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The Great  Walk   Home   Michal  Linkowski        

I dedicate  this  to  a  family  that  kept  me  through  tough  time  the  Gucci  family    

I and my friend John were slowly making our way down to his house. It was around 10:30pm and the streets were empty at this time of the day so we were walking in the middle of the street. The evening was very dark and Freezing and the compound was quiet but the song “How you like me now” by The Heavy was blasting through my headphones. “This was a boring day” John said with a sarcastic voice “The only Highlights of today was that I almost broke my hand”.”Don't forget me almost driving you over with a quad” I added “the usual”. We had about one or two more kilometres to walk. I had been outside four or five hours, I was desperate to get out of the cold. We picked up the pace, still discussing about how boring the day was we could hear a faint sound of an engine so we made our way to the pedestrian walkway. Halloween was approaching and some houses were preparing the decorations “are you going to trick or treat this year”? John asked me “ I don't know are you”? “Probably not” he explained. The engine got louder and the car appeared from behind a corner it was a Maserati Granturismo Sport this was one loud car. That made us argue whether it was a V5 engine or a V6 “John was a hundred percent sure that is a V5” I explained. “ Well you are wrong because that is a V6 and I am a million percent sure”. The driver must have had his window open and yelled “its a V6” then he boosted the sound and kept on driving. We walked back on to the middle of the street John smiling about how smart he is. “ we will see who will be the last one laughing” I mumbled while trying to have a serious voice. Cars started passing and we got off the road. there was a small dark alley John whispered “ I just imagined a zombie jumping out of there” I walked up closer it inspect the alley. I saw a shadow move I knew it was a dog but I did not expect the what was about to happen after that moment. The dog was not in the alley but it was right next to it in a garden. It was a German shepard and it was angry but instead of barking and leaving us alone it was trying to jump over the gate. It didn't make it the first time but we were not waiting too see if it makes it the second time we made it twenty meters when I heared scratching on the top of the gate, I turned in time to see the hound rolling over the gate and falling on the other side. This gave us a boost we ran twice the speed but we had no chance It was catching up we had five hundred meters . The only chance I had was climbing something.John thought of this before me because he was climbing into his neighbors garden. I sprinted five more meters and jumped because I did not have time to climb. Landed not over the gate but I hit the gate but it was high enough for the dog not to reach me. The dog did not even wait around it ran past us and it disappeared behind a corner. We waited before we climbed back down on too the street we did not talk the rest of the way back home. This was supposed to be a quiet walk home but this was quite the opposite.

As two friends walk through a silent compound at night they have a conversation but later they encounter something creepy.

Michal l memoir  
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