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Different Types of Gas Lights Columbus and Gas Units Gas lights are one of the best ways to bring a unique change to the house. The term leisure appliances include appliances that are associated with outdoor activities and may be situated around a terrace or patio. They include the following. The gas barbecue may be freestanding on a flat surface or built into a non-combustible structure. One of the most common gas lights Columbus designs is that used with LPG as a mobile unit. The barbecue consists of a burner located beneath a grill cooking plate and with long-lasting ceramic briquettes spread out to provide the heat distribution medium. A barbeque should be sited away from all combustible materials and overhanging shrubbery. The gas connection to a barbecue is made via a flexible connection from gas bottles sited underneath or, where the gas is supplied from a piped supply, from a locally fixed micropoint. Patio heater Freestanding patio heaters operate typically with a heat output from 6 kW to 14 kW, which allows an area of 25 m2 to be warmed. They stand at a height of around 2.3 m basically; they consist of a burner with a round heat emitter positioned at the top of a pedestal, with a reflector above to direct the heat downwards. A whole range of heaters is available, including a tabletop version, operating at around 2.8-6 kW. The heater may be fixed and secured firmly to the ground and connected to the gas supply by a permanent rigid pipe, or it may form part of a mobile unit on wheels and be supplied with an LPG gas bottle. The siting/positioning of these heaters needs some thought and generally a minimum distance of 1.5 m should be maintained between the heater and any combustible surface. The heater is ignited with either piezo or electronic ignition. Gas light and flambeaux There are several designs of gas lights Columbus. The traditional gas lamp uses a mantle on which the flame burns, and a bright light is emitted. This design was very common in older style caravans, but today it is more commonly found as a single light, located on a pedestal or wall in a courtyard or similar venue using a gas mantle. Another form of gas light does not use a mantle but has a traditional fishtail burner to give an olde-worlde effect with a flickering or vestal flame. The last type of gas light to be described, known as the gas flambeaux, is basically a decorative gas burning torch. These come in a whole range of shapes and designs including wall units, bowl and mounted on pedestals. Their sizes range from a small gas flame of around 6 kW to a more dramatic flame, outside the scope of leisure appliances, of up to 60 kW input. As with the other appliances listed here, these appliances can run on LPG or natural gas. The modern gas light switches on automatically, possibly using a photo-electric cell to open the gas solenoid to the main burner as the light fades.

Different types of gas lights columbus and gas units  

There are several designs of gas lights Columbus. The traditional gas lamp uses a mantle on which the flame burns, and a bright light is emi...

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