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By: Wiktor Figiel

This story is dedicated to my mom, dad, sister, and brother.

One day my friends and i went to Maui, Hawaii. We were talking about this trip all week about how the hotel is crazy nice. The coolest thing is that the hotel had a go karting-track. The hotel had 4 indoor pools, 2 outdoor pools and 1 huge pool with 3 water rides connecting into the huge pool. My friend’s names are Alex and Oliver. Alex is 14 years old and Oliver is 13 year old. They are from Poland but they live in Glen Cove, New York. All three of us were in one hotel room. One day we went go karting. We raced for an hour nonstop with no breaks. Alex was getting too confident and suddenly he spun out of control and his foot got stuck on the gas pedal. He accidentally drove into the hotel. He almost ran over some people and then he crashed into a big bouncy castle. It looked like it hurt when he hit the huge bouncy castle. He made a hole in it and it collapsed on some people in the bouncy castle. I knew we were in trouble so we sprinted for our lives to our hotel room. That same day we were wearing hoodies because the hotel security was looking for us. We took our friend to the hotel doctor because he was limping on his left leg. Plus i also saw that his knee was bleeding. The doctor just gave him an ice pack and a bandage. When the three of us finished eating and our families were talking and drinking tea we went to the game room we played some video games and basketball. Finally, we went to our rooms I was happy that that the day was over. But, then suddenly somebody knocked on our door so hard it almost broke. We got very nervous but then we heard my dads voice but he just wanted to check on us if everything was okay. That same day we stayed up until 12:30 we watched movies and played poker with candy. We finally went to sleep that was our first day at the hotel and already something crazy happened.

The next five days we visited some boring places and to see a volcano that was very interesting. The 8th day we were there we went to relax and we went to the beach to JetSki and to Wakeboard. It was so much fun. The next day i was both excited and sad. I was sad because today was our last day In Hawaii. But, i was also excited because after returning from the beach all three of us could go where we wanted so we went shopping. When we were shopping i bought something that will surprise the hotel and they won’t even see it coming. Before leaving the hotel i got my smoke bombs and stink bombs out of my pocket. I went to the bathroom. I lit 6 smoke bombs and 4 stink bombs and threw them into the bathroom. I ran to the van. While we were driving i wondered what happened to the person that was in one of the cabins. We arrived at the airport. When we were on the plane there was no turbulence but it was a very long flight back home to New York. My friends and i had to say goodbye because i was moving to Florida. Although it was a long time ago i still remember it how we were having so much fun on the trip. That was going to end because in an hour we're not going to see each other for two whole years. It was still good that we were still able to talk through skype but it wasn’t the same. The next year we were Skyping but sadly not meeting in person. After we lived two years in Florida we just moved to Poland. This summer they came to my house in Kalisz for 2 days it was awesome! Reflection: I hope I see my friends next summer so we can do fun stuff with each other. I still remember this story pretty well but it was a long time ago. It was 3 years ago. The lesson that i learned in this story was keep in touch and it will be worth it.

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