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Breast Cancer and Treatments Breast cancer derives from the inner lining of the milk ducts. It is the uncontrollable and unwanted growth of the cells which originates the tumor inside the breast. Breast cancer occurs both in the humans and the mammals. Generally it causes to the women but it can attack on the men too. Statics says that one woman out of eight suffers breast cancer. First noticeable and basic symptom of breast cancer is abnormal mammogram and lump in the breast.

There are around 10 stages of breast cancer which varies like curable breast cancer to metastatic breast cancer. Stage 0 is the first stage of breast cancer which can be cured with the treatments and stage IV is the last stage which is quite impossible to treat.

Breast cancer diagnose is based on the biopsy and the microscopic analysis of a sample. Sometimes genetic susceptibility may be the reason to develop cancer but only 10% of cases are because of genetic susceptibility.

Breast cancer treatment involves surgery and medication like Chemotherapy, hormone blocking therapy, monoclonal antibodies. In cancer treatment, Surgery is the first step which involves the physical removal of tumor. Second step after surgery is medication in which drugs used are called as adjuvant therapy. Chemotherapy is the treatment which is given to the stage from 2nd to 4th. It is given to kill the cancerous cells from the cancerous part of the body. There are many side effects caused by chemotherapy as it kills the non cancerous cells too. To have a non cancerous and healthy life avoid junk food, tobacco and have healthy and nutritious diet.

Breast cancer and treatments