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Just as awesome as a rollercoaters Unbelievably talented Sings in famous arenas


Tours around the world In posters and magazines Never say Never Born at 12:56pm. Incredible like superman Every youtube video has more than 5,000 views Beliebers Eats spaghetti like a dog eats food Really,really famous like Micheal Jackson

Miyuki- A man & a can

There was a man who’s head was as round pan He lived in a dump, and ate food out of a can! He loves to rob people Also he loved to babble But he only robbed for the warm food in a can!

Miyuki- Matt

Matt was the boy who knew everything to do. He always asked someone” Do you need help to?”. While a bee goes buzz, buzz he tells a theory about bees. While he was walking he heard a bird talking. Matt thought “If i never heard about a talking , its not true!”. But just for knowledge he spied on the bird. The bird talked as loud as a bulldozer (thinking no-one was there). Everyone in the world could hear him! “Have you seen that boy earlier (he was talking to himself...)”. At once Matt gasped(because now he knows that talking birds are real!), the bird immediately stopped talking and started tweeting. Matt ran home and screamed” Mom!, Mom!, i heard a bird talking!”. Matt tried to convince everyone, but they all said he was lying. Noone trusted him so he left town and got chowed little talking bird, BURRRPP!. “No-one shall know my secret!” the bird said with a giggle.

Miyuki- Water Bottles

Water Bottles are cool But if you get squirted your a fool There Nike for Mike Adidas for ____ They help the environment Saving paper & plastic But thats not only what can be done

Surfing in the sea Catching waves i go Swish! Swash! The waves go!


My poemz  
My poemz  

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