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OMG SOCIAL MEDIA CONFERENCE Simplifying social media for small business owners

August 15, 2013 | SFU SEGAL



ONLINE MEDIA GENERATION OMG, a name that plays on the online acronyms that have become social norms in our lives, is short for Online Media Generation. A generation of people who are lucky enough to have grown up during the social media revolution and interact on social media platforms on a non-stop basis. As we look around us, social media is quickly becoming a major part in business functions beyond sales and marketing. Customer service, product development and human resources departments are integrating social media into their activities more and more. We started OMG because we see how critical is it for small business owners to understand social media. We want to share knowledge and provide opportunities for everyone to become part of the Online Media Generation.

OMG Social media



OMG Social Media Conference is a one-day event focused on uncomplicating social media for small business owners. With the constant changes in technology, it is a challenge for startups to navigate the different social media platforms and engage audiences effectively.

Over 100 small business owners and entrepreneurs from local Vancouver communities will be attending. Most will not have a background in marketing but want to know how social media marketing can help them establish a brand for their business.

We want to lend a hand to these local entrepreneurs, who deserve more credit for their role in supporting the Canadian economy. Consumers don’t always think of the little shop down the street and we want to change that by ensuring small business owners have the social media tools and knowledge they need to establish a brand and gain exposure online.

Attendees will have the opportunity to: • • • •

Learn how to leverage social media for small businesses Meet key social media experts in Vancouver Develop an outline for their social media strategies Gain practical, hands-on learning in an interactive setting

OMG Conference aims to support entrepreneurs in the communities around us, one small business at a time.


100+ attendees 10 hours of learning 3 keynote presentations 3 speaker sessions 1 case analysis 1 social media workbook

Our goal is to teach attendees the basics of everything they need to know about social media tools and strategies in a simple and direct format. Utilizing our OMG Social Media Workbook, our speaker workshops will be interactive and engaging. Questions and activities in the workbook will guide attendees in developing their own social media strategy as the speaker explains the concepts. The workbook allows attendees to absorb and apply the knowledge right there and then, giving the user tangible takeaways from the conference. The conference will consist of: • • • • •

2 keynote speakers to discuss social media and trend predictions 1 keynote lunch speaker to share an inspiring example of a brand leveraging social media 4 workshop sessions on critical social media topics led by knowledgeable speakers in the community 3 networking breaks 1 real-life business case analysis


Partnership Benefits

• • •

Foster a culture of continuous education for people of all ages and backgrounds Support locally owned businesses who are recycling revenue back into the local economy, enriching local communities all around us Promote social media learning to give small business owners a chance to build their brand and gain exposure against tough competition Ignite innovation to cultivate new ideas and creative solutions in our communities

• •

Expose your brand to over 100 small business owners in Vancouver Be viewed as your industry’s leader in social media through speaking opportunities Engage with attendees and build relationships with prospective customers

IN-KIND SPONSORSHIP We welcome partnerships through in-kind support with customized benefit packages based on the value of the in-kind gift.





Example in-kind gifts include, but are not limited to: • • • • •

Printing services T-Shirts Sustainable gift bags Water bottles Notebooks

• • • • •

Pens + highlighters USB keys Wine + other speaker gifts Event space Event catering

partner - 1

keynote - 2



Keynote/Speaking Opportunity

Opening 30 minutes

Conference Tickets

case study - 3

support education for local businesses in our communities workshop - 5



Lunch or Closing 15 minutes

Company Analysis + Recomendations

Introduction for Workshop Speaker

2 Tickets

1 Ticket

1 Ticket

1 Ticket

Gift Bags Items





Branded Gift Bags, Nametags + Lanyards


Press Releases




Workbook Message Logo in Workbook

300 Words

150 Words



Email Signature


Email Attendees

Before + After Event

After Event

Profile + Logo

Profile + Logo



Posts + Interview

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OMG Social Media Conference August 15, 2013 | SFU Segal Graduate School of Business

Grace Yang

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