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Chemotherapy For Cancer Treatment Chemotherapy is the chemical treatment used to directly kill the cancer cells from the patient's body. The medication in this treatment given to the patient in the form of pills, tablets and liquids. Chemotherapy is basically given as the additional treatment with the other treatments like surgery, radiation therapy and hyperthermia therapy. There are many hospital for cancer treatment in US where chemotherapy are effectively implemented.

It is the most effective and successful treatment for the cure from cancer. Chemotherapy kills the cancerous cells from the body but unfortunately in addition it also kills the healthy and normal cells which causes many side effects. Chemotherapy has both good and bad effects. To overcome such side effects it is necessary to have nutritious and healthy diet properly. Proteins are required by the body to repair and regenerate the muscles and the killed tissues.

Some of the side effects caused by the chemotherapy are Hair loss, Chest pain, Bleeding from nose, Weight loss, Weight Gain, shivering, Fatigue, Anemia, Appetite changes, Nausea, Difficulty in breathing, Difficulty in drinking and eating, Vomiting, Tiredness. Every patient experiences the different side effects with chemotherapy as it depends on the killing of cells.

Chemotherapy affects the nails also and a person comes in the depression at the time of chemo sessions. Proper nutrients are likely to intake to overcome all these side effects. Chemotherapy can be given to the cancer patient with radiation therapy and before or after surgery treatment. If given before surgery than it means it is given to shrink the size of the cancerous tumor and chemotherapy after surgery means that it is given to kill the cancerous cells from the body. Chemotherapy are used for many cancer treatments like lung cancer treatment,

lymphomas cancer treatments etc. It is considered a best therapy for cancer that is very effective but at the same time it results in some major side effects also.

Chemotherapy for cancer treatment