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Why domuscles muscles stronger Whyand andhow how do getget stronger or or Kai weaker? weaker? Muscles can get stronger in different ways. By repeating the pattern of exercising and resting, you can gain muscle. As an example, exercise makes the heart muscle stronger by making it beat harder and faster. Supporting the exercise is resting, resting helps rebuild muscles and the tissue in between them. The second way is eating. Having food that includes protein such as tofu, beans, nuts and other things can help make your muscles stronger.

Why do your muscles get weaker? Most of muscle loss and muscle weakness is through age. When you get to an old age, you lose muscles mass because of an inactive lifestyle. This means we need to exercise even if it is hard to be fit. As people get older, their bodies’ connective tissue that forms their tendons and framework of muscles stiffens, so muscles and joints are less flexible, and their skin wrinkles. Elastic tissue in the lens of your eyes can stiffen, making them hard to focus when you get to an old age. Some negative things that happen to your muscles through age are eardrums beginning to get less flexible, and muscle mass starting to decrease. People with asthma may also have more muscle weakness.

Additional information: Proper diet at an old age keeps your muscles in good shape. If people don’t have a proper diet, some of their muscle mass can decrease by a lot.

Process: This process is about muscles changing through different ways of being stronger or weaker. It is involved with the muscular system, with three different types of tissue, skeletal, cardiac, and smooth. These tissue affect the muscles weakening or strengthening. Your muscles can get weak when you are old, but it happens also if you make unhealthy choices such as not having proper meals and often eating junk food. Junk food does not make your muscles stronger, but it makes your muscles go away.

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Muscle Investigation  

This is my Muscle Investigation of how they change.

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