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BY: Bruno Dyjas

If you look at me I am a normal person but when you look at me closer there is a small scar and that scar has a story. It was a cold winter evening the icy wind was blowing through the streets, and a big crowd was coming out of the legia soccer club stadium after a frustrating match. The game ended in a 3:1 for the traveling team and on top of that it was the city rival Polonia Warsaw. It’s commonly known that both clubs are in a rivalry almost older than the game itself. Already before the game the legia fans were defending their title as hooligans; a group of them were in a fight with Polonia fans. You could almost feel the atmosphere boiling it didn’t take much for something terrible to take place. They were obviously a very aggressive crowd. As it later turned out there aggressiveness put me into really big danger. We were just coming out of the stadium and the exhilaration of the game was like a death sentence for the people in the way of the hooligans. I felt my stomach turn around twice as the crowd was approaching. I was getting very uncomfortable in my skin. Unfortunately the club improved the safety rules only 1 month after this. “It seems as they have a little bit too much alcohol intake” I nervously exclaimed. My heart started beating faster alcohol can make people aggressive and judging how they looked most of these people was already not good company sober. Just as the feeling of safety returned to my heart, suddenly I heard a shattering of glass and then it got dark in front of my eyes. My vision blurred I heard a high pitched sound in my head all parts of my body were in agony, and if it wouldn’t be for some bystander I would've fallen face down on the freezing dirty asphalt. I lost completely orientation and I blacked out for a few moments. The next thing I know is I am in a hospital room above me are couple of doctors dressed in white looking very worried. They talked about some medical things I didn’t understand but their tone was what worried. What I didn’t know that the next night was to be the worst horror trip of my young life. I started to have nasty stomach pain the room was turning. It got more bizarre when they put me under drugs before they started to my brain for any damage. Even though the pain medication helped I was still suffering. “The pain will pass in a couple of hours” the doctor announced but due to the pain medication it was an unclear babble. “Quick make it go away” I mumbled over and over again. It was like a rollercoaster of feelings in one moment I would feel all happy and high due to my medication and in the next moment I was in agony. The white hospital room was turning faster and faster and I really thought this wouldn’t end well. “Now the anaesthesia “I heard a voice from very far away. Everything before this moment was as it happened in a different life the game, hooligans everything gone. The anaesthesia was working and I slowly drifted away feeling all my worries swept away. I had no idea where I was when I woke up. It felt like a train had run me over I tried to stand up but I couldn’t. Then the moment of truth came the doctor took out his diagnose sheet. “No damage to your brain done, you were very lucky indeed” he declared. Suddenly all my muscles relaxed. Even though I was still having sleeping I was very relieved. The next days would be horrible my head felt like it was cracked open and then closed again. Even though I quickly recovered, I learned that you can’t trust a stranger; it might cost you your life. It’s a dangerous world we live in and anywhere you go there might be a danger right around the corner waiting for you.

About the author: Bruno was born august 28th 1999 in Poland, Warsaw. He grew up in Warsaw. He was attending the German school of Warsaw until 3rd grade. In 4th he joined the American school of Warsaw. Right now he is in 7th grade. He is a German and Polish citizen. Bruno Dyjas is a well-known author for realistic fiction. He hopes to make the reader of his work thing about the message in his book. There is always a danger waiting around the corner are you smart enough to take a different street.


Memoir about a hooligan attack.