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Alpha-Adventure 11

the life of Jack in the battle of britain

The announcement came out from the radio, the Nazi were invading Britain. The family of four was shocked. They knew that the Nazi would not stop at France. That night ,the voice of Churchill on TV awoke Jack and Jay not long after their dad walked out and told the kids that he will be fighting in air combat. He also told the kids that he would need the elder son to get to the big hut they built in summer. The next morning they rushed to the hut while running their mom got shot in the heel by a plane so the Jack needed to carry her all the way to the hut. Not long after resting in the hut, they heard a plane crash on the lawn they carefully walked to the plane to make sure the pilot is not from the Nazis ,they went over to check at the pilot who was driving the plane. once they saw the face of the pilot they were shocked and tears filled the families eyes it was the father of the family , they took the father into the hut so that he could rest, Jay knew he has medical training so he went to the cabinet and took some tools to help his father , Jay was very careful of what he is doing or it might cause a painful death to his father. Jack walked out to the lawn after the incident and studied the plane carefully he drew in detailed graphs and formats that not normal children could do in such a age. He then took some tools from the cabinet and started fixing the plane, while that was happening, Jay was curing the family in the hut. The next day Jack went back to the house that was left behind. The house was still okay; he walked in and took some of the valuable things to him and to his brother. After that Jack heard a Nazi pilot he peeked from the corner of the house and saw something that amazed him,he saw nazi pilots put sugar in to the tank of their planes, he knows that if you put in sugar in to the tank of a plane, the plane will break down! He decided to go over and talk to the pilot of the plane, the pilot told Jack about Hitlers orders it was to take over the world and be the ruler of it ! Jack also thought it was insane. Jack came up with an idea, he told the pilot to tell his other pilots to also savage their planes so that Hitler would not send in planes to defeat the RAF (Royal Air Force) the pilot agreed. The reason Jack came up with this plan is because his dad told him that hitler said to churchill that the Nazis will not send in ground troops before the royal air force is defeated. he went back and told his family the good news. A miracle happened after a week, the radio said that the Nazi are defeated and they surrendered. After they heard about the good news the father needed to retire because of the bullet wound on his chest and gave his place to the eldest son. The eldest son became a famous air commander in Great Britain. After that ,the smallest son became a doctor because he helped the family cure the bullet wounds the mother was granted to be a children care center manager for being a good carer of kids. The pilot returned to see Jack he was happy that Jack was a commander , he went over to Jack and asked if he could be a pilot for britain, Jack agreed and also told all his fellow friends that, that pilot was the savior of Britain.

My Historical Fiction  

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