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Breast Cancer Recovery Exercises Exercises are very important for the breast cancer recovery. Exercises helps to build up the positive steps for the treatment and fights the cancer by increasing the immune power. Exercise is

recommended not only during the treatment but also after the treatment. Exercises helps in many ways in the treatment for cancer. Some of the advantages of exercisers are as follows: Exercise improves breathing Increasing energy

Relives constipation Reduce fatigue Increase fitness Increases Stamina Boosts the quality of life Reduce the risk of recurrence of cancer in future It is quite important to have right amount of exercise and it is important to figure out that how much exercise you should consider while treatment of breast cancer. The main goal of exercises is improve the physical and mental health of the patient. Small sessions must be considered for better results. Aerobic exercises are extremely beneficial as they pumps the heart and flowing of blood and with the aerobic exercises, mixture of strengthening exercises makes them more beneficial. Some of the exercises are swimming, stretching, yoga, walking, etc. These exercises plays the vital role in the recovery of cancer. It is important to have complete prescription of of therapist in the recommendation of exercises. 1. Swimming:

2. Yoga

3. Walking

4. Gentle stretching or range-of-motion exercises

Listen to the requirement of the body before starting exercises. It is important in the treatment to take the full precautions with the exercises. Everyone knows that slow and steady always wins the race, so

if anyone wants to win the battle of cancer than exercising during breast cancer recovery is necessary.

Exercises for breast cancer recovery