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Grace Wallace November 16, 2016 Dr. Gripp Local Feature FOOD TRUCK CULTURE “HELLO! Free samples for basic or scared people,” reads a sign on the Club Sandwich food truck. In 2014, a food truck entered the Waco culinary scene and began to fostered a new culture of eating in Central Texas. Young Dae Moon, owner of Club Sandwich, was set-up in the Magnolia Silos for the annual “Silobration.” Taking a break between lunch and dinner, he met me on a picnic bench amidst the chaos of the Magnolia Silos. Bob Arnold, a Waco resident and customer of Club Sandwich, was joined by his wife and son to enjoy a rice bowl and order of trash fries. “We enjoy eating at Club Sandwich because we of the atmosphere,” Arnold said. “Being able to eat outside after working at a desk for most of the day is refreshing.” Club Sandwich is typically set up on Austin Avenue, in front of Dichotomy Coffee and Spirits in downtown Waco. However, since the opening of the Silos, Moon has frequented that area as well, greatly changing his typical customers. “When we’re set up in the Silos, we serve almost all visitors to Waco as opposed to our typical local customers,” Moon said. Because of this, Moon and his employees have had to think creatively about marketing, since Club Sandwich hosts a unique menu of “Asian Fusion,” including rice bowls, trash fries, and a variety of Vietnamese sandwiches. Moon originally dreamt of idea of Club Sandwich after bringing dozens of Vietnamese sandwiches back to Waco from Houston. After going out with his friends one night, they all came back to his place and went crazy over the sandwiches. Moon conceived the idea of a latenight food truck Vietnamese option for costumers outside of bards downtown, such as Scruffy Murphy’s. However, the truck hit it off as a viable lunch and dinner option for many Waco locals shirting his dream to bigger possibility. A loyal customer of Club Sandwich, Graham Shockley, mentioned his initial timidity at the idea of eating at a food truck, specially one with such a diverse menu. Since his first order of trash

fried however, Shockley occupies Club Sandwich frequently, bring friends, family and colleague to enjoy a delicious menu ad lad back atmosphere. “The ability to eat casually standing outside of the truck, or at a bench nearby with friends, is a completely different experience than driving through somewhere or sitting down inside a restaurant,� Shockley said. Club Sandwich can typically be found outside of Dichtomoy Coffee and Spirits on Austin Avenue, or in the Magnolia Silos District. Hours usually run from Monday-Friday, 11 a.m.-3 p.m.

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