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Whats Going On In The Fashion World? By:Mya Tyndall The fashion world is a very busy place, things are always changing. Miss.Toeckes is a teacher at St.Francis of Assisi middle school. She teaches fashions. Currently Miss. Toeckes is teaching her class how to make gym bags. There are only two weeks left of term one which means that Miss. Toeckes doesn't have much time to finish their gym bags. They have been working on this project since November 16,2016. Miss.Toeckes loves teaching fashions. Miss.Toeckes’s favorite part of teaching fashions is showing the class how to thread the sewing machines. Her least favorite part about teaching fashions is ending the projects but she loves starting new ones. Miss.Toeckes’s students say that they love fashions. At St.Francis you get two options, option A and option B and Fashions is an option A. That's what's going on in the fashion world.


Whats Going On In The Fashion World? By:Mya Tyndall