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Cafeteria By Zyah Every day the St Francis cafeteria we serve a well made meal. On Monday we will serve a savoury grilled cheese with greasy perogies. Tuesday we eat chicken. We will be serving chinese chicken diner for good taste. Wednesday will be cheese burger mixed with soup cheeseburger soup, kids love it. With that is a ham wrap. Pulled pork sandwich is what we have on Thursday and what we have and what we love. Pasta is what we have to end our week which is what is my favourite and curly noodles. They don't have stereotypical lunch lady food. Their food is pretty decent for a school, but it is good. Students recommend this food, the perogies are pretty good but greasy. Taco salad is by far one of the best meals, the prices are really reasonable. Many students like it along with many others. Here are some tip on the cafeteria. I buy lunch at the cafeteria almost every day. The perogies are my favourite and I would recommend them. For breakfast eggers are being bought all the time. I would recommend the pasta with meat sauce, it is good and it fills you up. Those are some pretty good tips on the cafeteria.

Cafeteria- Zyah Miller