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Andres Fernandez Abril

Curso 5A

1-what is the capital of scotland?

Flag of Scotland the parlament of scotland . The capital is Edimburgo

2-Is Scotland a country? Or Is it in United Kingdom (U.K)? Yes.yes.

3-which is the biggest city of Scotland? The city of Glasgow is the biggest of Scotland

UNIVERSITY OF GLASGOW 4-What are the colours of the scottish flag? Blue and white 5-Which is the flower of Scotland? The flower of Scotland is the hymn national 6-What is the national party? The national party of Scotland is the day 30 the novenber ( SAN ANDRES )

7- What is the most famous lake ?

The lake NESS 8-What is the most famous monster? The most famous monster is Nessi

9-Can you say me some very important music instruments in Scotland? The bagpipe and the harp

10-What does the Scottish man wear?

The kit

11-What is the Scottish currency? The Scottish currency is the libra

Penique escocĂŠs ,circa 1351-1357

12-What is the most important food? The most important food is Haggis

Scotland proyect. Andrés  

5thA CP Versalles

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