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Brain Tumor Treatments Brain tumor is the mass of unwanted cells or tissues. Tumor in any part of the body forms because of the uncontrollable accumulation of the abnormal and unwanted cells. There are two types of tumor which forms in the brain. Some of the tumors are noncancerous and some are cancerous. The noncancerous tumors are Benign tumors and the cancerous tumors are known

as Malignant tumors. Treatments which are used for brain are Surgery, chemotherapy, tomotherapy or radiation therapy, targeted drug therapy, etc. The treatment of brain tumor is based on the stage of the tumor. Brain tumor treatments depends on the other health issues of the patients and type, size of the tumor and where tumor

is located. Treatment of cancer causes many of the side effects which are difficult to face. Cancer treatment destroys the healthy cells from the patient's body with the cancer tissues. Some major treatments of cancer are as follows: Brain Surgery treatment: Brain tumor treatments has the common treatment of surgery . Surgery is the treatment which is common for almost every type of cancer.

In this treatment of brain tumor, a opening is made in the skull to remove the tumor. This surgery has a specific name such as craniotomy. After the removal of tumor, opening is covered with the stitches. Patient faces headache and uncomfortable for some starting days after the surgery. In some of the cases where tumor exists in the brain stem, surgery is impossible

without harming healthy cells. Some patient feels tried or weak after treatment. Some patients suffers swelling in the brain after treatment. It has the risk of infection and bleeding also. Risk

of the side effects depends on the location and type of the tumor. The side effects are different for every patient as some faces a bit of side effects and some patients a faces lots of side effects.

Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy is the killing of cancerous cells with the help of drugs. It can be given to the patients in two ways such as through veins and through the mouth. Chemotherapy can be given by placing disk-shaped wafers in the released area by the tumor. Common side effects after this treatments are hair loss, vomiting and nausea.

Radiation therapy treatment of Brain tumor: Radiation therapy is the treatment of cancer which is provided to the patients who can not have the surgery treatment. It is the process of killing cancer cells with the help of gamma rays, X-rays and protons.

There are two ways of giving radiation beams to the patient's brain tumor. External radiation therapy and Internal radiation are the two ways by which radiations can be given to the

patient. Advanced technology of radiation therapy is known as tomotherapy treatment. In the external radiation therapy treatment, the machine of providing radiations is kept outside the

body and in the internal radiation therapy treatment, the machine of radiations is kept near by the body which is known as brachytherapy. Side effects like fatigue, headache, scalp irritation etc are generally faced by the patients after this treatment. The side effects generally depends on the dosage of the radiations. Cancer Hospitals in Phoenix provides the best brain tumor treatment with advanced technologies.

Brain tumor treatments  

Brain tumor is the mass of unwanted cells or tissues. Tumor in any part of the body forms because of the uncontrollable accumulation of the...