who was travelling alone. Seeing how she was so fragile-looking, I could not help but ask her why she was travelling alone. She then told me that her son had been working in London for over a decade, and this was her last trip to see him. She was getting too old to travel such long distances. Hearing this touched me immensely. I gave this old lady a hug before she disembarked the flight. Has problem-based learning (PBL) been useful on the job? My job requires me to be very proactive, independent and versatile. PBL has trained me well in these areas, which allowed me to adapt to my job quickly. Share with us your most memorable experience in RP. During my 3rd year of study, one of my close friends met with a motorcycle accident and underwent an operation. However, he still needed to attend school to meet the 85% attendance requirement during his recovery period. So what happened? He was on crutches and tired easily from walking around the campus. So, some classmates and I decided to transport him from building to building using the classroom chairs with wheels attached. We had to “wheel” him to our classes, and even to the sports hall and canteens. This was a memorable experience which I will never forget! What plans do you have for the future? I would love to further my studies while working, although I have heard about how tough it is to study and work at the same time. Therefore, I have come up with some contingency plans if studying part-time does not work out for me. Word of advice for your fellow RP grads: Follow your dreams, and always keep the passion for what you wish to pursue.

on d Informati eryl n u ro g ck a B Ch Swee Lin, Name: Ong and Age: 22 y Systems tr s u d In : a Diplom g (SIA) Engineerin Cabin Crew ational : b o J t n e Curr sly a n d: Previou Backgroun gapore yer for Sin netball pla

Dec 01




The HUMMER NBL Championship is all about professional basketball. This event happens at the Singapore Indoor Stadium where teams from Australia, New Zealand and Singapore compete with fast paced action. Tickets available from Sistic.







Have your friends over and fill up your rubba-tub-tub. It’s Bathtub Party Day!




It’s the last day to catch British musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang! Visit for more details.

Support the United Nations, it’s Human Rights Day!

My Chemical Romance performs at the Max Pavillion@Singapore Expo today. Grab your tickets from $75 at Sistic.




RP Open House

RP Open House


RP Open House








The Singapore Dance Theatre presents Swan Lake – a beautifully choreographed ballet performance to the music of Tchaikovsky. Tickets at Sistic from $38 onwards.

Jane Austen’s Birthday - Celebrate this day of commemoration for the author of classics such as Emma and Pride and Prejudice. 23





‘tis the season to be jolly… Merry Christmas! 30

31 Goodbye 2007, it’s New Year’s Eve!



New Year’s Day – 2008 is here!






Catch the wonderful local production, Beauty World, as it depicts the story of small-town girl Ivy in the big city. Visit for more information! 09

Elvis Presley was born on this day, so celebrate by singing his greatest hits like Heartbreak Hotel and Hound Dog! 14







Clean Off Your Desk Day - Have a lasting relationship with mess on your desk? Well, today’s your chance to clean up.

Remember to be polite, it’s International Thank You Day.







20 Find out more about the Singapore Fringe Festival. It’s all about dance, music and history, so visit www.singaporefringe. com for more!

25 La Traviata is a story of love and betrayal. Watch the tale of one woman’s struggle for love and happiness, sung to Verdi’s haunting music. Visit Sistic for tickets from $25 onwards.





Interested in solving mysteries? Then celebrate the birthday of the great detective, Sherlock Holmes.

Progressive metal maestros Dream Theatre will return to Singapore by popular demand! Catch them perform while their world tour at Fort Canning Park. Tickets available from Sistic. 21




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