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The Athlete of the Week By Dylan Vickery the athlete of the week is Tyler Valyear. Tyler Valyear is the loses he has a great attitude. I asked Tate Howell about how he thinks about how Tyler Valyear is athlete of the week. He said “ he should because his serves are good and he is a very good volleyball player. Tyler always has a great attitude even when he loses”. Tate said “ he is a very good athlete and a very good volleyball player”. Tate gave a very good review to Tyler’s proforman’s. I also asked emma if she agrees with his award. I asked Emma if she agrees with Tate’s decision. She said “ ya cause he is a great athlete and and very good at sports”. The last person i asked was Miss Streite. I asked her what she thinks. She said “ That he is very good athlete and a very good student at St. Francis”.

last newspaper by dylan