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The Process Of How Broken Bones Heal By: Alpha Adventurer 15 Alpha Adventurer 17 Facts:

Broken bones are very common when playing sports. All broken bones go through the same healing process. There are three parts in the process of healing a bone. They are the Inflammatory stage, the Healing stage and the Remodeling stage. Broken bones heal by the bone tissues reconstructing themselves during the healing process. Osteoporosis is a disease that makes your bones weaker and thinner. This makes it easier for you to break a bone.

The Process Of How Broken Bones Heal: You can break your bone in many ways. The harder you fall the longer it will take for your bone to heal. For

example, if you get pushed hard or you land on your hand after jumping on a trampoline you could easily break a bone. If you do more dangerous things such as skydiving and you fall, you will probably break many bones which can be very bad for you and it will have many disadvantages.

The Inflammatory Stage This stage begins when your bone breaks or gets fractured. For the first two weeks after you get injured, your body will rush healing cells to the area where your bone broke to start the process of bone healing. The inflammatory stage generally does not take to long.

The Healing Stage The healing stage lasts about 6 weeks. If you fell from a high height or broke your bone very badly it could take up to 16 weeks to heal! At the beginning of this stage, the body starts to lay down tissue that acts like the bone’s building blocks. Later in this stage, the body starts to lay down bone. At the end of this stage, the body has bridged the broken bone gap with the new bone. The bone is considered healed. Even though your bone will be strong enough to support your weight and acivity there is still a long way to go in the healing process.

The Remodeling Stage Once the body has healed the fracture, it’s work is not done. The body wants to remodel the bone and make it strong. In the remodeling stage, the body attempts to make the bone look like it looked before it was broken. For children the process of healing a bone is much shorter than adults. Sometimes adults might take a couple of years until their bones completely heal. Little injuries can take a very long time to heal. The remodeling stage is the time that you can start regaining strength and use the part of the body you broke more often and easily.

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I was riding really fast on my bike and then I fell off so I broke my wrist!! Alpha Adventurer 17

How Broken Bones Heal  

How Broken Bones Heal

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