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Time Management and The Grant Rachel Throop Weingarten Learning Resources Center 215.573.9235

Agenda  Construct a grant management timeline  Complicate the timeline - consider possible

problems, glitches, and how to juggle multiple tasks  Discuss grant management tips and best practices  Questions and Discussion

Today’s Takeaway  Grant success often comes down to… –


Scenario Discussions ď‚— Work through the scenario on your own or with one

or two people near you.

Start With Perspective and Familiarity  Keep the grant in perspective. What is its relative

importance to your research career? Do not make it bigger than it needs to be.  As soon as possible, allow time to read the RFP or

proposal guidelines through at least twice. Play with the website, and familiarize yourself with all components.  Immediately contact the foundation or a reliable

local source if you do not understand portions of the RFP or need clarification.

Process of Drafting and Re-Drafting  There is no perfect grant.  Think long and hard about your audience. Then:  Get a draft done and GET IT OUT!  Get another done, and GET IT OUT!  Get another done, and GET IT OUT!

Set Realizable Goals - Chunking  Break the task up into parts that, when all taken

together, comprise the whole. These parts WILL BE SMALLER than the list of “parts” given by the grant.  Decide your approach to these subsections –

conceptualize them in an outline, annotated outline, or concept map.

Avoid Procrastination!!!  Why do we procrastinate?

 Perspective, chunking, asking for help

 Be kind to yourself.

Scheduling  Use planning tools that work for you.  Translate the language of pages into the language of tasks. Set

calendar date deadlines, and overestimate!  Post due dates on a calendar that you keep at your desk. Share

due dates with your chair if possible, and with a friend or writing group.  Keep a weekly calendar with writing time designated – writing

time is sacred!  Ask for references EARLY. Give them at least one month. Ask

again at two weeks, again at one week, and follow up if they have not submitted.

Scheduling Continued  Leave plenty of time for institutional approval – do it

early.  Request transcripts as soon as you know about the

grant. Keep a good PDF of all official transcripts (sometimes this suffices) and several sealed officials on hand from all institutions as backups.  Know when to cut your losses when you are juggling

multiple proposals. Prioritize, and keep perspective.

Reflecting and Trouble Shooting  Review your progress and adjust your schedule – the

secret to scheduling is rescheduling.  Revisit your early assessment of the grant’s

importance to your career.  Remain positive, present, honest, and guilt free!  Find a writing buddy and/or come into Weingarten if

you need more support.

Questions and Comments?  Come see us if you’d like.

You can meet with a learning instructor by:

Calling 573-9235 to make an appointment

Coming to walk-ins, M-F 12-3pm

We’re also a nice, quiet writing space 

Time Management and the Grant  

Presentation by Weingarten Learning Resource Center at Navigating the Grant Conference: External Funding

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