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Dedicated to Emma Louise Knight I know she remembers the moment, as well as I do And I hope it means as much to her as it means to me.

FIRST REAL KISS. It all started in 5th grade when I asked out this girl called Emma; she was a great girl. She was smart, pretty, not selfish, and really great. It was on the Valentine’s Day. I walked up to her in a slow pace with my cheeks turning red, while I got closer. As I was next to her I kept quiet and tried to say something but it felt like something was pulling it back. I felt stupid, cleared my throat. The trees shook because of the wind like they would be quieting all the other people enjoying the break and leaving just the two of us alone. I slowly pulled out ‘Will you be together with me’ crossing my fingers for hope. Her eyes turned from small to huge, ‘Yes, yes I will’ she exploded. We were in 5th grade at that time so we were pretty shy. We didn’t do all those things like kissing, saying “I love you” or we didn’t either walk or talk together all the time. We spend some time with each other and hugged sometimes, but our relationship mostly consisted of text messages, which was pretty sad. We were together for about five months, then we broke up, well I did, somewhere in the middle of July. Of course after a while I realized that it was a horrible decision and a jerkish thing to do, so I apologized to her all the time. In the beginning of August she forgave me and wasn’t mad at me anymore. Everything looked good and seemed like we will become a couple again but we slowly turned from two love birds into two kings that hate each other. At the beginning it felt okay. It felt like that was the way it was supposed to be. But later on it all seemed as one huge mistake. Later on in 6th grade she got a new boyfriend, he was a good friend of mine Wynton and I got a new girlfriend, Olivia. These relationships didn’t last long, only for like 1 month and they also didn’t feel the same, well for me at least. The year went quickly and it was getting close to the end of the year, I knew that I am going to move to Poland for 7th grade and I wanted to make the best out of the last weeks. A few weeks before school ended we had our 6th grade field trip to Denmark. Before the trip and on it I’ve heard that Emma likes me again for a long time already. I thought maybe it was just a joke, but on the day before the last day of the trip her best friend confirmed that she likes me. On the last evening we had a dance. It was fun and at the end we had four slow dances. After the dance Wynton

told me that he kissed Emma while the dance, I was happy for him. After that I really realized how I felt about Emma and who she was for me, I was just so sad that I have waited for so long to let that feeling back out. For the last dance, next the song “I won’t give up” was playing and Emma and I danced just for fun because she wanted to tell me something. We talked about her kiss, and she said she didn’t like it or either wanted it. After the dance finished we went up to our rooms and I decided to write her a letter saying that I like her back. I handed her the note on the corridor and went back to my room to go to sleep. The next morning we ate breakfast and left the hostel at about 12 o’clock. I somehow felt that this day is going to mean something to me and it really did, I was sitting in the back with Anthony, Douglas (my best friends), Emma and Llaure, her best friend. Me and Emma passed letters around to talk without everyone knowing what we are talking about, it was great fun and we both still have the notes. We drove for one hour to get to a boat that will get us across the Baltic Sea. On the boat Emma and I passed short letters around to talk about everything, and there was a lot to talk about. On the boat I talked with Wynton about the situation and he said that he knows that Emma doesn’t like him back and said that he hopes it will work out for me and her. I really felt sorry for Wynton, but I really liked Emma and I just couldn't stop. On the bus ride after the boat I changed my seat to sit directly next to Emma. We talked for a while and listened to music .I was looking at Emma and she was smiling, looking back at me, this gave me more courage to do what I always wanted, kiss her. Suddenly the song “I won’t give up” came on and we started holding hands. That was the moment that showed me that I am sitting next to a girl that is a girl I want to love and be loved by. I remember every second of that minute I remember the words of the song when we kissed, the color of the seats, movie that was playing in the bus, everything! That moment meant and means more than the world to me. We listened and looked each other in the eyes. In that moment I realized how much I lost by waiting, and by being scared, that moment showed me that I should express my feelings. Our heads started slowly moving toward each other, I could feel her being closer while I looked at her to see if I am doing the right thing. I closed my eyes and felt our lips meet in a soft, polite way and drift slowly apart, with her giggling a little bit. We looked each other in the eyes as they opened and

kissed again. After that kiss I finally understood why people say follow your heart and now I will know not to wait with expressing my feelings when they need to be expressed. It happened a few months ago but I still remember it as it was just yesterday. I will never forget that moment, ever.

I’ve heard that good things happen to ones, who wait, but this saying did not apply to my memory, it was exactly the opposite. One thing is I wish I would have expressed my feelings as soon as I got them and not wait because I lost so much because I have waited. I have learned that you lose so much if you wait, so I never hesitate and always listen to my heart. I promise you will have at least one moment like this in your life, and never forget that moment, because it is an important one,

Kuba Henriksen, 13 years old, born on the 22/07/2000. Currently living in Warsaw, Poland. Famous Writer and Actor, attending the American School of Warsaw. “First Real Kiss” is Henriksens first Bestseller. j

A love journey leading two young people into their “First Real Kiss”. A story about Kuba and Emma exploring the land of love together, a memoir showing a love story between two teenagers, and their first kiss.

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