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Introduction We’re mean, brave and wild.We live in Asia and everybody is scared of us .We’re not pets or friend to humans. Rrrrrrrrrr....come and join me and my family of tigers and I will tell you about our life

Baby TigersFirst Day “Oh my baby is coming!”Us tigers are mammals just like you humans.Our babies are called cubs.They like to squeak and play with each other. Young tigers are weak they only stay next to their mother but not me.Females usually have two cubs or five cubs.When it’s time for us to hunt, if the cub makes a sound, the mother will growl because the animal will hear and run away. That makes us angry. Finally when my cubs are two or three years old they will leave the den and become a scientist and explore the wold around them.They hunt for small animals with each others support. Now they don’t have parents to protect them so they have to be independent and protect themselves. Now they are all grown up.

Where is my Order? I’m hungry so let’s go hunting! Us tiger are carnivores and work in a group to catch our prey.The female and the male runes after the animal and bites it so it dies and ready to eat.I know it looks mean but we need to eat.But the easiest way to hunt is to climb a tree and jump on the prey.To add on we sometimes attack baby animals because the are easy to catch. Dinner timelet’s eat.

Worm and Comfy Welcome to our den.Dens are like a small cave.Our dens are so warm in winter, we go inside and get comfy.Dens are in forests, grasslands, and near swamps.We live all around the world.We live in Malaysia, China and South America.Us tigers need a big den for our family.Us tigers are from a cat family although we are wild.We’re like jaguars, lion and chetahs they are also the members of the cat family but we don’t live together in the same den. Male tiger grow more than 3 feet and our length is 10 feet.So come and drop in my den at any time.


Meet the Tiger Doctor Welcome to the tiger doctor’s office.Today I’am going to teach you about the tiger’s body.Our stripes on our sleek skin helps us to camouflage in tall grass so we can hunt the animals near us and hide from predators too. Furthermore, tigers are fast runners and fast swimmers.We swim to catch fish and shrimps.We tigers can push an animal that can weigh more than us.Our tail helps us to chase after the animal or pounce on a prey. To add on tigers have sharp teeth and we bite the animal and grab it with our sharp knife claws.Our tongue is covered with tiny hooks that can scrape the meat from bones easily.Our body is so important to us.

Predators Tigers don’t have many predators because we are brave and strong. Our only predators are elephant and bears because they are bigger than us.Another predator can be humans because some they like to try to hunt us.To add on, people usually don't have us as a pet but we can be found in zoo. People take us when we are babies so we don't attack. Furthermore people train us and also use us for circus acts.

Closing So I hope you enjoyed learning about our lives.Come visit me in jungles, circuits and zoos but keep your destance!

Table of Contents Introduction....................................1 First days................................2 Where is my order?.........................3 Warm and comfy......................4 Meet the tiger doctor.............................5 Predators..........................6 Closing.......................7

Glossary independent = Do things by your self. carnivores = Meat eaters. Prey = Animals food. Drop in = come camouflage= unseen predators=enemies


Tigers By Yousif  
Tigers By Yousif  

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