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A Strange Holiday Eric Lee

The memoir is dedicated to my Family Because they were the characters in the memoir

When I was 5 years old, there was a huge incident. Our family were in Singapore for a family vacation so that my father, my mom, my sister and I can have some fun without any work. Everything was great. My heart was filled with joy. My sister and I were playing with the sand, making a sand castle. My mom was lying on the beach watching us with her big smile. And my dad was next to her sleeping. After a while the clouds suddenly turned into darkness. It was the sign of the rain. I knew we should go back to our hotel because in Singapore, the rain is so strong that you can fly away when you put your umbrella on. When we were going back my sister shouted something that made Mom really serious. “Where is daddy?” She shouted. Everyone froze and thought what Dad was doing right now. My mother thought he went to swimming and I thought he was in the bathroom because when he is gone in our sight, his in the toilet. We waited for him under a tall skinny tree. I was very afraid of the tree. It was too skinny that it looks like it was going to fall right now. Anyway thirty minutes past and I realized that he wasn’t in the toilet. ‘Where can he possibly be in this terrible moment?’ I thought myself with a worried face. My mom was looking at the sea to see any life boats coming back. She thought he was far from land. Mom was almost getting tears in her eyes. I and my sister were crying already. My mind was broken down with misery. I thought being without a father. I would be always sad every day. If I see a family with a father, I would cry more. I didn’t want this to happen. I never wanted this to happen. Then something REALLY strange happened. Dad was running in the beach in the heavy rain. I thought I was looking a guy that looked like my

dad. But when it was sure him, I ran for him to give him a big hug. When my mom reached to him she hugged my dad and I. After Mom finished hugging I asked him, “Where have you been?” He replied with an exhausted voice. “I... Jogged because I thought it was a nice day. But when the rain started I came here as fast as I can.” I couldn’t understand why my dad wanted to jog without telling us. I thought again about losing my dad. But now, that didn’t matter anymore, because he came back.

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