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Improve your English Online through frequent Grammar Checks English is the most widely known and spoken languages in the world as compared to the other languages. It can be written and spoken by almost each and every person in the world whether he is a child or an adult. But the very first question that strikes our mind is that the English that we speak or write is correct or not? Writing or speaking a language that we know very well in a wrong way can land us in an embarrassing situation. Wrong pronunciation or wrong vocabulary can lead to formation of erroneous sentences with absurd meanings. Therefore it becomes mandatory to keep a check on the grammar that we use as this is the only area where most of the people in the country lag behind. Grammatical errors such as incorrect usage of punctuation marks are the most common mistakes made by majority of people. For e.g. in the Sentence- “Let’s eat Grandpa” and “Let’s eat, Grandpa” a single comma can change the meaning of entire sentence. “The boy’s will go to school” is incorrect on the part of misplaced apostrophe and hence the correct usage would be “The boys will go to school”. Hence, checking your grammar while writing is a necessity. Therefore are now available for improving your English. Microsoft Word also has an inbuilt spell check facility that highlights the sentence, word or fragment which is grammatically incorrect. Moreover various websites are also available that provides the means of checking the grammatical errors.

Another common mistake that one makes frequently while writing the sentences or the paragraphs is use of Prepositions. Prepositions are used to grammatically link the sentences such as in, towards, by, all etc. The use of prepositions in a proper manner must be known for a good communication and verbal skills. A prepositional phrase is a sentence that starts with a preposition and describes what type of noun it is connecting. The examples that demonstrate the correct Prepositional Phrases are described here: The duck is next to the pond. The computer is on the desk. Your keys are locked in the car. Here in these sentences, next to the pond, on the desk and in the car are some of the prepositional phrases.

As seen from the above examples the majority of people lag behind in the incorrect usage of grammar such as prepositions and punctuation. Therefore for better communication and verbal skills a great focus is required on proper use of Grammar. Article Resource:-

Improve your english online through frequent grammar checks  

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