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Chemotherapy and Tomotherapy Treatment of Cancer Treatment of cancer is important to be done at early stage of cancer. Later or advanced stages of cancer are difficult to treat. There are many treatments of cancer including chemotherapy and tomotherapy.

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is the using of drugs or chemicals to kill the cancer cells directly from the patient's body. Medication is used in the form of tablets, pills and the pills to kill the cancer cells.

Chemotherapy is the additional treatment of cancer which is given after surgery treatment. It acts as the most curable treatment of cancer. Chemotherapy treats the cancer successfully and effectively.

Chemotherapy kills the cancerous cells from the body but unfortunately in addition it also kills the

healthy and normal cells which causes many side effects. Chemotherapy shows good and bad effects both. To overcome such side effects it is necessary to have nutritious and healthy diet properly. Proteins are required by the body to repair and regenerate the muscles and the killed tissues.

It is the treatment of cancer in which cancer cells are killed with the help of drugs by passing them through the veins or mouth. Killing of healthy cells also takes place in this treatment which causes many side effects like vomiting, nausea, itching etc.

There are so many side effects of chemotherapy. Some of the side effects caused by the chemotherapy

are Hair loss, Chest pain, Bleeding from nose, Weight loss, Weight Gain, shivering, Fatigue, Anemia, Appetite changes, Nausea, Difficulty in breathing, Difficulty in drinking and eating, Vomiting, Tiredness. Every patient experiences the different side effects with chemotherapy as it depends on the

killing of cells. Chemotherapy affects the nails also and a person comes in the depression at the time of chemo sessions. Proper nutrients are likely to intake to overcome all these side effects. Chemotherapy can be given to the cancer patient with radiation therapy and before or after surgery treatment. If given before surgery than it means it is given to shrink the size of the cancerous tumor and chemotherapy after surgery means that it is given to kill the cancerous cells from the body.

Tomotherapy: Tomotherapy is the process of cancer treatment in this system of delivering the radiations image guidance is necessary to improve the accuracy of treatment. Tomotherapy gives the 3-D images of the patients. These images are used to search the type, size and location of the tumor

by the doctors. This treatment of cancer minimize the killing of healthy tissues with the cancer cells. Tomotherapy easily shows all the minor changes.

There are two main advantages of Tomotherapy such as it helps specialist to verify the exact location and position of the tumor with the help of 3 dimensional image. Another advantage of tomotherapy is that it can target more than one tumor at the same time. Other treatments of cancer can target only one tumor at a single time.

There are some features of Tomotherapy treatment: 1.) Tomotherapy provides the doctors to observe the tumor in 3D. 2.) Tomotherapy treatment is Comparatively Shorter times periods for the treatments.

3.) Tomotherapy treatment has Less Invasiveness . 4.) Tomotherapy can treat multiple tumors at the same time. 5.) Regular Dosage of radiation are given in the consistent dose. 6.) Tomotherapy can treat tumor of any size with efficiency. 7.) Tomotherapy reduces the side effects of cancer treatment like skin irritation, hair loss, etc. 8.) With Tomotherapy treatment patient gets relief from spine tumor without pain. Cancer hospitals in Phoenix offers the treatments of cancer with Chemotherapy and Tomotherapy.

Tomotherapy and chemotherapy are the most effective be treatment for almost all types of cancer. These treatments are best for many types of the cancers like prostate cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer, lung cancer, head and neck cancer, pancreatic cancer etc.

Chemotherapy and tomotherapy treatment of cancer  

Treatment of cancer is important to be done at early stage of cancer. Later or advanced stages of cancer are difficult to treat. There are m...

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