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How it All Started

Women’s Lacrosse is the best sport there is. Well, I might be a little biased, but it truly is a sport that is growing immensely in our country. To help it develop, someone has to spread the word and cause people to want to watch or even play it. Thats where I come in. My love for graphic design paired up with my love for this sport has caused me to create this collection of designs. I designed all sorts of things from clothing to posters and newsletters. My ideas was to design things that people would stop to look at, or be proud to wear, no matter if you are a player or a fan.

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T-Shirt Designs Are a Natural Promotion

Creating T-Shirts that the women on the team and the fans for the team are proud to wear is important. The more they want to show it off, the more they will wear it, which just leads to even more promotion for the sport. Then more people pay attention, or want to play. It starts one big cycle that I want to be a part of.

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4 | Love for Lacrosse

Women’s Lacrosse

Women’s Lacrosse

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Idaho Women’s Lacrosse Club


+ Idaho Women’s Lacrosse Club


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Women’s Lacrosse

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Fan Gear

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Annual Newsletter U of I Women’s Lacrosse 2nd Annual Newsletter 2011

"Too much aggression Vandals! Bring it back! Bring it back!" - Claire Paterson “If we can’t beat them, lets just learn a bunch of cool stick tricks to intimidate them” - Amanda Smith

Hear from the Team “I love how our team can have fun at all of our games, no matter the score. Last season, I was so incredibly proud of the way we played and I can only hope our team will continue to succeed in the years to come! I am working towards expanding the team and giving the girls as much opportunity to play as possible.” - Amanda Smith (President) “I have been playing lacrosse for 7 years now and enjoyed every minute of it. The transition from high school to college was a lot different, but playing on the U of I team has been such a great experience and I have made some amazing friends as well. We have come so far and we are continuing to go even further which is really exciting. I hope to see our team become a bigger part of the U of I in the near future.” - KT Kolson (Vice President) “I'm looking forward to playing in more games and getting to know the team, I'm also super pumped about becoming a better goalie.” - Alex Otter “  I've never played  lacrosse until  I joined the team my freshman year last year.  I've  enjoyed growing as a player these past few semesters and seeing our team grow as a whole.  From our first game last year to our last game  this fall semester  I'm proud  of how well our team has  improved and what we've accomplished.” - Britiany Graham

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“My favorite was when we played the tournament in Lewiston. It was a beautiful day, we were all excited, and we tied with the Central Washington team.  That was a fun day that brought us all closer.” - Mikaela Campbell “I only started playing lacrosse in this last year, and the second I caught the ball for the first time, I automatically fell in love. I’ve grown a space in my heart not only for this game, but for the girls around me who are just as dedicated. With a team this great, I only wish I’d become active in lacrosse years ago.” - Hana Miiller “During our spring tournament in Lewiston we were scheduled to play BSU later in the day and our team was tried from previous games. BSU was our school rival so we were all very excited to finally play them that season. Throughout the entire game the score was really close, but towards the end we were down by two goals with only 5 minutes left.   With little time left in the game we were able to come back score two goals to tie.  The fact that we were able to come back demonstrated a lot of resilience. It was a great effort by the entire team and I was really happy with how we performed.” - Annie Ball “This season I'm looking forward to getting more in shape and getting more confident with the stick. I am excited for games and spending more time with the team. I really love lacrosse and I'm definitely ready to win some games!” - Nicole Hill

“My favorite memory is the 7v7 down in Boise this year! I feel like it was a great experience for us, especially in the beginning of the season. I thought we really started to work together and have fun, not to mention Claire's motivational words of encouragement being bellowed across all the fields as well!” - Ashley Holomshek “This coming spring, I look forward to learning this new sport and finding out if I'm any good. Either way, I'm really excited to get to know the other girls and get outside.” - Jessica Greene “I love traveling to tournaments with the girls and getting to know them better each trip. I look forward to more tournaments in the future.” - Hanna Ridgeway “I love being able to see how far we have come since last year. We had so many people that had never played lacrosse and by the end of the season we were playing as a team instead of individual players. I love our teams mentality we always have fun, even when we are losing. Everyone is there to play the game because they love it not just to win. “ - Tess Costanzo “My favorite part of lacrosse so far was the practices where we worked on defense and trash talked each other .“ - Claire Paterson “I was a ballerina for many years, and coming to college I wanted to try something new.  My roommates had been on the lacrosse team the previous year and really enjoyed it, so I decided to give it a try.   So far I've had fun beginning to learn the sport, meet new people, and get some exercise.   I'm looking forward to the spring season to continue to learn how to play!” - Carley O’Brien

History of our Team

Fall 2011

By Hana Miiller

Lacrosse is an older sport, traditionally played by the Native Americans. Even then, the game was separated by the genders. The men focused on brute strength and speed, while the women relied on skill and strategy. This separation of the game still upholds today. While Lacrosse has been played for centuries in the East, it’s modern popularity has only just begun to reach out to the West coast. The Women's U of I lacrosse team formed four years ago,

"... whatever, our team is the cutest"." - Alex Otter “too close for comfort Vandals, TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT!” - Claire Paterson

with the collaboration of then freshman Jenna Davis, and Sarah Ryan. “It progressed slowly at first” recalls Davis. “The first few years were difficult keeping women committed to coming to practices.” Fortunately, after dedicated hard work, and a love of the game, girls began to appear. Davis continued coaching and organizing the team, despite the slow progress. “What inspired me was that it was a project that I actually wanted to be apart of. No one

do it, I just wanted to play lacrosse.” Since then, Davis has handed her coaching position to Amanda Smith, but still remains active in supporting the team. “I love everything about the sport...It makes you feel like your apart of something, even if it’s just a game.” Davis, and Smith, both have high hopes for the future of UI women’s lacrosse, and with the dedicated, talented women the team has picked up, a successful program can’t be far off.

Would you like to help out our team? Donations are very welcome to our club team! Any little bit helps us out! The envelope that came with this newsletter is stamped and ready to go, just add any sort of donation you would like to make to our team! You can make checks out to U of I Women’s Lacrosse. Wondering where your donations go? Any donations help us, especially with a growing team like ours. We are trying to encourage more girls to want to come out and play, without letting the “starving college student” get in the way. The money we get from donations help pay for equipment we need now and will need in the

future, it helps pay tournament fees, league fees, travel expenses, and even helps out girls who can’t afford to play. Next year our goal is to hire a coach, but we are also trying to keep the club fees down so that everyone can afford to play. We greatly appreciate any donation! This year we are selling Fan T-shirts! We are proud to be on a team that is known for giving it our best in games and having positive spirits. We like our fans to feel proud as well! Its a perfect way for you (and all those other Vandal lacrosse fans in your family) to show your pride and support for our team. T-shirts are only $15, where a portion of the money goes towards a donation for our team. Time to show your spirit for the U of I Women’s Lacrosse Team!

We would like to thank Annie Ball’s family for the donation of a lacrosse goal as well as Mikaela and Eliza Campbell’s family for the donation of a lacrosse goal and a set of balls. Practice would not be the same without those essentials! They have greatly helped out our team improve, both in practices and in games.

We will keep you posted on our spring game schedule. Search “UI Women’s Lacrosse”

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Amanda Grace

Love for Lacrosse  

Portfolio of semester's work at designing t-shirt designs for the University of Idaho Women's Lacrosse Team.

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