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G R A N D C AY M A N Have you ever been to somewhere that you can touch wild stingrays and iguanas? Then go to Grand Cayman Islands it’s in the Caribbean Sea it’s also the main and biggest island in the three cayman islands there will be 2 more islands though so this is not the only island so i would suggest that Grand Cayman is the best one out of three. I think you would like to go see the blue iguanas and stingrays as well maybe you would go to the turtle farm and Stingray city. Turtle Farm Do you like turtles? Well this is a place where there is a lot of turtles also some stray cats(but

this is rare) it is fun to watch the turtles eat but that is kind of rare to see them eat too. Near the entrance there is sometimes a bucket that has tiny little baby turtles it will be okay to touch them. There will be some iguanas in a fake beach the big huge turtles are in the pond next to the fake beach.

Blue Iguana

Blue iguanas only live in Grand Cayman they have a light blue color.

Do you like animals especially iguanas? Well these are super endangered animals only 30 or less are left. They live in a huge courtyard where there is a lot of snakes, many kind of bugs and a large amount of birds.One weird thing their eyelids are on the side and they blink with their sides. Sometimes they are in the sun their blueish color will fade off. Supplies you want to take with you when you go to see the Blue Iguanas: 1/ Hat 2/ Binoculars 3/ Camera 4/ Water Bottle 5/ Lunch(or food because you will get hungry) 6/ Good walking shoes 7/ A towel (so you can wipe of sweat) 8/ Repellent (because there will be a lot of mosquitos.) 9/ A animal book or bug book(if you want to know what the creature is.) 10/ Money (just in case)

Conclusion It’ll be fun to go to this sunny islands if you like hot places you would maybe enjoy this trip to go there. NOTE: Bring these stuff with you if you go on this trip. A bunch of other stuff you should bring will be in the other ideas. 1. Towel 2. A bunch of clothes (Depends how much you stay there.) 3.Some Bathing Suits(Depends on how much you stay there too) 4. Swimming tube (If you want) 5. Hat (It is really sunny so I would recommend to bring some.) If you go there you will have a lot of fun.

Coral Reef

Ever wanted to swim in the coral reef with the fish and scuba dive? Than go to the ride where you go to stingray city but stingray city is in the next subject. It is in the Caribbean Sea but the good thing is that you don’t have to bring your scuba diver gear it’ll be in the boat!

Stingray City

If you think it’s just a normal boring city but it is not! This place you have to go by boat to get there first you find a place where this Stingr ay City Bus Station or something and wait for a bus. When you get there you find a swampy place where there is a boat.

Go on the boat and wait for about 30 minutes and when you get there you notice 3 things 1. The Water is very shallow 2. You’re in the middle of nowhere in the sea 3. Stingrays are everywhere around your feet.

Kensuke guide to Grand Kayman  
Kensuke guide to Grand Kayman