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Bandage &   Concrete  &  Leg  

Grace Park  

This book is dedicated to the British International School of Moscow and also my one and only sisters’ Jenny and Giovanna, I miss you guys so much, Love you -Grace Park

My clumsiness resulted to an ugly leg. It all started when I was only six. It was a cloudygloomy day as usual like it is in Russia. It was even foggy. Despite the bad weather, all the kids were so energetic. It was after lunch, recess time. It was drizzling from the grey, dull sky. It looked like someone painted on it. Our playground wasn’t that creative. It was just like any other playground in a park. All the swings, slides, bars were blue, red and yellow. No-one really had their coats on, so I also decided to take it off. I stepped my feet up and lifted myself to the bars. I loved going on the monkey bars. After a few minutes, the bars and the floor were starting to get unsafe to hold on. My turquoise fabric, long-sleeved dress was also starting to get filled with dark dots. None of the teacher’s cared the fact it was raining hard, so I went on with my playground adventure. Then, a period of time past and the whistle blew and the fun ended. Our school had a lot of concrete. Some parts were rocky. I dashed to get my coat. I couldn't restrain myself from all that energy. So I sprinted on the concrete pavement, and there it was after three seconds. Uh Oh... My right foot tugged my left foot leading my knee to slide to the ground. So this is why teachers tell you not to run. I stretched my arms automatically. As if the fall was in slow motion, I felt a different motion in my body and a different thought every time. I’m so stupid, why did I have to run? Great, now I’m going to fall down and hurt myself. What would mom say if she saw this? I should have cooled down. But it was too late to do anything else. My coat flew away already. There was no protection. Nothing. My chin crashed down to the bumpy pavement. First, I felt my teeth vibrate. Second, I noticed that my knees were flat on the ground and my feet were tangled already. SLAP. “WAAAAAHHH!!!!” I bursted. Everybody in front turned their backs and started crowding me. “Ms A! Ms A! Grace is hurt! Grace is hurt!” One kid was blabbering so loud about me. “Oh my gosh Grace! Are you ok? Should we lift you up?” That was Anushka. She said with a shaking voice, “Oh my gosh Grace, Can you hear me? “ I kept wailing with pain. Then I heard this familiar voice of a boy. “Eun Hye, can you get up?” the boy asked me in a gentle voice. I shook my head as a response. They gave me a hand but I couldn’t. I just couldn’t do anything but cry loudly and lie on the ground like a flat matt. I felt the vibration of the footsteps by the teacher. Louder and heavier every step they took. The teachers tried all sorts of ways to pick me up but there was no use. Eventually they had to pick me up like I was unconscious. I looked around quickly, still sobbing, to know the people who helped. When I saw the last person, a lightning struck in my body. Then I panicked. The boy who had the gentle voice was my one and only crush. The fact that he cared about me was thankful but all the screaming and screeching embarrassed me so much. I didn’t know how to react when I saw him. My brain just froze. For a second I just thought how he would think of me. No one would like a girl who’s a cry baby. I felt depressed all of a sudden. What if he hates me? What if he thinks I’m annoying? I felt like the clouds were going to fall down. When everyone got out of my sight I realized the pain. My hands were oozing, legs were aching, chin was burning, throat was dry and my cheeks felt like they were frozen by ice. When I moved my face muscle I felt the little crunching feeling from the abundance of my tears. Quickly and worryingly, the teacher jogged to the nurse.

