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!e Escape From Ea" Berlin BY: Alpha Adventurer 15 Š 2012

It was a cold night in West Berlin, and Thomas and Peter were sleeping in their room. The next thing they knew an alarm went off. Everybody in the house woke up and Arnold, a funny looking man came in to the house. Arnold had blond hair and was very skinny. He was also very tall.” All right!” he bellowed. “Show me all the sons you have, not the silly little girls just your sons and bring them to me! Thomas and Peter came down the stairs and said at the same time. “What is going on here and who is this weird looking man?” “I am not weird you little brats.”he said in a cold voice. “ I am here on the orders of Bert Muller to take away every boy aged 6 to 12 to communism camps and now these two little boys will come with me now!” “Looks like we have no choice.” said Stefan sadly. “ Of course you don’t, nobody disobeys the orders of Bert Muller” Arnold said starting to get impatient. The next morning the boys had packed up and were going to leave after their mom Caroline, their dad Stefan, and sister Isabella finished saying their last good byes.“We’ll be back when we are 13, we promise” they said together. Arnold came in a few minutes later. He looked extremely angry he marched in picked up their bags and said “Lets go,now!” They were off. The car moved shakily through the streets of West Berlin. The car moved very shakily through the streets of West Berlin. This was the last time they would see West Berlin for two years and that if was that they would release Thomas and Peter. Thomas and Peter had no idea if the communism camp would release them after two years or if it was just a trick to get their children to go. They finally got to the camp and were greeted by several other boys who had just got there a few minutes ago.They really hoped that they would make friends with the boys and communism camp

would not be so bad because they really were nervous because they had never ever heard of communism camp and they wondered what it would be like.

Bert Muller was a very tall man. He was also very fat. Today, he looked very happy. Maybe because Arnold had brought many children to the camp. Their first lesson of communism did not go very well. They kept talking when Bert Muller was talking and in the end Bert found out. He said to not do it again but he was longing to say something bad but he did not because he wanted them to follow communism not want them to think the way communists treat people was bad.

That night Thomas and Peter finished dinner and planned to escape because they heard that Bert Muller would try and kill Thomas and Peter because he found out they did not like communism. They quickly packed their bags and felt anxious. Bert and Arnold were out for the entire night. They did not say good bye to any of the kids because they were sleeping. They quickly but quietly crept out of the camp. They took the path that they thought would be the path to the Berlin wall. They thought they heard a guard ahead so they ducked behind a bush. The guard sniffed the air. He walked in the direction of the bush were they were hiding. The guard walked passed them and kept walking. They saw it!! The Berlin wall was barely a couple of meters away, they walked towards it and looked around. The coast was clear. They looked for a place to slip through but they could not find it. They walked up and down until Peter finally saw a small gap that were made by civilians trying to cross to the West. They were tired of holding their suitcases. Peter managed just to slip through the gap and Thomas made it quite easily. Their luggage almost broke when they tried to squeeze it through. They were in West Berlin. They quickly crossed many streets hoping not to been seen. Then, horror struck

their eyes. They could not believe who they saw. Bert Muller and Arnold. They hurried into another street dragging their suitcases as quick as they could. They could hear that Bert Muller was a bit angry and a bit happy. Bert Muller and his guards saw them. They made a run for it. They were chased for at least 15 minutes before they took a shortcut of who nobody knew and they were safe. They saw Bert Muller walk pass them looking furious at his guards. This short cut led to a few familiar streets. They walked quickly across the streets and finally saw their house. It was 10:45 PM. It was very cold in West Berlin. Even colder than East Berlin. They rang the doorbell three times.“Thomas, Peter you are back!! Stefan come down here quickly” she said excitedly.

“ My sons!! They are back at last!!” Stefan said excitedly. “Mom, Dad we missed you so much” said Peter and Thomas. “ I was really getting sick of that filthy camp.” “The soliders are looking for more children or us one of the two” said Thomas. “I will lock the door said their dad now you guys go to sleep and take some rest. I will go lock the door so nobody can come in.” said Stefan. They all went to sleep and Thomas and Peter had never slept better. THE END

Berlin Wall  

Berlin wall

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