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With that Little Chain By Maria Antonella Pereira

With that little chain, Choo Choo! Iron beast. I remember how you came. Powerfully winged; Beautiful metal bird With that little chain! Tiny rabbit went away Hopped back to its Father In Real Life above At least that’s what I hope With that little chain, I tasted the candy of life. Sweet and sour, Hard and gentle, Dolores! Dolores!

Unforgettable taste With that little chain, A suitcase left behind. With glorious hammers and paints to change statues of us. With that little chain, The suitcase brought a flower, planting an elfin seed in a dark, dead world. Where easily, the poor elfin flower, Down. With that little chain a car race draws closer to mind You are with me, by my side, “Don’t rush! Don’t rush!” Better to finish completely fine.


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