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Finding My Way Alpha Adventurer 9

It was a sunny morning in New York cars were rushing and people were trying to get to their office, Crystal just woke up from a great dream,she had a cold, she coughed and sneezed every 10 minutes and her room was a mountain of tissues, so she decided not to go to school,she was a very happy person but in the morning her long brown hair was like a bird nest and most of the time she was very tired and cranky, she first looks out her window overlooking the twin towers, combs her hair, then rushes out to find her mom.Crystal greets her with a good morning then joins her, after she finishes her breakfast she goes to her room and plays on her computer. About half an hour later she hears a loud bang. Her mom suddenly calls her name and brings her to a place she has not been in a long while , they stay there but she does not know why , she knew her mom was hiding something cause she was acting really weird. Out of curiosity Crystal sees her mom go to the bathroom so she sneaks out to see what all that noise was and why her mom was acting so weird.

When she walks outside,people are rushing, screaming, crying, and running, she looks for her dad because she really wanted to know if he was ok knowing that he was going to help everyone, considering he is a

fireman.Manhattan did not seem like what she thought it would be on a normal Tuesday, usually people are smiling and the streets smell like food, but now it smells like smoke and people are screaming.She looks in many places trying not to get near the smoke , but it was spreading everywhere and she could hear the devastating screams of new yorkers trying to escape the smoke, she felt really tempted to help everyone but she had to find her dad. As she was walking she saw many fire fighters, they were all wearing the exact same uniforms as her dad should have and were helping as many people as possible,some even climbing up on a ladder trying to get people out of the building, some dying of smoke, but all of them were not her father. She almost gave up but seeing all those fire fighters made her feel like one of them was her dad so she kept on going. She looks high and low but she cannot find him she tries to go as close to the building as possible thinking he would be there, almost believing that he is really injured or maybe even dead, she still does not give up but it was very hard to him find with all these people rushing around trying to get out of the building. Meanwhile her mom was really worried about Crystal but she new that Crystal was intelligent and would find her way back, or at least she hoped that, she sat down and took a rest. A while later Crystal finally found her dad helping people and trying to get them out of that area, She goes up to him and helps the people he is helping, trying to act brave, he was surprised and at the same time worried when she came because she was not suppose to be here today, since she was not feeling so good him and her mom thought it was best for her to stay home. After everything settled down, he took Crystal home and called his wife informing her that everything was okay and she should go home. But when they got home most of the place was full of smoke so they had to do some major cleaning and dusting to get the smoke out of the house and also talk to Crystal about this event. When everything was really settled down Crystals mom and dad tried to explain this whole incident but it was not easy since she was only 8, but even though she was still very young she understood and remembered it to this day. It has been 10 years since that incident but she remembered that day from beginning to end, it was embedded in her. She is now 18 and understands the incident much more, how the Al Qaedas hijacked a plane and crashed it in to the twin towers. But even though she has grown, even though she has researched this, there is one question left in her mind “Why do they hate us� this question, no matter how many people she asks, this question remains unanswered and no one in America knows the truth.

Historical Fiction  
Historical Fiction  

Historical Fiction : Finding My Way