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Effective Program For Cellulite Removal Those who do not consider the money sent to the salon, but what about those who do not have finance available? No problem! Methods to combat cellulite very much and the main ones is quite possible to use at home with minimal effort. To do this, just need to get rid of a month your laziness, well their problem areas and leave the hated cellulite at least until next season. About how to properly conduct this war, we talked to a beautician center "Ideal" Irina Toiling masseur and Oksana Andreev. MAKE herself - We offer you an effective program, which consists of several procedures: exfoliation, body wraps, and one type of massage in the day (vacuum, hand, honey). Initially, all of these procedures will take you 1.5-2 hours of personal time every day, but when you get the hang of having a massage, while slightly reduced. But after months of hard work, you will lose at least 4 cm volume on each hip and waist and significantly improve skin condition. Procedures need to start peeling, whose main task is to deep clean skin to the active substances further wraps "worked" quickly and penetrated as deeply as possible. And active massaging motion that we finish the procedure, increase blood circulation and metabolism in the subcutaneous fat layer and reduces the appearance of "orange peel". Air vacuum in the vacuum pot adjusts lymphatic drainage and honey massage adsorbs toxins and promotes their removal from the body. At the same time open the pores, the skin becomes smooth and delicate.

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