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A Call to Prayer By Sheryl Brady

By Germaine Copeland

I have to admit that when I first heard that this book was coming Happy New Year! out months ago I got really excited. Not knowing what the text would With every NEW be about, I knew with everything in Year comes NEWbook would me that this particular bless me. The title alone attracted commitments. What me as soon as I read it, and the better commitment author, well, let’s just call me a for year “fan!”this When shethan speaks,a I listen, so I just knew that commitment orI had re-to get the book. And that I did, but not commitment tohusband I only did I get it, my the audio. Here aarelittle our thoughts read a book while on You Have it in Y ou by Sheryl Brady. back that, in light of

I, like many of you whohas are reading this, have everything that happened inbeen ourin the “Church World” all my life. So, it is very seldom nation and across the world in this when you come across someone who seems to live life past year,at Ia place decided to reread. This and impart that is always fresh. That, my friend, is true of Pastor Sheryl Brady. It doesn’t matter month’s recommendation is A Call if I get a chance to catch a service streaming online or to Prayer by Germaine Copeland. get sent an old youtube clip. It’s always fresh. I think one of the keys to always being fresh is to always say

This is a teaching book. Germaine what He says. Needless to say that in this book, she Copeland teaches you about prayer, strikes again. Weaving a seamless thread between old testament new testament,of male and female, about theand importance prayer, young and old, Pastor Brady lays out, not only the about thethat power and confirmation you have it ineffectiveness you, but what exactly thatprayer, “IT” looksand like within. it’s Ruth’ of aboutWhether how to pray.s resolve with Naomi, Hannah’ s unquenchable thirst This book is full of Scriptures, which for motherhood, or Pastor Brady’s own courageous in a book prayer saga,my thisopinion book will stir the heartof of every reader who is not looking another cliché or rhyming should befor full of, that both layslogan the to coach them through some of the most difficult but foundation of prayer as well as the pregnant seasons of their life. Pastor Brady builds building go ontotop. the firmest ofblocks Scripturalthat foundations launch this responsibly prophetic declaration… You Have it in

Germaine Copeland challenges the You! church by saying, “The time has come Timothy Manigault for the entire church to answer @iluvworship the call to prayer-those in the fivefold ministry and members alike. We do not In mychurch opinion, what makes a nonfiction book a goodany book is whether or not I stay captivated need more divisions, but instead,

by Brandie Manigault

by the text as I would reading a fictional

harmony which will novel. You and Haveagreement, it in You had my attention from come cover to cover.ifSheryl Brady managed only about we pray scripturally to take her real life experience as led by the Spirit.” mix it with real life stories She also addresses from people in the Bible, add some life coaching, life lessons, pastors dealing inspiration, and encouragement, withaintercessors, to produce book that, no matterintercessors where you are in life, will dealing cause you to grow. with their pastors, As I was thismembers book, I andreading group was amazed by how many of the of an Iintercessory small details missed in the most popular Biblical stories. Sheryl team.

yourself. Ok… one more! “When our perspective

forgiveness, abiding ingrace Christ, changes, it somehow unlocks the that we and need to get around every thatwill threatens progress.” praying the hurdle Lord’s andour not selfish WOW. Simple and profound. desires. A Call to Prayer highlights I was especially withand each help Biblicalyou your motivesimpressed for prayer story line she chose to use; each had their own to correctly andofwith set pray of “issues” and because Sherylmaximum Brady’s presentation of their lives, I found myself in effectiveness.

them. I could identify with the author’s feelings of

being insignificant. I understood some degree A Call to Prayer is a littleto hard to how Ruth felt having to start a whole new life find because it is an older book. I suddenly. I know what it’s like to be the “unlikely” found itlike onRahab; $3.99. It candidate there alwaysfor being a seemingly better, more qualified person to do the is definitely worth the search. There job. And I have also been amazed at the Lord’s is no specific audience that I can methods of provision like Elijah. I saw myself in their struggles and in their triumphs, and in has the recommend this book for. Prayer areas that I was not strong in, You Have it in You no age limit, gender specification or provided the tools needed to take the next step. cultural borders. It is for everyone. So, Sheryl Brady did not fail me when it came to in my pen opinion, to Prayer putting to paper,AasCall I suspected that she by wouldn’t. I suggest everyonewas get awritten copy of You Germaine Copeland for Have it in You. It will motivate you. It will inspire everyone.

Brady brought the stories that I have heard over This the years to life. Shepoints gave book also Hannah emotion out and Isomething felt her pain, as she a somethingthat that cried out to the Lord for a son, like I’ve never most people like felt it. One of mydon’t favorite linestointhink regards to Hannahbecause and her heart’s desire, without giving about it spotlights areas too much away, is this, “If God has laid it on our of their that mightit not line all hearts, then life nothing can remove until he grants the wayit, up… it, refuses or takesconditions away our desireto forprayer; it.” The you. It will cause the you that is on the inside, that entire book is full of statements like this that you didn’t know existed, to come out and push you make you pause and say, “you know you’re into destiny. Get two copies, one for you and one The Author right!” You Have it in You reminds you, from About for someone you think needs help recognizing the chapter to chapter, how big your God really Germaine Copeland greatness that God has put inside of them. is, assures you of His decision to call you to Germaine Copeland, founder of Word Ministries is greatness, and challenges you to believe in Brandie(WMI), @iambandaid a writer and inspirational speaker. As she speaks, people are encouraged by her insight on praying effectively; many The Author experience About emotional healing, and learn the dividing line of soulish and spiritual praying. Germaine’s vision for Word Pastor Sheryl Bradya Global intercessory prayer Ministries (WMI) is to coordinate network that covers every nation, tribe, language . . . a pastor, lecturer and recording artist,people Pastor and Sheryl Brady with prayers that avail much. has traveled extensively around the globe for more than 30 years.

serves as the campus prayer pastor of The Potter’s House of North Germaine travels nationally and She internationally conducting schools, speaking at churches, conferences, and other groups. Dallas under the leadership of Bishop T.D. Jakes. She has been a featured guest on many television networks and a guest lecturer for Germaine is an Executive Network of International Ministries (IbM), the Member God’s Leading Ladies LifeBreakthrough Enrichment Program hosted by and Mrs.a member of Deborah Company. Serita Jakes. Pastor Brady also serves as a featured conference speaker and has ministered at events suchMuch as the internationally Germaine is the author of A Global Call to Prayer, the Prayers That Avail book series, 365 acclaimed Woman ThouPrayers Art Loosed ManPower where she was the first Days to aMegaFest, Prayer-Filled Life, and Thatand Avail Much for Conference, Daily Living (Charisma House). She female speaker ever. Pastor Brady has appeared as a guest artist on the Grammy-nominated live is also a contributing author of Women’s Destiny Bible (Thomas Nelson) and Impart Magazine. recording of and Bishop D. Jakes’ Everette, Woman, Thou Loosed, which she co-wrote the title cut. She and Germaine herT.husband, haveArt four adult for children, eleven grandchildren and eleven her husband of more than thirty-five Bishop Joby Brady, have three daughters Lana, Tina and great-grandchildren. They reside inyears, Greensboro, Georgia. Nina, and five grandchildren.  27

January 2013  

Grace & Glory is the Go To Magazine for your Spiritual, Physical and Emotional needs. It is an up and coming contemporary Faith-Based magazi...

January 2013  

Grace & Glory is the Go To Magazine for your Spiritual, Physical and Emotional needs. It is an up and coming contemporary Faith-Based magazi...