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Losing Hope By Alpha Adventurer 22

September 11 started off as a normal busy day at Manhattan, people hurrying around trying to get to work.I was at school, daydreaming about summer, when I should have been painting a still life picture of the fruit bowl in front of me. Ms.White, the art assistant teacher caught me doing nothing. “Concentrate Hazel,” she said sharply then turned and went away. “Mind your own business,” I muttered under my breath. All of a sudden, Mrs.Powell, the art teacher screamed causing everyone in the class to look at her. “No, no it can’t be happening,” she shrieked. All the students crowded against her wanting to know what had happened.She finally calmed down and immediately called the headmaster about what had happened.I was told that school was cancelled early and that my parents were going to come pick me up. Kaitlyn, my best friend and I waited nervously inside the classroom.We chatted quietly about what could have happened.After a while, most of the students were picked up including Kaitlyn. Finally, I spotted my mom rushing in carrying Alex.Her hair was a mess, and she wasn’t wearing any jewelry or makeup, which was unlike her. She usually dressed up carefully and took hours to put on her makeup.Even though, I was so happy to see her, I gave her a big hug. “Ok ok, I’m glad to see you too but we need to get going,” she said hurriedly. “What happened that’s so important? Where’s dad?” I asked, my head buzzing with a hundred questions. “I’ll answer those later, right now we need to find your dad Hazel, all you need to know is that the twin towers were hijacked,” she said, sounding worried. She grabbed me in one hand and carried Alex in another then hurried out the building. We ran all the way through Manhattan which normally looks like a cheerful place but now has smoke and dust all around now. My mom stopped to let us rest. She then tried to call dad but he didn’t answer. “Let’s get moving, we have to get out of here,” she told us. “What about dad? We cant just leave without him,” I protested. “We’ll go and look for him for a while, then...” “Then what?” “I don’t know, we’ll figure it out,” she said desperately. Then we all hurried to the wreckage of the Twin Towers.

After a while, she said, “He’s not here, we’ve got to leave him. I got angry that my mom was going to give up so fast. “Why are you giving up, we’ve got to keep on looking for him,” I argued. “We’ve got no choice, Hazel, please understand I want to keep on looking for him too, but we’ve got to go,” she mumbled, looking like she didn’t know what she should do. I decide to agree with her since she looked so sad and lonely. We then hurried us around to the harbor to get a boat.It was so crowded that I felt like a sardine in a can.None of the boats had room for us, so we were stuck at the dock. Suddenly, a fat middle-aged man came up to us and said politely “Madam, if you and your kids need a ride, I’ve got a small boat that can get us out of Manhattan.” “Thank you, we would appreciate that,” she said.We followed the man to the end of the dock, where there as a small boat. “We better get going, by the way, I’m Larry Jones, but you can call me Larry,” he said. He started the motor then the little boat lurched forward and off we went. During the ride, my mom explained to me that the Twin Towers and the Pentagon got hit by planes led by Al Qaeda.We arrived at some place and said goodbye to Larry. “Whenever you need my boat service, just call,” he said, handing us his card. My mom checked into a motel then we ate dinner. No one seemed to have the appetite to eat, even Alex, who didn’t even know what was going on. At this moment, I started losing my hope that we would never find my dad.I felt sad and scared thinking of how we would cope without him. My mom tried calling again, and this time it worked.She spoke in a hurry to my dad and then hung up. “Your dad was helping people in the Pentagon, he’s coming to this motel now,” she exclaimed. I went to bed happily, knowing my dad was safe and coming towards us. Even though there was a lot to figure out,we will be able to work it out now that dad is here. From that moment on I knew that this day was going to stay in my mind forever, changing my view of the world.

Historical Fiction  

By Alpha Adventurer 22