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Colourful Autumn Leaves change their jackets World turns very colourful Starts getting colder Whoosh! Comfortable cool breeze Small drizzles from time to time

Green Green is the colour of spring, Green is the colour of planting. Green is as fresh as grass, Green is the opposite of brass. Green is the colour of trees, Green is the colour that likes bees. Green is the colour of fresh cabbage, Green is the colour of fresh fruitage. And green is the colour that brings us peace.

Spring Leaves as green as grass Flowers colouring the world Wildlife coming back

Summer Summer Stuffy, Steamy Sweating, Swimming, Sizzling Spirited, Sparkly, Satisfied, Sunny Sleeping, Searing, Sailing Sticky, Saturated Season

Downpour Downpour Damp, drop Dripping, drizzling, diving Drops down from the dark dark sky Drizzle

Nicole's Poetry  
Nicole's Poetry  

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