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JUNE 2011

This June is a very important milestone in the life of GracePointe Church: Our 60th Birthday! Sunday evening June 26th, 5:00 pm-8:00 pm will be a Birthday Party to celebrate all that God has done over these years and to look forward with faith to that which is to come. This will be a homecoming time for former members of our GracePointe family and we will be joined by former pastors.

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What does Backpack Buddy food mean to the children? The following comments are about a student at Lewelling who receives a bag of food from GracePointe every weekend. “She participates in the Backpack Buddy program because food was tough to come by at her house. Dad isn't in the home currently. As a result, they had to have roommates for financial reasons and whatever food there was in the home had to be shared with the roommates, making it harder to find enough to eat. Without the weekend bag of food, she said their family would have to rely only on food stamps. Her favorite part of the Backpack Buddy program was the cans of ravioli! She said to say "thank you" to everyone who helps with the program! “ The food you so generously donate meets a practical need in this little girl’s life and weekly confirms that we care about her. Thank you for your support of this ministry and making it possible to provide weekend meals to our neighborhood children.



DID YOU KNOW? Computers are like dogs, and age about 7 years for every year they live.  For that reason, the GracePointe Computer Lab is in need of functioning used computers.  When you get your exciting new computer, we will be glad to take your stillfunctioning used one for our classes. And you will get a tax credit for your donation.

w w w. M i l w a u k i e G ra ce Po i n t e. co m

Truth…on the  Fly Changing  Up  Your  Scenery These  are  exciting  times  at  GracePointe!         If  you’ve  been  here  recently,  you  know  all  of  the  new  folks  who  have  been   joining  us  and  the  many  old  friends  we’ve  been  reconnecting  with.    With  all  of  us   struggling  to  put  names  together  with  faces  it  is  good  to  know  that  our  new   picture  directory  isn’t  too  far  off.

Pastor Mike  Fleischmann

With that  in  mind  I  would  like  to  offer  up  a  practical  suggestion  this   month  about  changing  up  your  scenery  –  and  how  that  one  little  change  might  open  up  all  kinds  of  new   opportunities. Back  in  my  management  days  I  remember  one  piece  of  advice  that  was  tremendously  simple  and  yet   profound.    I  was  managing  a  department  inside  a  large  facility  with  thousands  of  employees.    One  of  my   mentors  encouraged  me  to  make  a  point  every  day  to  make  my  way  to  the  of;ice  by  a  different  route. Most  of  us  are  creatures  of  habit.    We  tend  to  park  in  the  same  spot,  walk  through  the  same  entrance,   down  the  same  stairwell  and  hallway.    We  tend  to  see  the  same  things  and  interact  with  the  same  people. It  was  the  simplest  advice  I  ever  got  on  opening  new  relationships  and  perspectives  just  by  making  a   point  to  change  up  the  scenery.

“Come in  a  different   way  and  notice  all   the  new  things  you   see.    Travel  a   different  path  and   watch  who  you   meet…you’ll  gain   new  perspectives  on   all  kinds  of  things   just  because  you   passed  by  them  from   a  different  angle.”

First question:     When  you  come  to  GracePointe,  where  do  you  park?    What  entrance  do  you   come  in?    Where  do  you  sit  in  the  Worship  Service?    Who  do  you  normally   say  hello  to? …is  it  most  always  the  same? Second  question:     Do  you  ever  wish  that  you  could  make  more  connections  with  new  people   and  those  from  different  generations,  but  aren’t  sure  how? Third  question:     Have  you  ever  thought  about  changing  up  your  routine? I  have  a  fairly  radical  suggestion.    (If  you’re  standing,  please  sit  down   before  reading  further!)    Including  the  balcony  there  are  Mive  different  seat   sections  in  our  Worship  Center.    What  if  every  week  you  sat  in  a  different   section  and  then  made  an  effort  to  build  connections  with  the  people   around  you?

I  have  an  even  crazier  suggestion.    (Perhaps  you  should  lie  Mlat  now!)     What  if  every  few  months  you  attended  the  opposite  worship  service  from  your  normal  preference  –  and   again  just  made  an  effort  to  greet,  connect,  and  build  a  relationship  with  the  people  who  are  around  you?   I  have  great  conMidence  in  you.    I  already  know  that  you  are  some  of  the  warmest,  friendliest   people  around.    It  might  just  be  something  as  simple  as  a  change  in  the  routine  to  put  you  in  contact  with   new  people  and  open  up  a  whole  new  world  of  relationships.   I  want  to  encourage  you  to  do  what  you  can  and  take  the  Mirst  step  to  help  turn  our  guests  into   friends,  and  turn  our  friends  into  family.    After  all,  we’re  not  just  being  friendly. …God  is  using  us  to  welcome  people  back  home! 2

h C∼iLDreN S Ministry

by Raoul  Robles

Bring the  whole  Mlock  to  Hometown  Nazareth:  Where  Jesus  Was  a  Kid!   You’ll  travel  back  into  Bible  times—without  setting  foot  outside  our   community.  Experience  this  fun,  hands-­‐on  Bible-­‐times  village  at  this   address:  GracePointe  Church  10750  SE  42nd  Ave.,  Milwaukie,  OR Each  day,  your  family  members  can  become  part  of  history  as  they   see,  hear,  touch,  and  even  taste  what  it  was  like  to  live  in  Jesus’   hometown!  You’ll  explore  authentic  marketplace  shops,  visit  Jesus’   mom,  Mary,  take  part  in  games,  dance  to  lively  Bible  songs,  and   sample  tasty  tidbits  as  you  discover  more  about  Jesus’  childhood.   These  experiences  make  God’s  Word  come  alive  with  new  meaning   for  all  who  participate!  So  mark  these  dates  on  your  calendar:  

