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By  SeungWon  Kim    

Dedicated to my friend Adam

Long time ago when I lived in Hungary, Budapest I had a really close friend called Adam who lived quite close to my house. (I am still in contact with him through Skype). We would always do all kinds of things together, fight with each other, and never do fun stuff without each other. We were best friends since Pre-K in AISB (American International School of Budapest) we have a lot of memories we shared together. We didn’t always get along of course, most times we would argue with each other like siblings fighting for food. We always went to a parking lot nearby our house to look at the magnificent and hideous cars that were parked there. We occasionally found cars that looked awesome and took pictures of it whenever we saw awesome cars like that. We collected those pictures and made an album out of those pictures. Even now I still have the album back in my house in Korea and he also has it in his house in Singapore. He left Hungary when I left to Korea and he left to Singapore so we basically left at the same time. Now he’s in Singapore at and I’m at ASW. When we found a hideous car we couldn’t even bear looking at, we would try to make it look even uglier than it is. But nothing really happened much to those cars. We found an ugly old car that we both didn’t like so we started thinking that ugly cars shouldn’t be here so we would try to make it uglier by kicking it, and tried our best to ruin it further. However it ended up just with a few almost unnoticeable bumps here and there and just made our feet hurt a lot. So it didn’t really make a difference the only actual difference it made was that our foot was hurting a lot. I didn’t really like the idea of making the car uglier but it was sort-of fun and my friend was doing it so I joined in anyways without thinking of the consequences. We kicked the car so hard that we could barely walk after kicking those cars at the parking lot. Rarely the driver would find us damaging his property and started yelling at us for ruining his property or call us immature children and tell us all sorts of stuff that probably weren’t very pleasant but we couldn’t understand him so we didn’t really understand what he was saying. We would usually do this almost every weekend around 12 o'clock and come back 3 or 4 hours later and bought candy to eat. We often argued on who was going to pay for the candy we would buy. Sometimes I would pay for it and sometimes he did, but most of the times we paid for our own candy because we couldn’t agree on each other’s opinion. After that I would go over to my friend’s house to watch TV, play games, and enjoy the rest of our awesome afternoon. His house had a beautiful view of the lake that was nearby his house. It was always nice to see the sun set on the horizon and the shimmering lake. We joked around, did random stuff and eventually we would just end up on the floor laughing so hard. Sometimes his parents would hide stuff nearby and inside their house and we were told to find all the stuff like a scavenger hunt. If we could find all of the stuff his parents hid they would complement us for being adventurous and gave us candy to eat. Although we don’t like cars as much as we liked it long time ago, we still have the album of the cool cars we saw in our childhood. Looking at the album

brings back awesome old memories from when I used to live back there. It makes me want to go back there and find the house I lived in and the parking lot. But after a several weeks later we both got caught by our parents and got into massive trouble which resulted in us unable to go outside for several weeks and could only go outside for school or to play in front of the yard. I think it was still somewhat worth it a little bit because I got to know him a lot better than I used to and got to realize at the end I shouldn’t follow everything what others do like my mother used to say to me. I could’ve learned this the easy way but I guess I was too stupid at the moment to realize what I was actually doing was very bad and immature. I think he isn’t as wild and crazy as he used to be when we were young but he still has some of his wild personalities left inside him. I think he is my best friend I will ever have and I don’t think it is possible to replaced him matter what. I wish he could live nearby me wherever I would travel in the world, or follow me wherever I go, so I could always have a good friend to always rely on. If we also went to the same school it would be magnificent because then we could ask each other about homework if we forgot something or ask each other for help when needed. I hope he has fun with his friends in his school and hopefully maybe move to Poland. If only all of our best friends follow wherever we go anywhere we are, it would be really cool because there wouldn’t be any time difference and we can go to each other’s houses easily. I will remember this experience like it was yesterday and always keep it in my heart to remind myself to never do anything bad that could harm other people or their property. I really wish that I hadn’t jumped on peoples properties because, those property means very much to the people that own it, although it doesn’t mean anything special to me. I could have told him to stop because it was a bad thing to do but I didn’t say it. I almost didn’t jump on their properties because I thought it was a bad thing to do and could’ve told him let’s do something else rather than doing these kind of dangerous activities, but it was sort-of fun so I continued without stopping him and joined in. I should’ve stopped while I had the chance but just ended up in my getting in big trouble from my parents. I wish I could’ve been smarter and more mature to know that doing that would result in big trouble. If only I had been a bit smarter I could’ve prevented me and my friend from getting in trouble. That day I promised to myself that I shouldn’t do everything that my friends told me to do that could cause harm to other people or damage property. I feel truly sorry for the people that got their property damaged because of us and I think I would owe them a proper apology if I had the chance to meet them again. I’m hoping my friend feels the same to the people who we damaged their precious property they used to own. Even now I think I was pretty stupid not to think of the consequences of the actions I took when I damaged other peoples precious property they own.

Seung won  
Seung won