The footsteps of the teacher were echoing in the hallway. I just realized my dress was wet, dirty and muddy. I am in big trouble when mom sees this. My stockings were ripped off in several lines like strings. The knee was pure red. I couldn’t even look at my infected knee because it was too hard to handle after looking at it. My hands were bloody too, also very dusty. Blood was also dripping down from my chin. I was too curious to not to look at my knee. So I glanced over and then I saw it. First, it was bleeding, hard. There were cracks all over where it was scratched. It was no ordinary scratch. The lines of cracks were huge and deeply cut. Blood was popping out of each crack. I bent my knee. After that, I yelled silently to myself. That really hurt. I just smelled the flesh blood. Yup, I was right. This is too hard to handle after looking at my knee. It is just disgusting. It was also so stupid of me to make the cracks bigger and deeper. Nurse was a long way. Should I tell her that I’ll go to the nurse by myself? But the soon I was going to ask, we arrived. The nurse looked at me with horror. The teacher explained what happened, then she left me with a warm smile. After the teacher left, the nurse started to hurry. The nurse grabbed a white bottle, some medicine, some water and a box with all sorts of bandages. Big bandages, tiny bandages, weird looking bandages, skin colour-looking bandages, colourful bandages etc. I was amazed by them. She looked over my knee and gave a look with disgust. The nurse also scanned all where I got scratched. She frowned for the whole time while she was examining my body. When the nurse looked at my chin, she looked at it with her big eyes shaking her head. It was the look which said I should be glad that I don’t have eyes that could see my chin. She opened the white bottle and poured the liquid on to my knee with a lot of care. “Ouch!” I screeched. My voice echoed in the room. The nurse smiled and said with a soft voice “It will only hurt for a while.” I doubt it. She poured the liquid into a net-looking paper and pressed hard on my chin. I squinted my eyes. She cleared off my hands and also poured some of the liquid. After putting the white, non-transparent gel on to my knee, I thought flames were coming out. The nurse walked to her table and grabbed the box of bandages. When I was younger I always loved the feeling of putting bandages on to my body. It had the weirdest feeling ever and that is why I liked it. The nurse used all types of bandages to cover it up. Lastly, she got a wet tissue and cleared off all my blood and placed the rest of the bandages on them. She asked me if I could stand up. I lifted my legs from the ground and pushed my-self up. “Eeeek,” I whispered. Under every part of the bandage it burned as if a wasp just stung me. I thought medicines were supposed to make us feel better, not make them feel worse. I walked like a turtle. The nurse told me to take care and I left the room. I paused and counted how many bandages I had. Seven! Well that’s a record. Throughout the year, a body-five to the ground was almost my daily routine. Every time I went to the nurse, she looked at me as if she was expecting to see me. It was painful, but it wasn’t that bad after all. Thankfully my crush came over to me and asked if I was ok. My heart almost popped out when he showed me his wide smile. The nurse’s clean brown desk was gone and was filled her equipment. White bottle, the non-transparent medicine and a LOT of bandages.

Every time I trip or fall, I always get reminded of the time when I had the big fall. I also realized why my leg was so ugly. People might say “It’s a bad memory. Falling down on a concrete floor isn’t a happy thing at all,” but for me it’s actually a happy part of my memory. First reason is that it was a big part of my childhood. I used to come home with a great surprise for my mom almost every single day. This memory gives me and my mom happiness because it is always the starting point of talking about my childhood. My mom and I still talk about how I was so clumsy and I used scare my mom always from having tons of bandages on my leg. For everybody else, it might just seem a big trip, but to me it is something that I can reflect and laugh about myself.

SLAP. “WAAAAAHHH!!!!” I bursted. Everybody in front turned their backs and started crowding me. “Ms A! Ms A! Grace is hurt! Grace is hurt!” One kid was blabbering so loud about me. “Oh my gosh Grace! Are you ok? Should we lift you up?” That was Anushka. She said with a shaking voice, “Oh my gosh Grace, Can you hear me? “ I kept wailing with pain. Then I heard this familiar voice of a boy.

Her voice shines through her writing. - Ms Windust About the  Author:   Grace’s  real  name  is  Eun  Hye  Park.  She  is  Korean   and  currently  it  is  her  4th  year  in  Poland.  Grace   lived  in  Russia  since  she  was  5  and  lived  there   for  4  ½  years,  then  moved  back  to  Korea  and   lived  for  1  ½  years.    ‘Bandage  &  Concrete  &  Leg’   is  her  first  book  she  ever  wrote.  It  is  a  simple   memoir  of  how  she  spent  her  childhood.  At  first   she  had  a  hard  time  fitting  in  but  now  she  is  just   like  them.    

Grace p memoir  
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