                                                 July  10  -­‐  14th.

The adventure  starts  at  6:30  PM  and  will  end  at  8:30  PM.   To  register  your  family  for  this  awesome  Bible  adventure,  visit: gracepointe  or  sign  up  at  the  VBS  table.

Knowing Christ To Make Him Known MS Summer Time Underground 411 Know Him...Follow Him...Share Him


It’s Summer Time For the Underground June-Aug 17th Summer Underground Wed. Nites ^-8:30 Always be prepared to get wet! All who participate must have a medical Form Filled out! Thank You :)

We the Middle School are the music leadership for this years VBS in July! We Practice Monday nights._ *** For those doing the motions and singing heres your dates and times: 7th/21st-- Mondays 630-8 *** For the Band only; 14th/28th --*Mondays 630-8* *** for more 411 contact Becky Peterson

Sunday Cafe’ aka SS Sunday Mornings 9:30-10:45ish It aint yo Grannys Bible Study! Come Join Us!!

Becky Peterson...wk.503-654-9593/cell. 503-475-0987


55+ PLUS THANKS! The April  Last  Thursday  Hawaiian  Luau  was  a  great  success.  The  food  was  wonderful,   the  turnout  great,  and  everyone  had  a  good  time.  We  once  more  want  to  thank  the   55+  committee  for  planning  such  fine  Last  Thursday  parties  throughout  the  year.  Led   by  our  55+  pastor,  Rich  Hiebert,  those  on  the  committee  were:  Sue  Brown,  Chuck&   Shirley  Daves,  Ted  &  Rosemary  Heydel,  Barb  Keller,  Joe  &  Connie  Smith  and  Dan  &   Darlene  Swift.

GracePointe 10750 SE 42nd Avenue Milwaukie, OR 97222 (503) 654-9593 Office Hours 8:30 am–5:00 pm Monday - Thursday Closed on Fridays Service Times:

Golden Wedding  Anniversary  Celebration  at  Milwaukie  Center.  Friday,  June  10  -­‐   Classic 9:30 am Rededication  ceremony  at  11am;  Luncheon  at  12  noon  If  you  qualify  (married  50  years)   Contemporary 11:00 am and  would  like  to  be  part  of  the  event,  call  the  center  no  later  than  June  8  at   Nursery Provided 503-­‐563-­‐8100. Emergency  cell  phones  are  available  at  Milwaukie  Center  at  no  cost.  These  are  for  911   calls  only.  The  supply  is  limited  so  call  first-­‐  503  653-­‐8100. A  SERVANT  AMONG  US A  friend  in  need  is  a  friend-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐.  You  know  how  it  goes.  Linda  Wilber  is  that  friend  indeed.   She  has  visited  Bonnie  Schneidau  regularly  ever  since  Bonnie  suffered  her  stroke.  In   fact,  Linda  has  not  missed  one  week  in  all  this  time.  We  know  it  has  been  an   encouragement  to  Bonnie  to  have  such  a  faithful  friend. NOTE: There  will  be  no  Last  Thursday  party  during  June,  July  or  Aug.  However,  some  fun  activities   have  been  planned  for  the  summer:  July  2nd—Molalla  Buckaroo  (yippee)  August  25th—Swim   Party  at  the  Heydel’s.  More  info  to  follow.

Iglesia Hispana Sabados 7 pm Staff

LEAD Pastor Mike Fleischmann Pastor of 55+ Rich Hiebert Director of HR Steve Liday Director of Facilities Roy Mullen Worship Ministries Sid Johnson & Scott Brockett

Little Lights Preschool • • • • • • • • • • • • •

a ministry of GracePointe Church

Pastor of High School & Young Adult Daniel Jensen

Announces Open Registration for Fall 2011

Middle School Director Becky Peterson

Separate classes for ages 3, 4 and 5 years old M/W/F 9:00-Noon 4’s & 5’s *(8:30-11:30) M/W/F *PM class 12:30 - 3:30 pm T/Th 9:00-Noon (3 year old/2 days) Developmental placement, small class size Mid-September, 2011 thru 1st 2 weeks June ’12 Class size to begin a class 10 to 12 students Registration includes waiting list 2 or more professional, experienced, teaching staff Program: pre-reading, & math, music, art Pick up registration information at church office $50 reg. fee, $185 M/W/F or $120 T/TH (9 pmts) 1st come 1st served, $50 holds place in class 4

Pastor of Family and Children Ministries Raoul Robles Office Receptionist & Assistant to Children’s Ministries Janet Warner Preschool Director Kay Rea Hispanic Leader Jose Chinchilla Newsletter Editor Cheryl Castlio Chris Conger

For more info contact: Daniel Jensen

JUNE 2ND  -­‐  MISSION  APP Your last chance to turn in your application & first deposit for the Idaho Mission trip is Thursday June 2nd. Find applications outside the HS room.

