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I Don't Create Them I Predict Them! By, Calista Huddleston If you're a Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo then you might want to keep reading. My predictions will make you want to stick around.Gemini and Cancer you're in for a treat but Leo and Virgo you should be preparing for anything. Read this it might help you in the future. Just remember I don't create them I predict them. You may be feeling emotional good, Gemini, but unfortunately the people around you don't seem to share this feeling. Remember that other people need to learn how to do things by themselves. If someone is in a bad mood,let them be in a bad mood. You may be better off spending the day alone. There's an adventure to joining people in a social or family situation, Cancer. Your role this week is to connect communication gaps. Be aware of details that need doing, but don't feel like you have to do them all yourself. Keep track of who is in charge of what or you could end up taking up the slack for a job that someone else is supposed to do. Something is currently wanting you to be more of a world citizen than usual, Leo. You may find this somewhat disturbing. You feel as though the core of your identity, such as your family background and social standing, are dissolving little by little. Comfort yourself with the knowledge that your family is simply changing and expanding. It will stabilize again on another, higher level. Your surroundings are currently changing, Virgo. Perhaps your circle of friends has already experiences a major change. The fact is that you no longer have so many injuries about the people you meet, and no longer seek only a certain type of person as a friend. You may not realize it, but your attitude is completely different now than it once was. Thanks for reading this super cool article just always remember ​I don't create them I Predict them.

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