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Lukas Steenbrink

Dedicated to: Everyone who reads it

My family always celebrates birthdays we always have done it and always will. Every birthday, usually did not get what I wanted for my birthday and that is kind of sad and I think that I will get everything I ask for. That is just me being selfish and stupid because I know that I will not get everything I want to ever. I know this because when I was eight years old I got nothing that I had wished for because I was not five and I would start crying because I did not get what I wanted. I wanted an, ipad, a computer, and some soft toys. All I got was some stupid clothes that I never wanted in the first place. But I guess that I did not show it because they did not ask if I was happy about what I got. Let’s skip two years into the future. It was my 10th birthday I was lying in bed ready for when my mom, dad, and brother would come in. It was really exciting because I did not know what I was going to get. After about 5 minutes they came in singing the birthday song in Swedish. They had their hands full of presents. Also plates with the Swedish flag a candle, a piece of bread and some tea. I got up in my bed and started to laugh and hug my brother and parents then I took a look at all the presents. “Congratulations you are finally ten years old I am so glad and happy” said mom. Congratulating me on something I did not get why I was congratulated. I did not really listen because I was too busy examining the presents to care of what they were saying. We all walked to my mom’s room because it has a much bigger bed so we all can be in the bed all together. I had butterflies in my stomach and could not really get the feeling out of me that it was my birthday and I was going to get a lot of presents and that was nice. “Why are you so glad it is only his birthday right” said my brother “no it is my tenth birthday” I said. We started to laugh like crazy. Soon after my mom, my dad, and my brother had gathered in on the bed. Mom said “not so fast I still need to get the camera” When she had finally got it I was lying in bed and try to look like I was dying. I started to take the presents and I unwrapped all the presents in less than 2 minutes. Some were clothes, some games, and after each one they just became better. But when I came to the last present I opened it slowly and carefully. It was an apple product was the first thing I saw. Then it took a closer look at it was an ipad. I got happy and hugged everyone again and again. Then I took it out and opened it and it was an ipad 1. I turned it on and said to my dad to program it now as fast as possible. After about 20-30 minutes he said he was done and I went on to the internet. Two years have passed since I felt like a bubbling baboon. I had never felt that happy as i was when I opened that present and went onto the internet to look at YouTube and Skype to find my friends.

Lukas s memoir  
Lukas s memoir