BIBLE READING Jun  6,  2011 Jun  13,  2011 Jun  20,  2011 Jun  27,  2011

2 Samuel  7–12 2  Samuel  13–18 2  Samuel  19–24 Psalms  1–7


On June 5th, graduates will be presented to the church during both services. We want to acknowledge this special achievement in your life.

Senior BBQ Our annual Senior BBQ is June 7th at 6:30. Your youth leaders want one last time with the senior class. Join us at the Crystal Lake Apartments for some good food off the grill. Find GPHS on Facebook. Stay up-to-date on events, view the calendar, tag your friends, and watch videos.

Missions Update from Nursing Home Ministries by Don DeBoer, Executive Director Nursing Home  Ministries,  Inc.  is  now  half  way  through  our  35th  year  and  doing  a  great  work  in  the  12   states  where  our  189  chaplains  minister.  Bev  and  I  are  always  thrilled  to  share  stories  of  this  great   ministry. Our  new  Houston  area  district  chaplain  wrote  the  following  to  his  extended  ministry  team:  “Think  of   the  impact  that  you  have  on  those  you  serve  and  minister  to  in  your  care  centers.  You  return  to  the   same  place,  the  same  people,  the  same  old  grind,  but  with  purpose  of  heart  to  offer  a  gentle  touch,   mercy  and  kindness  and  an  ‘I  love  you’  to  those  the  Lord  has  put  in  your  care.  Though  you  often  deal   with  unpleasant  sights  and  sounds,  messy  bends,  and  some  unhappy  residents,  you  take  a  message  of   salvation,  of  grace  and  love,  of  help  and  hope  that  is  like  a  cool,  refreshing  drink  of  water.  As  Jesus   chose  the  twelve  disciples,  remember  He  chose  you  too!” Each  chaplain  feels  blessed  by  God  for  being  in  their  care  centers  each  day  that  they  minister. Bev  and  I  would  like  to  call  your  attention  to  our  new  website:   GracePointe’s  Chris  Conger  has  done  an  excellent  job  setting  this  up  for  us.  New  items  will  regularly   appear  on  the  site. We  thank  GracePointe  for  its  continued  support  for  us  and  for  this  great  ministry. 5

PULSE What is  it?

It is  our  newsletter.  Redesigned.  Refocused.  With  a  purpose   of  communicating  our  story.  Of  lives  changed  by  God’s  grace.  This  is  part  of  our   goal  to  enhance  our  communications  between  one  another.

PULSECOLLAB Want to  contribute  to  the  Pulse?  Send  us

your story.  Feed  us  your  blogs.  Submit  photographs  of  our  community.  The  Pulse   is  news  for  the  whole  church.  Submissions  due  the  15  of  each  month.

GracePointe DVD Reviews

by Doris  Howard

The following  DVD’s  have  just  been  added  to  our  library  collec:on  for  your  enjoyment.  Amish   Grace  is  the  true  story  of  the  five  Amish  girls  in  Pennsylvania  who  were  killed  in  their  school  by   a  crazed  man.  The  mother  of  one  of  the  girls  faces  a  profound  test  of  her  faith  and  the   undoing  of  many  aspects  of  her  life  as  a  result  of  this  tragedy.  The  story  is  a  moving  testament   to  the  power  of  forgiveness.

The Blind  Side    is  now  in  DVD  format.  Enjoy  this  remarkable  journey  of   a  homeless  teen  who  through  the  love  of  a  Chris:an  family  went  on  to   become  a  college  All-­‐American  and  first-­‐round  NFL  pick.

LeLers to  God  is  a  wonderful  family  story  about  an  eight-­‐year  old  boy  dying  of   cancer  who  writes  leLers  to  God.  Inspired  by  a  true  story,  it  delivers  a  message  of   hope,  faith  and  courage  that  others  can  apply  to  their  own  personal   struggles.  The  library  has  this  story  in  book  and  DVD  format.

The DVD  Solomon’s  Temple  is  an  extraordinary  journey  through  the   temple  promised  to  David  and  fulfilled  in  Solomon.    An  understanding  of   the  Temple  in  Jewish  life  and  history  is  essen:al  not  only  to  understanding   the  Bible,  but  also  history  and  current  events  in  Jerusalem  today.   This  is  a  beau:ful  DVD  approximately  30  minutes  in  length.

June 2011 GracePointe Pulse  

Truth on the Fly with Mike Fleischmann, June's article, "Changing Up Your Scenery." How that one little change, simply making an effort to g...