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By Ben Koepele

Thank you to my awesome uncle for buying all of my family tickets to Elitches amusement park. Thank you to my wonderful parents for getting us plane tickets out to Denver, Colorado. Thanks to all of my family that was visiting in Denver. Each one of them made our trip to Colorado and Elitches a little bit better.

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Elitches One sunny and fairly warm evening we arrived at my uncle’s house coming back from a weekend of mountain biking in Vail. When we arrived at the house, my mom told me that we were getting to go to Elitches which is an amusement park. When I said “Thanks for the tickets”, my mom told me that my uncle bought the tickets. Then several hours later I went to bed happy. **** The next morning I woke up at 7:30 so that my uncle could pick us up. I was very excited to get to go to Elitches. About one hour later my uncle came to pick us up. When he arrived I said “Thank you for the tickets.” During the car ride to Elitches I remembered that some person had gotten their feet chopped off on one of the rides. Also on that same ride some other person got their legs broken. After remembering what had happened I decided to keep my distance from that ride. About an hour later, we arrived at Elitches. When we got to the gates we met all of my other cousins outside and my uncle handed us all our ticket. Luckily he had gotten them in advance do we didn’t have to wait in line. About twenty minutes later, we came up to a ride that looked good to us. I was so excited that my teeth were chattering and I was also a bit scared. The ride was really short but it still looked pretty fun. First it dropped down a hill, and then it went upside down, and then went back up. It did this again backwards. When we began to walk up the stairs I saw that my cousin was standing back from the gates. “Why aren’t you going on the ride” I said with a confused look. Then he said looking scared, “I just don’t want to go on it.” After everyone was on the ride I started to think that I would throw up or I would just get sick, but then it was too late. Then the ride shot forward violently and then dropped down a fairly big hill and then went upside down. When the ride went upside down it really hurt my back and I drooled all over myself because my mouth was open. Then the ride stopped. The ride sat at the top of the hill for about one minute. Then the ride started. Then the ride did the same thing it did before but backwards. After the ride stopped I was EXTREMELY surprised that I didn’t get sick. In my opinion I liked going backwards the best because I didn’t know I was upside down. I asked my dad who looked kind of shaken “Did you like it.” Then he said “Yeah it was pretty fun” After that we set out to find the next awesome ride.

A little while later we found the next ride which was a ride that had bat wings and it went around in circles and got higher and higher. I got on the ride with my cousin and then it took off. The ride was kind of boring but it was not bad. I was still shaking from the previous ride but that ride was kind of relaxing and it was a break from the big and intense rides. When the ride ended I was surprised that I was not sick from going around in circles. After we got off of the ride I asked my dad with a hopeful grin “Can we go on the old wooden rollercoaster?” Then he said that we could. After walking to the coaster we waited in line until I was the next person up. The ride started very slowly but loudly and made its way up the hill. When it made it up to the top of the hill it dropped down and shot down the track at 30mph. The sudden drop made my stomach go into my throat. At the curve it went around it so fast that I got squished up against the side of the cart. Then it went in a circle and with the momentum that it had from the hill it went up another hill. At the top of the hill it went around a bend and then dropped down violently and then went up again. When we were almost at the end of the ride it went loudly through a tunnel and then stopped abruptly. Then I got off the ride and went to meet everyone else outside the ride. We walked to the other side of the park to go on a water ride that was kind of like Splash Mountain at Disneyland. When we were first in line they stopped it and told us that the ride was broken and that they didn't know how long it would take to fix it. Because of that we walked to a ride called River Rapids. When we were about half way through the line we saw a fat lady trying to put her seat belt on (which was pretty funny). About one minute later she managed to put the belt on. When we were first in line we saw a sign that said “Caution You Will get Wet.” Then we put our shoes and my dad’s backpack in a bin so it wouldn’t get wet. When the ride started we thought that we would barely get wet but we were wrong. At the start of a ride it went around a bend and into the rapids. All of the splashing water got our backs soaked and parts of our pants. After going through those we went into even BIGGER rapids that got soaked our whole body. About 1.5 minutes later we came along some calm water like a lazy river, but then some sprayers turned on and soaked us to the bone. A couple of minutes later we got off the ride and saw that all of my family and the other riders were soaked. After the ride I was really cold. Then I asked my dad shivering, “Can we please go get lunch.” We walked to a bench to dry off and then after that we figured that it would be best to go to the waterpark side of the park. After eating lunch we made our way over to the waterpark. The first ride was a waterslide that went into a funnel and down into a pool. When we were the next people in line my brother said it would take too long so he left. Right after he left we got to go. When my cousin and I made it to the top we got in the double tube and then pushed off. The ride then went down an enormous slide, went around a bend, then went into a funnel and, finally splashed into the water. After that we headed to the wave pool.

At the wave pool we got in the water and headed to the deep end of the pool. About ten minutes later the waves started to be made and it kept lifting me up and putting me down. Then a wave went over my head and made me choke on the water. Also there were some kids holding on to the walls and the lifeguards yelled at them to get off the wall. This happened several more times. We arrived at the water playground and messed around for a while until some six year old punched my cousin and I in the stomach. The kid ran up to a higher place and flipped us off. After that we walked to the biggest slide in the park. After waiting for about twenty five minutes we made it to the top of the slide. Then I saw how tall you had to be to ride. I said to my little cousin with a concerned look on my face “I don’t think that you will be able to ride” But he was just barely tall enough. Looking over the edge of the slide started to make me have second thoughts. Once I had gotten all of my courage I pushed off the slide. When I went over the edge of the slide I practically turned into a torpedo. I rocketed down reaching about 30 mph then I pretty much skipped across the water at the bottom. After that we walked back to our seats. Unfortunately back at our seats my dad told me that it was about 5:00 and we needed to get going. I was kind of sad but I had, had a great day. Once we were packed up we went over and got ice cream. I got chocolate chip cookie dough. Then we walked back to the car. On my first trip to an amusement park I had an absolutely awesome time. I had never thought that I would ever get to go. Although it felt like a really short time at the park I am EXTREMELY glad that I got to go. Also I am very thankful to my uncle who bought us the tickets. All in all I think all of my family had a great time. I will always remember my trip to Elitches like it was yesterday. That trip was one of my most favorite memories that I have had in Colorado. I am still EXTREMELY glad that I got to go to an amusement park. I am VERY VERY VERY grateful to my uncle for deciding to get my whole family tickets to Elitches. Even though I was scared at first I’m definitely glad that I went on a lot of the rides. Unfortunately my mom couldn’t come because she had just had back surgery. I had always wanted to go to an amusement park and I finally got to go. Although some of the rides were closed or broken I still glad that I went and that I overcame my fears about some of the rides. The whole time that I was at Elitches I did not go on the dangerous rides but I went on most of the other rides except the baby rides and the ones that were closed. Now, for a long time I will remember that day as one of the best days with most of my family.

Ben Koepele is a memoir author. He first began to write stories when he was 10 years old and still enjoys writing them. He has written about 5 memoirs in the 2 years that he has been an author. Memoir is Mr Koepele’s favorite genre of story to write. Ben Koepele enjoys science, swimming, and writing. His stories have won several prizes such as the Hugo Award and the Anthony Award. Now he is 12 years old and lives in Warsaw, Poland with his family.

After coming to Denver, Colorado I get the news that I am getting to go to an amusement park. I was 12 years old and I was so excited to get to go on all of the rides but once I arrive I start to have second thoughts. The whole memoir is packed with exciting rollercoaster rides and water rides. Will I ride all of the rides or will I get too scared? If you want to hear the answer to that question start to read this awesome memoir.

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