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The Road Trip By:  Grace  Oh   [Type  the  author  name]  

Dedicated To  My  Only  One  Sister,  Carol                                  

It was raining a lot. I could feel the rain dripping on my head. The rain looked prettier than the normal days because today was an exciting day. It was the first time being on a road trip in Korea. I was going to a road trip with my family to a city called Daejeon, to meet my grandparents and cousins. I was so excited but kind of worried because I get headaches a lot of times when I stay in a car for a long time. I sat in the back with my sister. “Promise you guys won’t fight?” asked mom with a serious face. “I promise!” I told her with certainty. I hope my sister isn’t too annoying, I thought, looking at her through the corners of my eyes.

My sister and I were more excited because there is this resting place where you can buy food and a lot of different things. We saw them a lot in TV but we never went to it. It was like our dream to go there. A lot of people went there and met celebrities and bought cool stuff and ate really delicious food. For the first moment we were silent.

Then I asked my sister, “Aren’t you SO excited to go to the resting place?” “A little bit.” My sister replied looking outside

. I could see she was not in the mood of talking. So I chose to be quiet and look outside. It was cloudy and the mountain was green. I was kind of worried of having a car crash because it rained cats and dogs so it might be slippery.

Then twenty minutes later we saw the resting place. I was so relieved I didn’t get a headache. We squeaked because we were so excited to go!!! After we parked the car I opened

the door and happily jumped out of the car looking as I’m looking for paradise. It looked so cool to see a place I saw in TV. I could smell the delicious food and could hear people buying things. I went and bought delicious food and a water bottle. After I finished shopping I went to the car and finished all of the food. It was so delicious. Then I asked my sister if we could listen to music now. She didn’t have earphones but our parents let us listen it out loud so we listened and sang songs by using the water bottles like a mike. It was so much fun. My throat hurt so much because we sang a lot of high tone songs. We were crazy! Then because we were too tired to sing again we decided to listen to the radio that was on the car. It was our first time hearing a radio in Korea. It felt different listening to Korean songs in the radio. While I was having fun with my sister I suddenly found out the reason why we came to Korea. It was because my sister was starting college. And I found out I will not see her again for around 5 months. So I captured all this in to my head before I forget this happy memory with my sister. I still remember this memory like it's yesterday and I know, I will never forget this memory.

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