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*the Construction of the Pyramid *

*Pyramid of Giza * Alpha-Adventurer 04 2012

On a very hot and sunny day in the desert the sad and tired workers were building the pyramid of Giza . The mean and bossy Vizier always check around to make sure everything is going as planned. After 1 year they finished it, but until the vizier found out they built 3 rows with a extra block,uh-oh. Everyone was scared, worried, “Now what should we do?All of you workers are so stupid and useless!” said the Vizier frustrated. “When Cleopatra, the royal queen sees this she would be angry and disappointed!”said one of the workers shivering. “ Also Cleopatra’s friends!They are coming to see the pyramid!”Said another worker furiously. But luckily two hard working workers named Osaze and Effie ,that no one liked said “We will fix it! “Everyone stared at them. They all looked stunned. Then Osaze and Effie started working hardly from morning to night for 3 weeks without resting, everyone was proud of them. When they both finished the pyramid neatly, and beautifully, they both were to tired to move,but no one actually cared about them.Everyone just can’t wait to show Cleopatra the pyramid.............. The next day Cleopatra and her few friends ,Olympus,Theophilus,Julia and Casar finally arrived. When Cleopatra saw the pyramid she was really impressed, same as the others. ”Wow! this pyramid is they most beautiful thing have ever seen!”said Olympus nicely in a egyptian princess dress .”Yep, it’s wonderful!”Theophilus agreed curling her gold brownish hair.”What? It sucks! It’s so ugly and disgusting! screamed Julia and Casar together,they both are very mean and dressed in baggy clothes.Even thought Julia and Casar said the pyramid sucks and it’s ugly ,everyone knew that they both meant it’s beautiful. But none of the workers told Cleopatra what Effie and Osaze did.They all said that they did all the work, so Osaze and Effie was frustrated so they decided to tell Khufu, the royal king what they did, but after they told him the story Khufu didn’t say anything at all. After a while Khufu announce that he would want to celebrate the building of the pyramid!Everyone cheered, except for Effie and Osaze,they both stood still, they thought Khufu was going to give them their award at the celebration. 4 days later......... It was the celebration, everybody was excited especially Osaze and Effie, they both hoped that they will get an award , but until they found out this celebration was not for passing awards it is not a party, everyone was disappointed. The celebration was actually for looking and investigating the pyramid.It took like 9 hours of investigating the pyramid,when they were done everyone was relaxed, they finally finish their job. After all the work it was already at night 2:00 bed time, at that night Osaze thought of all that happened.He thought *Why am I so rude to others, I help the pyramid and made everyone happy and impressed , it doesn’t matter if I don’t get an award.At least inside my heart I could feel the happiness and also I could feel the award in my heart,it doesn’t matter after all * Next morning Osaze decided to tell Effie what he thought last night. Effie thought about it for the whole tidying time and also agreed.They both didn’t mind anymore and they were happy and proud of them self, a smile stretches over their face for the rest of the day

The End

Historical Fiction  

historical fiction

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