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Maria Liznerova

I slid into my seat as the clock struck 11:30 in the afternoon, just made it. I quickly checked my email, in my inbox there was a message from the school nurse, I had to come take my cancer shot at 12:00, a cold shiver rushed through my spine. For the rest of the class, I paid attention to the clock dreading the moment when the clock would show 12:00. As Mrs.Windust started reading another memoir, I got a headache. A headache that I've been getting the past week, I haven’t been feeling well for a while but I just shrugged it off thinking that it was a cold. It was 12:00 I locked eyes with Mrs.Windust and left the classroom. As I was walking my whole body felt weak. As I was walking in the elementary hallway I remember seeing a small girl walking in the hallway a sweet smile smeared on her face as she talked to a friend. They were both talking loudly, yet their voices seemed distant. My head started spinning as the girl and her friend started walking towards me. I couldn’t make out where I was, or what I was doing here. I walked to bathroom holding onto the sinks afraid I would lose my balance. I felt the sudden urge to pee. I opened the door to the last bathroom stall and everything went black. I woke up to a girl screaming in terror. Slowly, I opened my eyes, in front of me was the same small girl that I once saw in the hallway. Tears were streaming down her face as she started running out. It took me a moment to realize that this wasn’t a dream. I finally come to realize, I was on the floor, with my feet peeking out of the bathroom door. My arms and head has rolled into the other bathroom stall. My whole body was twisted. I couldn’t get up. Tears started streaming down my own face. “HELP” Is all I could manage to say. I tried to get up, but as I did, I hit my head forgetting that I was under the side door. I hit my head hard; blood started trickling down my forehead. I couldn’t get my feet to move, I was stuck. I started to panic, not being able to catch my breath. I knew I had to calm down, fast. I wiped my tears with my free hand and started looking at the pale white wall. I screamed, “HELP” over and over again. I started to lose hope. The girl ran out, leaving the door shut. There was no way anyone could hear me. Thoughts started popping into my head. How could she leave me here? How could she just run out like that? I yelled one last time and suddenly the door burst open. The girl was running in behind her was a familiar face, Mr.Elerek. The girl stood there, with fear in her eyes, as Mr. Elerek ran towards me. He opened the door to my bathroom stall, and kneeled down next to me. “Maria?” He asked, worried. I lost my voice from screaming, I couldn’t say anything. He started shaking me violently for a couple of seconds. Then, slowly and carefully, he pushed my shoulders backwards, not sure what he was doing, I didn’t question him. He pushed until, my head wasn’t under the side door anymore and my whole body was in one stall. I opened my eyes relieved, I nodded at him signalling to him that I was OK. As he started lifting me up, the nurse (Marilyn) started running, with two other teachers behind her. Mr.Elerek let go of me, as Mrs. Maralyn instructed him. She walked over to me, and asked me to put my arm around her shoulders, so I wouldn’t fall over. I did as I was told and walked out of the dreadful bathroom, leaving the two teachers and Mr.Elerek behind. The nurse brought me over to one of the three beds there were. I layed down, and she left running to call my mom. Another nurse came in with a cup of water for me. “Thank you” I said weakly. I could talk now, but my throat was sore. She sat down next to me and checked my blood pressure and fever. My blood pressure was very high, and I had a fever. She started asking me a lot of questions, I started to lose track and just nodded whenever I would see her mouth open. A boy came running in, with a scraped knee she asked me if I was O.K, I nodded and watched her as she went to the boy. Slowly, I sat back up, my whole body felt weak and I had a huge

headache. Marlyin was talking on the phone, rubbing her forehead, giving me worried glances. I looked at the clock it was 13:00 I left at 12:00. I was an hour unconscious. The doctor took my blood, “The results will just take a minute.” He informed us, leaving the room in silence. The doctor suddenly walked in, breaking the awkward silence. He lifted up the tube of blood. “Maria has a lot of sugar in her system. Too much.” He said glancing at my mom. “That’s impossible; we don’t have any candy or junk food around the house!” Suddenly, I remember. Me throwing the sandwich away mom prepared for breakfast and switching it with cookies or the countless times, I threw away my breakfast to eat something that I wanted and that would be so much better. After my incident, we figured out that I was dehydrated and had too much sugar in my system. It frightens me to think that if I would have been there an hour or more longer there might of been a chance I would of died. Thankfully, I have learned from this incident, and I take care of myself more. I make sure that I drink enough, and eat fewer sweets.

I walk out of my class, prepared for my shot. As I walk, my head starts spinning I feel sick, weak. I walk into the bathroom, and suddenly everything goes black. Not eating healthy food, is more serious then you think.

Maria l memoir  
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